「Investigation; 探索」 (Tensaku)

We finally get a brand new episode this week and it was packed full with information and revelations. Kuroyukihime explains the leveling system and the “leaders” of Accel World, while also going into the issues she’s experiencing at school. We see more of Takumu while Haruyuki is on his way to visit Chiyuri. When we finally get to Chiyuri’s house, Haruyuki and Chiyuri have a heartfelt conversation over their relationship.

To start… wait, so they’re dating now?! Kuroyukihime confuses me every time she’s overly friendly with Haruyuki. This includes the hand holding too, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt right now and assume she’s just lonely. After all, it’s always in situations like these that the protagonist somehow fills the void in her heart right? That’s probably why Haruyuki offers to help Kuroyukihime fulfill her goals of reaching Level 10. I admit that I think her motive is very shallow and selfish… she doesn’t dive too deeply into her own history, but she explains enough to set the stage for what our characters will have to overcome in the future. I wish I was a bit more sympathetic towards her cause, but I’m not and I think she had it coming by decapitating another leader in the middle of a truce. No wonder she has a bounty on her head.

Then we see Kuroyukihime assign Haruyuki on his first “big” assignment, which involves his own best friend, Chiyuri. I’m surprised by how unbothered Haruyuki seemed with the idea of deceiving Chiyuri into direct-linking with him. He’s actually violating her privacy trying to hunt for clues to question Chiyuri’s motives (in a not-so-uncomfortable position?). Here we have Chiyuri basically bawling her eyes out, while explaining why she feels so distant towards her best friend. She’s vulnerable, she’s hurt and she wants reassurance that Haruyuki still trusts her. Then we have Haruyuki, (not-so-secretly) digging through her files and completely ignoring her almost-confession. I understand that he feels inferior compared to Chiyuri and Takumu, but this does not justify the way he neglects his friends (who seem to genuinely care for his well-being). This is what bothered me the most… not the fact that Chiyuri may or may not be a Burst Linker, but the idea that Haruyuki could actually doubt Chiyuri and take advantage of her in this situation.

I really shouldn’t be defending Chiyuri so much though; if she does end up being Cyan Pile, I’ll have to eat my words.

Takumu also makes a small appearance in this episode. I still can’t really gauge his character, although he seems like your normal and average, boy-next-door type of character. I assume he’s going to have a material role later on, so it’s only a question of when and why.

I also have a technical question involving the direct link between characters. It was implied back in episode one that this would be considered an “intimate activity” between two parties. I get the impression that your thoughts are simply transferred from one to another without actually having to speak. So why can’t Chiyuri read Haruyuki’s thoughts in that final scene? Not to mention the overly obvious tapping and sliding of fingers… if she can technically read his thoughts, she should know what he’s searching for or his intentions. From the audiences’ point of view, it’s obvious when Haruyuki’s keeping his thoughts to himself, but how does this link distinguish these thoughts apart? Am I over-analyzing?

Ignoring all the technicalities though, I’m hoping to find out who Cyan Pile is next week. There haven’t been a large range of characters introduced yet, so I’m banking on it being someone we already know.

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  1. As I discuss at some length in my own post, the latter half of the episode takes on different meanings depending on whether or not Chiyuri is Cyan Pile. Or even if she isn’t, but knows who it is. A lot of her behavior this episode was quite odd regardless.

    As for Kuroyukihime, she really should be the “villain” from an objective point of view, but I find her motives understandable, and even admirable, to an extent. Though arguments can be made either way, of course.

    1. with two separate (or is it?) issues overlapping each other – one being Kuroyukihime being targeted by someone that Haruyuki knows, the other being Haruyuki, Chiyuri, and Takumu’s relation strain; it’s not surprising to make the wrong judgement within this “rectangle” of problems…

      as for Kuroyukihime’s “ambition”, do you want to beat the game or not? If not…

      …you’ll see what line you would fall into later. (I’ve spoiled enough for this week as it is)

    2. Oh hiya Sea Slugger, good to see you covering Kanojo X too :3.

      Kuro should be labeled more as an anti-hero rather than a flat-out villain. I’m sure that the author has made it so that Kuro has legitimate reasons for why she desires her goal, but her methods are questionable and self-centered enough to be far from the stereotypical protagonist.

