「空白の7年」 (Kuuhaku no Shichi-nen)
“The Seven-Year Gap”

Last week I said this post might be delayed, which it luckily wasn’t; however, my Senki Zesshou Symphogear post will be delayed. I’ve just finished an exhausting exam, and my agenda for tomorrow is not looking good. I want to write a good post (it is the final episode after all), fully concentrated so I thought it’d be better if I’d delay the post a day or two rather than writing a bad one just to be in time.

Back to topic! The episode of this week was a rollercoaster. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I had expected. The scene where Lucy found out about her father’s death was poorly executed in the anime, and didn’t bring any justice to the source material at all. I remember that it was much more emotional in the manga. This wasn’t a bad scene, but definitely disappointing if you’ve read the series.

Nevertheless, I still ended up being on the brink of tears when I saw Lucy cry for her father at the end. Scenes like these always make me realize that I shouldn’t take my parents for granted. I can’t imagine what I’d do in a situation like Lucy’s. Her father may have been a strict and neglecting man, but he did love his daughter. It was nice to see all the presents he’d left for her. It’s so sad that he died when he’d finally become more “fatherly”.

Good thing Lucy has nice friends like the guild members, and Natsu in particular for the kindness he showed her in this episode (or all of them…). And speaking of the guild members, we have some updates (besides the physical changes). Bisca and Alzac are now married, and they have a daughter called Asuka. I’m so glad they showed a few seconds of their marriage. Technically, this was just a chapter cover for the manga, and not part of the story pages, so I feared we might not get to see Bisca in her wedding dress – but it turns out, we did! Erza’s reaction to this news was so awkward and so funny.

But that’s not the end of the romance in FAIRY TAIL. With Lamia Scale on visit, we’ve got a lovestruck Lyon who is mesmerized by Juvia, turning her imagination into a wild pandemonium. Oh Juvia, you’re too hilarious!

Something else worth mentioning (while I’m on the “hilarious” track) is Reedus’ imagination. Oh Reedus, your imagination makes me laugh. Some of you wanted to see a grown up Wendy. Good for you that Reedus is in this guild. Behold – a grown up Wendy; well, age wise… at least. And if you’re into cats…

With that being said, this season of FAIRY TAIL is now over. Next week will be the start of a completely new filler arc. I’m expecting this show to rely on its comedy. If it does, I’m sure the fillers will be good. As far as the preview tells, there will be some dancing involved in the upcoming episode. I’m looking forward to that!

Full-length shots: 10, 13, 15, 16

Note: This isn’t relevant to anime at all, and probably something very insignificant to you, but please, if you care for this planet, and have the opportunity to do this, then please, turn off the lights during Earth Hour today. It isn’t much but it helps. I’d be very happy if some of you took this into consideration. It’s just for an hour! So if you can, please, turn off the lights.




    1. If you can even think for a second that the next episode is based on anything the next chapter of the manga has to offer, you, sir of madam, certainly have a wild imagination.

      1. I’d like a cause and effect explanation please about how turning off my lights for an hour does anything more than save on my electrical bill. Not flaming or anything but if I were to participate i’d actually like to know how this helps earth.

        Lol looks like StereoMan is a NatsuXLucy shipper xD

      2. Hmm. I don’t know if extreme views on anything are ever a good thing, so I would most definitely disagree with anyone who says that we should give up progress and go back to nature. Such a view lacks much thought, and there is certainly a fair share of people who take the Earth Day movement to a harmful extreme.

        The opposite thought, which says that Earth Day is completely stupid, and instead we should turn on as many electrical appliances as possible, is equally harmful.

        What we should do on days like this is to be aware of what really causes damage to humanity and the planet: the lack of any serious thought before an any action.

    1. I’m not singling out Earth Hour. I come here to read about anime, not to hear about colonoscopy awareness or adopt a fuzzy animal movements. In my experience, once a blog starts inserting those kind of messages in their text, they don’t stop. I am just letting RC’s authors know that they will lose a reader if they choose to go down that route.

