OP11 Sequence

OP11: 「はじまりの空」 (Hajimari no Sora) by +Plus
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「魔法舞踏会」 (Mahou Butoukai)
“Magical Ball”

The filler train has arrived, and its destination is unknown.

It’s a new season, which means that there is a new opening, and a new ending. Personally, I think this is the best ending FAIRY TAIL has ever had. I’ve been listening to this song, over and over again. I think the song itself might be one of my favorites for this season; it’s really good. Something else that is “new”, or in fact, old, but new in this concept, is the eyecatch scene – FAIRY TAIL has gone back to its first eyecatch scene – the one with Happy eating fish, quite a pleasant surprise I must say. Let’s move on to the episode itself.

Dancing isn’t really something you expect to see in a shounen show, yet here we are, at a magical ball, and guess what – this turned out to be a good episode!

Like I had expected, FAIRY TAIL relied on its comedy, which made this a brilliant episode. Well, not really “brilliant”, but compared to the fillers we’re used to, in other shounen shows, this was really good.

This episode is a single filler and not part of the upcoming original story arc. I’m assuming the original story arc will start with episode 126, i.e. next week. From what I’ve seen in the new opening and the preview this week, I know this story arc will revolve around butts. I don’t know what to expect but I hope it’s funny. But that’s for next week!

If you ship couples in FAIRY TAIL, then I suggest you watch this episode. There were some nice moments between lots of “couples” throughout the episode. Last week, someone assumed that I shipped Lucy x Natsu, but I don’t, however, it wouldn’t bother me if they ended up being a real couple. There are only two couples that I really ship in FAIRY TAIL. One of them is Gray x Juvia, and the other one can’t be mentioned because that’d be a spoiler, but I’m sure that those of you, who read the manga, know which couple I’m talking about.

Besides the “couples” and romance speculations around FAIRY TAIL, this episode itself was quite romantic. To summarize the episode: Natsu’s team has taken on a job of capturing the convict Velveno, who plans to attend a ball held by the wealthy Count Balsamico for his daughter Aceto to find a husband. Count Balsamico assumes that Velveno is there to steal the valuable Balsamico family ring – a ring that will appear at the end of the ball, and whoever (male guests) can take it, will be able to use it for the proposal to Aceto.

Whenever a job in FAIRY TAIL is worth a lot of money, it turns out to be a very dumb job, so I expected this to turn around somehow – and I was right! It turns out that Velveno knew Aceto from childhood, and has been in love with her since then. He wanted the ring so he could propose to her.

This concept is a classic; a rich father who wants his daughter to find, what according to him, is considered “a good” husband, while the daughter herself prefers someone of “lower” standards. But even if it is a classic, I did not expect it to end like it did, but I’m very happy with the outcome.

Aceto told Velveno that she’d marry him when he’d paid for his crimes. With that being said, Velveno turned himself in and left Aceto waiting for him to come back – something I find very sweet and remarkable. It’s always nice to see romance where moral is still valued, something I think, is very rare nowadays.

Leaving the romance and moving on towards the comedy – this week’s comedy medal goes to Erza. She’s such a wonderful dancing teacher, isn’t she? Remember guys, dancing is all about the fighting spirit! Oh, and any attractive girl near Elfman, can be considered suspicious. Does that make Evergreen a suspicious person?

With that being said, I’d like to thank one of my best buddies, “Encoder-chan”, for helping me with the OP/ED videos in this post. Your help is much appreciated, thank you so much!

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ED11 Sequence

ED11: 「Glitter (Starving Trancer Remix)」 by Another Infinity feat. Morinaga Mayumi
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  1. I just remembered those guys with the big butts….There the big butt bandits from Rave Master !! It took a while to remember but I finally do ! Damn the sweet nostalgia of the Rave Master days

      1. Well, they were called the “Big Butt Bandits” in the dub of Rave Master, but either way, they appear to be the same characters.

        Considering how the leader was played by the guy who played Wally and Hoteye, and the fat guy was played by the guy who played Brain, I wouldn’t be surprised if those two reprised their roles in Fairy Tail.

    1. the butt guys from rave master anime in it too?!

      ONORE DECADE yet rave master anime still incomplete yet this still ongoing bring back rave master anime!!!

      1. & yes i’m still upset til now nearly 10yrs rave master anime is still incomplete yet they are allowing them to crossover in fairy tail anime.

        really that me more GRR like so much i will still NOT watch fairy tail in any ways till rave master come back so when finally continue & properly give rave master is full 100 true complete anime ending.

        yea i want my lost time watching of it back.