    3. Seriously, Gen Urobuchi would make Kuro proper anti-hero, and her back story does have that potential.

      If Gen Urobuchi was writing this, it would be fun to see her manipulating Haruyuki & co. around and eventually selling them out when needed to get to the top-level & see the creator, only to find that all these has no meaning at all and the creator was just enjoying playing god. And after sacrificing her most precious relationship/friendship to get there, she was to become the next god and condemned to eternal loneliness. Maybe we can have a sequel written by Type-moon in which Haruyuki’s step son rescues her out of that enternal loneliness. Well, that would be really bitter sweet.

      But I don’t think that’s going to happen here. Given that Good Endings were written all over the face of this series.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. We are talking about Kawahara Reki here. I assume there are many parallels between Accel World and Sword Art Online. That means Kuroyukihime might defy Accel World programming and save Haruyuki from some sort of unblockable attack by the final boss and die in the process. Haruyuki becomes disheartened and almost gives up but finds last minute resolve as the boss’s weapon pierces his chest reducing his HP to 0, but as his body disintegrates he deals the final blow on the boss. Then Haru and Kuro appear before the creator together who actually turns out to be the memories of Kayaba Akihiko aka, the SEED.

        Suppa Tenko
      2. Urobuchi’s brand of dark isn’t exactly high-schooler angst and I for one am very grateful for that. No self-esteem issues, no petty relationship problems, just pure, unadulterated looks at the hideousness of human nature.

  2. Oh shit sorry for the double post, but does anyone know what Onoken is doing in this anime? I’ve loved all of his music so far and I just saw his name in the OP credits.

  3. Wait, wait, wait…so let me get this straight…

    K is dating H to use to check the thoughts of C, who happens to be the childhood friend of H and is actually dating T who happens to be the childhood friend of both C and H but is unaware of the feelings that C has for H which is causing a strained relationship due to K being close to H who is being used to get to C.

    Did I miss something?

    1. K states very clearly that she had no idea of H’s relationship to (maybe)C when she found him. She just wanted an ally to help her look for C. Getting C’s best friend is just a weird coincidence.

  4. Now we are clued why is Chiyuri dating another guy when she obviusly liked Haru even before the anime started: Because Haru said so.

    And no Cherrie, they aren’t dating: SnowBlack just said that to infuriate Chiyuri. This show had two love triangles: Haru/Chiyuri/SnowBlack and Haru/Chiyuri/Taku.

    The Moondoggie
  5. Guys, I need help here. I have no complaints with the story and no qualms with Haruyuki’s character design or whatnot. But I get this inexplicable urge to crush my screen every time I hear his voice. What’s happening to me?

    1. me, too. but it’s bearable when you imagine him as a pig. that’s what i do. and what’s up with this C thing. It’s getting annoying. I’m praying T is a Burst Linker too possibly one of the kings. ooohhhh….fun….*evil laugh*

  6. Chiyuri is opening one hell of a pandora box if she keeps saying things like that to Haru, from what I can see she is truly in love with him which make Taku the substitude, that´s the formula for a disaster.

  7. I don´t think Haru truly doubts Chiyuri, he just wants evidence to proove her inocence to Kuroyukihime, but I agree that looking into her personal files is bit mucch, but the bright side is that he discover something that might help Chiyuri after all.

