「月を穿つ」 (Tsuki wo Ugatsu)
“Pierce the Moon”

How to become a man like Genjurou: Eat, watch movies, and sleep — because a man needs no more.

This episode… Oh, where do I start? I don’t know which is more shocking: Finé’s revelations or Kurisu’s act at the end.

First of all, I’m glad I can rid myself of the doubt I had in Genjurou from last week’s episode. It seems that he found out about Finé’s plans through collaboration with American spies, so he’s a good guy for sure, and a strong one too if I may point that out. Unfortunately, he stood no chance against Finé in her Nehushtan armor.

And talking about the armor, it truly baffles me how this thing works. I thought an armor protected the areas it covered but apparently these armors only need to be worn somewhere on the body to provide full protection, as seen when Ogawa shot three bullets towards Finé’s uncovered breasts in vain. It’s like they’re in an anime!

Jokes aside, this episode pretty much answered most of my questions concerning Finé. Apparently, Tokyo Sky Tower wasn’t the Kadingir. It was in fact the underground facility beneath Lydian itself – a tower that can’t be seen!

So what is the main purpose of Kadingir? – To pierce the moon! Finé revealed herself to be an ancient priestess who had sealed herself inside Ryoko’s genes. Her main goal was to reach “him”, a deity that pushed her down because he wouldn’t allow a human to be on the same level as him. Outraged, Finé blamed the moon to be the cause of this, the key to their separation.

When Tsubasa awakened her powers 12 years ago, the waves from that incident awakened Finé within Ryoko, who was present in the same room. Since then, Ryoko, no – Finé, has only had one goal: create Kadingir and obtain Durandal, a highly valuable relic that has been kept safe beneath Lydian.

I’m not sure if she managed to steal Durandal or not as it wasn’t seen anywhere during the battle at the end of the episode. When Hibiki, Tsubasa and Kurisu started singing together I got hyped up expecting to hear a song performed by the three of them, but they used Kurisu’s song. I was a bit disappointed at first, but that dissipated once the fight took a drastically different turn. I did not expect Kurisu to sing her Swan song to block the blast from Kadingir. I was pretty sure the three of them would do some cool combination and destroy the tower.

Watching Kurisu fall down, probably towards her death made me really sad as I’ve come to like her very much. I was hoping she’d end up like Tsubasa and recover, but that fall was very high and I doubt she’ll survive that. I’m glad she won’t die in vain though (if she dies). She couldn’t stop Kadingir from breaking a part of the moon, but she managed to save it from being pierced which was Finé’s original plan.

With only two episodes left to go, Kurisu (probably) out of the picture, a wounded Genjurou, a broken facility, Kadingir fully erected and unharmed, Durandal stolen (I’m just assuming) and a part of the moon gone, will the girls have any luck on their side? Nothing seems to work in their favor. Unfortunately this show doesn’t offer us previews but I’m guessing that Hibiki will enter her berserk mode next week.

I can’t wait!

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  1. No!! Chris was such an enjoyable character 🙁 I hope she’s still alive.
    Can’t wait for next episode!
    Anyone giggle at stereoman’s “Kadingir fully erected and unharmed”? I lol’d

      1. Human bodies do not travel fast enough to “burn up”. The terminal velocity (read: max speed) of a falling human body is ~125mph. If in doubt, go watch videos on youtube of the guy from the 60s/70s who went to 102,000ft and jumped off the balloon.

      2. Like Shammus said, you have to be moving really fast to burn up in the atmosphere. Things like rockets and asteroids are moving around 18,000 mph (sometimes even more than that) when they enter the atmosphere, which is why the friction with atmospheric particles generates enough heat for them to burn. However, if you were at the edge of the atmosphere and just “fell” down to the ground, you’d only be moving like ~200 mph.

