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OP: 「太陽曰く燃えよカオス」 (Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos) by Ushirokara Haiyoritai G
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「第三種接近遭遇、的な」 (Dai-san-shuu Sekkin Souguu, Teki na)
“Like a Close Encounter of the Third Kind”

As we learn from the episode, Nyaruko (Asumi Kana) is an alien that works for a planetary defense organization who has come to Earth to stop a criminal organization that deals in drugs, contraband, and trading slaves. Her other objective is to protect Yasaka Mahiro (Kitamura Eri) from Nightguants and other potential threats. Oddly enough, the reason Earth is a top priority for protection is because of our entertainment. Earth’s entertainment is the most popular in the universe. Of course, this could all be conjecture on Nyaruko’s part since she seems like an otaku but I’ll take her word for it.

We’ve seen anime like this before: Cute girl comes out of nowhere to live with the main character that for some reason has no parental supervision at the moment. The twist in this case is the loose connection to H.P. Lovecraft who is best known for the Cthulu Mythos.

With XEBEC now doing the animation instead of DLE (who used flash), the series is open to more possibilities. Nyaruko is presented slightly different from her ONA and OVA counterparts. For example, now that they’ve made the switch, we are able to see Nyaruko in fast paced scenes such as fighting with Nightguants. While I’m glad there is a real studio at the helm this time around, I feel that some of the personality that the flash animation gave it was lost in the transition.

If there is anything negative to say about Haiyore!, it’s probably the fact that it won’t include a couple of the characters from Remember My Love(craft-sensei) (judging from the OP). The loss of Atoko and Nyarue (voiced by Kataoka Azusa and Hara Sayuri) from the cast is disappointing since they added so much to the comedy in the ONA. I’ve never read the light novels but my best guess is those characters probably weren’t introduced until much later on so it would be logical for them not to appear in this adaptation.

Nyaruko’s character will be either a hit of miss with some viewers because she can be very polarizing. On one hand, Asumi Kana delivered a very energized performance and establishes Nyaruko as a very energetic, ridiculous, and rambunctious character. On the other, it might be a struggle to enjoy this show if you can’t stand her excessive moe personality. Still, how can you not like a cute alien girl who would make you a lunch, protect you from monsters, and jump into the bath with you? Sure the lunch she made might have contained alien meat and used you as bait to draw out demons but those are only minor details…

Mahiro might be another issue for some. I know there are people who don’t like weak male leads and his constant refusal to accept Nyaruko’s advances might seem as weak. Also, he’s being protected by a girl. Mahiro isn’t completely useless though since he breaks out his trusty fork for which he uses to subdue a certain alien from running completely out of control.

Besides Nyaruko and Mahiro’s voice actors, I would say there is a pretty veteran voice acting casting involved with this show. We’ve already heard Yoichi Takehiko and Kurei Tamao who are played by Hatano Wateru and Ootsubo Yuka repectively. Later, they’ll be joined by the likes of Kugimiya Rie, Matsuki Miyu, and Kouda Mariko.

There’s a little bit of everything in this episode: a sadistic alien girl, blood, comedy, school life, hints of romance, and allusions to pop culture. All the different parts are broken up pretty well and flow very well together too. Despite the episode being good and having all these great things, I wasn’t especially wowed by anything yet I still can’t wait to see more. If you’re looking for a show that doesn’t really take itself all too seriously then look no further. This is one we’re probably going to have a lot of fun with.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「ずっと Be with you」 (Zutto Be with you) by RAMM ni Haiyoru Nyaruko-san
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    1. I also think this season’s really good and is the best one among all others for the past 3 or 4 years.

      Let’s not hope we don’t get any boat ending or GC-like trainwreck development to ruin it :3

      The Story You Don't Know
  1. (」・ω・)」うー!(/・ω・)/にゃー!The next nyan cat orz

    Random points:
    The fast-forwarded portion of Nyaruko’s introduction speech – can be heard normally by slowing down the playback speed.
    Shopping location based on the real life location of Akihabara in Japan.

