「嗚呼、さようなら俺」 (Aa, Sayonara Ore)
“Oh, Goodbye Me”

When Ayumu went to school, I was expecting something unexpected, but what we got was on a whole other level from what I was, uh, expecting. I am insanely pleased that no memory wipe occurred, because the hilarity was dialed up to 1,000% this episode, and unlike the previous one, none of it was a rehash of what happened in season 1. Only Ayumu could make crossdressing into something autograph worthy. I’m not entirely sure whether that’s a compliment or not, but it’s definitely funny!

Additionally, we got a lot of movement on the harem side of things. For one, certain haremettes just keep getting cuter and cuter. Tae-chan had me D’AWWWing every time she blushed and talked to Ayumu, and she still managed to deliver a critical strike when she complimented his legs (heh). Tomonori also made huuuge gains in the kawaii department. While I will freely admit that I love a good tsundere, Tomonori’s – or rather, Yukinori’s, as I shall henceforth call her! – deredere act is just so cute to watch. She can keep going “ore, ore” all she wants, as long as she keeps giving me faces like this.

Then on the other, more frightening side, we have Sarasvati. Every time she was on screen – every time – I was cracking up. There’s just something about her red-eyed raep face that gets me every time. We also got some extremely sexy shots of Sera, and some cute – and nearly fatal, if Ayumu wasn’t a zombie – ones of Haruna. Is it bad if I want all of the haremettes to win?

Finally, there was a little bit of plot. Yousei-san was still around and doing her bottle fairy gig, but she didn’t really have much of an effect this episode. Rather, it was Dai-sensei going all Terminator on Kyoko that really made me sit up and pay attention. Dai-sensei has always exuded power by the Death Star-load, but that scene hinted at her possessing a capacity for cruelty to match (though maybe I’m reading too much into that). I still don’t think she’s an antagonist – with how Kyoko acts in the OP, I still firmly place her in that column – but I can’t blame Kyoko for not wanting to get caught. I have a feeling that would not be pleasant for her…and possibly, not survivable.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – I spent most of this episode clutching my side & literally laughing out loud. Cute haremettes + raep face + mousou Yuu x2 = HNNNG!! #korezon

Random thoughts:

  • I think Haruna’s “Boys, be ambitiousu!” might become my new alarm. Also, dat sidetail was delicious. Yum!
  • Other than Dai-sensei’s scene, the insert song was the only thing that made me snap out of pure comedy mode. In a good way, though. I wish they had done something like that during the Orito scene, because I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be waiting for a laugh until it was over. Whoops.
  • Two imaginary Yuus?? Are…are we going to have a whole Smurf village full of them by the end!? Oh gods, I hope so…though I might die from the moe >_<
  • This post is actually under 1,000 words. I’m finally learning brevity! Quick, someone praise me! PRAISE ME OR THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!! …just kidding 😀 (maybe)

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  1. I said it before, I’ll say it again..Not enough Tomonori shots!! This episode is HILARIOUS, in so many different ways.

    The shooting star scene though, reminded me of Bakemonogatari where Araragi and Senjougahara were together. If only the rest of the harem weren’t present /shakesfist

    That being said, anyone wanna join the Aikawa fan club?

    By the way, good job on the word count Stilts, wished it could be slightly longer though…(OOPS)

  2. So this episode was a little thin on the story development but great on the harem development. And comedy gold moments all over. The unintentional cruelty of Hiramatsu was wonderful. And Sara is just scary.

    On a side note, I still want to punch Dai-Sensei in the face.

    1. Hehe, if Sera complains about Ayumu pulling her pants down perhaps she should actually button them up properly or wear a belt. The only way Ayumu could have pulled those pants down is if he simultaneously unbutton and unzipped the pants while falling.

      Suppa Tenko
      1. “When you vote for Stilts, you get only the highest quality ecchi shots, carefully stitched together with kindness and love. Stilts 2012!” – Your sir have got ALL of my future votes. Comrade! /salutes

  3. [Insert whatever praise that may raise your ego]
    This was an overall pretty funny episode. So Haruna is good with animals, yet we see her running from bees… Hmm, or maybe, bees don’t count.

    And I wonder who the “true” hentai is. The guy wearing the masou shoujo outfit or the people who want his autograph for it…

  4. I’m so glad that my wish for more Tomonori was answered! Kyoko was one of my favorite characters from last season, so I’m glad she’s returning, and the imaginary Eu village is great too. Such a fun series!

  5. “I love you,my Darling piece of Sh*t”
    “You finally understood my feelings”


    “People of the world, see how wonderful my darling is!”

