「約束、守りに来ました!」 (Yakusoku, Mamori ni Kimashita!)
“I’m Here to Keep My Promise!”

Completely discarding the OP in favor of more run-time, this episode started off on the right foot with Issei finally getting a formal introduction to Ddraig, the dragon that resides in his sacred gear. I must say that the foreshadowing surrounding Ddraig was done quite well. We’ve known since early on that Issei’s sacred gear was special, and it was mentioned many episodes ago that Issei wasn’t able to talk to the being in his gauntlet yet because he wasn’t strong enough, so when Issei called on him to make him a deal, it wasn’t surprising. It was still satisfying though, because it showed Issei’s growth, and made what he would do later in the episode more believable.

Aside from that, the rest of the Ddraig-Grayfia-Asia build-up scene did its job of revving up to the action, and quickly too. In fact, the whole beginning of the episode seemed to go by really fast. Not in a bad way, mind you – in fact, it was really well paced. Rather, there was just so many interesting things happening back-to-back that by the time Issei punched down the door and claimed Rias’ virginity for himself (oh Issei, you rascal you!), I was surprised that we were already at the confrontation.

Okay, not quite. First Rias’ onii-sama, Sirzechs Lucifer, had to finally show himself. I very much enjoyed his and Grayfia‘s roles in this episode. I had assumed that Issei and Raizer were going to get into a dirty punch-up in the middle of the party, and while I still think that would have been awesome, Sirzechs’ meddling kept the whole conflict “cleaner.” That is, most of DxD‘s conflicts have been between heroic protagonists and evil antagonists, and once they were over most of the dangling plot threads were neatly cleaned up. Had Issei made off with Rias, things would have gotten really messy, as Grayfia correctly pointed out near the end. I can imagine Raizer retaliating to something like that, likely in an Akeno-like fashion. Fortunately, Sirzechs made sure everything was nice and official, which gave Issei the chance at complete victory.

But what can I say about the confrontation itself? How about, awesome? Issei’s Balance Breaker: Boosted Gear Scalemail was an impressive if slightly ridiculous new power-up, and the ensuing fight was really fun to watch. My favorite part was definitely the fact that Issei has finally learned how to do plan ahead. I criticized him for not doing that in episodes past, when Rias was doing all the thinking while he just blindly charged in like an idiot, but this time he assembled all the lessons he learned over these 12 episodes into a winning strategy. Perhaps even more than beating an “immortal” Phoenix, that was the most impressive thing he did.

Over all, Issei’s fight – and this whole episode, really – was done quite well. Please, allow me one quibble though: he talks too much. Who else facepalmed when Issei’s armor dropped off there? I know certain things needed to be said, but the fact that he just stood there while his time ticked away was really stupid. If he had been climbing out of some rubble or fighting Raizer while he talked, that would have been fine, but him just standing there made him look like a complete idiot. Spend the money to animate that, TNK! Ugh.

But that was a minor gripe. Issei still beat an immortal Phoenix in an impressive – and cringe-worthy – manner, and earned a maiden-like blush from his adversary’s imouto in the process. I sense a new harem member in the making! And there was also Rias’ reaction, of course. Oh Issei, you dog you…I’m so jealous!!

One final thought, on the theme of sacrifice. Sacrifice – and I mean true sacrifice, one that the character actually makes – is a fantastic theme which I wish more storytellers would use. Issei sacrificing his left arm to Ddraig in order to win made his victory all the more impressive, as was his determination to keep giving up body parts (or his life, certainly) for Rias should other suitors come calling. And while Akeno and Asia might be able to change his arm back (albeit temporarily), that sacrifice was still made, and that arm will never truly be his again. It’s things like that which make Issei the Pervert actually deserve the first kiss of a girl like Rias. Did I mention I was jealous? Damn you, Issei!!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Epic showdown of Issei vs Raizer! Issei finally gets smart. Also, a new housemate? Hur hur hur :3 #HighSchoolDxD

Random thoughts:

  • I’m not entirely sure what that whole “Welsh Dragon” part is all about. Is Ddraig from Wales, or does the author not really understand what “Welsh” means? I’m assume it’s the latter.
  • Did anyone else facepalm when Issei told Asia to stay behind? I really don’t understand why they keep trying to leave the healer behind. Teach her some shield spells and drag her along! Haven’t any of these people played an RPG before? Sheesh…
  • I have to admit, that hairstyle upped Yuuto’s bishie quotient by quite a lot. I don’t blame the school girls for going all doki doki over him. The guy has style.
  • A pouting Asia is fine too. HNNNG!!