  8. Is it wrong of me if I watch this show not only because of good plot and animation, but feel envy towards main character? He is not good looking but also being liked by cute osananajimi and most beautiful idol in school. Too unrealistic even for anime standard. *reality denial mode: ON*

  9. Ok, I was on the fence before about our protagonist but I pretty much dislike Haruyuki now (for the time being) and Kuroyuki is still suspicious to me. I mean Kuro seems to simply be using him and I agree that her motives are very shallow and selfish. Her history of betrayal also doesn’t make me want to trust anything she really says. And Haruyuki is clearly an idiot IMO. Though he claimed to believe in Chiyuri, he still went ahead and violated her privacy. He seems to trust a pretty girl he just met who happens to pay attention to him over his long time friend who’s always caring for him but he constantly pushes away. His low self esteem is no excuse for that kind of betrayal.
    And even if Chiyuri does end up being a Burst user, that doesn’t mean that what Kuro said about her is true. And would there be a need for her to tell Haruyuki about what games she plays. Besides, he doesn’t even like to talk about himself to his friends.

    Anyways, is it just me or does anyone else think that Takumu or Chiyuri could be a King. Or both could have been – there was that couple in the Kings group where Kuroyuki chopped off the boyfriend’s head. If they were, it’d be funny if Takumu and Chiyuri had different genders in game and Chiyuri was the one who got her head chopped off. Chiyuri did mention something happening two years ago while talking to Haruyuki.

    1. He trusts Kuroyuki because she solved his problems from a weird angle, so he didn’t notice it coming. Had she just showed up and said, “I can help you with your bullying,” you can bet he would have freaked out and run away the same way he does from everyone else. But she didn’t, she used his love of games and pure human curiosity to get close to him.

      Their relationship is on a different angle than his self-hatred, so it manages to side-step his usual problems with social interactions. By the time she actually starts interacting with him as a person and not just as a player of the game, he’s basically in too deep.

      And the two years ago thing, it was when Takumu confessed to her. She didn’t want to say yes, but Haruyuki convinced her to by saying that way they could all stay friends. But then seeing them date made him feel even worse about himself, so he started avoiding them even though he was the one that told them to go out.

      The important thing to remember about Haru is that he is NOT healthy. He has very serious self-confidence that basically require therapy. You’re supposed to feel sorry for him, but still understand that a lot of his problems are his own fault because of his own self-hatred.

    2. I’m very sorry to ruin your theory – nice as it is – but there are a few things i have to point out. I have read all of the light novel volumes so far, so please don’t argue with me and i apologise if my spoilers offend anyone in anyway. If by having read more into the novels and know more about the story makes anyone feel uncomfortable, i would also like to apologise for that.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Mixed Milkshake
      1. Despite having your spoiler in a spoiler tag, you lead-in spoils it for anyone
        reading the comment of the person you’re replying to.

        I’m trying to be nice, but it’s disingenuous for you to write:

        1. I’ve read the whatever for the series,
        2. I’m not going to spoil it, and
        3. Oh, and BTW, you’re wrong (see #1 above).
        3. SPOILER_TAG stuff /SPOILER_TAG

        In this case, you’ve circumvented the purpose of the spoiler tag. No offence intended.

  10. . . .
    First they are like talking about finding out who is Cyan Pile,
    then scene switch to someone in a “cyan” colored sweat shirt and talking about his problems.
    . . .

    Bet the user even suck at his sport by spamming his Burst Point.

  11. Cherrie, to address the technical issue of your post, I’m going to guess that the direct link program functions just like how two people normally speak: you choose what your partner gets to see. Although they may have direct connection to the “program” interface of themselves, I’m assuming that program will only output conversation if you wish to “speak”. Instead of using your mouth to communicate, you use the program. Hara is able to read Chi’s programs, but is unable to actually read her mind, because the two are still separate.

    This is probably why Kuro is still able to hide much of her true intentions and thoughts from Hara, because her mind is still her own and the program simply acts as the new mouth. Pretty nifty now that I think of it: you’re connected in a very intimate way, yet your mind is still your own.

    1. Also, when you’re intimately close (even non-linked) to your friend/crush/intimate and are mentally shaken (which she obviously is), trite details like something happening on the side of your vision become needless. What she sees from her PoV is Haru finally opening up a little for once, something she’s overwhelmed by I’d imagine. All the other details melt into the background as so many more emotions and thoughts run through her head.