    But all that really needs to be said is just:

    1. Another random but noteworthy point: Every time Nyaruko gets stabbed by the fork; she yelps out a non-gundam mobile suit name from the UC-timeline (so far) Gaplant, Gaza-C, Gyan, Zakrello. In other news, Kana Asumi is so awesome. XD

  2. This was fun fun fun right from the first scene to the last XD. It’s not really that interesting a show in my opinion, but I see this as a show where we finally see Kana Asumi go hyper all the way, with the impression that most (if not all) of the previous characters she ever voiced before were holding her back in one way or another. I suppose this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m loving it just for Kana Asumi’s voice work alone :p.

  3. I really enjoyed this one a lot. It had great energy. I massively enjoyed all the CoC and pop culture references. I laughed a lot. I hope this keeps up. I need something quirky until I get my Yuru Yuri season 2.

  4. Is that Lovecraft I hear turning over in his grave- wait what? Derleth too? Nyarlathotep, malign lord of chaos; the embodiment of destruction and transformation in synergy; the terrible Egyptian enigma is here undeified; reduced to a hormonal, hyperactive teenage girl with a violent streak who’s really some kind of alien called a “Nyarlathotep-jin.” Not to mention numerous other members of the Dread Pantheon who are treated with similar indignity…

    Seriously, what’s with the whole alien thing. It must just be the fashionable thing to do these days…XP

    That was a joke…Wait, what’s that? What do I really think? Well, the show’s pretty funny in of itself and the premise, though very simple, is really quite refreshing. Taking the Mythos that is traditionally dark and enigmatic and completely turning it on it head is actually pretty innovative. Entertaining first episode overall; I look forward to more subversive hilarity…

    1. I still haven’t read all of his works but half of the horrors are implied to be of extraterrestrial origin if it’s not stated outright. The whole being aliens things isn’t really that far of a reach compared to turning them into hyperactive little girls.

  5. Ah, so much Cthulhu Mythos. They even showed the original Call of Cthulhu P&P RPG sanity box on the character sheet. :3
    This one’s a little like Demonbane, a lot more awesome (or terrible) if you get the references. Well, I have fun. xD

      1. I think I’d be a little wary of her – it – too. I mean, for god’s sake. Who amongst us who are familiar with the Cthulhu Mythos would actually volunteer to place their sensitive bits anywhere near Nyarlathotep (or something related to it), no matter its chosen form? Upon hearing that name, my first reaction would be to run screaming. I mean, this is basically just like Saya no Uta, and we all know how that turned out.

  6. The funniest part was the universal CQC. Kick someone in the balls than take a rock and smash them. Repeatedly.

    Never read lovecraft or played call of cthulhu so most of the complaints by fans of the original fly right by me. Still the rollng of 2d10 was a nice touch

    Zaku Fan
  7. Personally, this was really good. Best slapstick comedy is quite a while. Being familiar about the mythos obviously helps (the Shanta-kun vs Nightgaunt part was hilarious, knowing that Shantak are terrorized by the ‘gaunts).

    Sure, apart from the wacky premise the anime is everything but original… in some way I see it as the equivalent of Infinite Stratos last year: wholly unoriginal but very well-executed -> still a lot of fun (and IS was a significant commercial success).

    Plus I mean, when even Norio Wakamoto gets on board

  8. Nyarlathotep’s freaking awesome! A proud Otaku, promiscuous, crazy strong, extremely loyal and she has a POKEBALL! How could someone not love her? She can jump into my bathtub anyday =3

    Seishun Otoko
  9. I somehow understand Nyaruko’s feeling when she gets stab by Mahiro-san’s spoon.
    It’s the same feeling I get when MrRei puts me into the v0id.

    Oh how I wish I can put Mahiro-san into the v0id. 😐

  10. Whenever I watch this episode, I feel like I am watching “To Love-ru, Mayo Chiki, Working!! & Working’!!… But the funniest is that Nyaruko is “Perv” and loves “Animes”, “Mangas”, and “Games”. Oh, look what she got, a Pokemon… oh, similar to Pokemon.

    Space/Universe CQC… I know I played RE:ORC got CQC but what with the “Space/Universe” CQC anyway? No explanation needed since this show is too funny. Zombie S2 and Haiyore! Nyaruko-san” are the 2 most funniest series ever in this season for me.

  11. I just lost all my sanity points for watching this anime. And I’m okay with that.

    Now onward, my beloved steed, Mighty The Chipmunk! Away onto the Rainbow of Kittens to that Pot of Chocolate and Grahams of Sugar! So that we might feast once more on the Dreams of Children! Until the next episode!


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