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Final impressions:

At the cost of being labeled the “ecchi guy,” High School DxD was one of the shows I most wanted to cover this season. It just hits so many notes with me. Harem comedy? Check. Shamelessly perverted main character? Check. Some fights to burn time in between all the nudity? Check. Okay, joking aside, it was the harem comedy + shameless perverted main character that had me imagining some unholy combination of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou and Sora no Otoshimono. And in the end, I feel like this was a fairly good way to describe the series.

From a pure fanservice standpoint, DxD delivered. I can only remember one scene back in episode 1 where anything was censored, so us television viewers got to enjoy nearly the full level of pervertedness without having to wait for the DVD/BDs (though I’m sure that will hurt sales, making a season 2 less likely). The nudity did have a tendency to get in the way at times, especially back in episodes 4 and 5, but once Issei developed Dress Break there was (almost) no limit to where fanservice was appropriate, which made it far more fun!

But in truth, this series was more than just a fanservice show with Sakurai Tomoki‘s long-lost little brother at the helm. The plot is actually really good, with Asia’s arc tugging on some serious heart-strings, and this last Raizer arc featuring some of the best team vs team magical battles I’ve seen in a while. and there’s still Issei, who, while certainly a shameless pervert, actually deserves some of the attention he gets from his haremettes, and deserves it more and more as time goes on. He’s one of the few harem leads who I actually like, because he’s not a bitch and he really enjoys it.

The thing about this adaptation is that most of what was good is in the setup and the story, and most of what wasn’t so good was in the execution. I mentioned back in episode 5 that I felt like TNK has settled for “good” rather than shooting for great, and I stand by that. The source material has risen in my esteem since then, but director Yanagisawa Tetsuya and TNK never really stepped it up, and instead just leaned on the fanservice and depended on that to move units rather than really polishing the show. And perhaps that was the right decision to make from a business standpoint, because animation is expensive and details are hard, but that’s not going to stop me criticizing them!

Still, I enjoyed High School DxD, and if a second season were to be announced I would be really happy. The further into this show we got, the more amazing Issei got, and after hearing some of the things that happen in later light novels from all of you, I have no doubt that a second season would be better than the first. I would just prefer a better director and/or studio take over and give this show the treatment it deserves.

Until then, goodbye Asia, Koneko-chan, Akeno-sempai, and Rias. I look forward to seeing your shining breasts– I mean, asses– I mean, faces!! Yes, I meant faces. Shining faces. And nothing else…


  1. Regarding Stilts’ last line….

    Stilts no Ecchi….

    XD XD XD

    But seriously, this series did far surpass my expectations with its plot and action since i initially started watching this juz for the nice designs and ecchi fest. So for it to have a really good plot and some terrific action moments was a really nice bonus. And with 11novels and counting, there is alot of awesome material for this series to continue on if they do decide to do a 2nd season.

    And you’re not alone in having that jealous feeling when Issei took Rias’ first kiss. 😛

    1. Good point. Actually, I was originally going to make a quip along the lines of “dragging the healer along and complaining when they let you die,” but it got lost somewhere. Fixed!

  2. “I’m not entirely sure what that whole “Welsh Dragon” part is all about. Is Ddraig from Wales, or does the author not really understand what “Welsh” means? I’m assume it’s the latter.”

    Toss “Welsh Dragon” into wikipedia. Kinda explains itself from there. Even the setup for a future confrontation with the white dragon both Ddraig and the brother were talking about.