      1. Yeah, I think it’s supposed to be basically vocal text messaging in your head. It’s not electronic telepathy. They are saying what they want to say how they want to say it. His hand-motions were unnecessarily obvious though. They could have just depicted a cursor (which I believe is how it’s shown in the manga).

  12. I am a little confused about Haru’s motivation. For someone who gets picked by bullies, he is essentially siding with one of the biggest bullies in the Accelerated World (i.e. Kuroyukihime, based on her own description so far).

    Chiyu being suspected of being Cyan Pile is kind of funny and ironic. If it is indeed the case that Taku was a burster and Chiyu was helping him, then the show really needs to turn Taku a 180; otherwise Kuroyukihime’s personality will certainly be assasinated.

    1. The biggest factor here is that Haru is saved by Kuroyuki. To a bullied Haru, she’s practically a lifesaver. Also when a powerful and influential person saves you, even sacrifices for you, extends her hand and says that she needs your talents, for people like Haru, it’s hard not to get mesmerised and become a loyal follower.

      The Moondoggie
    2. The motivation of the show is that sometimes a goal is worth it just because. It’s the basic motivation for space travel or science. Why do we need to go to space? Because it’s in human nature to explore, etc., etc..

      The point they’re making is that by choosing not to finish the game for your own selfish convenience, you are (metaphorically) choosing stagnation over the drive to be something more. Will is its own reward.

  13. Get tha feeling that Taku is Cyan Pile… yeah, Taku would make more sense than Chiyuri right now. It definitely seems like he would be the one who would seriously need Burst Points. I mean, he’s been in tournaments and even has nationals coming up. I think he goes to another school though, but what Haru found at the end of the ep would make up for this. It would explain how he can connect to the schools network(through an unknowing Chiyu) and why Kurohime couldn’t find him. Anyway, just my guess.

    1. I don’t think that’s likely. Kuroyukihime said the Level 9 she defeated specifically has a girlfriend, so that has to come into play. Chiyu really fits the hypothesis better.

      If anything, it feels that the show is telling us Taku is a Burster.

      1. Do note that Kuroyukihime refered to Cyan Pile as ‘he’. Read the next section only is you’re really want to know the truth.Show Spoiler ▼

        Mixed Milkshake
  14. Hm… I feel so far in this anime I enjoy it however I disapprove of Kuro being with Haru. Not sure why but her character and personality, though they tried to make her seem different, she is just so bland to me. I enjoyed Chiyuri being with Haru from the start and was so excited to see them actually having some special moments together, even though Haru only took advantage of her while she cried to him about how she feels… what a meanie butt. Even if Chiyuri is dating someone maybe she did it because Haru kept pushing her away but never got over how she felt? Or is it my own Chiyuri x Haruyuki fangirl fantasy… How knows! But I can’t wait till art of this couple is made, if it ever is. Hopefully! ;w;

    1. I think it’s a little too harsh to say he was taking advantage of her. He was legitimately apologizing for being wrong and the conversation they had was real and very cathartic for both of them. It’s just that at the same time he is desperately trying to prove that she IS a good person to himself and to kuroyukihime.

      As for the dating thing, the manga is clearer although I thought the anime was clear as well (but many people seem confused so I guess not). Here it is. Taku confessed to Chiyu 2 years ago. Chiyu did not want to say yes, but she and Haru (who she told) were afraid that if she said no Taku would not be their friend anymore and would leave them. So Haru convinced her to say yes so that the three of them could all stay friends and nothing would change.

      The thing is, Haru being Haru, seeing his two attractive friends date made him feel worse about himself and HE began avoiding the two of them even though the only reason Chiyu started dating Taku was because Haru told her to.

      And the obvious unconfirmed/unwritten thing is that Chiyuri actually has always liked Haruyuki instead.

