「ボーン・スリッピー/Deep blue」 (Bōn Surippī)
“Born Slippy”

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck.

To what I’m sure will be the great disappointment of the throngs who declared this series a disaster before they’d seen a single frame (I’m sure they’ll say they predicted this all along – that, or insist it actually did suck), Eureka Seven Astral Ocean didn’t suck. In fact, it decidedly did a lot better than that – it was excellent. It looked, sounded and felt like Eureka Seven – much more than the “Pocket Full of Rainbows” movie did. I can’t say I’m surprised, because I never felt the same unease about this sequel that I did in the lead up to Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam. I can’t say why, exactly, but there was something in the promo art and the manga chapters and the short descriptions that felt more true to the spirit of the original to me than “Fam” did.

Of course part of that might be that I hold Last Exile to be a true masterpiece, a half-step above E7 to begin with. That said, though, I have a love for E7 that transcends the serious flaws the series had (and trust me, it did). There was just something about E7 that captured everything “anime” to me – when I was first becoming interested in this art form, E7 was somehow exactly what was in my imagination when someone mentioned the word. it also encapsulated everything that was BONES in its glory days – huge and sometimes indecipherable hard sci-fi plot, iconic characters, an earnest and even naïve world view, gorgeous visuals, and very sugoi mecha. E7 was BONES and anime in its pure form – a grand boy’s adventure with metaphysical overtones and superb production values.

BONES has been in a bit of a slump lately. They’ve hard some good shows in the last couple of years, but nothing in their classic mold – UN-GO is my favorite of the recent batch and it’s about as un-BONES as any BONES series could be. Eureka Seven AO signals to me that BONES is (perhaps a little desperately) trying to reconnect with their roots, and thus far, they’ve succeeded. This doesn’t feet like an E7 cover band – it feels like the real thing. This is BONES’ A Studio, and most of the staff is back from the original, including director Kyoda Tomoki. Character designer Yoshida Kenichi appears to have contributed designs for main characters Ao (14 year-old Honjou Yuutaro) and Naru (Miyamoto Kanako) while stepping back from day-do-day involvement, and most of the army of mecha designers is back, too. Notably absent is writer Satou Dai, though veteran Aikawa Shou (who adapted Oh! Edo Rocket) has signed on, and brilliant composer Sato Naoki is sadly gone, but I’m happy to report that well-known guitarist and songwriter Nakamura Kouji has done an admirable job with the BGM.

As to the plot, there’s some controversy in the fanbase as to whether this is a direct sequel to the original E7 – but BONES says it is and I’ll take their word for it. We begin in a ruined Tokyo in 2025, in a world divided into super-nations where private security companies seem to have a pretty free reign, including “Pied Piper”. The scene soon shifts to Okinawa, where 13 year-old Ao is racing through the skies in what looks like a flying VW microbus. Ao rendezvous with best friend Naru for a trip to the wooded hills above town, where they pick up a sloth Naru calls Noah (that’s the second sloth I’ve seen in an anime today). Naru appears to be a sickly girl, as she needs an oxygen mask at times, and curses how “inconvenient” her body is.

Here’s what we know, and what we can piece together. Okinawa is apparently still – as now – full of locals none too keen to be part of Japan. A local gang of couriers led by Gazelle (Kirimoto Takuya) appears to be involved with some smuggling business with the American/International forces anchored at sea in their warship. Gazelle’s vehicle malfunctions while they’re about to deliver goods stolen from the Japanese army and Gazelle almost hits Ao as he crashes his vehicle on the beach, and in the confusion Ao picks up a turquoise-colored bracelet that later appears to be very important to the Americans. There’s a scub coral entity on the island, too, and the residents are used to dealing with the dangers this offers, when another entity called “The Secret” (which Pied Piper seem very interested in) seems to attack the coral and cause all sorts of kerfuffle on the island, disrupting the entrance ceremony for Ao’s first day in middle school. Gazelle and his gang come looking for Ao in the confusion, correctly believing that he might have the bracelet. But at that moment it begins to glow, and appears to be sending a message directly to Ao, and he’s none too willing to give it up…

