「X791年・妖精の尻尾(フェアリーテイル)」 (X791-nen Feari Teiru )
“Fairy Tail, X791”

Seven years later, FAIRY TAIL is no longer recognizable, or is it?

It’s year X791 now, and seven years have passed since Tenrou Island disappeared. A new guild called “Twilight Ogre” has risen in Magnolia while FAIRY TAIL, on the other hand, has been breaking down, both physically and mentally. With Makao in the master’s seat, and a huge debt to repay, FAIRY TAIL is completely at its worst.

The economy is going down, no good jobs are available, the guild has become smaller – everything FAIRY TAIL ever was, is gone. The remaining members have gone through many changes, some of them quite drastic. The guild’s loss, seven years ago, is a heavy stone in everyone’s heart.

In midst of a major economic slump, and depression – enter Blue Pegasus, soaring through the sky in Christina version 2. As usual, Ichiya and his “hosts” are all over the girls, one of them being completely new to the series. I’m assuming she is important for the upcoming filler arc because of all the screen time she got.

But, ogling at girls was not the main purpose of Ichiya’s temporary visit. Connecting everything with perfumes, Ichiya told FAIRY TAIL that he never forgets his friends’ scents, and that Tenrou Island still exists. Believing his words, the guild members set sail towards what was once Tenrou Island.

To their utter disappointment, there was nothing there, but then, all of sudden, a girl, standing on the water appeared. From out of nowhere, she pulled Tenrou Island up from the depths of the ocean, leading the way to Natsu and company. I was so excited when this happened even though I knew what was to come.

Back at the guild, some debt collectors from Twilight Ogre had arrived to pester Makao. Unable to stand it, Romeo stood up, preparing to fight with his black flames – a futile act. I laughed a little when Teebo blew out Romeo’s fire, as if it was a candle light. But no worries, because Natsu is back to save the day!

Reunited, after seven years, FAIRY TAIL is now complete again. Natsu took his time to explain how they were saved. The girl we saw earlier turned out to be the first master, Mavis (Noto Mamiko), who used everyone’s magic to save the island, a process which took some time. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Noto-san in this anime. I had not expected Mavis to sound like that, but I’m glad she did.

True to the FAIRY TAIL style, the reunion on the island was hilarious rather than emotional; however, some of the moments were pretty strong. I believe the reason for that is the amazing soundtrack. As I mentioned in my previous post, I love FAIRY TAIL’s soundtrack. It truly has the capability to bring out the best in FAIRY TAIL.

With the guild being complete again, a crying Romeo welcomed his dear Natsu-nii back home. Had that scene been any longer, I’m sure I’d be looking like Romeo did. This episode was so emotional, and looking at the preview, I know next episode will be too. Next week’s episode will be the final episode before the filler arc begins!

Full-lengt shots: 01, 08, 10, 13, 14, 30, 32, 33, 34

Note: Next week, my posts might get delayed because of exams.




    1. She’s called “Kinana”. I don’t remember seeing her anywhere so I just assumed she will be important in the upcoming filler arc. I read a little bit about her and it seems that she used to be a snake called Cuberos. I’m not sure if this is correct.

    2. She was the snake dude’s pet from that arc that Oresian seies arc. She was originally human and FT’s guild master turned her back, It’s never really mentioned in the anime, or the manga for that matter. Apparently she also lost her memories after being turned back into a human.

  1. Don’t you just hate when they drop bombs like….. “Lucy is directly related to the center of all magic” and then go way off topic to a new arc? a tournament arc no less.

    1. Ummm yeah it was, It was said during the fight with Hades. Hades was rambling on about stuff then Lucy was like “where have I heard this before? Oh yeah mom!”, and then the fight continued.
      I did not start reading the manga till today.

      1. And how does that relate to Lucy being the centre of all magic? She heard the same thing Hades said from her mother, big deal. The only thing that tells us is her mother knows a great deal more than what we’re led to believe.

      2. I guess you have no idea what foreshadowing and inferences are.
        If it was ‘just’ her remembering something her mom said why even bother? It would have no reason at all to be said there.
        Also, think about this. Why it always Lucy doing the over voices? is it ‘just because’ again lol.

    2. I have a concern that the manga and anime are really close to each other, usually there are 1-2 arcs between the manga and the anime. I’m guessing the anime is gonna have an anime original filler arc to kill some time?

      I like this series and I’m glad that it is being covered here now.