      1. oh, and this isn’t a spoiler or anything. There’s no later conversation in the manga that explains this, it’s all in the scene in her bedroom. I just wrote it to clarify the conversation since numerous people seemed to not quite get what she was talking about (I thought it was clear, but maybe I was filling in the blanks from my knowledge of the manga)

  15. Well, direct connection removes 90% of the safety features of the NeuroLinker so the other party can be able to access your files. The 10% is still intact and that may concern the protection to reading your thoughts(what you’re saying right now). That is why direct connection is only for people you trust, in this case lovers.
    That said, Haru simply wants to prove Chiyu’s innocence when he is checking out her files. He also wants to apologize but he cant say it with words. He will apologize later on for this intrusion.
    Also he isnt suppose to search blatantly like that. He started searching when he got hugged.
    He’s looking for the Brain Burst installer so it’s suppose to be fast to locate.

  16. Well, I’m with Jin. At the end, I was pretty sure Taku is the hacker and Chi was the decapitated king. Chi was male in game and Taku was female. Chi’s personality fits a peace maker. My guess is that Chi lost her program after getting beheaded, which is why Haru didn’t find it. Taku hacked Chi (which seems to be pretty easy considering Haru’s invasion of privacy), and used her to get to Kuro, without her knowledge. He is desperate to win the tournament, and as a kendoist, probably burst every time he’s about to hit or be hit. That’ll go through the burst points fast, which is his motivation to go after Kuro.

  17. …and we get to the exposition section of the story. I think we got through relatively well. I was thinking Kuroyukihime got through the explanation of her background a little too unemotionally. Could be her just suppressing the depression or could be a lack of emphasis by the VA.

  18. in the first episode, kuyoyukihime asked haruyuki if he knows how to communicate mentally. which implies that there is a way to actually communicate mentally and that the program has a method that distinguish between dialogue and inner thoughts.

    Redjuice Fan
  19. Drama fans, just hang in tight for a few more days, there’s more coming in next week, with one scene that should make everyone think twice about our pounded-to-the-ground-MC’s place in this show. For once, Sunrise did not spoil the preview.

    And this week’s motto: Technology does NOT make relationships any easier.

  20. Cherrie –
    I think you’re either missing the point of this show or just completely disagreeing with it. Kuroyukihime does not get a better reason for what she is doing, nor is she evil (they use evocative imagery and words like beheading to make what she did sound all dark, but don’t overstate; she killed a game avatar, that’s all).

    The moral of this story is that sometimes we reach for the horizon for no other reason than because it’s there and it’s in our nature. The kings, while actually peaceful, represent the idea that if you don’t reach for new, even unknown, possibilities, you will stagnate. It’s kind of an unusual moral for a cartoon, but it’s interesting.

    It also seems to have a strong focus on the stupid things that kids do because they’re immature. The idea that they’re afraid to end the game because it represents change, and growth; both things that, despite what kids might say, terrify them. And Kuroyukihime specifically mentions that because they are selfish children, they don’t tell anyone about their secret game. I think growing into a mature adult is going to be a major theme of how this show ends.

  21. Well, let me rephrase slightly. She’s not immediately evil. There seems to be a strong possibility, given how you level to 10, that Silver Crow (Haru) and Black Lotus (Kuro) will end up being the final battle to decide who becomes level 10.

  22. The rule that only those born with a Neuro-Connector have the potential to enter the Accel World reminds me of the Matrix, where only the the “pod-borns” get to plug in to the Matrix to wreck havoc.

    Cherrie, unlike you, I do not despise Kuroyukihime for her doing what she did.

    For starters, if you said she was behaving childishly two years ago, then that’s because she’s only about 12-13 years old then, in a way, her hot-headedness was believable.

    Second, she’s not happy that everyone would be content with staying stagnant like that just to keep their privileges of being in the Accel World rather than pursuing the truth that getting to Level 10 could bring. In a way, she’s like Lelouche in Code Geass, an outcast that wishes to change the status quo in any means possible to bring about change and was exiled because of it. And now she has found a perfect willing pawn in Haru.

    Kinny Riddle
  23. So why can’t Chiyuri read Haruyuki’s thoughts in that final scene?

