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Accel World – OVA

「Reverberation; 残響」 (Zankyou)

This episode was a great standalone feature and regardless of whether it’s a “filler” or actual material from the novels, I still think it adds to the story. It’s like the aftermath for the season finale and that’s why I didn’t mind revisiting it.

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Accel World – 24 (END)

「Reincarnation; 再生」 (Saisei)

I’m usually scared for finales like Accel World because their source is still on-going and the anime seems to tie relatively well to the light novel. All things considered though, I think AW did a great job coming together for its last episode (of the season) and tied as many loose ends as it could.

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Accel World – 23

「Consolidation; 連結」 (Renketsu)

Kuroyukihime finally returns and there’s no better way to have an entrance than on a white stallion! Right guys? ;)

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Accel World – 22

「Determination; 決意」 (Ketsui)

We’re nearing the end of Accel World and I can’t believe how quickly this 2-cour show flew by. The fight involving Rust Jigsaw was short-lived and although there wasn’t much of a resolution with him, his loss was the reason that Haruyuki came to his huge epiphany.

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Accel World – 21

「Insurrection; 反逆」 (Hangyaku)

Tough love from Yuniko, but I wouldn’t expect it any other way.

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Accel World – 20

「Domination; 支配」 (Shihai)

Oh Accel World. In all honesty, I’m not sure if I’m happy with the current development or disappointed. Let’s discuss this episode by breaking it down a little…

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Accel World – 19

「Revolution; 変遷」 (Hensen)

I wouldn’t have asked for a better way to end the quick detour of Kuroyukihime’s trip in Okinawa.

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Accel World – 18

「Invitation; 挑戦」 (Chousen)

Apologies for the late post… and to compensate, here is Accel World’s “beach episode”. I believe this is what everyone was looking forward to – sort of.

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Accel World – 17

「Fragmentation; 分裂」 (Bunretsu)

Haruyuki takes all that experience and training gained last week with Sky Raker and takes it out on Noumi this week.

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Accel World – 16

「Imagination; 面影」 (Omokage)

Willpower and determination can make all the difference in the world sometimes and in this case, it helped Haruyuki alter his abilities in Accel World.

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Accel World – 15

「Destruction; 崩壊」 (Houkai)

Aside from the terribly annoying antagonist who seems to be way too over-powered and the lack of Kuroyukihime, I’m still thoroughly enjoying the arc. This episode was a huge turning point though and that’s because they brought back Ash Roller and Chrome Disaster.

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Accel World – 14

「Arrestation; 策略」 (Sakuryaku)

Finally! A new OP and ED! And if that’s not enough, we get more awesome shower scenes – this time with Chiyuri and Haruyuki actually in the midst of it.

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Accel World – 13

「Violation; 侵入」 (Shinnyuu)

I was expecting a new OP and ED this week! It would’ve been perfectly timed with the new arc and the introduction of a new mysterious student.

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Accel World – 12

「Absolution; 容赦」 (Yousha)

Our first cour of Accel World comes to a close with the end of Chrome Disaster’s arc and I think it’s a very fitting way to lead into the second half of this series.

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Accel World – 11

「Obligation; 宿命」 (Shukumei)

Finally, a whole episode devoted to action and straight out battles between Level 9 kings! Not only did it include Black Lotus – but Scarlet Rain and Yellow Radio as well.

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