Episode 11

「野性の召命」 (Yasei no Shōmei)
“Call of the Wild”

Back in the series premier we got a scene of Alicia being taken away to Altair. This led me to believe that Amata was Alicia’s sibling. Unless I’ve totally missed something, this is the first time the show has hinted that Izumo and Alicia are Amata’s parents. This is quite the bombshell. It would also make sense since Mykage said that she left behind a child on Vega. In episode one, we saw Amata chasing after Alicia and being left behind.

Zessica’s overzealousness is really cute. The indirect kiss was especially funny and her attempt at trying to brush it aside was a good but futile attempt. At least Mikono didn’t look bothered by it. We all know how jealous she gets when Amata starts floating about.

Divine previously put forth the very novel theory that that the reincarnations might come from the separate legends from 12,000 and 24,000 years ago. Instead, I believe that the reincarnations are split into two halves just as Celiane had been in Sousei no Aquarion. This really makes sense for Kagura and Amata who both resemble Apollo (and by extension Apollonius). They have both have had Solar Wing-like moments and carry certain characteristics and abilities that their original selves possessed.

As I have mentioned before, Celiane was split into two: Sylvie and Sirius in the original Aquarion. The split now looks like it’s between Mikono and Zessica. The vision within her mirror seems to properly connect both of them to the legends of 12,000 and 24,000 years ago. Going even further, one might be the light side and one the dark. This isn’t to say that one is more evil than the other (well with Kagura it might just be).

It’s nice that Andy is playing the role of the catalyst for Amata. Past experiences tell me that shows rarely give up what a girl will be “the chosen one” until the end even if there was sufficient evidence to say who it is. At least this way, we get strung along in a good way. Amata kind of gives a confession to Mikono but it still leaves the door open for my favorite character, Zessica.

Jin’s cover has been blown but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to do anything about it just yet. Zen is one mysterious man. What plans is he hiding for Jin and the rest of the cast under that eye patch of his?

On a final note, Mykage’s whole goal is to unlock Aquarion. We last saw the image of Aquarion burying itself under the planet in order to prevent its breakup in episode one during the movie. My best guess is that it’ll have something to do with Kagura, Mikono, and Love (which is forbidden!). It was interesting to see him fool around with Kagura’s feelings (which turned him into a beast) and ultimately control (and change?) his emotions.


Episode 12

「アクエリアの舞う空」 (Akueria no Mau Sora)
“Skies of Aquaria”

Man, Jin is quite the popular guy. The opening scene had me laughing. Having a hotdog shoved down your throat by 2 women while another is taking pictures is quite kinky. I didn’t know you liked it that way Jin!

Since Amata obviously failed at trying to confess to Mikono, Andy tries to once again to help a brother out. He comes up with a plan to make the anniversary of NEO-Deava one to remember. Amata seems to shoot himself in the foot though since he invites Zessica to the boy’s dorm for their little pow-wow.

Andy really got me laughing when he started fixing up their room and trying to explain to Jin what gattai action was like with the opposite sex. It was even better when Amata mentioned how he hadn’t even technically formed a union with any girls yet since he was knocked out during his chance in episode 9.

After the girls run into Shrade and Cayenne on their way to the dorm room, Zessica finds a picture of Alicia under Amata’s mattress where she believes all men’s naughty material is located. When Jin pops out his do-it-all machine, Andy gets the bright idea of holding a movie night. I’m really surprised that they let the movie idea go since Andy’s intentions were to make it romantic. The whole school is getting quite into it too. What are the teachers doing? Love was supposed to be forbidden!

Amata once again makes a connection with Mikono by sharing their family problems and continues to make the moves on her as he pulls his out Peter Pan routine to literally sweep women off their feet. It’s hard to look cool though when you’re trying to say something you feel strongly about with a straight face only to have your emotions show right through. We finally get confirmation from Amata that Alicia is indeed his mom. It was surprising to hear him share that with Mikono only which makes her seem like quite the special girl to him indeed.

But poor Zessica. She’s quickly losing ground with Amata. I thought it was bad to see Mikono get jealous but after seeing Zessica crush a metal pole, I’m quickly changing my mind.

