「鴨川絶対防衛ライン」 (Kamogawa Zettai Bōei Rain)
“Kamogawa’s Last Line of Defense”

By the end of this episode, my eyes were wide open in amazement. Wow. Wow. Seriously, wow. Why aren’t you watching this? And if you are, why aren’t you watching this again? As was the case with Divine before me, I came into this episode (as I have with every other one) with high expectations, and they were thoroughly exceeded. Take the combat. Last week’s preview was all glorious mecha combat, so I came into this one expecting plenty of that. Well it was delivered, and it was fantastic. Not only were all the mecha lovingly animated as they cavorted through the skies, but the tactics were interesting and constantly injected unexpected changes into the flow of the battle. Lan and Muginami’s plan to split up was met with exactly the correct response – so they’re not together anymore? Kill them one at a time. The crew of the Pharos needs to get these girls some better tactical training, or at least make them play Starcraft for a few days. But speaking of the Pharos, them revealing their adapted La Garite technology shifted the known dynamic as well. This was never been mentioned before, but La Garite has been working with Novumundus for a while now, so it was perfectly reasonable. Every swerve the battle took was unexpected but perfectly reasonable upon reflection, so it made for a fight that swept me off my feet and carried me like that throughout. Wow. Fantastic.

Speaking of an unexpected but perfectly reasonable turn of events, take our three favorite Ovid pilots. I’m not going to waste time saying that I called this (though I totally did!), because how it was done here was simply fantastic. I question the logic of Kiss firing on Kamogawa, because if their goal is really to destroy the Voces, that wasn’t a good way to go about it. Nuking Kamogawa would have just made Madoka go berserk sooner, so perhaps that’s their goal after all? Regardless, when they fired on Kamogawa and the city exploded, I stared wide-mouthed at the screen. “They nuked Kamogawa,” I said aloud, because I’m weird like that. And then when the smoke cleared to reveal Izo, Kirius, and Array floating there, saving the day…wow. Those three tossed away revenge and decided to fight alongside the girl who reminds them so much of the lost Yurikano, and the impact of their appearance could not have been greater. Wow. Just wow. Fantastic.

Those three weren’t the only characters that abused our assumptions about how bad guys are supposed to act. Listen to the bridge crew in the Kiss fleet when they’re calling out casualties. They don’t say “We’ve lost another!” or “#4 is down!” They say the pilot’s name, every. single. time. They won’t let us forget that every one of those ovids that the three Vox girls are destroying are piloted by people. Once again it’s the small things that make this show great. You don’t get such subtle details in anime too often. I was impressed.

What’s more, nearly every character in this show is likable, and even admirable. Tadokoro showed how badass he is when he assumed all responsibility and nearly launched Vox Aura against direct orders, the consequences be damned. Probably the only other non-pilot character that was more consistently awesome than him this episode was Youko-nee. Her little chat with the Chairman was exactly what was needed to save Tadokoro from ending up in a tiny cell, and possibly ending the whole world to boot. And then there was sensei, and the girls of Madoka’s high school, sending up that touching display for their defenders. Every character in this show is likable (except for Moid). Wow. How do you do that when the fate of the world is on the line? You’d think more than one person would have to be a shady bastard. Wow. I’m impressed. Have I mentioned that?

As for the Chairman, I’m afraid I was wrong about her last episode. She wasn’t trying to teach Madoka a lesson, or if she was, it was a secondary concern. She was scared. She was scared that history would repeat itself, and the world would end. I don’t blame her. It’s a good idea to learn from history, or else you’re doomed to repeat it. Still, you cannot be paralyzed by it. Youko-nee made her see that. What if the ones who left were the cowards who fled, and the ones who stayed didn’t fear the Voces at all? Sometimes it’s best to be a baka, as us anime nerds might say, and do what you feel is right. Trust in Madoka. She won’t steer you wrong.

…or maybe not. When Youko-nee got injured (saving someone, of course) and the Blossoming of Rin-Ne started in earnest, I was floored. Madoka’s pain flew out of the screen in an expert show of visual storytelling. I wanted to say “No, it’s not your fault!”, but no amount of logic could have convinced Madoka of as much, and rightfully so. Madoka’s anger with Muginami episodes ago was nothing compared to the loss of her hero, her role model, the one she had patterned her life after – her beloved onee-chan. At that point, the blossoming was happening no matter what, but Madoka’s scream was heartrending, and the fact that her pain took Lan and Muginami with her was unexpected. Once again, expectations were exceeded. Again. Wow. This show…wow.