  3. The show was far suppas my expectation. I watch this after i look at the ending song on youtube that very sexy. At first i think that it will be just your average ecchi harem anime. But the action and the plot was great. I think even without ecchi it still will be good anime. Issei rose up to my top five harem lead and i hope there will be season 2.

    So for now good bye Koneko-chan.

  4. hurray we can rejoice now all is safe & well.

    yes best wedding crasher yea issei now rias’ virginity said in front of everyone YES.

    oh rias’ brother is there pulled make wedding crash so we get issei vs raiser.

    yet here it goes issei yea pulled I AM IRON MAN mode yet what a brawl give oh raiser does got a weakness the holy cross but 10 count too late.

    always count on back-up combine with holy water ha ha ha raiser’s face is all messed-up & gut punch down goes the d-(bleep) raiser.

    yep all good ride the griffen with rias get the kiss, risa moving to issei’s house & get her to smile all is well in issei’s world.

    now got wonder expect s2 & funi i know you got it license so waiting for hear your dub on it.

    yea so issei is IRON MAN so make raiser a loki yea sure raiser may got an army but issei got a HULK aka dragon armor mode.

    ha ha yep all well got the kiss & get the girl to smile http://tenka.seiha.org/images3/dxd12/92.jpg

  5. Who else will vote this ED as the best ED of 2012??

    C’mon, people, remember this for another 9 months…. and vote. Or nag on writers. Darn it, why has this come so darn early!! Many will forget this, come December. It’d be a real shame if it didn’t win the best ED pick at randomc.

    some guy
    1. i’m sure be others going vote dxd ed for it’s year ender besides maybe Koneko’s hypnobutt, rias on pole, etc oh who cares i’m so voting for it anyway regardless of other ed vids.

    2. I doubt an ending with a 1st kiss riding on a griffin during a starry night will be forgotten just like that. And also, its very rare this days to have a good story plot with a hilarious and successful lead character compared to the cliches and stereotypes.

    3. The best ED bar has been raised reeeally high from the start. I mean, this one is sung by Madoka from Lagrange! And probably other people! Too much awesome.

      *scribbles on a flag* High School DxD ED. 2012. Never Forget.

    4. Done, I’ll be campaign manager. Or better yet, treasurer, give me money. LOL. You nearly hit it spot on with the hynobutt comment, however it was the lady’s scissor kick on that pole which really seals the deal. Adds a whole to new level to an already playful lyric. Yep best damn ED of ’12.

  6. Well, I guess this is it for Highschool DxD!

    Unless there’s a sequel coming up, I hope they’ll focus on the plot while keeping myself tortured on hearing Koyasu’s sexy voice…

    And another note for the sequel, I hope they’ll introduce the rival to Ddraig since Issei made a contract to him on this episode.

  7. “And nothing else…”

    LOL. Only God knows what Stilts really thinking.
    Great animation for last battle scene. Really hope for Season 2.
    Sir Stilts, I’m patiently waiting for your Zero no Tsukaima F finale post.

    1. On it! This post was late because I was on vacation ’till part way through today, so I’m behind >_< Plus, had to do extra full-size images for this episode. It demanded as much, imo.

  8. The conversation during the Balance Breaker countdown was slightly annoying. That’s just what happens when you try to animate the light novel dialogue. I thought the scene should have at least been animated as slow motion; Ddraig’s counting was definitely very off. Still awesome to see the Scalemail animated. I was looking forward to it ever since reading the LN.

    Second Season please!

  9. I have one primary requirement for any harem anime whether it be heavy on the ecchi or not: A harem lead has to EARN all those hot chicks that want him. This is why most harems fail for me, they just become bland people who get girls because they were “nice guys”.

    Did Issei earn his harem? IN SPADES. Which is why I like this show so much. Issei is a guy I can get behind by just being GAR and determined. I actually root for him despite his perverseness. The fact that the girls are hot and the show is shameless in fanservice helps too.