Jin had a pretty close call with Yunoha almost overhearing his call back to Altair. He almost freaks her out too and rips her stuffed animal Tama to boot! Unfortunately for him, Mykage’s interference gets her to overhear an incoming call from Izumo. I wonder if she feels a little betrayed but I’m sure we’ll hear more about how she feels in the coming episode since she didn’t immediately rat him out.

I’m really quite happy with the way the show has been paced thus far. I don’t feel it has hit any of the pitfalls of the original. It only makes it better that there are numerous potential relationships to follow.

Next week’s episode looks exciting. It looks like Shrade will getting in on this gattai action Andy was trying to describe to Jin. Jin might also have a go in one of the aquaria judging by the cockpit he was sitting in with Yunoha.

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  1. Even without the fight scenes, episode 12 was still amazing!!!
    Those Jin X Yunoha and Amata X Mikono moments were just too cute
    I’m a sucker for innocent puppy love ^^

    Really hope everything will turn out fine for Yunoha and Jin

    @Unlisted I thought you were going to write something about Mix’s unusual proportions

    1. If the Zessica of the last few episodes is what a Zessica in love is like, then I would prefer she just stay celibate. Zessica was my favorite, and the semi-childish part of me wants her to ‘win’ and end up with Amata, and I’m hoping that dragging her so far down is a setup for a big rise later.

      But the more realistic part of me is guessing that she is just being written bad now, and it’s not part of a plan, but is honestly the story. Animes that actually have the hero end up with someone besides the MAIN girl are few and far between and this doesn’t strike me as one, although it is made by the creator of Macross, one of the classic bait and switch anime romances.

      So I hold out hope that all this dirt they’re dragging her through has more purpose than ‘look she’s evil now.’ Because, for the record, evil Zessica is possibly the one of the worst ideas ever. The whole selling point of her was she was just great fun and energetic, but in a more ‘mature’ way than the usual anime genki girl; making her dark kills that.

      1. Well, in the original Aquarion, Silvie spends 18 episodes fawning over Sirius even though she and Apollo had a forced kiss in episode 3. After Sirius defects does she become closer to Apollo culminating in the exciting Sousei Gattai Mugen Attack. Plus no one else showed interest in Apollo (Though Reika in the alternate dimension is also in love with Apollo mainly because Sirius is dead).

        In EVOL, we know that Amata and Mikono already start off close, though I’m guessing there’s a significant chance that Mikono will end up with Kagura leaving Amata with Zessica or vice versa. We already know Jin is going to end up with Yunoha. Then again they might go with the no romance path and revive the Genesis characters.

        Anyone notice how we haven’t had any mecha action since like episode 7 or 8 when Jin’s guards were shot down?

        Suppa Tenko
  2. thx for the screens.. as for the typo..

    We finally get confirmation from Amata that Alicia is indeed him mom.

    @oliviaven lol i thought so too xD

    looking forward to Shrade next ep 😀

  3. Looks like Jin is going to buy it next episode since he was also the Giant in Cayenne’s vision.

    And they seem to be hinting less of Zessica as a potential love interest and more as a possible antagonist. The mirror pic in the ED seems to bear with that too.

      1. Bad Zessica is a bad idea, it just kills everything that made her character fun. Cayenne, Mix, even Mikono, would have been better choices to turn evil and wouldn’t have destroyed what made them them the way it will with Zessica if they continue with this arc.

        I’m trying to begin the process of not caring about her character any more, because she’s now spent almost as much of the series as a boring moper as she did as a fun girl in the beginning and I don’t want my frustration with her arc to over-shadow my enjoyment of all the other stuff with andy, amata, jin, etc.

      2. I wouldn’t be surprised by that turn of event as Jin is clearly have some doubts about his mission…. I don’t see Zessica going willing however at first.

        I’m also wondering if the disease that killed off the females of Altair was “Man Made”.

        Mykage only goal it seems is to resurrect the original Aquarion (and “Apollonius”)to their former glory. I almost starting to think the search for females is only a pretext to him.