The $64,000 question, of course, is how all this fits into the big E7 picture – and that’s not fully clear yet. To be honest one of the weak points of the original for me was that the plot was hopelessly confusing, so I’m not expecting a full grasp of events after one ep here. It seems certain that Ao is Eureka’s son – the bracelet confirms that – and one look at him should confirm that Renton is his father. We have the coral of course, and I suspect we’ll be seeing the Nirvash very soon (ED spoils that if you didn’t know already), and somehow, there’s a line that connects the ending of E7 with the beginning of Ao – we just can’t fully see it yet. There are a lot of parallels between Renton and Ao, starting with the fact that both live with a kindly old man – in this case Dr. Fukai Toshio (Hori Katsunosuke) who seems to love Ao despite not being a blood relative, and the fact that Ao seems much-disliked for being a “foreigner”. That’s surely connected with his mother, and she (and Renton) live on in his unusual appearance, which doesn’t help. Ao for his part seems feistier and more self-confident that Renton did when we met him.

If AO ends up with a coherent and fascinating plot, I’ll consider that gravy because as with E7, I’m in this for iconic characters, mecha and hand-drawn 2D action sequences – and the premiere delivered all that splendidly, along with Nakamura’s terrific soundtrack. Giving Ao’s role to young Yuutaro is a gamble, but it pays off as he and Miyamoto actually sound like a pair of young kids, and not adults pretending to be. You may remember Yuutaro-kun from Xam’d, where he played the important role of Yango – it’s clear BONES did. The most important thing for me was that the look, sound and feel of the premiere was all spot-on – and what I enjoyed the most was seeing so much action and scale in hand-drawn animation. There was hardly a drop of CGI to be found here, and I didn’t miss it – great traditionally-animated action is the anime equivalent of using real stuntmen instead of CG and real locations instead of blue screens. You just don’t see much sci-fi anime made like this anymore – the animation is old-school, and I suspect the story would be considered old-fashioned by some critics. But all of that is why I’m here, and why Eureka Seven AO was at the top of my list going into an already strong season. That’s the BONES I know and love, and the style of anime from when I became a fan of the medium. It’s great to be back.


Note: It was confirmed today that Eureka Seven AO is going to be 24 episodes, plus an OAV.  It’s not 50 like the original, but should be plenty of time to tell a compelling original story.


Also – special thanks to Stereoman who helped make this timely post possible with invaluable behind-the-scenes assistance. A big tray of Trader Joe’s “Journey to the Center of the Cookie” for you!


ED Sequence

ED: 「stand by me」 by ステレオポニー (Stereopony)
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      1. The soccer game was pretty pointless yeah, but the rest was pretty important to fully explain the setting.

        My one complaint with the previous series is that is was JUST TOO DAMN SAPPY.

      2. I agree. Like Enzo stated below about series 1: ” flawed classic: you [won’t] have any idea what’s happening most of the time…”, many of the episodes, though not fillers, are just plot standstills, or further developments that never get solved. I also felt really apathetic about most of the characters + their mecha, except for Moondoggie, who sadly didn’t get enough char development. Really great creature, fashion, and architectural designs, though.

        On another note, I feel that many of the shounen protagonists are blending together into one. Ao Fukai, Shinji Ikari, Renton, Ganta (Deadman Wonderland), Naota from FLCL, and even Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki, just to name a few, seem to be variations of the same boy. Granted, I know Kondou Kazuma designed the chars for both DW and Eureka, but can we get something else? Even their female sidekicks/love interests are similar.

      3. Heh, I have to go a bit nuclear on you here. First of all, Naota from FLCL is like no other shounen MC, and FLCL isn’t a shounen anyway – if your example were an SAT “Which one doesn’t belong” question, he’d be the one (though Deadman Wonderland is seinen, as it happens). He’s a Sadamoto design and looks nothing like the Kazuma boys to me. Acts nothing like them, either.

        Ikari Shinji is Sadamoto-sama too, of course, but he’s the archetype for pretty much an entire generation of male leads – of which Yukiteru is certainly one, although I’d argue that Yukkii is actually a kind of deconstruction of the archetype.

        Just pointing out how I see it – good comment, and thanks.

  1. I didn’t see original series, and still not sure if i should. I was unable get past 15 minutes with movie, which IMO was beyond terrible. What i want to say by all that is MY BODY WAS NOT READY. So good, especially mind blowing BGM. Looking forward for next eps

      1. No, the movie was atrocious. It was like playing madlibs with all of the important characters, places, plot points, events, and mechs. It did not tell a coherent story and was more of a “Hey, remember that amazing anime we made? Remember? Do you remember now? We used to be cool!”.