    1. I’m forgetting exactly where right now, but someone in the last episode points out how they’ve never heard someone so honest before, and I think that’s exactly what raises Issei above your standard Harem Leads. Unlike the chaste heroes, he’s actually out there TRYING to get the girls to like him, which means he makes some sense, and more importantly, unlike the closet perverts or creepy types, he is completely open and honest about who and what he is and it is made clear repeatedly that he really does care for the people, and girls, around him, and he will do ANYTHING for them.

  10. This is one of the few harem/fanservice shows that will join my collection of classics, along with the likes of Love Hina. :3 I really enjoyed this series, and I can’t wait for a second season. I know it’s going to happen, with the mention of the Vanishing Dragon after all. 😉

    Cannot. Wait.

    Skins Thunderbomb
  11. I so want the whole noble of Highschool DXD. Been a while since i crave for a season 2-3-4 anime. Gonna watch it again when i have time. Plus waiting for Blue ray 😀

    My wish for Season 2 successs so far: Bakemonogatari -> Nisemonogatari -> more coming 😀
    Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? -> Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead and Baka to Test Shokanju 1 & 2

    Failed/undecided: Kamisama Dolls

  12. This series is the perfect example of why you musn´t judge a book by its cover. In the surface it seems your typical ecchi series but in the bottom, there is one awsome material!. Goodbye for now Issei, there no doubt in my mind that we´ll see more of you in anime in the future, until them I´ll have to enjoy myself with Tomoki in the new season of Sora no Otoshimono.

    1. GC had the worst script ever, but awesome production value. This on the other hand followed the plot of a poplar novel series, so despite much less production cost so is the end result better.

    2. Agreed, I found Issei owning all his “bad traits” made his perverted nature far more entertaining even as a female viewer. Put simply I loved all the character in this show.

      My favorite is Akeno however… you show the world hows boss. lol

  13. I will say this from readin the books and watching this, I am hoping a second season is in the works cause otherwise there would have been no reason for her big brother to mention the future fights issei will have with vanishing dragon.

  14. I really hope they make a season two, I’d like to see more of that armor. It reminds me a lot of the old anime generator gawl in its design, and I always though gawl looked cool.

    That said, “next time it’s my right arm” may go down in history for me as one of the manliest things to say to a girl that doesn’t want you to hurt yourself for her. Out of context, it of course makes no sense, but in context it just makes you want to applaud, or fist pump, or something else awesome.

  15. Sakurai Tomoki long last little brother… i saw the pun….
    I wouldn’t say it is a combination of 2 animes. It is good enough to be an anime of itself.
    Talk about the bishe but not Akeno’s new hair?!

  16. If he had been climbing out of some rubble or fighting Raizer while he talked, that would have been fine, but him just standing there made him look like a complete idiot. Spend the money to animate that, TNK! Ugh.

    In the LN, Issei and Raizer were trading blows DBZ-style while he was describing his new abilities. So yeah, they should have spent the money to animate it D: Possibly due to time constraints, they also omitted Raizer’s line that hinted he wasn’t such a bastard after all. When Issei’s Balance Breaker runs out, Raizer apologizes to and commends Issei saying that “You don’t have to fight anymore. When Rias and I marry, I’ll be sure to train you into the Ultimate Pawn”. Naturally, because that route won’t give him what he wants, Issei declines and Raizer gets pissed xD

    Still, I was waiting to hear that declaration of war:”Rias Gremory’s virginity is mine!” EEEEPIIIC Issei! Issei’s like the Shounen-genre version of Sakurai Tomoki XD

    Do hope a Season 2 will be announced soon; there’s more than enough material to make another run.

    Thanks for blogging this, Stilts! I finally found another harem series worth looking out for >:D

      1. Oh yeah, and I forgot about Mysterious Girlfriend X. I know it’s still ongoing, but how’re things going for Kohei? I guess pretty good if he’s already dating. That’s at least farther than Shu and Amano got.

  17. & now we must wait for funi-service english dub version of it give they license the series so yea dub version by before year end or next year?

    any ideas for cast list on it?

  18. I vote for Stilts to write Sora No Otoshimono 3.

    About the healer thing, you do realize Shu brought Hare along and ya know what happened? She dies!!!!!! So I think he made a pretty wise decision. It’s not like Asia can use tidal wave or something.