Now it just remains to be seen whether Madoka really has a pure heart. Remember the legend Villagulio repeated at the beginning of the episode? I’ll transcribe it here:

The giant green demon will sunder the heavens,

The giant blue demon will devour the stars,

The giant orange demon will spew out darkness,

Through countless sacrifices, they will rule the land,

Feeding off a tainted heart, they awaken from within the mind,

And the demons shall rise,

Do not let them loose,

Never let them…

The Blossoming has happened, so now it looks like Madoka will be put to the test. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting some serious Evangelion vibes here, with Madoka sitting alone on the beach after Instrumentality. What we don’t know is what kind of test is ahead of her. With the Kiss fleet retreating, and Moid actually surprised, it appears that we’re in for the unexpected once again…and something so unexpected that not even the characters involved saw it coming. See what I mean? Even the characters themselves are having their expectations exceeded. Wow. This show is just a masterfully done. Wow. Fantastic.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Rinne no Lagrange exceeds expectations every week, w/ superb storytelling, & w/out fail. Wow. Wow. #lagrange #randomc

Random thoughts:

  • The more fighting spirit the Vox pilots have, the higher their Bio Telepathic Wave go, and the stronger their Voces become. Now I’m getting Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (and just a touch of Full Metal Panic!) vibes as well! Wow. This show. Wow.
  • I’ll try to be more objective next week, but no promises. After all, it will be the last episode before Rinne no Lagrange goes on break, set to return in the summer. Can’t wait. Seriously, I cannot wait. Those three months are going to be rough. Need more maru~!!

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  1. S*** GOT REAL!!!!!!!!

    Interesting how last episode tackled Madoka’s inability to deal with loss. And then it actually happened and then BAM the Rin-ne blossoms.

    The fighting was decent esecpailly now that the Voxes have some cool equipment. I like how Novumundus is actually scoring kills. It’s nice to see anything other than robots do something useful. Seeing Kiss try to torch the city was pretty shocking though. Didn’t think Villajerkoff had it in him.

    People are starting to compare the cliffhanger to Gunbuster or Evangelion. Though I doubt the Voxes are doomsday weapons. Yoko herself indicated that the apocalyptic legends don’t exist in the Earth artifacts. So it begs the question why do the ancient Aliens call the Voxes Demons while the ancient Earthling don’t?

  2. My reaction to this episode is the same with the one seen in Preview #2 D:

    Shocked. And awed. No other season has come close, except Winter 2011, to what this season had reached with Pirates and Lagrange in the lead.

    The Moondoggie
      1. The year is still young. We still have spring, summer, fall and winter to look forward to so it’s way too early to say. Besides there are some good series lined up for spring as well, so don’t close your books up too soon.

      2. @aimless.

        I know. Next season has some pretty good lineups, most from reading them online, like Accel World, Nazo no Kanojo X, E7:AO and Sankarea. I have high hopes for these four since I loved their manga/LN.

        The Moondoggie
  3. My thought was that the ex-Earthlings thought that the Voxes were out of control, whereas actually the pilots went berserk. Only those who stayed on Earth knew the truth…maybe?

  4. Number of “wow”s = 17 (lol srry, couldn’t help myself). But that is definitely the word that I would describe this episode as well.

    With all of Yoko’s talk about trusting in the three of them, I expected the Rin-ne not to happen or at least, if it did, that they would come to their senses and prevent it (which could still happen in the next ep). Hopefully that screencap of the preview with Madoka at the beach is only her in a dream or something similar and not Kamogawa after the blossoming. Maybe the Rin-ne can either devastate a planet or make it more prosperous or both. The people who left probably only saw the devastation it caused while those who stayed behind saw the prosperous aspect of it. Or not. I’m bad at guessing.
    Either way can’t wait til the next ep. I’m really curious what made Moid have that surprised look.

    Everything about this show exceeded my expectations. So yeah….wow.

    1. No worries on the “wow” counting. I was repeating it so much to make sure my point reeeeally got across, haha. As for your guess…well, it’s as good as mine. Can’t wait for next ep!!

  5. “Need more maru~!!” 〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇!!dat enough maru o3o? No? pfft course not. Were we cynics… we’d look on this series and be all: pfft so cliche, I saw that coming. But somehow, Rinne avoids it, all of it. When it happens, it feels heartfelt and amazing, not sloppy and overdone.