  2. oh boy when i saw cat out of the bag yea really so much quote travis touchdown “i’m going to need SHOCK treatment to get over this one!”

    so fine launch full attack on school while miku trying to get everyone to safety.
    here noise oh Tsubasa’s sidekick just arrive to rescue miku.
    get to elevator here come fine & shooting the doobi oh no bad idea.
    here genjuro vs fine genjuro doing well til ryoko voice appear in fine’s mouth.
    ow on genjuro’s guts but he ok & all comp are down.
    hibiki, tsubasa, & chris arrive see ryoko but she is also fine.
    to reveal it all FINE IS SPLIT PERSONALITY/SPIRIT THAT HAS CONTROL POSSESSED ryoko like over long time 12yrs ago.
    & reason she free due to tsubasa’s singing on ancient stuff (so yea blame on it tsubasa).
    yet main plan is bring tower to appear as a cannon to BLOW UP THE MOON!!!
    so yea all 3 vs fine while other watch.
    cannon on ready to fire & yet chris went all the way aka swan’s song.
    stop the blast, save the moon give small piece was hit, & going down.

    oh boy got wonder hmm 50/50 for if chris to survive give recall tsubasa survive her swan song?

    & yea hibiki look like going to snap.

      1. well it’s just sorta like split personality/spirit POSSESSED type issue give wonder how this all happen yea

        1.tsubasa on anicent thing by singing to freeing fine (almost would been ONORE DECADE if tsubasa name would have been tsukasa).
        2.who in management pick ryoko & also got dna of fine?

        yea so much happen yea need some gatorade/soft drink/juice/pink lemon to wash it all up.

        got wonder else pull in those 2eps left?

  3. I had a huge argument on a different forum as to whether or not Chris will actually survive. I think she will – because the writer didn’t kill off Tsubasa at Episode 4, there seems to be little incentive to kill Chris now.

    I am still unhappy about the poor explanation of why Genjurou is evenly matched to someone with a Symphogear. There is got to be more about it than watching movies and sleeping.

    1. I do think, however, that Tsubasa should have been dead at Episode 4. I don’t know why they kept her alive. I hardly remember her playing an important role after she tried to sing her Swan Song in that episode… except that part about her considering to go to America (which was totally contrived imo).

    2. Not to mention…

      A.) She only just truly joined their side last episode.

      B.) This episode, they just started showing her person in the OP animation with Hibiki and Tsubasa in their “spirit moment” with Kanade in the back.

      C.) She only now just came to terms with that she truly loved her parents and wanting to help the world with her singing.

      1. Well, lets hope Hibiki dont lose her Sanity when She goes Beserk. And Why did She get out Durandal. I think, she was Planed to bring her into this mode. To see what an “Black Hibiki” will do with Durandal.

    1. For me, Genjurou is an Old Guardian. Perhaps the Person how defended Fine in her Ancient Time. Perhaps he is reborn, too

      And His Read Hair and all, is a Big Hint too. You know, in Anime. Chars with Red Hairs, has Strong Powers. Like Magic and such

  4. Seemed to me that Genjurou was pretty on par with Fine, but she struck him off guard by calling his name imitating Ryoko…A pretty convenient to scrap off the strongest character aside (how many times have we seen something like this?). Nevertheless, it served as a hint that Genjurou may have feelings for Ryoko.

    Am I the only one who laughed like there’s no tomorrow when I saw that Apple-moon?

    Jellyfish Marine
  5. Genjuro was being badass fighting Fine and yet he still jobbed to the oldest trick in the book. Still, I supposed he has enough GAR that being impaled is only a mild inconvenience for him.

    It looks to me that Chris will survive though, otherwise they wouldn’t show her body falling rather than disintegrating like Kanade did. If anything we will get to see Berserk Hibiki next episode so I can’t wait for that.

  6. so it like mix of madoka, nanoha, xenosaga, etc who know what else tower of duraga?

    so now Ahh! After 10,000 years I’m free! It’s time to conquer Earth! now fine want blow up the moon yea we go like ONORE tsubasa (hey name is also would been spell tsukasa) for freeing fine?

  7. Can anyone answer me those questions, pls

    I know that the ‘Tower Reaching the heaven’ refer to the (Tower of babel)

    Q-1: What is exactly the Curse that Finé is talking about?

    Does she refer to the curse god place on mankind when they wanted to reach him
    -God confused the language of mankind and cause them to speak different languages so that they could not understand each other.Thus making them all scattered over the he face of the Earth.

    Q-2: Who is exactly Finé the ancient priestess? in real life(ours)
    Does she even exist in any historical form(bible) or is she purely anime fiction?

    Q-3: What is Durandal?
    Is that some sort of artifact to reach Him and is that also purely anime creation?