  19. So as a person that has been keeping up with the light novels (translated and summaries) — I have to admit I thought they stayed 80-90% true to the source material. I do wish the production values were a bit higher overall and that they didn’t take so many liberties with the slapstick..

    I mean if you watch the beginning of episode 1 with the bloodstained hands, it was done really well.. same with the ED, they put a huge amount of money into doing such high quality animation — and then the work slips throughout the series! Even some of the fights were a bit hard to swallow in that they weren’t animated in as “epic” a manner as works by KyoAni/SHAFT..

    I feel like this got the animation budget of a typical “niche ecchi anime” and not the budget of a “shounen battle anime” — which is sad, cause oppai aside.. there’s a lot of depth in the background, plot and characters!

    PS: The scale mail armor looks really cool!

  20. Comrade Stilts, nothing to be ashamed of. You’re RC’s esteemed ecchi writer and we love you for that 😉
    What a great way to end the series and guess what, there’s more to Kaji Yuuki than his specialization in neutered male leads. While I’m jelly as hell, Issei totally deserve that kiss from Rias sempai. Well done.

    Seishun Otoko
  21. Stilts thanks for reviewing this series.

    I also find it funny that at the very end of season one, he basically admitted that he’s totally in love with Rias. He might want a harem because of his nature, but he’s totally a romantic sort at the base of his perverted self.

    …then again, if it was Rias, I’d want her virg-*cough*. Sorry I have a cold. I’d want her love too.

  22. Great coverage of the season Stilts!

    While I didn’t love Issei’s fight with Raiser, it was still pretty awesome. Thought he got bounced around a little too much, and yeah the excessive talking, but whatever 😛 Possibly stealing the little sister’s affection makes up for some of that. Besides, his declaration when he stormed into the hall was one of the best things I’ve ever heard in anime! And rewarded with a kiss from the girl you love? Can’t ask for more than that! Well, okay, you can, especially after she moves herself into your house to be with you… but Issei isn’t quite there yet XD

    Here’s hoping for season 2!… and 3… and 4!!! :X

  23. I have been reading the Light Novels and this series only covered the first two volumes! I would love to see a second season, because there is so much material to mine… plus even more ecchi! Also I hope that Stilts will cover the 6 OVA’s.

  24. for those who want more well these mimi dxd specials to watch give ep.1 of mini is showing rest for each for following months & ova on sept.

    so yea 1 mini specials of dxd from march to august & ova sept.

    then maybe s2 & before that funi-service’s english dub on it.

  25. Good work blogging this. You’re totally right about the studio not doing the series justice. I got the warning signs after comparing episode 1 to the beginning of the light novels (at which point I switched to the light novels and just followed your coverage of the anime). But TNK didn’t mess up the canon and didn’t let their filler seriously disrupt character development. There’s little chance any other studio will adapt High School DxD, so I’m hoping for another director, but not counting on it. What I want most at this point is another season at all, a prospect that I’m optimistic about given how the anime ending didn’t shut off any possibilities. Stilts, if it doesn’t come soon enough and you don’t want to be forever ignorant to future developments, keep in mind that the light novel translations are going strong.

    1. Probably not. I can summarize them right now though, if you like. Ahem:


      …and there we are! 😀 But seriously, it’s as hard to write for pure fanservice as it is for pure comedy. It’s all just one question: was it hot, or was it not? Can’t get much distance from that, I’m afraid. You all should definitely pick them up, though! The first one definitely falls on the “hot” side of things, nyahaha~ :3

  26. so I am satisfied with this ending… good fight, Ise 🙂
    the magic to turn the arm back is tuned down a fair bit… it has a lot more Ecchi potential in the LN :3
    I am surprised that they actually do included the talk on the white dragon though… hints at season 2?
    and of course, thanks for covering the awesome show, Stilts 🙂 you are awesome!

