「防人の歌」 (Sakimori no Uta)
“A Sentinel’s Song”

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Elements Garden’s original series when I looked into it for the season preview, and now, a good three quarters through it, I’m actually still not sure what I’m in store for. I thought I had a good idea of where things were headed with Finè abandoning Kurisu and leaving her to her own devices, but the writers have not only prolonged the Ichii-Bal user’s switchover to the good guys’ side, they’ve started to make me wonder if it’ll even happen. What’s more, the focus has moved away from from Finè being the ultimate antagonist in recent episodes with Ryouko showing some regret over what she’s doing to the eager youngins who still trust her. The real kicker though is Tsubasa’s sudden interest in performing overseas now that she’s been approached by one Tony Glazer (Nakamura Hidetoshi), which seems to further remove her from the Noise side of things. This is only shortly after she finally recovered from singing her “zesshou” too.

As unusual as it may sound, I actually think these unexpected developments are something that the series has going for it at the moment. (Well that, and Kurisu starring in the next “Got Milk?” commercial.) While Symphogear hasn’t exactly done anything terribly thus far, except maybe Yuuki Aoi getting a bit too “creative” with her voice for Hibiki at times, it hasn’t done anything particularly stellar to make it memorable either. Lately, it’s been missing the same kind of “oomph” that it had in the premiere, so until things eventually move forward enough to get back to that cold open, anything that the story does to veer off a potentially predictable path can only really work in the series’ favor. I have no idea how this series will end and I don’t know what will become of Tsubasa’s newfound perspective on life, but I am starting to wonder if “Mr. Glazer” has an ulterior motive. Say, the United States luring Tsubasa away from Japan to acquire a Symphogear for themselves?

It’s definitely a possibility and one I wouldn’t be the least bit opposed to seeing since the U.S.’s interest in Symphogears has been brought up several times in the past already. A small plot twist like that would also tie in nicely with Finè’s dealings with America, making this overseas subplot not as unrelated as it seems now. Of course, if this turns out to be nothing more than an excuse to put Tsubasa on stage and listen to Mizuki Nana sing like she did here, I’d be perfectly fine with that too. The Enka was a nice touch. Go Nana.

* I’m kind of relieved I didn’t have to hear Yuuki Aoi sing. I love her voice acting, but her in-character singing not so much. Her GOSICK character single was pretty good though — when it wasn’t in character.
* Full-length images: 11, 15, 16, 19, 20, 24, 32, 34, 35, 38.


  1. This show chose a poor time to be “ok”. Too many other better shows this season and with Mass effect and SFxT out I just don’t have time for average. Maybe if the later episodes get positive reviews I will wrap up the series. I might just do it anyways since with 8 episodes down and 4 left it would only take a bit over an hour to finish up the series.

    1. I agree with 4 episodes left you can’t jsut do an “ok” job with the plot at this point. The intro arc got me hooked but it feels like it’s lost momentum.

      Sorry to got completely off topic at this point.
      I think for next season I’ll wait a bit before jumping on new shows. A lot of my favorite as squeals are ending this season and starting up a few new ones to take there place.

      Fate/Zero 2
      Kimi to Boku. 2 (fills the Natsume Yuujinchou whole)
      Eureka Seven Ao (I’m not sure how this is going to pan out it’s the first squeal for a Bones original)

      New ones of interest.
      Accel World (visually interesting)
      Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
      Shining Hearts (because I’m a huge RPG fan but have been getting away from play 80+ hours on them)
      Hiiro no Kakera (watched episode 1 but the plot is somewhat lacking with all the introductions and the history lessons)
      Sengoku Collection (brain base has been treating us well but I’m just not sure of this one. I hope it pans out like Princess Tutu rather then a Moe trap.)

  2. Enka was nice.
    Hibiki’s voice is still irritating.

    @Suff: simple answer. Suddenly a boss appears. They fight the boss. Then Lab lady shows up and transforms into true boss. They fight. End.

  3. The plot development took a side turn with this episode, and while I agree with you on the whole “playing out” scenario with the U.S. as a possible out, the idea of a trifecta team of Tsubasa, Hibiki, and Kurisu is something I want to see.

    … and where has Fine been? It’s been a little “too” quiet…

  4. looking at it yea breather relax ep

    give some hmm like yea genjuro & chris give genjuro did some digging on chris’ past & etc want to help give chris want to do it alone even more give sure help hibiki but still confuse what to do yea wonder what would chris would do next?

    also give hmm on ryoko sure bit lmao punch-kick tsukasa’s glasses guy give mention some love story give some “hmm” like she got a “secret” or “something”.

    etc yea rest relax, fun, & good times with doing from clothes, arcade, singing & etc wtih tsukasa doing a concert & want sing for everyone.

    so yea breather ep so next one going be big WHAT?

      1. what revenge you speaking on?

        give looking at remain eps yea expect more WHAM, twist, reveal ,etc at least it not degrassi.

        besides cause i got gut feeling yea next eps would be breaking point.

    1. I stuck with it for seven. I didn’t really have expectations that it would get better but I think it got worse. I couldn’t deal with Chris’ psychotic pacifist anymore, and fights where characters bring everything but tactical nukes but nobody gets hurt are embarrassing. And while Tsubasa seemed to be changing into less of a paper-thin character, it didn’t seem to be going anywhere. After every episode, I’d hold my head in my hands and wonder what I’d just watched, so I figured I’d stop.


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