    Maruっっ!Man I love this show. I wholeheartedly look forward to part 2 in summer, at least we’ll have Fate/Zero part 2 to tide us over in spring ;).

    “Listen to the bridge crew in the Kiss fleet when they’re calling out casualties. They don’t say “We’ve lost another!” or “#4 is down!” They say the pilot’s name, every. single. time.” I loved this. This show is -so- personal. Absolutely -every- person on the show matters. Whether they have airtime or not. It’s freaking awesome.

    When I saw the barrage hit Kamogawa. I couldn’t believe it. “Uhh Kiss? YOU MISSED!?! and welp, there went…” *notices the 3 Yurikano boys protecting Kamogawa.* *faints, “oh. oh good. that was close x_x; too close.”

    Image 30, a-dorable ~w~. Lan ftw. kay i’m done o3o;;.

  6. By the end of this episode, my eyes were wide open in amazement. Wow. Wow.

    Seriously that’s what I think too XD
    I was like …why rinne is not that popular!!! It’s one of the good show this season!! it’s so maru maru :p

    1. I know, right?? This show is somehow managing to fly under the radar, even though it’s so amazing. I’m hoping it’s only among foreign fans, and all the Japanese ones are watching it a ton…after all, its them buying DVDs and BDs that will make sure we keep getting more maru, heh

      1. I’m actually kind of tentatively fond of them. Between this and Fate / Zero, it seems like studios are doing this so they can give really good animation and planning to a 2-cour series without having to break the bank or front load too much money. If splitting seasons keeps giving us such good shows, I’m all for more of it.

      1. Cue Sugita Tomokazu voice, “Lagrange, toying with viewer and character emotions, therefore its an S!”

        In full agreement with you Stilts that I just want more of it though 😉

  7. Well, I was amazed for most of the time, but definitely 2 moments stole the show – the “nuking” of Kamogawa (and surprise save by tem frienemies) – and of course a little bit later supposed death of Madoka’s sister and resulting second impa…, erm, blossoming of rinne…
    Note to myself – never try to conquer worlds with reverse engineering specialists of calibre like those known to be in Asia. You are bound to have your own tech turned against you in no time…

  8. Pretty sure Kiss intentionally targeted Kamogawa to make the Voces go out of control. Loved the entrance of the Ovid Three (3! 3! It’s a stable number :D).

    Now…as much as I love Rinne, I facepalmed hard when Madoka started going out of control thinking ‘Oh, here we go again…’. I could understand despair, but I felt it would be better if Madoka channeled that into anger and go crazy with Kiss instead.

    Weren’t the glowing lights from Midori clue enough that she was about to repeat the blossoming of Rinne- the exact reason why she was banned from piloting in the first place? Or Muginami and Lan’s pained cries? What happened to Jersey Club sticks together? Madoka, you’re not alone!

    Though I guess headstrong is one of Madoka’s traits and if she didn’t wallow in her sadness, then the story wouldn’t be as interesting…

    I guess, a part of me just wanted to see someone else cause the flowers to blossom, just for unconventionability’s (butchering the English language here!) sake.

  9. Madness! God, this is easily one of the best this season. More people need to watch Lagrange.

    (I say, I don’t mean to be impolite or anything, but will Divine have the time to make a Spring 2012 post? He doesn’t have to if he can’t, obviously, but I’m curious about that. RC’s previews are probs the best.)

    1. The preview will be released soon, towards the end of the week (hopefully). We’re a little behind since we got to work on it about a month later than Divine normally would, but we’re still scrambling to get it out before the next season starts in earnest. Have no fear!

  10. (previews for next episode)now all we need is some epic orchestra music and some angels in the background and we have an Evangelion episode.
    i was expecting some action and twists but this episode def took me for a huge surprise. Other than that I am really hoping for a happy ending, no Evangelion ending. 🙁

    1. ^ This.

      Well, actually I don’t know if I would say better quite yet – I’m still a big fan of Evangelion, warts and all – but Lagrange has been much more adroitly told and has a general lightness of tone that I tend to prefer. Let’s just say that from here, being decisively better than Evangelion is certainly still on the table

    2. It’s not better than Evangelion. The characterization in the first few episodes completely prevent it from being “better” as an artistic piece. But it’s more enjoyable of a watch. At minimum, because of Lan’s desire for excessive nudity.

      And the preview was definitely cribbing off End of Evangelion and ep 25/26 visuals, but I have a feeling we won’t get that. Minus some changed sky color for a time.