        We have reach a mid way point and it’s now that we will start to see the plot come out of the wood work more as most of the character development is done. ^_^

  4. The final scene of episode 12 was fantastic. When Mikono and Amata were in the air, with Alicia’s song in the background….fantastic.

    For epi 13: Time to get off the break and into the madness again!

  5. Aww… so little of AndyxMix! But all the JinxYunoha moments made up for it 😛

    And Durifto is right – the love ‘triangle’ isn’t really a triangle at all. Although, I don’t know – as much as I like my MikonoxAmata ship, it seems too superficial/fluffy/sweet to be a… ‘true pairing’. I love them together, but I have a feeling it’s not going to stay that way, especially with that vision in episode 11 coming into play (where Apollon or Apollonius? was hinted as being Kagura – the appearance, the voice at least implies it’s only Kagura).

    1. I’m just waiting for a scene where Andy and Mix call out to each other during a crisis or a scene where Andy sacrifices himself to protect Mix ^^

      I really hope that Amata will break the destiny and Mikono will choose Amata and not Kagura just because of her past life’s memories……(fingers crossed)

  6. I miss all the gattai action… my Aquarion EVOL can’t go without Gattai action!

    Zessica is sure turning to the dark side 🙁 Amata, dump that purple hair and go for the popular option! we all know that typical first girl tend not to work… (plus you have a beast chasing after you all the time)

    good that Gattai action is coming back next week… can’t wait to see it, though seems like Kagura in his beast form might do some damage to Aquarion, and Shrade once again in the game? we might be in store for a 3rd form already 🙂

    and if Amata doesn’t properly deal with Zessica, I call for an after-story/OVA/Movie/alternative ending… however they want to do it, just give the poor girl a chance! :3

  7. I find myself more invested in the JinxYonoha pairing with their cute moments. AmataxMikono on the other hand is just frustrating to watch. Its bad enough that they are the least interesting characters among the cast but the whole “almost intimate but suddenly interrupted by coincidence” is one of the most overused cliches in a romance. Its really testing my patience.

    More on the reincarnation side, it seems Zessica finally has a connection to the past, since she now displays Silvia’s telekinetic powers as well as seeing visions. This makes Amata the odd one out, since he has so far not displayed any sort of connection to 12,000 years other than his wings.

    1. you know, that might actually be a hint of him being the wings of the sun that were in aquarion like many have theorized, since if he was a robot before (ah anime:)), then he wouldn’t have direct character throwbacks like the other characters.

      1. I think the “Wings of the Sun” was actually used to refer to Apollonius, BUT after he died and part of him ended up in Aquarion, Aquarion took up the name of “Wings of the Sun” since the part of him within Aquarion was the wings.

  8. Unlisted I love you, I thought you’d quit to Aquarion evol. Well, I understand that there are important things outside the blog that must be completed to continue with what you like.
    Kagura’s episode back to Vega, was incredible, the story seems to connect with Sousei no Aqaurion, and reaffirms that Kagura and Mykage are Apollonius and Touma in his past life.
    I have thought that Kagura is the dark half of the soul of Apollonius, a wild love and murderer, for his expression to Mikono. And Amata is the light half of Apollonius, gentle and warm love. The fight for having Mikono going to be a supernova.
    I would assume that Zessica is half the soul of Selia (the beloved of Apollonius, I forget how to write), and that the situation would be interesting if she knew Kagura. The premise of the series is the love that endures to eternity, and they seem to be the reincarnations of Apollonius and Selia.

  9. Finally, the long awaited double posts. Yay…

    Zessica getting scared in dark place yet acts tsuntsun while pulling Mikono’s skirt was funny. I was rooting her “come on pull some more dammit”. lol
    But seeing her unleash her jealousy on a metal pole sends a shiver on me, I think I’ll stick with jelly Mikono

  10. No fury like that of a scorned woman. When Zessica crushed the pole and the “hidden-eye face” she made does tease that she’s gonna turn to the dark side, although personally I’m hoping that Amata does start to pick up on the signs. Mykage is proving himself to be a great magnificent bastard by manipulating the feelings of Kagura, as well as playing the attraction between Yunoha and Jin to his amusement. Personally if he can manipulate people and objects at NEO-Deava makes me wonder who else he’ll try to manipulate.