    1. I don’t even KNOW who that girl was. Was she just a disguise Velveno used, or an ordinary Ice Make wizard? The latter seems more likely, but the fact that they don’t clarify really bugged me. Still, I ended up enjoying the episode more than I felt I did at first.

  2. I have my doubts the upcoming filler arc will focus on the Jiggle Butt Gang (or as some fans of the Rave Master dub call them, the Big Butt Bandits), but rather that mystery girl together with Lucy in the ending, and that big wrapped up key. Based on info from the Japanese website, the filler arc will be called the “Hoshizora no Kagi” (roughly “Starry Sky Key”) arc, and the girl’s name is Michelle, who is apparently a distant relative of Lucy’s who gives her the will of her late father.

    As for the other material, it’s nice to see they plan to give Romeo a bit of action, especially with Natsu. This much I expected the anime to do. It also appears the villains of this arc will be the Earthland counterparts of the supporting villains from the Edolas arc, as well as a guy who looks suspiciously like Cobra. If it’s him, maybe he’ll finally get to hear his friend’s voice. After all, it’s not too late for him (unless he’s deaf thanks to Natsu)…

  3. How come Natsu is uncomfortable with Lisanna ? I thought that was made clear when Natsu took care of Happy’s egg with her that both would get along just fine.

    Lucy needs her Loke BTW.

  4. I love the opening with Juvia x Gray x Lyon, Glad that is really part of the story.
    Looking forward with more character development on Kinana. She’s in the opening so I’m guessing she will have a big role in this arc.
    I think Erza and Lucy were wearing the same dresses back in the Jellal arc. I like~ that.
    Erza can dance well with Freed only.
    It was awesome to see more ice-make magic. Also, it was so funny that Velveno put on Erza’s armor; it didn’t fit so well on him.

    random viewer
  5. There are a couple of things in the opening which I really liked. Especially to see the earthland versions of some Edolas characters. Also is Lahar in the opening again so what is his role with the big cat thing? Also the exceed is going to play a role again. The most cute thing this opening was that they actually showed the daughther of Bisca and Alzack. Can’t wait till she joins fairy tail when she grows up. It looks like Laxus is back in fairy tail as well so Evergreen, Bickslow and Freed don’t have to cry anymore. To bad we only get more Lyon, I wanted to see more of Blue pegasus and the others of Lamia Scale. If those two groups would get more screen time it will be good for the love story of Juvia. During the arc with Oración Seis it was obvious that Ren from blue pegasus had a crush on Sherry from Lamia scale who also liked him, that was obvious and she also likes Lyon and with Juvia and Gray into that story it would be a perfect love story for this filler arc.

  6. Well that was better than expected.

    The ending seems completely different compared to the usual from Fairy Tail. Been a while since I’ve liked both an opening and ending for Fairy Tail.

  7. I should have known they were not going into the epic arc in the manga! Ah well I can see something new while I read. I loved the dresses on Wendy, Ezra and Lucy all of them were looking great <3

    So this next filler seems to be centered around Lucy? Good stuff.

  8. If there is one thing I’ve learned to appreciate from Fairy Tail, it’s how well produced the anime is. Unlike practically every other long running shounen show, the people who make this anime actually seem to have planned ahead for the inevitable eventuality of fillers.

    So what happened was a large amount of filler material within legitimate arcs that add to the story, almost making them better than the manga, along with filler episodes that don’t change what makes the show good, but rather emphasizes the positives.

    Though it could be that the Fairy Tail story and world allows itself to be easily expanded into random side stories without feeling rushed or out of place.

    1. I like it but, so far I’ve loved all the prior Fairy Tail endings. How the music always overlaps into the last few scenes always gives it that emotional kick which just feels plain epic. Also the recurring theme of a chibi MC walking along some sort of path felt well in tune with the Fairy Tail feel

    2. I agree. I thought that the best ending thus far had been ShaNa’s “Hitori Samishiku (Lonely Person)”, the 7th ed song for Fairy Tail. But this one is really good as well. And i’m not usually a fan of trance/techno-ish songs so for me to actually like this is quite surprising.

  9. It Appears that Earthland Coco and Hughes show up (Earth Land Hughes also appears to be a girl) And a guy that looks like Cobra (same hair and eye color even) Ok that has to be Cobra if only because Kinana appears looking like she is going to get a role in the upcoming arc.


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