      1. I’m always very skeptical about proclaiming something to be “art” or not. That smacks of an old professor I had who said that fantasy and sci-fi couldn’t be literature. I’m sorry ma’am, but have you ever read Vonnegut? *froths at the mouth*

        Ahem, sorry. Anyway, my point is that I don’t like to bother with whether things are “art” or not, because it smacks of pretension and is objective to boot (no offense). I prefer to consider a story based on how well the story is told, and in that, both Evangelion (if we ignore those last two episodes and swap in End of Evangelion) and Lagrange (so far) have been done very well. Probably. I dunno, I first watched Evangelion so long ago that I’m always afraid it is clouded in the mists of nostalgia, heh.

        EITHER WAY, both are good. I’m just hoping we get a different take on a perhaps Evangelion-esque situation. I’d just like to see something different.

      2. I can agree with you on the matter of Vonnegut being art (Naked Lunch anyone?), but honestly, it isn’t very hard to make an objective judgment on whether a work has value or not. It could be the level of influence a work has for example. Something like Blood Meridian or The Road is probably a lot more “artistic” than say, the Hunger Games – if such a comparison is even valid.

        Evangelion does something new and has proven itself highly influential in its genre, which unfortunately, Lagrange probably won’t. So, even if this is more entertaining to watch, you can’t exactly call it art, can you? I mean, someone like Beckett is pretty obtuse, but he’s certainly one of the greats in writing.

        God what an effort post.

  11. Lagrange has been getting a whole lot better, but it should be noted that Sato-san’s “chief director” position is starting to be more evident, which is why it’s getting better. This series had “disaster with a few good ideas” written all over it in eps 1-4. The tone has gotten more consistent, the characters have been progressed and people are making somewhat logical decisions, given their positions.

    But, this was a good episode and I really enjoyed it. Ep 12 will end this section of the series. It’ll return in the summer, so it’ll be interesting if we get a cliffhanger.

    Though it’s kind of foreshadowed that Youko won’t die. The Rin-ne power just turned the Ovid weapons to crystal and landed a flower on Youko. She’s going to be healed by the “mad hax” power of the Rin-ne. Which would fit with what Villaguilo said during combat with Muginami: the Voxes respond to the emotions of the pilots. Which is why they’re such a powerful weapon. They’re an absolute defense against an invader.

    Which also means they they intentionally wanted to destroy the city. They’re attempting to force Madoka into doing something specific, so they can either destroy the Voxes or usurp them in some form and steal the power of them. (Though not them specifically)

  12. I think we know too little of the intentions of each faction to say what their motive was in trying to attack Kamogawa. It’s clear Le Garite wants to take the Voxes for themselves. Why? We don’t know yet but I think it has to do with the war they are waging. KISS, I have no idea. Villagiulio used to be the prince of De Metrio but his motives and goals remain unknown. The three frenemies follow Yurikano, the queen of De Metrio (who is also Villagiulio’s younger sister). Her wishes were to contain the Voxes. But she’s missing since the tragedy mentioned briefly a couple of episodes ago. So all in all, the mystery remains. I love this show.

  13. These people never knew how to really handle prophecy.

    They need some hostage crisis management. You do not do anything to aggravate the situation. Punishing Madoka just to prevent the prophecy from happening is EXACTLY what will make the prophecy happen.

    I mean come on. If you isolate, ignore or even ill-treat that one kid that is destined to destroy the world, you’re only encouraging him to fulfill that destiny. And this is why Naruto appeals so well, especially when you contrast him with Gaara. All they needed is not to be treated like apocalyptic assholes and they will not become apocalyptic assholes. Thank goodness Naruto turned out ok. Gaara nearly became the very thing his village hated until Naruto intervened.

  14. Leaving aside the contrast with Eva (which RnL exceed, by the way) this series is the complete opposite of Gundam AGE: Earnest and waaay better characters, actual technology development (classic and well known reverse-engineering instead of a cheap “copy-pasta machine”), belivable combat without deus-ex machina moments… and we’re still yet to be at the middle of the story! Sunrise, here’s your BIG piece of humble pie.
    Youko’s research is the key to the end of the season: Why if the Voces are not the demons of destruction (feared by the ones that fled), but the saving gods of the ancient (Earth) world?
    Villy had the right idea: what if there’s no tainted heart for the demon to feed?

    1. Well Gundam AGE was getting better this past few episodes…

      Believable combat?