    1. I’m really liking this show whereas the original just didn’t quite work for me. But that said, they have GOT to do something with Zessica; I’m beginning to feel like the creators themselves are trolling us. I was completely fine with AmataxMikono as the main pairing and Zessica as just an unrelated, but incredibly awesome, side character.

      But now that they’ve made her have this crush on Amata, they’ve actually made her LESS important to the show than she was when she wasn’t interested in him, and made it seem MORE likely that he’ll end up with Mikono. What is the purpose? Why not just leave her as an awesome side character? Are they actually trolling her many fans? It’s very frustrating.

      In non-anime stories, I would say that they were setting up for a big switch where the underdog (Zessica) wins in the end, but since this is anime it really seems like Mikono will win and Zessica will just have been the victim of a poorly done story arc. I hope I’m wrong.

      1. Exactly. Why develop her character like that if all they’re going to do is waste her? The last episode she really did anything was episode 8. I get that they’re building up her jealousy towards the growing relationship between AmataxMikono but if they’re gonna tease the love triangle between AmataxMikonoxZessica they should actually develop it, like you said it’s becoming frustrating to watch them do nothing with it and her character. But then again they kinda put Kagura on the back-burner for a few episodes too and they’re starting to get him more involved again. So I’m optimistic about what they’ll do with Zessica, maybe even build up that underdog story you talked about but I don’t see them doing that. At least get her involved.

      2. The situation of the feelings of Zessica is part of the show. All of us fell in love with a person who does not feel the same for us. Those who do not get over this situation can become obsessive, in the worst case. Thought of as like or draw the attention of that person. Zessica teaches us that people who fail an unrequited love can become bad situations. One has to accept that as you love, everyone has their own feelings, you can not force love, you have to accept the feelings of others. Strive without hurting yourself or others. Love is a beautiful feeling, you should not make it torture. There will always be someone to love you if you try to look and be patient.

      3. Very true, but a valid story is not always a good one. The simple reason that Zessica became so popular so fast is that she was FUN (and hot, but most of the girls on this show are hot, that’s not that special). Making her evil and depressed destroys what made her interesting, UNLESS they do it really well, and seeing as she is not one of the actual main characters, she may not get enough focus to actually do it really well.

        So, while the arc isn’t necessarily a bad idea, there is a pretty good chance the execution just won’t be good enough.

  11. Too many cute moments in EP12, between Jin stitching Tama for Yunoha and Amata/Mikono hand-holding scenes, everything felt perfect. The only pairing noticeably left out was Andy and Mix, probably because they have the least complications plot-wise.

  12. Congrats on Amata! I was getting worried that Mikono was becoming too focused on her encounter with Kagura that Amata was losing some ground. He stepped up his game by holding her hands during the movie.

  13. I was actually really surprised by Jin’s response when he demanded if Yunoha overheard his conversation. I’ve sort of settled into thinking of him as the fish-out-of-water/accidental pervert of the series, but hearing that tone of voice reminded me that this is a guy who gave Neo DEAVA a run for their money more than once, and he’s not just fujoushi fodder. :p

  14. Based from Mykage’s recent actions I’m starting to suspect he may have a hand in Altair’s sudden disappearance of Women… it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for a Shadow Angel to create a mystical disease which lowers female birth rates and wiping out females, given how he (Mykage/Touma) hates Celiane for taking Apollonius from him

  15. That scene in episode 12 where Zessica destroyed the pole, wasn’t that telekinesis? And wasn’t it Sylvia who had telekinesis powers 12,000 years ago?

    It’s becoming very confusing, but I hope the producers and writers won’t give us lame excuses as to how the reincarnations worked. Honestly, I don’t really like Amata. There is nothing special about his character aside from the fact that he could be Apollo/Apollonius’ reincarnation. By that, I mean that his character and personality is boring. I find Andy and Jin more interesting. Heck, I even find Kagura more interesting than Amata even though the screen time Kagura’s been getting is incomparable to Amata’s.