  2. time skips yea is so really complicated continue skip some years, characters got older, etc it’s long story.

    give one thing is still don’t yet how this series is more longer than rave master anime.

    yea i’m still upset rave master anime is not yet finish & incomplete yet this bring rave master characters on it.

    call me when they reboot/re-continue rave master then i think about this anime.

    1. You know that’s the same thing; right? Anything that’s not from the manga is filler.
      Now if you’re asking if it’s going to be episodic or have it’s own anime original arc, it’s probably going to have it’s own arc because it’s going to a LONG time till it starts cannon material again.

      1. Well, to me fillers are funny nonsense episodes whereas original story are episodes with serious plot in them.

        Just different interpretation of words 🙂
        Ok, I get that the anime is going into its original arc.

        Anyway I dropped the anime as it got past ep 100, following the manga instead.
        Popped in to see hows the anime going.

  3. kinda dropped this show way back, already forgot the reason, maybe coz it fell short of my expectations from the manga, was overhyped, or I just loved RAVE way too much and coz of all the one piece comparisons. gonna pick this show up again for the sole reason of pic #2

  4. I was really disapointed with the Timeskip because I was really looking forward to the Progress they made in these 7 Years :/ dropped it when some Tournament began..seemed lame.

  5. Dropped fairy Tail at episode 60 something, and I’m surprised that anime the anime is still going. I read the manga (for the sake of completion), so I kinda asumed that the anime would end at this point of the arc. I mean, it is so close to the manga now…very close. Like a few chapters away

  6. Ok, I need to voice my opinion about that part of the series. The time skip is just one big joke, it’s horribly done. It’s badly executed across the board. Hear me out please:

    – Yes, it creates drama and causes character evolution from the secondary FT characters, like Jet, Droy, Macao, Wakaba, Laki, Reebus, Vijeeter, Max, Nab, Warren, Romeo, Alzack and Bisca… but what will THAT achieve ? Those characters always have been benchwarmers ever since the beginning. I would have understood if any of these characters would have frequently accompanied Team Natsu, like having Laki and Max going with them for a mission at some point or having Jet, Droy and Levy teaming up with Natsu for some other mission, where we could have learned learned more about them. However, here… I don’t know, it feels forced, like Mashima needed to catch up on those characters because he didn’t pay enough attention to them prior to the event. The time skip in Gurren Lagann was well done in terms of character development and the one in One Piece was well done too (although I don’t get how did the Straw Hats arranged their reunion if no one knew where each other was, safe for Luffy’s location), but this one for Fairy Tail is just messed up.

    – The 7-year gap is… awkward. Why that long ? Mavis just saved everyone… but had to wait 7 years to release them ?? How does that work ??? Couldn’t she just wait a day or something because releasing the island ? Zeref and that dragon would have been long gone in that amount of time. Mavis is THE stronger Fairy Tail member, but she needs a massively long cooldown for her spells ? Ugh… you get the idea… the time gap is just too long.

    – The Tenrou gang isn’t changed… at all… where to begin ? That follows my comment on the 7-year gap. Why that again ? You know, in Ocarina of Time, Link went from kid to adult while crystallized in the Temple of Time, and that worked. So why didn’t the Tenrou gang aged during that time. Look, after 122 episodes, including the last one where everyone is thought to be killed, I strongly believe that we wouldn’t have complained if the characters had aged. “Natsu is older ??? Oh wait… it has been seven years afterall.” See what I mean ? That would also add an additional and realistic problem to the gang, where they aged physically but still have their younger minds. While it wouldn’t be a problem for most of them, Wendy would have that “weakness”. On a sidenote, I still don’t understand why she’s a child here, while her Edolas counterpart is an adult when they’re supposed to be the exact same person. While some might think it would have been a great way to get adult Wendy now in the series (for obvious reasons), I personally think it would have added more development to her, like dealing with her matured body with her child mind, like a real mentally-retarded person (I fail to find better words, don’t get me wrong on that one, ok ?). That would have been great to see, both for laughs and cries. Bottom line, if the Tenrou gang would have aged, like being in partial suspended animation (which would let them age without killing them), that would have been great to see. I actually like when a character age for a time skip, whether in-series or between series, like for a sequel. Here, they played it WAY TOO safe.

    Don’t get me wrong, that series is just plain awesome. The pacing is fast, the humor is clever, the characters are likeable and the story is well-written… but the time skip is badly done. It’s like they wanted to add MORE trouble for the characters, as if Zeref alone wasn’t enough. So yeah, that event is screwing everything up, because it’s poorly executed, for the forced/missing character evolutions and the unexplained mecanics. I’m still following both the anime and the manga, but it’s HARD not to get pass that big hiccup.