      I don’t know how you came up with this, but basically this episode’s battle looks like those giant Gundam battles where our 3 heroine is basically eating an entire army worth of machines like it’s their breakfast.

      For mecha battles, for now I think Gundam AGE is much better because so far it is not showing yet that the Gundams are godly in battle (just not yet), even if the gundams are winning their battle it is mostly small skirmishes between a few ships, but when it is a big battle, it makes sure the opposing forces has large enough forces available for battle for other units to shine not just the gundam.

      As for Rinne no Lagrange, I like how this series reminds of of those super robot battles like Voltes V and Daimos, and probably Evangelion. So far the animation is splendid and definitely an eye candy back by good characters, nice music, and good story to tell. So far the only thing that I didn’t really like is the care free attitude of most of the characters and the fact that this battle is like a world changing event but people certainly doesn’t act like that, their is no sense of desperation and this 3 versus entire army battle makes me feel that way.

      Well I guess I’m putting my bet base on what happened in the final moments this episode that “finally” the flare that I’m looking for from Madoka will finally start manifesting itself after seeing her beloved town and some of her the people dear to her getting injured/hurt.

  15. One does simply not be unimpressed with Lagrange. Something I’m curious about is if Madoka actually realizes if there are pilots inside the other Ovids? For someone dedicated to helping people, it seems a little strange.

    This show is brilliant at playing with emotions. When the school was out there cheering for the Jersey Club I could only wonder why there weren’t evacuating, I mean there was an army of alien robots. then it looks like they got nuked. Then they were saved. then a defeated Ovid crashed down. I enjoy this show, but sadly something seems to be missing for me personally. Hmm… Lan character development. Last episode was for Madoka, and we had one for Muginami, but Lan is still sadly kinda two-dimensional. Cute, but lacking some deep development.

  16. its pretty hard to top shinji rubbing one out to asuka in a coma… so until madoka masturbate to an unconscious lan… im still with NGE…trololololololol… im so vulgar.

  17. No Questions nor even a shadow of a doubt, this show is just FKING unreal. Rinne just blows my mind and affects me in one way or the other. Beautifully written characters and storyline, fun OP and ED, splendid animation. And to think I was about to pass this simply because it was mecha. Right now, I am really thinking…What was I missing all those years on not checking/watching shows with mecha. Damn.

  18. I am so glad I come to this site everyday. If I didn’t I would never known Rinne no Lagrange have a 2nd season. I prolly just sit at home and cry my eyes out wondering why they left us on a cliffhanger lol

    Thanks for this ep. I’m going to watch this ep again tonight and cry for Madoka’s onee-cahn

  19. wow…Did I just see Rinne no Lagrange bumping off Guilty Crown for the most epic pre-finale episode (of the cour)?

    anyway, why are the 3 guys fighting directly above the city? It would’ve made better sense to draw them out to the bay (or the mountains) at the very least.

    Another train of thought: What is the blossoming have to do with THAT?
    Apocalypses Virus invading Kamogawa? (Todo,I don’t think we’re in GC anymore…)

  20. Stilts, wow wow wow was my reaction as well after watching this episode. The excitement was so great that I couldn’t stop talking (probably to myself) about how awesome this show is on IRC for a good 30 minutes *full-on Seishun mode*
    Minor complaint, I can live without “BE WITH KISS” from our bishy trio when they brofisted, but no “WAN” from Laffinty? Unacceptable!

    Seishun Otoko
  21. Stilts brings out some great points about the subtle depth in this series, like when
    the Vox (the) girls are destroying are piloted by people. It showed me that Madoka
    is serious – none of this “let’s talk this over cause I don’t want to hurt anyone”
    stuff. I will definitely take you out if you attack me or anyone around me.

    I, too thought the city got nuked.

    But, the last episode gave away that someone would be lost – I didn’t expect it to be
    her sister. I dunno (what to expect) – this is a very strong series. Like Ano Natsu de Matteru
    this series is on track to be a benchmark for future action series.


  22. Who’s to say that early descendants of the ones who left ended up returning and tried to take over those who remained only for the Voces to end up owning them and driving them off? Thus the staggering loss and propaganda end up spurring the start of the legend among those who left while, to those who remained, they’re seen as holy defenders. And, as myths go, things end up changed, exaggerated, and so on until it’s the whole “demon” bit we have now.