    The Story You Don't Know
  16. Even though Zessica seems to be losing Amata every episode, I will always be rooting for Zessica x Amata. I mean Amata is already pretty boring, he needs Zessica to spices things up. Amata x Mikono would be the most boring couple in existence.

    1. It seems to me that the people who supports Zessica x Amata are really just fans of Zessica and doesn’t care about Amata, likewise for Kagura x Mikono- They only care about Kagura. In which case they only want to see their favorite characters happy, which have nothing to do with being a ‘better/interesting couple’ (that’s just an excuse).

      The people who supports Mikono x Amata actually likes both characters because they look good together, they also have alot of things in common and they actively support each other emotionally. It’s not a matter of boring or interesting, but whether they are good for each other.

      1. I know I’m shooting myself in the foot by saying this but, I like Zessica/Amata because they’re both quite buddy-buddy with each other. If given the chance, I’m sure Zessica could also help Amata overcome his abandonment issues, and we haven’t really seen if Zessica has any past angst yet. Amata needs a confidence boost, something Zessica can provide in spades.

        What irritates me about Mikono’s character is her perceived helplessness. Sure it stems from a huge inferiority complex, but she can Gattai, can pilot, and has won/contributed to winning her own share of battles. Nevermind the fact that Cayenne obviously cares for his sister and didn’t willingly abandon her, and that there are friends that believe in Mikono’s abilities.

      2. Buddy-Buddy with each other just means they’re good friends which I never deny. Zessica MAY be able to give Amata that confidence boost (which btw we never saw any indication of because she’s too busy teasing him) but it’s not the same as hearing it from Mikono because, as this episode shows, she knows exactly what he’s going through because she went through the same thing. People tend to accept the words of others that knows how they feel.

        And Mikono’s ‘perceived helplessness’ as you put it is an old issue long addressed throughout several episodes already, I don’t see why people keep trying to use it as an argument when it’s clearly not an issue anymore thanks to Amata’s support. If anything this episode shows her stepping out of her own shadow.

        Amata helps Mikono, and Mikono helps Amata, and because it works two-ways that’s why they make a good couple.

      3. I’m bringing up Mikono’s perceived helplessness because, as this episode illustrates unless the subs are wrong, she clearly isn’t over it yet even though that misunderstanding between her and Cayenne should have been resolved already.

        Mikono/Amata works because it moves Aquarion EVOL’s plot forward, but doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best couple.

        A bit off tangent but, Tanamachi Kaoru has shown even good friends can be an awesome couple.

      4. Chaos2Frozen: I honestly think you make a fairly valid point about people just liking Zessica or Kagura, and I am a ZessicaxAmata supporter. That said, I don’t think that makes their point invalid. Even if they only like one of the characters, AmataxMikono is still pretty by the book, and there are numerous characters in fiction that were saved by being put into a good relationship (whether romantic or not) that provided them with an interesting foil.

        I for one, and I’m not expecting you to necessarily agree, have never really liked the whole yamato nadeshiko thing that mikono represents and I don’t feel she and amata bring anything interesting to each others characters, even when compared to yunoha/jin or andy/mix, so I’d like to see the other pairings. Still, even if it goes amata/mikono, this is still one of my favorite animes in a LONG time.

      5. Then you clearly got the wrong idea. She brought up her past feelings of abandonment because it relates to what Amata was feeling about his abandonment issues with his mother. Plus she ends it on a positive note saying how it doesn’t mean that nobody wants them, that’s shows a big change in her perspective from how she was before.

        “Mikono/Amata works because it moves Aquarion EVOL’s plot forward, but doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best couple.”

        Best couple is an exaggeration on your end- I said they make a good couple. And I back up that statement with my point about how both of them supported each other when one of them is feeling down. That has nothing to do with moving the plot.

      6. @KaleRylan
        How can Mikono be a yamato nadeshiko when she has obvious flaws? And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t people who dislike yamato nadeshiko characters is usually because they’re too ‘perfect’? That clearly isn’t the case for Mikono.

        Now here’s the kicker- In the context of this story, Zessica was the ‘perfect girl’ in the sense that she had no negative flaws as well as a personality that appeals to everyone. (I used past tense because that’s clearly not the case now)

      7. “But just because we’re useless doesn’t mean no one wants us!”