        Fans of Eureka Seven would do well NOT to watch the movie, because it takes everything you know and love of the series and shits on it.

      2. It didn’t do a good job at all retelling the story in a different way that for sure. Other have done better as the themes where lost in the crazy I wouldn’t recommend the movie either unless you scene the series first. There are way better acid trip converted plots like the The Adolescence of Utena that just go it right and managed to keep the themes and feel of the original.

  2. It’s nice to see such an exiting introduction episode of a sequel to one of the best classics out there. I’m very pleased with this episode and definitely looking forward to the rest. Btw, great post!
    And thanks for the cookies! :]

  3. do i need to watch the original series to watch this? where i’m living right now the net is kinda slow so it’ll take some time for me to finish dl’ing the first season.

    1. If you don’t, you will not have a clue what the hell are they talking about most of the time, basically how i feel because i forgot most of the stuff cus it’s been 4 years since last Eureka 😀

  4. Will Eureka Seven AO live up to its predecessor? After watching the first episode, I don’t know yet. However, I agree that it is far from a disappointment. In fact, I would have to say that it was quite good for the first episode, especially with the expectations that many viewers, including me, brought from the start. As for me, I certainly enjoyed watching it. It had the same feel as the predecessor. Of course, where Studio BONES goes with this in the subsequent episodes remains to be seen, but I think I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    As always, the animation was very good, as expected of BONES. Animation was smooth and in some cases, even breath taking. The fight scenes in future episodes will certainly be a sight to see. Regarding the story, just like the prequel, the first episode has already brought up a lot of questions in my mind. As for now, I’ll have to say that the story is a little confusing, which is to be expected, because in many ways, we as the viewers are thrust into the beginning of the main story with not much exposition. That will likely be given in much later episodes.

    As a first episode, it’s obvious that this is likely just the tip of the iceberg. There is obviously going to be many more characters introduced in the coming episodes and likely a much bigger overarching plot than is seen as of now. Still, I see very promising glimpses from the first episode. I certainly know that I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  5. I think Miyamoto and Honjou really made the episode for me, because they did sound and act like two childhood friends. The first episode was a relly nice nostalgia punch and I just hope this sequel is much less complicating, because that was what made the original E7 difficult to swallow in the end.

      1. Ditto. Can’t wait to see the old characters from the original series if they have plans on returning them all back. I sure miss Anemone.

        And that green-haired girl from the preview…It seems to scream Eureka to me…I have a feeling this is all related. For the mecha…please stay awesome. XD

      1. he is obviously the dad, hah.

        It does seem strange that they keep mentioning his “mom” though and not the dad once.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but at the end of E7…
        Show Spoiler ▼

  6. I have gotten the impression, that most people seem to think this series is a sequel to the TV series. But from what little we have seen so far, the world we see here seems to fit much better with the one we saw in the movie. Though it seems like the movie was disappointing for some people, I though it was great.

    Anyway onto my points: The countries (Japan for one), did not exist in the original series. And also since Ao is the son of Eureka and Renton then it’s likely that Ao takes place around 20-30 or so years after the ending of whatever it is sequel to. And we also have for example the ruins of Tokyo in the first minutes, considering the original series takes place 10,000 years after scub coral takes over Earth, I don’t Tokyo Tower would still be standing for one.

    So anyway I think we should consider this a sequel to the movie, if not then it’s an independent story borrowing the parts of the original. Though admittedly they might have some fancy story to explain the discrepancies up their sleeve I guess (tough to me that would seem more of an ass pull more than anything).

    1. Well, according to Guardian Enzo, BONES have said that this is a direct sequel to the show. I’m a little curious as to how the anime staff will explain these details, but if BONES says it’s a sequel, it’s kind of hard to argue against that.

      1. Well the movie very briefly hinted that the world of the TV series was a parallel world, so they might built something on that.

        Anyway I got the impression that BONES haven’t officially said it’s a sequel to the TV series, just that most magazines and such have guessed/misinterpreted as such. But then again I can’t read Japanese so first hand information is a bit difficult for me to find. So I might be the one that heard wrong.

    2. End of Original Series Spoilers –> Reasons why this is definitely a sequel.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  7. This episode really reminded me why I liked Eureka Seven a few years back.
    It’s far from perfect and obviously has some flaws, but that’s okay.