    Also…how long before someone takes the “power level” thing and makes an obvious edit for the very next bit? XD

  23. I think faction motives are as follow:
    LeGarite; claim and use the power of the voces, including their apocalyptic powers (at least Moid)
    KISS; destroy the voces to prevent catastrophe of 20k years ago repeating
    Novumundus, and by now the DeMetrio rebels; use the voces but try to prevent the catastrophe from happening again.
    One aspect of the situation is that KISS actions may actually lead to the catastrophe, while another is that there might be actually no “safe” way to use voces.

  24. Maybe it’s because I’m not big into mechas but this series just doesn’t impress me all that much.

    Though I think the main thing that bothered me was that Madoka barely even seemed phased when they shot that huge beam at Kamogawa. It was like there was no sense of urgency so it didn’t phase me all that much since I knew they’d be safe anyway.
    Also I would’ve felt more for Madoka if Youko got crushed or something. How did she get that kind of wound anyway?

  25. Wow. That is one long post. Wow. Is this a new trend?

    I wanted to throw the chairman off the school roof when she was talking to madoka last ep. Now I just wanna throw her into the sea.

      1. @Stilts

        No. By all means, please post as long as you have anything to say. We are here to read it anyway and know what you think.

        It’s because it matters, actually.

        The Moondoggie
  26. When Madoka saw her Youko-nee injured (or dead?), tears were suddenly urging in my eyes. And when the flashbacks were presented? BAM!

    I’m not really sure why I got that emotional, but I guess this show just made me feel that Madoka is my sister or best friend. And how rare does that happen?

    I agree with you Stilts, this show is just “Wow”.

    1. I would definitely give Rinne no Lagrange a 2nd chance. This show is incredible with all the action, plot and character development. Not to mention the art is superb!

      Madoka will pull you in with her Jersey Club frenzy while Lan with her naive understanding of Earth’s language and Mugimani’s hmmm laid back attitude. All the characters are well rounded so you’ll like this show.

      Oh dear…I think I just repeated myself @.@

    2. I don’t think Rinne is good. IMHO, it’s FANTASTIC. Personally, I would watch a few episodes and then decide if I want to continue following or not. One or just a couple of episodes are simply not enough.

  27. this show isn’t that good, you know. Full of cliché and nothing really stands out. I’d give it “C” and certainly no way “wow. Fantastic”. I guess some people just have a different taste of what is good.

    some guy
    1. No concept would come out as original now, making everything cliche, but I found Rinne having that “charm” that others don’t. So now I’m really interested how did you find this show as “not good”. No sarcasms there, I just want to get some feedback from those who didn’t like Rinne.

  28. I’m quite disturbed though with how Muginami seems all fine with killing the people she pretty much grew up with.

    It also makes me wonder if Madoka is aware that the Ovids she destroyed were piloted by humans just like her and her friends.

  29. Woah, felt like Aura wanted to blossom badly thus invoking Madoka with targeted video feed.
    The tri-blossom seem to work like a map weapon (got to see it in SRW :P).
    So far its only flowers, no idea how the sky turns red next ep.

    So Asteria didn’t go round about to teach Madoka some lesson so she can pilot Aura?
    She never wanted to let Madoka pilot Aura until Youko convinced her this ep.

    Villa seems rather pleased Aura’s first blossom, thought he wants to raise/prepare the Vox units.
    But he really only wants to destroy them?
    Was his understanding of the Vox wrong like the discrepancies Youko discovered?
    Will the true understanding bring KISS to Earth’s side?
    (How about some secret message left by Yurikano in the Vox units or something?)

    Asteria seems pretty sure of the legend.
    Is her family an ‘ex-earthling’ clan that returned years back?

    I suppose Ran may have to choose sides when the La Garite forces come next season.
    If La Garite, being part of Polyhedron, are the ‘bad guys’.
    I suppose La Garite is just the tip of the iceberg for Polyhedron, perhaps Dizelmine could be one of the Generals of Polyhedron?

    If Dizelmine is a good guy would he be betrayed by some new Polyhedron character, backstab and killed. Then causing Lympha to blossom?
    So far its just Aura ‘infecting’ the other 2 units.

  30. It’s ironic that prophecies become true because ppl try to prevent it, but it is so logical. This always happens in shows too, but I think we’re going to get a happy end for this one, especially with a season 2 incoming.

  31. Can someone please let me understand what the heck is KISS? Maybe I missed a few episodes or was looking the other way when they were doing a lot of explaining but other than a really basic we are in danger because of the vox (why?) we need to destroy it vs the We need to develop the vox by La Garite? what are their motivations?


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