Episode 02

「潜航限界」 (Senkou Genkai)
“Dive Limit”

Ah yes, the obligatory Sci-Fi battle episode. A staple of Sci-Fi series involving military factions, it’s not a stretch to say that battles can make or break an entire series. If done well, you’ll get an episode with thrilling action that gets your blood pumping, develops characters, and sets-up for future plot development. If done wrong, you’ll get a battle that drags on too long, includes twists for impact value only, and/or something that’s just pretty light show, if it’s pretty at all. Luckily, Ozuma does it right.

Now, I’ll admit that not much happens this episode per say, but there’s heck of a lot to like here. I mean, the battle not only manages to progress the plot slightly, but also serves as a medium for revelations about the world, as well for the development of various characters. For instance, the battle tactics used can arguably be seen as a character development tool, demonstrating the capabilities of the two Captains, the loyalty they command from their fellow shipmates, as well as their various emotional reactions to certain situations. In addition, the variety of battle tactics used serve as an emphasis as to just how different Ozuma’s Earth is from ours, and really hammers in the dire straits the populace faces. I mean, when you’re using weapons like those Sand Anchors, a weapon I don’t ever remember seeing in any other series, it really goes to show the effect the world has on the military, and makes you realize how much it must effect the average person. Heck, part of me now wonders if it’s the right thing for Bainas to not give back Maya to Theseus, as she seems to be a key to the survival of the human race.

In any case, I could go on and on, but really, all it goes to show is just how much aspects are subtly included in addition to the battle and how well this episode was done. And this is without even taking into account the subtle hint of potential romance between Sam and Maya, the fact that the masked Captain is most likely the male in Bainas’ picture, and the superb voice acting behind the two Captains (Tanaka Atsuko as Bainas and Hayami Show as the masked Captain)!

As such, this episode definitely makes me reaffirm the fact that I’ll sticking with this series until the end. I admit the 6 episode total scared me off a little bit at first and the retro art took a little bit to get used to, but at this point, I think all Sci-Fi fans should definitely give Ozuma a flyer. It might not take much new pages out of the book so to speak, but it has that classic goodness from shows of years past, and I’ll vouch that it won’t be a waste of your time.

**On a side note, I’ll venture a guess and say that Bainas and the masked Captain were romantically linked before the start of the series, but reluctantly separated due to differing views about the future of humanity. (You heard it here first!) Also, I’d like to thank Suff for bringing the picture to my attention after the first episode. (Thanks! :D).


Episode 03

「千年の迷い」 (Sennen no Mayoi)
“A Thousand Years of Doubt”

Darn it Sam, how could you let her fall like that!? Where’s your manliness huh!? Why can’t you be like Gido and be able to run like a ninja to rescue the damsel in distress!? WHY!? Aherms*

Sorry about that. It’s just that this episode was just full of some amazing surprises, and I’m just totally in awe at the moment. The episode just lulls you in with this false sense that nothing major’s going to happen, then hits you in the face with revelation after revelation, development after development. I mean, I had some expectations on what Ozuma would look like, but nothing like THAT. And Gido… I noted how he looked very similar to the man in Bainas’ picture last time, but for Gido to actually be someone else merely using his body, that blew my mind. It fits in with the Sci-Fi theme and the fact that Theseus is made up of clones of the so called “Ideal Children,” but this is just miles beyond what I was expecting. I don’t dislike it though, considering how much it reminds me of Ghost in the Shell and the transfer of ones’ consciousness into a prosthetic body, but I just had to take a moment to pick up my jaw after that. And to top it all off, we have other key developments like Ozuma responding to Maya’s call, the revelation of how things work in Theseus, and the reveal of the Bardanos’ shelter, among other things.

Suffice to say, things are definitely starting to build up story-wise, and at just the right time. The lull in the beginning had me wondering if Ozuma had enough luxury, time-wise, to be able to afford such a break in the story, but this episode shot that worry down and probably for good. With Sam and Mimay getting ready to mount a rescue of Maya the next episode, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that things’ll continue to develop from here, and in a positive way. I reckon the rescue’ll be successful in the sense that Maya ends up back with Sam, but the process itself is bound to be anything but straight forward. I’d go venturing a guess at how the rescue happens, but considering how my guess regarding Gido didn’t quite hit the mark and the fact that the developments were just full of surprises this time, I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride this time. One thing’s for certain though, Ozuma‘s ending’s shaping up slowly, and it seems to be gearing up for quite the climactic one, to say the least. There’s are some questions regarding Maya and her link to the Ozuma, but I reckon we’ll find the answers to them soon enough, as it looks unlikely the story will conclude without addressing that point, considering how integral they both have been to the plot up to now.