  27. So okay, lemme help Stilts figure out the things Sirzechs was saying about the Welsh dragon.
    That dragon is supposedly the next arc in the story for DxD. They have to fight the Fallen Angels which is a pretty good arc in the LN. The Red dragon was obviously Ddraig. Show Spoiler ▼

  28. Did y’all know that Rias’s voice actress is the same for Literature Girl of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou!!! My gah, there was no way I could’ve guessed this. Literature Girl is obviously my favorite for that show!!

  29. As far as ecchi shows go, this one must be one of the best I’ve seen to date. While the fanservice is heavy and unapologetic (as it should be for this type of show I think), it also has enough substance to the story and characters to make it interesting to follow the plot each episode.

    It also ended in a good and satisfying way. I wish more fanservice shows were like this.

  30. So after watching the epic finale, that is episode 12, I went ahead and read the first two volumes of the novel, which the anime basically stops at (minus a few shuffled stories). I must say, Studio TNK adapted High School DxD exactly how I would have imagined and I seriously hope to see more. This compliment is coming from someone who is always ranting about how anime adaptations get screwed up (e.g. J.C. Staff anyone?). Only a few series in my book have taken [insert other medium] to anime this well (e.g. Suzumiya Haruhi, Working!, Kami Nomi).

    What I find most interest is that I can only recall enjoying a few series from TNK like Hand Maid May and I My Me! Strawberry Eggs. Anyways, kudos to Studio TNK! I hope they keep up the trend AND MAKE ANOTHER SEASON (OR FOUR) OF HIGH SCHOOL DXD!

    1. Hahahaha. Hand Maid May is one of my favourite shows. Can’t believe someone would bring it up so many years later. I’m off to youtube to listen to the super catchy opening song now. Thanks, man.

  31. After this whole season my opinion is:

    1. Glad to see Sirzechs Lucifer animated, in the novel they always talk about him, Rias mom (especially her since they mention she just as sexy as Rias or even sexier) and dad, but never really have a pic of them.

    2. Akeno and Asia might be able to change his arm back, hmmm this part is wrong yes they can change his arm back but only Rias and Akeno can do it currently and their way of doing it is so ecchi errrrr I mean awesome. So yea I wanna see that.

    3. Fenix’ sister for some reason she was only shown in novel two but for some reason she becomes popular with the reader and will show up in later novels.

    4. If we do get a second season it will and must be 24 – 26 episode not that I am complaining but the thing is according to the author part 3-6 of the novel is actually consider to be one big arc, so 12 episode won’t be able to cover it.

    5. Onsen scene of novel 5, getting a nose bleed just imagine it two word Show Spoiler ▼


    6. If you think his balance breaker is bad ass try his ‘霸龍’. That is the true power of while they say his sacred gear is strong enough to kill a god.

  32. I would like to see Highschool DxD get a second season, but sometimes I wonder if I really do. If Issei becomes anymore powerful and be all harem-king-like, who knows how out of hand and crazy he can be… which may drive the plot either into a some hilarious scenes or some really lame ones.

  33. Lol Rias’ brother really didn’t have any intention of letting his sister go through that marriage. Guess he hates Phoenix also and only reason he agreed because it was what his father decided to not disgrace his name. He planned the whole thing and didn’t expect Issei to win but expected Issei will run away with her even if he didn’t win. He himself stated that that flying beast was a last minute escape plan if Issei fails to defeat Phoenix.

    There might be a 2nd season because according forums about the novels all the girls move into Issei’s house one by one. Ria’s was the 2nd to move in.

  34. Considering all the talk about the “white dragon” showing up soon or something, I could see a Season 2 sometime.

    And in terms of the power-up, we can’t forget that it still required him to sacrifice his human left arm and that was for a mere 10 seconds of power x_x

  35. High School DxD will succeed Zero no Tsukaima to aim for “Season 4 and Above”(If possible). It will be good to see HS DxD to have more than 4 season so that we can see the rest of the characters and Issei’s upgraded promotion to see his upgraded armors. I like to see Zenovia & Irina, The other 3 Maous, Akeno’s date with Issei and to use her Holy Lightning, Koneko-chan’s nekomata form and her sister,plus, her lovey-dovey affection for Issei(really want to see that:-)), Ravel transferring at Issei’s school to gain his affection, and more ecchi scenes and especially more HAREM MAYHEM for Issei.