        You also clearly did not understand her words :/ Yes, she brought up her past issues to consolidate her statements, but the fact is she still feels that she is useless, which is the point I’m driving at, and why I brought up her ‘perceived helpessness’.

        I admit that ‘best’ was an exaggeration on my part, but that still does not discount the fact that I still think Zessica and Amata works. Ultimately, it’s up to the writers of Aquarion, since we haven’t really seen Zessica’s past yet unlike pretty much everyone else’s in the main cast.

      8. @Chaos2Frozen

        I can’t speak for everyone, but the reason I, and many of my friends, always disliked the yamato nadeshiko types is not that they’re perfect, it’s because they’re too subservient, shy, passive, etc. There are other words to use for it but I can’t place them right now. I much prefer a more outgoing assertive energetic type of girl (not the genki girl type, but energetic).

        Now, Mikono is not 100% the traditional yamato nadeshiko type, but she fits into it broadly, and she and Zessica are very much the standard anime split between a pretty but more realistic girl, and a more out-going, tomboyish girl who basically never gets the guy. I often wonder if it’s the japanese equivalent of girls like bad boys but marry the good boy; they think guys like sexy girls, but marry the demure homemaker type.

        Sorry if this post rambles, it’s difficult to put concisely.

    2. Take one boring guy -AKA Amata- and one boring girl -AKA Mikono-, put them in a raburabu mood from the very start, don’t expect anything out of it but a boring couple with uninteresting developement. Still, this doesn’t mean it ain’t cute -coz’it is, kinda-, just plain boring.

  17. It was heartbreaking to see Zessica go from this to this. 🙁 Stay strong, Zessica!

    Also, Shrade is fighting again o_o Though something tells me he won’t be able to dispatch of Kagura as easily as previous and he’ll die in the process. Noooo Shraaaade!

    Anyhow, I thought Mikono and Cayenne solved their issues with each other already? And poor Jin, seems that, at the moment, Yunoha does only see him as a friend. Also, with the confirmation of Alicia’s and Amata’s relation, I guess it’s safe to call her a MILF now?

    1. Despite re-watching episode 11, Kagura still has me flummoxed. Does he want to bag Mikono’s heart, or put her heart in a bag? Yandere main character? HerHis love is too extreme!

      Evidence supporting the ‘Kagura = Apollo’ is also getting stronger with the more evident wolf-motif and those rather shiny wings.

      Also, anybody else think of the possibility of Fudo coming from Altair?

      But yeah, if Kagura really is Apollo, and Mikono is Silvia, and Mikono ends up with Amata, then I guess Apollo just got NTR’d hard…though Kagura did sort-of get NTR’d in a previous episode.

  18. Maybe:
    Amata (Apollonius), Mikono (Celiane)
    Kagura (Apollo), Zessica (Sylvia or Scorpius)

    Mykage is toying Kagura’s memories. Cited Wikipedia, he corrupts minds and filled their minds with rubbish. He’s a manipulator. He might hate women completely (he attempted to kill Alicia, prevented by Izumo; caused deaths of Donar’s girlfriend & co-pilots; maybe caused Altair women to deplete via sickness, accidents, as speculated by fan due to fact previously Celiane snatched Apollonius from Toma 12,000 years ago; etc).

    Mikono might be the one Altair is after. One more possible candidate, Zessica. Mikono might be someone a bit closer to Alicia. Both Mikono & Alicia din show special abilities. In common, their special abilities to sense dangers, see future, understand what would happen anytime, their bloodlines (Mikono no element power physically shown, yet she connects & amplifies element powers; Alicia had Amata, showed similar signs same as Mikono).

    Yes, Izumo is perhaps Amata’s father. Jin is definitely joining good guys in future episodes. Kagura is acting like Otoha of previous series(obsession to kill; Kagura asked to if he can kill anyone to get Mikono & in his ways; Otoha kill anything that harms, prevents Toma from achieving his ambitions).