    I don’t think the technology works that way. I think only thoughts that are intended to be transmitted to the other party could be read, thoughts that the user consciously keeps private would remain untransmitted. At least that’s how I view that technology.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I agree. It’s technology, not magic. It’s a form of message transmission and networking. Therefore, you have to transmit the message for them to hear it, it doesn’t give them a magic gateway into your brain, just your neuro-linker. So basically you have to think into the neuro-linker (presumably consciously), if you don’t send a thought to the linker, the other party has no way to access it.

    2. Sorry to go off topic but, the heck? I’m just posting a relatively harmless opinion concerning the technology thingy and I get two votes down for what?

      I genuinely cannot fathom how not agreeing with something as trivial as how technology works could upset someone enough to go and vote people down.

      Once again, Divine, or Stilts or whoever’s in charge, this is why I continue to advocate getting rid of the vote-down system and just keeping the vote-up, because it’s just open to abuse. RC is known for its quality posts and discussions, not petty YouTube/4chan style trolling.

      Kinny Riddle
    3. In a show of solidarity I give you my thumbs. Er one thumb.

      It would be funny if this got downvoted.

      Now that I mentioned it, it would be funny if this didn’t get downvoted.

      Win – win?

    4. Oh no… I didn’t mean to sound like I despise Kuro to that extent. I guess I can’t really empathize with her character, that’s all. It’s simply my own opinion of her personality and what I gather so far from her actions =X First impressions can always change though and I’m not going to hold anything against her.

      As for the downvotes… I’ll see what I can do about it =) I think the downvotes can be pretty uh… discouraging for conversations as well.

    1. It’s a light novel. If you watched Durarara you can find a shout out of it, along with other LN, when the two otakus tried to torture a guy based on the LN he choose.

      Accel World, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu and Black Butler in our Durarara? Yup.

      The Moondoggie
  24. Lol. Haruyuki managed to do in three episodes what Shuu took ~11 episodes to do. To be honest I was really split on the show; the premise? Interesting. Production values? Off the chart. Music? May’n <3. Characters? …

    I recognize that Haru is supposed to draw sympathy, but Accel World creates a huge dichotomy between what I’m watching and what I’m supposed to feel. It’s almost like the producers went too far with Haru’s self-loathing that it’s actually really uncomfortable to watch. There’s also the fact he’s kind of a grade-A asshole to friends that genuinely care about him. Yes, his non-existent self-esteem is a huge hurdle, but it doesn’t condone his behavior nor does it make his desperate attempts to impress Snow Black any easier to watch. Simply put, I find it difficult to empathize with a main character whose sole goal is to impress the popular chick, because that’s essentially what it comes down to after you strip away all the flowery decorations. “If I don’t do what she says, she’ll never talk to me again!”, “If I don’t win, I’m not even worthy of talking to her!”

    Um… gg.

    I’m hoping he realigns his priorities a little, and maybe view Brain Burst as a way to redeem himself, for himselfnot for the hot chick, not for Chiyuri, but for Atari Haruyuki. As of this episode though, not feeling it, especially with him snooping around Chiyuri’s files. Call it what you may, it’s still snooping and he’s being an ass doing such a thing while she’s pouring her heart out to him.

    And the only reason Chiyuri even looks remotely suspicious is because Snow Black makes her look suspicious. “Did you see how hostile she was to me?” Uh… maybe because you stole her best friend? And what, weren’t there other students on your list? I’m sorry you’re paranoid sweetie, but the world does not revolve around you. I don’t if that’s how she’s supposed to be portrayed or I’m missing the point, but Snow Black is not a sympathetic character.

    Also: is this gonna be Kaji Yuuki’s “thing” from now on? The hot girl’s bitch? The pitiful characters with rock-bottom self-esteem?

    1. The thing is, as far as I can tell that is the point of Haruyuki. It’s not just ‘he’s fat, so we should feel sorry for him.’ It seems clear to me that we, as viewers, are meant to understand that many of Haruyuki’s problems are his own fault, brought on by his own unnecessary self-loathing. Particularly the stuff with Chiyu and Taku. But a major theme of this story seems to be the stupid, immature things children do, so I think Haruyuki’s growth is going to be an important plot point.