    Issei is a lucky guy; the perverted yet kind HAREM KING!!!!!!!!!

    Ken Sanders
    1. I would be a bit more careful with spoilers. I for one don’t care much for spoilers, but others may.

      Well, I think Studio TNK may take after Manglobe, who produced Season 1 and Season 2 of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai. Manglobe did a 12 ep cour, took a break, and did another 12 ep cour. Seeing as HS DxD has scheduled short OVAs with each DVD/BD release until September, I’m hoping that we’ll see more HS DxD next fall season *crosses fingers*

      And I agree, Studio TNK better not pull a J.C. Staff adaptation. I hate seeing good stories get butchered into mediocrity.

  36. hey unless we do see the sora no otoshimono x high school dxd crossover yea tomoki got heaven’s girls while issei got demom girls.

    yea that one dress crossover to see who really more perv tomoki or issei?

  37. For the most part this series was fine. I had no problem with it, Issei ‘almost’ seemed like a decent character expect his perverted personality. His goal could be seen as chilish. (He can only truly love one person, the others won’t get that level of affection.)

    However this last eps, and from the novels at this part makes me despise him. His goals are to form a Harem, that’s great. But how it seems that girls fall for him is another thing. Here we had the big one-on-one fight Issei vs Pheonix. Issei won by using outside forces/items to win not his own strength, but that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that Ravel (The sister) came in a non-threatening manner to keep Issei from doing any more harm. What does Issei do? Oh yeah, threatens her (Pretty much threatens her life for no reason at all). Here’s the hitter, it seems that she falls in love/blushes for that pathetic reason..

    Honest, who should I blame for that poor writing, Issei? The author? The studio? Its bluntly saying that; “Yeah you can get people to love you if you threaten them! So if you want to have a girlfriend go out and threaten them!”

    The rest of the show was average I really didn’t have much problem with but this and the Rating game itself.

    1. Well at the moment, only Asia and Rias have actually fallen for Issei and for good reason, too xD Issei befriended Asia and fought to save her life even if she was supposed to be his enemy, and Issei helped Rias out of her arranged marriage, not caring if he has to sacrifice his arm to do so. And even then, Rias only really started to fall for Issei after this episode. She’s very affectionate because she’s a Gremory, who are known in the underworld for loving and caring for their servants.Show Spoiler ▼

      As for the ‘Ravel threatening’ thing, Issei doesn’t know her beyond her arrogance from the previous episodes and that she’s Raiser’s sister, and she suddenly pops in in the middle of a heated battle screaming at him. His threat wasn’t directed just at her either, but to anyone that attempts to make Rias cry. Besides, the ‘girl blushing in the presence of an alpha-male’ is a common thing in anime, anyways.

      As for Issei’s harem, Koneko and the others fall for Issei pretty much the same way Asia and Rias have; he proved himself to them by helping them out of their turmoil. That he did it without any ulterior motives- ie, just because they’re his friend- was something Koneko even comments- and is displeased- about in one of the later volumes (it was either 9 or 10, I think). At the moment though, they don’t really think much of Issei beyond a perverted comrade. If more seasons do come to pass, or if you read the novels, you’ll easily see when Koneko, Akeno, and the other ladies have fallen for Issei, since their attitudes towards him change.

      The funny thing is, because of the way Issei’s seen them (Asia = younger sister, Rias and Akeno = flirty senpais, Koneko = innocent kouhai), he doesn’t realize that he can bed them whenever he wants XD But yeah, if this show does want to deliver a message on how to make girls fall for you, it’s “put your life on the line for them!”…

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Besides, the ‘girl blushing in the presence of an alpha-male’ is a common thing in anime, anyways.
        Honestly I don’t think thats correct. I believe that the girl would blush when the man does something for her in an ‘alpha-male’, as in stick up for them or protect them, NOT threaten them.
        For the most part I do review parts of the Novel’s.
        Show Spoiler ▼

        she suddenly pops in in the middle of a heated battle screaming at him. His threat wasn’t directed just at her either, but to anyone that attempts to make Rias cry.
        Here is part, she came in pleading for him to stop, it wasn’t ‘blah, blah, blah!’, it was ‘please stop!’ (It isn’t the exact words but close enough.) Which I believed he completely ignore.