    I have the feeling AO, like it’s predecessor, will show how something can just be fun to watch without having to be perfect.

    I had the same idea about Miyamoto & Honjou, about how great they sounded together. I actually had fun listening to them talk.

    I hope BONES can really make this work, cuz the 1st episode convinced me it can be done.

  8. I agree with Enzo. The original was flawed in many ways. It had some very stirring moments (the Charos and Revy arc), and the electronica was spectacular in parts (Ko Kimura’s I’ve Got It as Anemone’s Theme, Hiroshi Watanabe’s Get It With Your Hands), but it also had it’s fair share of corny “power of love” moments, bad pacing and cheesy hip-hop and pop.

    This one has gotten off to a decent start.

    Quite a nice surprise seeing many of this season’s episode titles being named after tasteful songs. Apollon’s first ep was Moanin’ by the Jazz Messengers, this first ep is named after Underworld’s Born Slippy (Trainspotting, anyone?) and the next ep seems to be named Call It What You Want. Whether that’s named after the Foster The People or Richie Hawtin version, I cannot tell, but I’m guessing it’s Richie Hawtin’s due to this series affinity for electronica/techno.

    1. The original Last Exile is overrated. Eureka 7, while flawed, was definitely more entertaining.

      When Last Exile was airing, there was another anime airing named Scrapped Princess that unfortunately went underrated due to the hype of Last Exile. Scrapped Princess was the real beauty.

  9. Right I have a pretty good theory…

    at the end of E7 Show Spoiler ▼

    just an idea really…

    1. Spoilers if you haven’t seen the first series.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Did I miss something? I’m pretty sure the military guys were being called “日本軍” ie “nippon gun” the Japanese military. That’s what they said in Japanese at least.

    The pilot episode totally blew me away. High quality animation, good voicing, stellar sound and appealing character design drew me in instantly.

    I totally agree that they were spot on with picking seiyuu for Naru and Ao. Their playful chatter never comes across as contrived and is easy on the ears.

    My mind is already buzzing with the possibilities of this new world we just stepped into this season. Make my day BONES.

  11. I think this is a great start- same vibe as E7 and has me wanting to see more…
    Except the sloth. I don’t see the ‘cute’ factor in sloths. They’re creepy as hell. You see those claws? It just allows for you to see your death coming for you very very slooooowly. *shudders*

  12. Looks like a promising series. When I first finished watching E7 I was deeply moved, it was one of the first anime series I watched. I fell in love with BONES ever since. It just gave me that empty feeling when I watched Renton and Eureka drift off into the distance in those final scens. Seeing that this will be a direct sequel…I can’t wait to see what they will do next. I will be with you all the way on this one Enzo, all 24 (maybe even more) episodes.

  13. Hmm…to be honest, I never really had a problem understanding Eureka Seven’s plot…was that just me? ;>_>

    Anyway, really enjoying it so far. I nostaglia’d like crazy at the “SUZUKU!” at the end.

  14. I sure as hope I wasn’t the only one looking for the scribbles when they showed the moon.

    Lets see how this one goes. Its only been a couple of days since I finished marathoning the original series. Pretty much liked it and was definitely worth my time.

  15. This ep was great, and I already like it more than E7. Hopefully the animation stays close to this quality, and the plot doesn’t thicken into an heart-attack inducing sludge…

  16. I don’t understand why people find E7 “confusing”… if you want a “confusing” BONES anime, then Xam’d should be the one you should be talking about.

    As for me, I liked to drawn out nature of E7’s plot and, at least in my opinion, believe it to have been masterfully woven into a grand fabric that is composed of its context, its world, and its events and of course its characters with their hopes, dreams, fears, loves, and faults. It was a sublime art piece that heralded many universal themes like young love, war, racial prejudice, “terrorism” and the need to “communicate” through the acceptance of each others’ differences as attested by Show Spoiler ▼

    But I do agree, Fam was a colossal misstep by BONES… that or they believe today’s watchers are more on the “light side”… even the remake of FMA (FMA:BRO) pales in comparison to what its predecessor achieved… Although, without a doubt, FMA:BRO had one of the best music ever ;_;

    Case in point, BONES is not “perfect” as is everything else in this world. But I for one still collate “BONES” with “AWESOME” ;0

  17. The first episode pulled me in. Usually it takes about 3 to get me to love a series. This may for the year for awesome squeal and Prequal in general that might exceed it’s predecessors. Fate/Zero, Aquarion Evol (really so much better then the original) and potentially Eureka Seven AO. I’m surprised how much I like this season for shows as a whole so far. I’m crossing my finger that they this season won’t end on a whimper.