    My opinions. They do not mean anything. Some might be not right. ^^

  19. This just came to me when I saw Amata yet again floating just after having a quite moment with Mikono. If he ever marries, I wonder how his first night experience will be like. I mean, he could probably join the mile high club without having to go anywhere near a plane, if you know what I mean…

  20. You know what would be down right weird and funny, if Kagura was actually the father of Amata lol. We still dont know Kagura’s back story and I have a feeling that he wasn’t born on Altair. I re-watched the Sousei No Aquarion series again and I get a rather strange feeling that Kagura is similar to Sirius (with his dark aura) and the fact that he wants to kill, hold, crush Mikono. Sirius felt pretty betrayed by Silvia when she refused to go with him and even told her “the one you love, your only family”. And the rose Mykage was holding “flower for your journey” very symbolic for Sirius. Even Kagura’s Mislagniss (however you spell it)looks similar to Sirius Vector Mars fused with the Cherebum (however you spell it). Minx even said in ep 3 “sibling elements have a naturally high telepathic resonance, even if you are apart you should be able to – “, Mikono replies “I can’t tell, I’m not like Cayenne”. But she seems to have a connection with Kagura she even feel’s that even though he is aggressive he is worried about her and lost. Also after re-watching the episodes of Aquarion Evol I believe Amata is the reincarnation of Apollo, when Kagura was going to take away the zapped and fainted Mikono, Amata even said “I feel like I know him”, “I can’t let him have you” (somewhere along those lines, I also recall Sirius asking Apollo “What do you see when you smell me” or was it “What do I smell like” (correct me if I am wrong). Apollo said to Silvia “You can’t go”, also I don’t recall Silvia apologising to Sirius in the end? Also, even though Kagura has the Genesis Glow doesn’t Amata have a glow too? ( Exactly like Apollo’s yellow glow). It seems that whenever the characters on this show have a VISION or FLASHBACK (MEMORY)if it is crystal clear then you can see the people in that vision clearly (as in you can recognize who they are) but if the vision is not real then the people’s whole being is shrouded. When kagura had a flashback of Apollon and Sylvie, the silhouettes looked like Kagura and Alicia/Mikono but you can’t distinguish them, it’s a bit hazy RIGHT?? (Just like in the anime PEACH GIRL, the couple at the start of the show near the ocean, many thought it to be Momo and Touji (HELL, I DID) but in the end it ended up being Momo and Kairi) but with Zessica’s vision she saw both Kagura and Mikono (so she obviously knows Kagura from somewhere and she knows Mikono). Now regarding Zessica’s power breaking the pole, mind you Reika also had the same power telekinesis and psychokinesis (same thing). I also noticed that they used alot of symbolism in this series. Frankly I could be wrong altogether and am just thinking too much on this anime that the answers are probably as obvious and its probably smacking all of us right in our faces (kind of like Shu Shu with Amata LOL…I really, really want to steal Shu Shu). I think, Apollonius x Celiane story ended in Sousei no Aquarion and this is now about Apollo x Silvia (12,000 years is a very long time and names/stories/legends become distorted hence Apollon x Silvie) In the end, I don’t think Kawamori-san would be trolling significantly in this show, maybe here and there (makes it interesting ne?)I absolutely love this show and how it’s rolling along nicely, I wasn’t such a big fan of Kawamori’s with Macross F ( but when I re-watched it, it made sense that Alto and Sheryl ended together – though not literally (Ranka was young but still my fave)). Aquarion Evol is perfect for mechs + romance get’s my mind and heart pumping everytime!!! HAHA

    1. Holy crap, that is the first time I’ve ever looked at a internet post and been overwhelmed. You really should break that up into paragraphs or something; that is a HUGE wall of text. As to your last sentence, which I did read,yes this is a good show.

  21. Hahaha yeah it’s a very long post…and it’s 11.19pm here in Australia just finished my uni homework and frankly, I just felt I had to blurt everything out (hence, no paragraphs just one whole information overloaded post 😀

  22. As much as i like AmataxMikono pairing. I think Zessica just never had a proper moment wih Amata, for a an awesome character like Zessica(I’m a Zessica fan too), she should have some AmataxZessica moment if she were meant to be a part of the love triangle. But the creators never let Zessica have that which is really unfair. By the way it looks now, Zessica is just some girl who’s stalking Amata, which really contradicts with outgoing personality of hers. Zessica you poor girl.