    Oh Sarasvati, your a goddess of harsh love. I could not stop laughing XDDDDDD
    For some reason, I think she’s in love w/ his butt and nothing more……

    “Looks like your @ss made it big time!” –Haruna. XDDDDD
    Poor Ayumu…..

    1. I hope there is a special episode for Sarasvati, Ayumo date or something. Taeko also hope to a date or a 10 minute episode dedicated to her.
      I want it put Seraphim jealous or something, but I think that is out of character, does not seem to be putting her in that situation, and is much that the ending gets to kiss in a fantasy.
      It’s hard to really fall in love with Ayumo, or if it happens in the novels?

      1. I do not know what it says in the novels, but I do agree w/ you, yes, it is hard to “fall in love w/ Ayumo” and I really do want a Sarasvati ep. we really do not know much about her do we……

        Also, Sarasvati’s love confession was really out-of-this world isn’t it? Or should I say legendary? xD

      2. It would be legendary if she said directly in front of the whole school to all lung, XD
        I would like to see what would be the reaction of the girls. Seraphim would be in shock as in the episode of the pool to see Saras as idol, jajajaja XD
        If Seraphim really fall in love with Ayumo, that would be a great vampire harem. But that is to dream a lot.

  6. I actually kinda hate this series. For how awful the girls are, Ayumu is the only one who ever gets hurt. I mean, it seems like it would be much funnier (and more justified) for Haruna to have been the one who gets attacked by bees and hit by the bear.

    What type of self-esteem do men in Japan have, to fantasize about women who treat them terribly? Or who they constantly need to save from the repercussions of their bad decisions?

    I’d love to see one of these shows where the guy is the one who seems immune to all of the slapstick, just for a change.

    1. I wish! You’re right, that would have been funnier because it’s fairly unexpected. You never see this sort of thing happen though, which must be a bit alienating for female viewers.

      I can’t actually think of a single example of a girl getting attacked by bees in anime, for how often the trope is used. haha

  7. LIESSSS… Stilts didn’t write this, it must be his evil twin. What happened to brevity can suck it? 😉
    Thanks for the GLORIOUS Sera full lengths. That body, that pantsu, those red eyes, she can call me kuso mushi anyday! *Seishun Otoko can’t stop drooling*

    Seishun Otoko
  8. all i can say is this anime world is build on weird shit -nothing is out of bounds and anything is fair game. You know he is going to get an even bigger harem in this season -he is going to end up with every type of girl i imagine including some complete psycos

  9. Sarasvati x Ayumu (or his butt) = Buttshipping? LOL.

    She’s officially my favorite Vampire Ninja in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka OF THE DEAD now. Hime-cut hair, rape face with red eyes flashing, normal sized boobs (compared to Seraphim and Yuki, at least), and a rough way of expressing her love = girlfriend material. Haha.

    Slightly disappointed that Imaginary Eu (the one voiced by Kikou Inoue) didn’t do “Kyaa!” or “Tehee!” this time.

  10. Loved this episode. “You gonna be raeped” 100%, *DAAAWWW* 200%, Tsundere (or Yandere?) Sarasvati 300%, Cuteness 500%, hilarity 1000%

    Also, was it just me or did Hisaka Kanemoto (Yuki) break out into her Ika Musume voice this episode? She even had the “aitsu osoku nai ka?” sentence ending…

  11. Popularity from cross dressing then ironically expecting to be despised and from the looks of it he wanted the latter to happen! HahahHA!

    Seriously, if a girl suddenly tell you “your legs were really pretty” doesn’t emasculate I’m not sure what will, unless she says something along the lines of “your penis looks cute, like a clitoris” good god, ‘I died on the inside’ wont even begin to describe it…

  12. I… I’ve been faithful to Ayumu x Eu ship throughout the first season, but… this episode made me shift towards Tomonori a bit. Yuki is so darn cute! >_<

    LOL @ Sarasvati. Oh dear, poor Ayumu…!

  13. @STILTS: I don’t blame you at all for wanting all the haremettes to win, heck even though people may seem to think that harem animes are common but the actual harem end on harem animes are quite rare, I can only name a handful. Soil at least want this high quality insane mindblowing show to end with a harem end! All haremmetes have their own unique and cute charm!

    I love Taejon ‘s bestfriend, what was her name again? Cuz she seems to be the most normal girl around telling them all that the whole world is crazy and weird for not only accepting ayumu but even idolizing him.

    Wait wait, this episode was a result of the last one with Ayumus secret being revealed all over the world but now to add into the mix, Sarasvati is spreading pics of his butt globally, so what will happen to him now?!

  14. Ayumu, I am afraid thehat even with fixed Mystletainn, things are now beyond the ability to “fix”. On the bright side you have now one true deredere girl in your harem. On the dark side (though YMMV) you have a netizen stalker ninja vampire. Have fun!


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