    Stereoman, your review is nicely written… but I just needed to get this out of my chest.

      1. That’s honestly my biggest complain that they DIDN’T aged. Like I said, the cast of Gurren Lagann, One Piece and Naruto (for Shipuuden) have aged for a time skip, and it got well received; other animes and cartoons got the same treatment and it worked as well. Why not Fairy Tail ?

      2. yea only the fillers, cannon fodders, extra, etc who are they again get older while main & main support does not ages?

        yea really like the akarin of series.

      3. Based on the manga, I think the time-skip was an excuse to pull back Fairy Tail’s battle strength. Natsu and co have been going toe-to-toe and winning against really powerful adversaries, making every other non-Fairy Tail mage seem like a pansy.

        In the manga, Natsu’s team didn’t get any stronger than before the time-skip while Lyon’s crew and all the other mages grew much stronger within those seven years. Other guilds even started making a name for themselves.

      4. huh?

        so what expect eps focus on those who got older yea sure give unless they are yuru yuri’s akarin of fairy tail.

        yea still i don’t know since i’m bit HMM about how rave master anime got screwed yea give both of them got same person who create it.

        give me back fresh rave master eps.

  7. One thing wrong with this, Mavis didn’t exactly save them. Their “bond” allowed them to activate Fairy Sphere which is complete def against anything dark. Same with Fairy Law being an attack against evil along with Fairy Glitter (though don’t remember the diff between those 2).

    What Mavis did was “unseal” the Fairy Sphere that had protected the FT gang. Which took 7 years to do because of how much magic was used for Fairy Sphere.

  8. Yeah I remembered that boy’s face, but not his name (Romeo). Plus, I hope that’s not the first and last time for Mavis’ appearance. Her voice is in many of my favorite anime characters.
    Maybe they will start developing Kinana’s character. And maybe she will have something to do with the dragons missing. When will they bring that arc up?
    So now Fairy Tail’s most strongest magic spells are Fairy Law, Fairy Glitter, and Fairy Sphere. Great to know them all. Or so it would be known.
    It’s also nice to know that everyone got their rest and magic restored, and have their youth prolonged.
    More Fairy Tail seasons to come I hope, even I don’t mind fillers in this anime.

    random viewer
  9. Wait , WHO THE FUCK IS THAT ROMEO BOY ????? natsu never had a brother so like WTF ??!?!?!?!?! natsu knew who he was when he returned …. romeo was neverr in fairy til so wtfff is going onnnnnnnnn

    1. Are you serious or just stupid? Romeo is Marco’s son. Not only was it said this episode it was also said quit a few times before. Is it that are to google something? or do you try to look stupid?

  10. It’s not that I don’t like Mavis’s voice but I always imagined it would be more like a kids because Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Actually Kinana shows up briefly in the episode 96, though she looks significantly different, hence them commenting on the change. She was chubbier and had short hair. She grew into a real babe.

    1. as a side note, I don’t believe Kinana was ever shown after the time-skip, so her screen time probably means she will get some focus during the filler arc. Not to mention it adds another female cast member that stayed in Fairy Tail aside from Raki and Bisca.

  12. So basically, this is just a summary of the episode, not much insight innit? I don’t want to sound overly critical of you Stereoman, but it nor a really in-depth revision of the episode now is it…

    1. No, you’re right. I didn’t have much to say about this episode so it turned out to be more of a summarizing post.
      By the way, feel free to criticize my writing. I appreciate constructive criticism. I want to know how to improve my writing, so please, if you feel that something can be improved in my posts – tell me! :]

      1. Hey man love the fact you picked this up. One thing I would say about your riding I think would be best to change is the summarizing. You’re doing too much of a story synopsis where RC is more, touching on the things that happened.

        Anyone that comes here has seen the episode already so I figure it’d be best to just go off of that and go into detail rather than spell out everything that happened (probably be easier for you that way as well).

    1. That would actually had made some sense, although that would mean that we wouldn’t see the main characters for a long time. I guess a small filler of a few episodes for the time skip would have been nice. Just to introduce the characters that will now be more important.

  13. I was surprised to see Fairy Tail’s first master appeared as she did. I wanna see Fairy Tail whoop some Twilight Ogre ass and get their rep back, but go figure the filler arc approaches -____-.


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