      I think it could be interesting, since you meet all kinds of people like him when you were young; people who were bullied terribly, but who allowed that bullying to make them so withdrawn and hostile that no one liked them anymore not because they were fat or whatever the first thing was, but because they had become genuinely unpleasant people.

      Secondly, I think many people on this site are really misunderstanding his relationship with Kuroyukihime. He did not get involved with her just because she’s pretty or popular. He’s got popular friends, that’s half the reason he’s withdrawn from Chiyuri and Taku. Basically, almost by accident, Kuroyukihime sidestepped his self-hatred and came at him from the direction he doesn’t having a crippling self-loathing in: his love of games and how fast he plays them.

      Had she just said ‘help me’ with a cute smile or ‘I’ll deal with your bully’ he probably would have freaked out and ran like he does with everyone else. She didn’t. She is his only relationship that is based on something about himself that he values.

      And Chiyuri looks suspicious because the battle locator points at her every time Cyan Pile shows up. I’ve read the manga and I’m not going to spoil anything other than to say Kuroyukihime is not lying about anything in this episode as far as she knows. The battle locator DOES point at Chiyu; you’ll figure out why later, but my point is Kuroyukihime is not randomly accusing her. And Haru is not randomly distrusting her, he is trying to prove her innocent despite massive evidence that she’s guilty. Should he have just asked her? Maybe, that’s nice to say in principal but sometimes friends DO lie to friends if they’re doing something bad, you can’t just say ‘you’re my friend, you would never hurt anyone.’

  25. Hah, so many different opinions about this show. Didn’t expect that.

    Personally, I kind of agree with Kuroyukihime’s motives, to be honest. The goal of the game is of yet unknown and for something that can be such a powerful tool, all in the hands of children, finding the answers about the Burst Link is important. It’s pretty hypocritical of the other Burst Linkers to stop at level 9 and sit in stagnation, being content with their status, if you consider how many other Burst Linkers they took down to reach this point. They kind of had it coming, really, though it’s still a dick move from Kuro so I can’t blame them for their hatred of her.

    As for Haru, I have a higher tolerance of whiny main characters than most people (hell, I didn’t even hate Shinji Ikari, though I did hate Shoe) so I’m not really bothered by him. He really is filled with self-loathing, but he is showing signs of being willing to change. When the chips are down, he does come through (kinda like Yukiteru, now that I’m thinking about it). It’s the archetypical rooting for the underdog, really (which I like a lot more than cheering for generic hotblooded bishonen who fights for his friends #1346345). Also, he is being too much of a willing pawn for Kuro given how easily he suspects his friend, but at the same time, either she is right and Chiyuri really does have ulterior motives, or he can prove her innocence this way. So as far as options go, this was a logical one.

    I’m still very much liking this show, in any case.

    1. I basically agree with you here.

      One thing though, I think people are misunderstanding Kuro’s feelings about Chiyu. She isn’t all that bent on Chiyu. Her suspicion is very simple. Brain Burst contains an arrow that points at your challenger. For Cyan Pile, that arrow seems to be pointing out at Chiyu (who Kuro doesn’t know and has no real feelings either way about). That is all. Kuroyukihime isn’t 100% certain, so she recruits an ally to use his arrow at the same time as hers so they can triangulate the position of Cyan Pile. She clearly states she was unaware that Haru is Chiyu’s best friend, she presumably picked him just because of his high squash score. It is HARU who is so desperate to prove there’s a glitch in the program that he decides to snoop through Chiyu’s files to prove her innocence.

      I’ve read the manga, and all I’ll say is that Kuro is not lying as far as she knows. She is simply following the arrow, which DOES point at Chiyu. The question which will be answered presumably next week, is WHY.

      I’m liking the show, although I think they went a little too far with Haru’s design. They could have at least made him look like he comes from the same world as the rest of them.

  26. This show gets better and better every week. Chiyu getting hacked really opened the door for a lot of neural-link drama, and the relationship between Princess Snow Black and Haru is developing well.