    1. Agreed, I’ve got a number of shows I feel like I’m going to get invested in like this and Jormungund and Lupin etc., I hope they keep it up too and don’t whimper out later.

  18. I’m actually more nervous about this show that I was for Fam, since E7 was one of the first few shows I watched, and even though flawed, I really love it.

    This was a good first episode though, however if this is a sequel to the series what happened to Eureka’s wings and why is the moon not carved?
    I really hope this isn’t a sequel to the movie, I hated the movie.

    1. You need to watch the 1st season. It’s a mix of anime cliche and heartwarming Bones relationships in front of a backdrop of war and robots.

      Holland + black paint = all you need to know. (ownage!)

      1. I completely agree. For me the show peaked around episode 26. Despite some touching and dramatic moments later on, season 2 was a muddled disappointment, laughably bad at times. Nirvash’s rebuild was less cool than the original, and its final puffy form elicited nothing but bemused groans from this viewer. Even worse was Talho’s cover-up costume and new hairdo… what a downer! (And usually I don’t respond hormonally to anime characters.) But I watched ep 1 of E7 AO with my Japanese wife tonight, and we both enjoyed it. Looking forward to the evolution of humanity as envisioned by Bones!

  19. That was a good first episode. The visual looks to be decent and the I like the futuristic setting especially the hover cars. I wish there was more robots though, I’m personally in the mind that a mecha show should be able to make a cool debuts with its robots in the first episode.

    I’m glad to say that I do like Ao. He seems to be a decent and responsible kid. I hope they dial down that angst that I found a little too heavy in the original series. And maybe they’ll avoid awful characters like Eureka’s kids. God I hated those brats.

  20. According to Anime News Network it doesn’t state the the name of Ao’s father just that he’s missing. While many are saying it’s Renton I think there is a conspiracy and his real father is Holland. If one was to take a look at this link below the hair line, facial structure, and that look in his face speaks for itself.


    1. I think the story would be fundamentally broken if anyone but Renton would be the father. One big issue in E7 was the whole missing daddy issue. Without much to go with, I assume Renton would have made one huge sacrifice that Ao will find out about later, and would also be incredibly sad for the viewer.

  21. Ao for his part seems feistier and more self-confident that Renton did when we met him.

    Hah, I’d hope so…Renton gave Shinji a run for his money in the the biggest whiner of any protagonist category.

    1. i like that I got downvoted 3 times for this (so far, I expect more). Evangelion and Eureka Seven are two of the first anime I ever watched and I love them both extraordinarily. They are without a doubt two of my favorite anime.

      I don’t think calling the protagonists whiners is a bad thing…I would love to hear an argument against that actually. Shinji obviously has huge self-doubt and I don’t think anyone would argue with that.

      Renton maybe had less self-doubt, but was definitely more oblivious. In comparison to this new character, Ao (and I think with a Bones show you do have to compare characters), he definitely does not come off like Renton to me. Maybe I am way off though and I just need to rewatch E7. Even If I’m not way off, it’s been years and I wouldn’t mind re watching it at all.

  22. Didn’t anybody notice that when the first G-monster attacked the whole island was given an evacuation order but Ao just goes back home and eats dinner instead. I mean come on he acts like theres nothing even happening! A giant monster attacks and you just go home eat and sleep. Then they skipped to the next day and the monster was gone! They could have at least put more detail in this. I guess it just takes time for bones to warm up its story telling skills…i hope at least. I’ll be expecting some good eps later on since bones has never failed me.

  23. Hoo boy…. People are talking left and right! When you make a sequel, you definitely make something that’s talk-worthy, and E7:AO is this season’s prime example.

    It should be obvious: The protagonist is E7’s Eureka and Renton’s son. How he looks, he moves, he talks, his hair, and his memories defines him, but he’s no clone of his parents is a cool move. Love that. The world he lives in still confuses me though, because there is no sign of anything from the original E7 except for the mechs and the protagonist’s memories about Eureka, his(supposed) mom.