    2. Go ahead your not paying for the blog your reading its for free
      so it’s up to them whether they will put a “LITTLE” text bout earth hour

      Dun be a cray baby just bec you see something bout an earth hour…that’s not his focus as you can see there’s still the good ol impression of the latest episode

      I’ts not like he post everything bout the earth hour

  1. Actually, I felt it in the opposite as you, Stereoman. I felt that the anime gave a much more impact for Lucy’s dad compared to the manga where it just felt cliche.

    Nontheless, next episode is a filler Lucy x Natsu moment.

  2. Fairy Tail = 124 good episodes.

    This is something that you just don’t see nowadays. Once Piece, Naruto, Bleach… They all have parts that are good and parts that are pretty boring.

    Fiary Tail is always good (and very often, awesome).

  3. I hope these fillers are better than the Daphne filler arc. I stopped watching Naruto and Bleach long ago because of their fillers. I can’t agree with Earth Hour. Power plants will continue to burn the same amount of fuel and produce the same amount of pollution.

  4. Thoughts:
    -Poor Lucy to have missed out on the time she could have with her father. It was just a month ago she returned too.
    -It’s official that Macao is the 4th guild master, but he won’t be able to do much of the decision-making with Makarov there.
    -Bisca’s and Alzac’s good news was just a matter of time before it was known that they’d be married, but Asuka’s introduction made the news that much sweeter.
    -Now there’s two grown up version of Wendy. She’s quite sensitive about it. Nice compliment from Lily, but she took it the wrong way. LOL
    -Future cat versions were the best. LMAO
    -I know how Gray feels with it being complicated with Juvia. I like Lyon too, but I don’t know who to root for in Juvia’s case. Just kidding. Good luck Gray.
    -Kinana’s screen time was too short. I want to know more about her.

    random viewer
  5. Wow man why are some of these commentators getting angry over earth day. Its just turning out you lights for an hour or so man. No reason get your pitch forks out and go crazy with it. Hell go out for a change and get some fresh air or take a nap no big deal. If you don’t feel like doing it then you don’t have to its your choice.

  6. brain bleach on the paper drawn version on those cats AH MY EYES they burn.

    yea give still bit would if better if got mains as well got older & improve but i guess later times unless pull a future arc?

    still want rave master anime back re-fix rave master.

      1. depends on fillers give go like 13 or 26 if go 50+ yea some anime got screwed by filler?

        unless give more focus on those got 7 years older unless they just keep treating them like akarin of the show?

  7. I just hope they commit totally to the filler arc and not try to bleed it in to the canon material. It would be great to get an arc that focused on a completely different set of characters and actually make a longer overarching plot. Due to where they are in the manga, the filler could last a loooooong time so hopefully they can keep it relatively fresh. Next ep, Magical Ball? Really?

    I also wish they would nix the happy, upbeat lead-outs and lead-ins. You have a heavy moment, Lucy’s father died and then you get happy Irish(?) music and cats popping out of the ground. While FT has comedy, a lot of it is serious and even something more neutral would be more fitting. It gives me flashbacks to Clannad: After Story and a horrible use of a mismatched ED.

    Regardless, I really like Fairy Tail and I’m interested to see how well the filler holds up.

  8. I think the earth hour thing is totally bogus!! If you care about the earth, use less electricity from day to day. This can be done easily. Turn off your electronics when you don’t use em!

    Earth forever?
  9. Lol.. If the people who complain here just do something like go out with friends instead of at home using the computer the whole day during earth hour then there’s no problem.

  10. I saw the movie poster where Natsu holds Lucy (I figured she’s still crying about the fact that her dad’s gone…) and I noticed that in the preview that they wore the exact same clothes as on the poster. Will this ”moment” show up in the next episode? I’m really curious to know as a NaLu shipper! 😀

  11. I began this episode laughing and ended it crying…poor Lucy. I’m still not mentally prepared for the filler arcs to come..Fairy Tail is one rare shounen anime that has spoiled me with canon material for the longest time.GAHH..I’m itching to know what happened to Jellal, Meldy, and Ultear!

  12. Been a while.

    I didn’t know the Fairy Tail anime was caught up that quick to the manga.I stopped watching around the 50s in episodes due to computer problems.Might have to pick this back up since it grew on me the more I watched it.


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