Alas, it’ll be a long week’s wait until next week, but at least there’re be the real start of the new season to ease the pain a bit. ^^

**Sorry for the delay guys! Took a little bit to decide on the shows to cover, but as you can see, I’ve decided to resume coverage of Ozuma until its conclusion. Also, the schedule listing who will cover what this season been finalized for the most part and should be up (in all its color-coded goodness) in the coming days.




  1. I chose to not watch this show initially because of the retro art, but with your glowing review (and the fact that the show runs only six episodes), I may revisit that decision.

    1. It’s kinda sad. I get the impression a good number of viewers here, have that same train of thought. If it isn’t blogged, hyped or whatnot. Something good might get unknowingly passed up.

      Casshern Sins, was one such retro anime that came to my mind. A pretty damn good piece, I’m sure flew below alota radars.

      1. Meh- don’t worry about it. Some people just click on the thumbs down if they perceive you as saying something negative even though you changed you mind. Guess that’s the way some people on the interwebs think.

        Banana Furikake
  2. I’m liking this show more and more because of episode 2. I mean, submarine tactics! Depth charges! Sonar! Finally all that time reading Tom Clancy paid off, and now I can relate it to something else! XD

    The male in the picture next to Bainas is likely Sam’s older brother, and Bainas obviously had feelings for him. Whether or not he’s Gido remains to be seen, though Gido’s hair color seems to point to that.

    I’m about to watch episode 3, so I didn’t read your coverage for it. Glad we share interests then, Zephyr 🙂

    1. Yeahhh. You read Clancy too? Nice. 😀

      Anywho, yeah I’ve started to think that too pretty much, that the guy is Sam’s older brother. It seems a tad bit weird that everyone seems to think he croaked due to Ozuma though… But with cloning tech and all that stuff, I guess anything’s possible, including the possibility Gido isn’t completely in control either. ^^

      1. I’ve got every book written by Clancy himself, and some of the ones that have his name on them, but were done by ghost writers.

        Who’s to say Sam’s bro didn’t croak? They might have pulled a Mu La Flaga on us, cloning the guy as you said but with no memories of his previous life or such and such.

  3. I am having a hard time connecting with why Sam cares so much about Maya, a girl he has known for about a day. And in that day, I might add, she hasn’t particularly befriended him, opened up to him, or in any way forged an emotional connection. I mean, Maya seems… unthreatening, but I can’t even call her “nice”. Did she ever even say thank you for all the risks the ship took on her behalf?

    I’m willing to go along with Sam quickly developing feelings, but the show really needed to give me something, anything, to hang it on. As it is, the show hasn’t really sold Sam screaming, “Maya! Maya! Maya!” and being oblivious to guns pointed at him because she means so much to him. His deep feelings for her hasn’t been justified in any way, other than that the plot demands it.

    1. I getcha. I’ve kinda chalked it up to Sam being an adolescent kid who just finds himself attracted to a girl who’s different and probably prettier than any other female he comes into contact with on a daily basis eh. 😀

    2. My understanding is that Sam and the Natura are against the Theseus. So anyone who is not liked by the Theseus is a friend to Sam.

      And that Maya is hot. That played a factor too. That always plays a factor.

      I don’t think it’s what the plot demands. I think Sam is really a nice guy.

      On the other hand, the whole reason why Maya escaped was because Maya felt sorry about the danger she put everyone through — when she has no freaking idea what she is doing herself.

  4. You know what’s funny. I already suspected Gido being Sam’s older brother right after they showed the picture in the first episode’s ending. I’m usually slow with these things. XD

    Anyway, the second episode was really masterfully done with all those tactics. It really shows that they have put effort and time in this.

    And Bainas is officially my favorite character. She’s just awesome as captain, but obviously pretty caring for the rest of the crew and wears a cape and scarf how it should be done, in a cool way.

  5. Hmm, still trying to figure out if Earth in Ozuma is the same as ours. One would think so from the same moon, and a map of Germany hanging in Baina’s room, but then what’s up with the night sky towards the end of ep. 2, I see 3 extra planet/moons in the sky there…

    1. Yeah, I noticed the map of Germany too and found that pretty interesting. It’s highly probable it is our Earth and the extra things in the sky could be satellites or something of the sort. It was noted that Ozuma has some space components in the plot, so it’s a possibility. Hm.

  6. I can just listen to Rie Tanaka’s and Hayami Show’s voice in this and feel satisfied 😛
    In any case, this cloning business is some good stuff for this show, adds a twist to it.
    Coupled with the sub battle in episode two(my mind had to wrap all the things they were saying like depth charges, sonars and changing courses), the mystery of the Ozuma, the voice cast plus the character designs and I’m really enjoying this show despite being 6 episodes only.
    Thanks for covering this 🙂

  7. Pretty decent. I’m likin the Captain.
    Is there some backstory to this, with regards to the captain and that photo? Like an old series (from the 70’s possibly) or a manga? I assume there is one, since this Leiji (Reiji?) dude seems to have written a lot of stuff.