  8. Aw, Chris just recently became my favorite too. Hope she does live. She still had her armor on when she fell.

    And lol. Genjuro – a real man…defeated by a woman’s voice (well distracted at least). He was doing so well against her too. He has to be more than human. I mean he did crack her armor after all. Not even bullets could penetrate the parts that it didn’t even cover.
    And yeah, Hibiki will probably be in berserker mode next ep. I could’ve sworn I heard her scream turn into a roar at the end.

    1. We should not forget, that Hibiki is the Only one that has this Symphogear Crystal inside her Body. And it Grown with the Time inside her. Hibikis Berserk mode now is very Powerful. I think She is strong as her “Swan Song”. As if she turns into a Crystal with a bit Human Mind. I see that she must fight against the Urge of the Crystal inside her, not let it take over her Mind and Body. Tsubassa will need to fight her, to stop her Rage or Calm her down. And She will not be unharmed i assume

    1. Given how Heero never died even with his impulsive suicidal tendencies its safe to say Kurisu will be fine ^^
      And with the moon behind Kurisu I was waiting for her to yell: Twin Satellite Cannon!

  9. A man needs no more than eat, watch movies, and sleep? Yeah right, Genjurou should stop sending the wrong messages to little kids ;P
    Interesting episode but it brings up many new questions as well. Who is this “him” that Fine is so obsess with? Why didn’t Genjurou do something if he already knew Fine is up to no good? What exactly are the Noises? It seems like they’ve become nothing more than Fine’s pawns in these latest developments. Something tells me this is not the last time we’ll be seeing Kurisu too. Hopefully we’ll get some answers soon.

    Seishun Otoko
    1. Well, your right. Because if the Moon Debris crash onto the Earth, we are all in Trouble. If this what Fine mention about to unity Mankind?

      Then i bet other Countries will come in play

  10. “he stood no chance against Finé in her Nehushtan armor.” ?

    Dude he kicked ass untill she went all “Genjurou!”
    So if she wasn’t the manipulating bitch that she is ;p
    i actually think he would finish her off

    1. Yes, he was the Only so far, to crack her Armor. But Her Armor has Self Repair Powers. So, in the End. He is stronger as Symphogears. He must have a Secret, that he dont want to share

      1. ” Eat, watch movies, and sleep”

        Thats his secret ;p
        Nah i think he really is that “powerfull” if he really has he secret, they would have spill the beans i guess only 2 eps left

        would be funny though that Hibiku and Tsubasa uses their swan song and Genjurou saves the day ;p

  11. Sooo…Kurisu this episode, Tsubasa next and then finaly Hibiki? I’m just guessing here, but judging by the start of the wery first episode, it’s not THAT unlikely. Because, i guess Tsubasa would be at Hibiki’s grave with Miku, if she’d be alive too. But then again, they never rellly showed us Tsubasa’s grave either.

    But really, Kurisu went out with style (probably). I’d wish for her to be alive, tho. As i was just beginning to like the damn girl D:

  12. It’s all the MOON’S FAULT! KILL IT!

    I can’t unhear Fine’s monologue now. I should have stopped watching at episode 10… and just pretended that they all lived happily ever after. Ugh. Painfully bad writing. Just painful.

  13. I’m sorry, but am I the only one that thinks this is the worse villain ever. The tower of Babylon is really a cannon and she wants to blow up the fucking moon? REALLY!? Is this chick from the 50s? She’s lived 1000s of years and this is the best she can come up with? I see why they waited so long to expound on this plan. Come on Japan I know you….you’re better than this!

  14. So to get funding for her true goals, Finé created the Symphogear system which can be used to foil her true goals?

    Somehow all the Noise and Symphogear stuff is one altogether another matter that is unconnected to Finé’s true motives.
    Big plans need big money, stage an elaborate play for cash.

  15. Ok, on thinking again since 12 years before they were already experimenting on relics I suppose Finé awakened at the right time to use the situation to set up her grand scheme.

    Or its kind of destined, as the Aufwachen wave is tied to the relics and her awakening.
    So there are Noise incidents even before Finé’s awakening?

    About the past historical figures awakening to Finé, do they turn into a curvaceous blond beauty?
    I imagine (let’s say) Emperor Qing turning into a blond female and orders all books be burned.


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