    1. The creators had Zessica taking the high route instead of going on the attack =( I‘m sure hope Zessica’s feelings will be addressed at some point later, but at the moment, it’s not important to the Kagura/Mikono/Amata plot, and how those three tie-in with Cayenne’s vision and Mykage’s scheme.

      I just hope the creators won’t have Zessica defect to the dark side in the near future… At least, not until she’s clarified things with Amata.

      1. I just want them to do something with her. So far falling for Amata has been a completely pointless development. And furthermore, they seem to be using the sheer pointlessness of it to set her up for a fall to the dark side. Not a good idea. First off, no one wants her to fall to the dark side. Secondly, it’s not very effective to have a betrayal from a character who they’ve never given any relationship development to.

        Based on how much actual time she’s spent with Amata so far, if she turns evil now, it would be a big overreaction if they make him look really upset about it. Which they will, because that’s the whole point of having a good guy turn evil. Realistically, he should be way more upset if Andy turned evil compared to Zessica.

  23. What I noticed with the last episodes is a heavy focus on Jin and Yunoha, my guess is that either Yunoha is way more important than being the cute ghost loli or that the whole JinxYunoha will be conclude -in a bad way- very soon. On Zessica’s case, I just hope the writers didn’t decide to have her in love all of a sudden in order to destroy a few poles and making her emo. Thank god Mykage is there as a complete villain to troll everyone, we are at the mid season climax and most episodes were comedy stuffed with very little story development (Let’s ship those ones over there and those over here, oh and some fake triangles too).

  24. Has anyone read or heard of the story about the Sun Goddess Amaterasu? The main characters of Aquarion Evol seem to have a resemblance to the characters from that story ( don’t want to explain further as it will be a HUGE overload of information yet again). But in the story there is a mirror that the other gods used to lure out Amaterasu from the cave (sounds suspicious). Should also look at Kagura (theatrical dance – Shishi Kagura which uses a lions mask and is the dance used to lure out Amaterasu. I also think Aquarion Evol uses some aspects of the Altair and Vega mythology (forbidden lovers).

  25. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.

    If Zessica could do that to a metal pole, imagine what she could do to you, Amata.

    Going by powers alone, her telekinesis seems to be the second most powerful ability shown, after Shrade and his mind-warping music. Back in the first episode, when channeled through the Aquarion, it easily crushed two enemy mechs.

  26. Hmm…. so Zessica can use psychokinesis…. where have we seen this sort of power before? Not to jump to conclusions but I think the writers are either heavily trolling us or are just starting to clarify who is the reincarnation of who.

  27. This is a really wild guess, but I have a feeling that perhaps both Amata and Kagura are reincarnations of Apollo. Maybe they’re both halves or maybe one’s the real reincarnation and the other is a fake. Why do I think that? Well both of them have the wings and all. But I feel like they have to be connected somehow. Kagura had asked Amata why he doesn’t have a smell. Think about it. Kagura can probably smell other people because he’s dog-like and all, so he should be able to smell Amata. But what if he can’t because he’s really used to Amata’s scent? AKA what if Amata and Kagura have the same scent, and Kagura therefore can’t smell it? If they have the same scent, maybe they’re the same person. That’s the theory I came up with anyways.

    1. You’re not the only one. I saw alot of people thinking the same thing. There is a scientific study that people don’t notice smells that they are use to everyday. Alot of people probably expirienced this before. You go to a friends house and you notice a wierd smell and ask your friend if he/she smells something wierd but he/she replies I don’t smell anything wierd or vice versa. Kagura probably smells the same scent on Amata as himself that he doesn’t notice it at all.

  28. To be honest I don’t enjoy this series as much as the first series. Kagura’s behaviour is downright disturbing, Amata is kind or boring, Mikono is also boring. In the first series Apollo’s behavior was odd but hilarious and Slyvia getting angry at him for them makes it funnier.


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