  8. I had never heard of this show before, but as soon as I saw the artwork, I knew immediately who did it. His character designs were always unique no matter what decade it was shown in. And his stories are always entertaining.

    I couldn’t believe the comment in the Spring Preview about not knowing who Matsumoto Leiji was or a lack of knowledge of any of his previous work. I never thought I would see that written anywhere. Darn kids today. They don’t know what they have been missing. :p

    Feeling Old
  9. After watching Episode 3, I now know for sure that Sam’s brother is Gido. Or at least his body is. The concept kinda reminds me of The 6th Day—you know, that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie—with a little bit of Gundam SEED thrown in for good measure.

    Still, the premise of the series is definitely what one would expect from an older writer, which is a compliment. Most of the newer sci-fi anime series I’ve seen seem to be making the story up as they go, while this one exudes novel-quality material.

  10. It is odd. Even though we are pretty sure that Char is not Gido, it seems that he is aware of Hanna’s tactics…

    I have a feeling that this is going to be a great show. It is obvious that a lot of time were spent on the script.

  11. So, this Perfect Children. “Hijack” a Body, while Transfer their Mind from their Old Body into the New One. I bet, that the “old” New Body Mind, still is inside.. If there are an Happy End. and “old Animes” was build for Happy Ends 🙂

  12. FINALLY SOME GOOD S*** TO WATCH lately there’s only been girly robot anime. nice to see leiji matsumoto’s classic anime design(though they always lokk similar)brings backs memories of battleship yamato. also Saint Seiya came back this week though didn’t like it but the target audience are teens so i guess is not made for old fans. more merchandise to be made.

  13. Maya = clone. Doctor knows this. Finds that she has short telomeres in adolescence-early adulthood. Doctor finds this surprising. Really?!? I find this to be somewhat shocking…

    I know suspension of disbelief is an important factor in sci-fi shows, but I can’t resist the urge to point out that any marginally competent biologist/doctor would know that shortened telomeres are an inevitable side effect of the cloning process; one that we are yet unable to circumvent with our current level of technology.

    Telomeres are buffer chains of repetitive nucleotides attached to the ends of chromosomes that serve no purpose in protein production; instead they protect DNA from corrosion/accidental fusion/mutagenic processes in general. Every time a chromosome is replicated, because of the way our transcription enzymes work, a small portion of its telomeres is unfortunately lost. This process occurs each time our cells divide, and as we get older, our telomeres get progressively shorter, making our DNA more susceptible to mutations from external damage/accidental fusion/mutagenic processes, exposing us to a greater risk of cancer and whatnot.

    So it goes without saying that if you take the chromosomes of a person who is biologically 80 years old and attempt to clone him/her, the telomeres on the copy chromosomes of the resulting infant will inevitably be the same length as those of an old person (Read: significantly shorter)- exposing this infant to the similar risks of mutation and cancer that his/her elderly template possessed, at least as far as telomeric length is concerned. And there is evidence that telomeric length plays an important role in aging as well, so premature signs of senescense (The aging process) will likely be present in the specimen as well.

    This stuff is basically Genetics 101. You should probably be very wary of any real-life doctor/biologist who doesn’t know these basic things; just saying…it isn’t going to prevent me from enjoying the show, of course, (which has been great thus far, if I might add) but really?!?

    I suppose one logical explanation is that her telomeres were very short even for an “Ideal Children” clone in adolescence-early adulthood…I dunno…

    1. …or perhaps they’ve found some way to circumvent the problem of telomeric shortening in Ozuma’s world, so it isn’t normal to see clones with shortened telomeres anymore…which doesn’t seem to be the case since the show seems to suggest that Ideal Children are suffering from genetic degradation from extended cloning…

      1. …bah, I’ll just have to wait and see; I can see a dozen different ways that the show could yet redeem itself scientifically- little to no bearing on actual story quality, or course…

      2. I think the doctor saw Maya as a clone due to her short telomeres and she wasn’t surprised because of that. So the show didn’t make the basic scientific mistake.

        Rather, the doctor was surprised because Maya seemed to be a “Natural person” (she didn’t bear some of the specific traits of the Theseus “Ideal Children”), yet she was still cloned. The fact that Theseus used (probably kidnapped) Naturals as templates of their cloning was the big discovery from examining Maya’s body. It certainly has big implications which hasn’t been explicitly explained by the show yet. But put 2 & 2 together we can probably see why strong naturals like Sam’s elder brother started to go missing and there is a good possibility that the Ozuma has something to do with this human kidnapping business.


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