    I mentioned before that I didn’t think I’d like this show (when I saw a pic of Haru’s pig avatar and thought it was a real character) but I’m so glad that I watched it. Accel World is quickly becoming my favorite show of the season.

  27. Chiyu’s too cute! Well given that the cast must be 15 years old max, they already found themselves with a rocky love life full of drama. The setting for the story’s really interesting but lot of exposition without any lipsync for a good part of the episode made it a bit tedious, hopefully they’ll try to avoid too many fixed shots later on… Chiyu’s too cute!

  28. Looks like Haru isn’t going to start climbing the Trophaeum Tower right away 😛

    After browsing the JA wiki, it seems like the mechanics of the Accelerated World is very similar to that of the A.T ‘underworld’ in Air Gear. Show Spoiler ▼

    I wonder will there be any bio-enhanced humans like the Gravity Children in the Accel World?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    The mysteries are there, I wonder how will the anime version go.
    How fast will 11 volumes be covered.
    Will it be an original ending or a second season?

    1. The show has a more accelerated pace of storytelling than Air Gear. While Haru’s debut starts at episode 2, Ikki’s debut isn’t until he beat Buccha or has formed his own team with Kogarasumaru.

      Other than that, yeah, they’re simiar. Nice find.

      The Moondoggie
  29. Quote ” I admit that I think her motive is very shallow and selfish… she doesn’t dive too deeply into her own history, but she explains enough to set the stage for what our characters will have to overcome in the future. I wish I was a bit more sympathetic towards her cause, but I’m not and I think she had it coming by decapitating another leader in the middle of a truce. No wonder she has a bounty on her head.”

    She maybe selfish wanting to get to the highest lvl no matter who she hurt in the process but I kind of understand her way of thinking too when they exlain their reasoning, if they all stop at lvl 9 afraid of going higher because they have to hurt someone, then this is no difference than playing any mmo and stop at lvl 90 but never make it to max lvl of 100, don’t know about anyone but for myself that would drive me crazy if I can’t be the best I can be inside a game.

  30. There must be another level of inner thought with the direct link or Chiyu would have known right off what he was searching for, and they wouldn’t have explained out their thoughts also. I feel he didn’t mind so much snooping on her cause honestly he seems to have written her off like she’s Taku’s property or something…like he liked her too much and had to let go. It almost seemed like he let something slip there when they were linking. Taku seems to act off during their conversation as well. Like almost jealous of Chiyu’s attention and concern for Haru. The one that really confuses to this point is Kuroyukihime. She keeps reaching out she’s got a crush or lonley..and yet sort of seems to take advantage but only from what he gives her unconditionally. It’s like she’ll settle for that rather than push him away his offer. Then again some manipulative people will go as far as to believe themselves in a lie. I really am enjoying the pace of revelation.

    1. Kuroyukihime really loves Haru.

      Spoilers ahead.
      She even uses the Full Physical Burst to save Haru from Araya at the cost of 99% of her Burst Points and getting hit by a car.

      I don’t expect her to be a Heathcliff character.

      Suppa Tenko
  31. Almost instantly the series has turned from a tin-plated story to a story
    that seems to have a precious (metal) core to it. I can’t help but wonder
    if the trolling is on the audience in that we see his appearance in the series
    as he sees himself (short and fat) – because it doesn’t appear that any of the
    other characters are treating him that way.

    This episode added so much depth to the characters and to the story – I hope the writing
    continues at this level (yeah – I know it’s an adaptation of an already completed work).

    Again, another series that has taken be by surprise…

  32. well I’ve had enough of watching these half assed main protagonist in anime,I mean would it kill them to make the MC firm,strong & decisive,I don’t mind fat & ugly looking Haru but his personality really irritates me,a person looking down on himself just because of his appearance,get a back bone and look around backstabber your friend really care for you & this is how you repay them by sneaking in Chiyuri’s personal info who has been your childhood friend for a new girl you barely even know.die fatass.


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