        And even it wasn’t just direct to her, he pointed his hand that was drenched in holy water and holding a cross which could kill devils/demons, directly at her face. If I was in her position, I wouldn’t fall in love with him.

        Which I stand at this point, having threaten them/her, it should seal the deal in getting that person to love/like them in anyway what-so-ever. But the story here is that Issei theaten her and now she’s all lovingly loves him. I say that’s bad writing.

    2. Quote: (He can only truly love one person, the others won’t get that level of affection.)

      Actually Rias might be a little bit step ahead of them all but is such a tiny step that it really wouldn’t matter, Rias might be like a 10.0 while the rest is like 9.5 lvl of affection. But the most important thing is he would have no problem dying for any of them, if a gun is aim at one of them he wouldn’t have a second thought in step in front of the bullet, I mean what more can they ask for. so yea 10.0 and 9.5 does it matter much.

      If u seen volume 6 of the novel and what happen near the end battle, then you wouldn’t even think theres a difference in affection between them.

      1. If a gun is aim at one of them he wouldn’t have a second thought in step in front of the bullet. Of course he would do that, because they’re close, anyone would do that if they were close. But they will never be THAT close as in true-love (Which would be for Rias). Isse can only show a certain amount of ‘love’ to others, but it won’t be the love that he’ll show for Rias. He’ll joke, hangout, and just be friends with the other girls, maybe just give a ‘friendly kiss’. But it’ll never be the type that he gives to Rias. He will always treat Asia like a younger sister, and others as friends, it’ll never be as a lover like for Rias.

        Here’s the thing, for ‘true-love’ its only possible for ONE person with that (its giving your heart and soul to love that person). Anything thing else is not true, its only ‘like’ which isn’t as good as ‘True’.

        And using your scale system, 10 will be Rias (True-love, true Romance), Others won’t even reach 10, because that slot will be reserved for one person alone. No matter what the others try it’ll forever be a ‘like’ level.

    3. It is not because issei treatened Ravel that causes her to fall in love for it is because, she follows her brother’s authority to a full degree, as she sees that there is no one who can defeat him. After seeing her brother’s defeat at the hands of Issei, she becomes infatuated with him.

      random person
    4. ravel does fancy issie because hthreatened her it’s because after seeing her brother’s defeat at the hands of Issei, she becomes infatuated with him, and later transfers to his school so she can spend more time with him. Later on as the story continues, she falls in love with him completely, and does not mind becoming his concubine so long as she can be with him.

  38. Would love a season 2 of this, but this kind of show almost never seems to get one so I’m not holding my breath. Frankly I’d watch the second season if it was just Rias talking to herself about random topics for 20 minutes a week, <3 you Rias <3!

  39. If you really want to read more of highschool DxD check out this website http://book.sfacg.com/Novel/12225/MainIndex/ all you need is firefox and a page translator and there you go you can read up to volume 10. You can check out http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=High_School_DxD but it takes them a while to translate everything cause they do it in there free time but its still on of my favorite places to read whats going on in the light novels I like. They have part of volume 11 translated but only a little. I love highschool Dxd Its a great read and a great show {rare}. I have a buddy of mine who used to be in the army with me and he now lives in japan and a hardcore anime manga fan {so much so that hanging around with him for six months made me one} after episode 12 came out I called him to see if he knew anything about there being a season two but all he heard were rumors,, but most rumors say there will be so im going with that. All I really know is funimation got the rights so fast and already announced they will be coming out with a blu-ray/dvd eventually so everything i can see read and heard points to a season 2 {as long as sales are good, and i will be one of those sales}


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