    The Moondoggie
    1. *mouse1 is dead. click randomly everywhere*

      Anyway I can’t wait for the show to start world building. What I love about the original is how they were traveling around. Fillers, they call them. I call them character and world development.

      The Moondoggie
  24. NANANANANANANANA Can’t hear you. Renton and Eureka lived happily ever after, the end. No single mom with a kid living with some old guy, nope. Super duper happy ending, this anime doesn’t exist.

    /will watch later.

  25. I like the premiere episode so far. Ao seems like someone with strong personality from early indication, something which I like much more than Renton’s early personality. I just hope Ao won’t pull a Shin Asuka expy in the show, as in become an emo a****le.

  26. The animation – the colors and fluidity of it all – really impressed me with this show. It feels like a more genuine effort than anything i’ve seen in a while, save for Apollon this season. Maybe Jormungand as well. In fact this season has quite a few shows that I’m interested in, for the first time in a while.

  27. I LOVE this anime.
    But let me just say one thing I didn’t like.
    Compared to the first season, Eureka Sevem AO’s SETTINGS, albeit it’s a direct sequel, feels vastly inferior. It doesn’t feel as futuristic compared to the first series. It feels like it’s been done countless of times.

  28. Great first episode.

    I do hope there will be less Ao abuse then there was Renton abuse in the original series though. I didn’t like that part of the original Eureka 7 at all.

  29. You nailed so many points Enzo – great review. E7 was definitely not perfect but it had a quality that kept you riveted (and the movie was definitely disappointing). This felt like the return of an old friend. I am so psyched for the rest of the series!

    I definitely welcome a 24 ep run though. As others have said, there was a *lot* of filler in the original’s 50 eps.

  30. Hooray! Eureka has returned! I really loved the first series and got so pumped after hearing about AO coming out, but this first episode was kind of slow for me on the side of action anyway…story wise it was wonderful! Great introduction to Ao and Naru. And what of Ao’s vision of a girl with short green hair? There can be only one answer, but I sort of wanted something new to happen! Ah well Ao as Eureka and Renton’s child works for me <3

    Sloth pet omg cutest freaking anime pet of all time or this season I should say.

    Next week FK YAAAA ROBOT TIME! I can't wait to see the Nirvosh in action again!

    Music wise = WONDERFUL! Another OST I have to get my hands on.

  31. I don´t think what anyone says, this felt too much like the original Eureka Seven, even when I look to Ao all I can see is Renton+Eureka´s eyes, which is very exiting since I loved the original. Keep this up BONES and you might create another classic, at least for me.

  32. Just watched this and I am blown away. Eureka Seven was one of the first anime I ever watched, and I also look back at it as quintessentially “anime.” It’s great to see this sequel as such a triumph. The plot is confusing, but you just have to go with the flow with E7. I can’t wait to see how things progress and how things relate back to E7.

  33. I used the wrong word on a post, its like it was so far off that you didn’t understand what I meant. You in fact did get it to such a great extent that you had to make several jabs at me about it. Are you still a child…nah, you’re just am asshole.

  34. I’ve seen the prequel/time travel theory all over after I watched it, and posted here. I wouldn’t exactly call it craziest fanwank. I would call you douchiest comment poster.

    1. Except that the creators themselves have said this is a sequel, not a prequel. The doctor has also seen the first form of the Nirvash before, which would have been impossible if this were a prequel, and Scub Corals have never even been hinted at having the ability to time travel, so I have no idea where you came up with that.

      Douchiest comment, eh? Well, that’s certainly something to put on a resume.

      1. The creators haven’t actualy said anything about that, it is up in the air as of now. Only confirmation is that Ao is our Eureka’s son. How or when she got here is what i’m attempting to answer. Why does that have to be THE type ZERO, it could easily be a new version, doesn’t look the same to me. It could be a sequel but I’m positing that some time travel could be involved. Hello, the scub were hinted at being able to control the LAWS OF PHYSICS, I think they can handle time travel. No moon scar, or ring around the planet are big give aways. Not to mention the ground is normal, no one remembers scub covering the planet, and they make explicit mention of the first g-monster sighting from 1940. I could be totally wrong, I probably am, but there’s more than enough evidence for it taking place on earth 10000 years or so before the first one.


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