「Fragmentation; 分裂」 (Bunretsu)

Haruyuki takes all that experience and training gained last week with Sky Raker and takes it out full out on Noumi this week. No surprise there; Haruyuki did not display anything that really shocked or blew me away. All the cards he had up his sleeve were clearly shown to the audience already. What did surprise me though was Noumi and his ability to use the incarnate system. What? When? Where? Why? How? Not only that, but he also stole someone with fire power? This avatar is way too overpowered! There should be a point in the game that a new patch is created and downloaded to make it more even for players.

All complaints aside though, I know this isn’t your average game so the fact that Noumi uses his brain to outwit the others is good for him. Of course, he also steps on them at the same time and the way he carries out his plans is a way too sneaky and underhanded. I’m glad he got his ass handed to him finally; not to mention, the shock on his face was priceless. Noumi also mentioned something about being a first generation Burst Linker… and how he is not one. In fact, it sounded that people “like him” belonged in a whole different league entirely. Perhaps his guardian or mentor is someone who didn’t like how the rules of Accel World were set and decided to make his own. I’m sure that this arc with Noumi is only the tip of the iceberg and we’ll get to hear about it more later on. Or during a second season.

Of course, my biggest WTF moment, had to be the ending. I wasn’t expecting Noumi to get defeated so easily, but at the same time, I definitely was not expecting Chiyuri to show up to save him. Her involvement in this arc is still a mystery for me and no doubt, she’s probably doing this for “their own good” or to help her friends in the long run. Perhaps Noumi threatened her further? We’ll see more of that next episode I hope.

Welcome back Kuroyukihime! And all the fan boys cheer because this whole scene seems to only focus on her (and her crotch area). I didn’t realize just how many times the camera panned around her beach scene until I actually went through my screenshots and they were all almost identical. Of course, I’m not complaining… Kuroyukihime brings a lot of wisdom about being a Burst Linker and hearing her insight is always interesting. We’ll get to see more of her next week. In fact, judging from the preview, it seems to focus primarily on her time in Okinawa and a touch on Chiyuri.

Quick Note: This will probably be my last prompt post for the next 2 weeks. Again, I apologize in advance for any tardiness for both KC and AW.

Full-length images: Needs more Kuroyukihime! More next week please!




    1. There is a good reason for it, be glad that the worst part of the arc is over.

      Here is a hint: Dusk Taker’s ability permanently strips his target’s ability and make it his own. If he “dies”, it goes with him.

      1. I don’t think the death comment means losing a match… it means if dusk taker’s burst point reach zero (ie brain burst auto uninstall), then all the skills, abilities and other things he has taken from other will be gone as well… but it is not confirmed that it is indeed the case in the LN, unless I am missing something… so I don’t know if the comment here is 100% true xD

    2. You got Chiyuri’s skill wrong 🙂

      If you cant resist check the spoiler, but be warned, it is a major spoiler if you can’t stand her now 😛
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Mero you don’t know how much that spoiler calms me down.
        The baka tsuki translation hasn’t reached that point so I didn’t know even this gonna happen.
        Thanks for the spoiler. Now I can continue my day in peace.

      2. Thank you for the spoiler! It calmed me down a little. I hate them coming up with these overly negative cliffhangers at the end of almost every episode. It’s really frustrating. If it wasn’t for the gorgeous Kuroyukihime and this spoiler, I was going to drop the series after this.

        Sinan Çevik
      3. tendo,
        Show Spoiler ▼

    3. Hm… if Haru regains his wings and keeps his Gale Thruster… Isn’t that basically like strapping 4 Mega Boosters onto Cybuster in Cybird mode while casting the accel command?

      Speaking of which
      Cyan Pile= Alt Eisen Nacht
      Silver Crow= Cybuster
      Black Lotus= Astranagant
      Scarlet Rain= Laz Angriff/SRX
      Dust Taker= Einst

      Suppa Tenko
    4. do you think both haru and taku are lil childish this episode?
      don’t forget that noumi threaten them irl , using the footage of haru’s adventure in girl’s changing room.
      beating noumi in BB won’t solve the problem , or even worse he might send the footage to principal and KO haru irl

      el psy congroo
  1. everyone loves Kuroyukihime.

    Proof? That’s practically all the doujins are all about and what’s selling the most this summer, both in C82 and FF20. (That and I dumped my wallet on Kuroyukihime [and Azusa from Sword Art Online] as well…)

  2. Why did she did that!!!!!!!!! damn and here i though that haru would finally have his wings back……..I wander what is the reason chiru did that why!!!!!! damn you chiru and noumi D:

  3. Noumi was actually pretty funny this week, they should sing friendship songs to beat/weaken him, like Xellos in Slayers.
    I think I figured out what Noumi is doing. They did a good job giving hints without making it too obvious or cryptical like it often happens in anime.
    Don’t worry about the delays.

    1. Just a guess here, but – Nomi was “teaching” piggy-boy how to act like a man? As in, to fight without depending ONLY on his ability to fly, as well as ‘teach’ him, although indirectly, about incernate system, in order to prepare him to fight the new generations of linekrs?

      1. wow… that is an interesting theory here… totally didn’t say that coming. I love it 🙂 for the sake of discussion though, I will point to one thing: what did Noumi say about him and burst linkers?

        as to the cliffhanger comment, the LN is the same way, vol.3 ended right at Lime Bell’s grand entry… so we all had our good share of rage xD

  4. I guess it will be probably something along the lines of her doing it, so taku and piggy won’t become like him and they wont be engulfed by hatred. She wanted to save them from taking revenge and acting without thinking. OR they will become friends. I was quite surprised with it too, but there will be some ‘greater’ motive behind this. Probably just her saving them from ‘acting evil’.

    On the side note, where is the red king?

    1. ok, won’t say anything about Chiyu… better to be surprised than to be spoiled, right? xD
      as to scarlet rain (Niko), you won’t see her till after the side story from KYH’s perspective is done… in other words, not for another week or so (more likely no for 2 weeks if they do the whole side story). But don’t worry, she is in the OP, so she will be there for you 🙂

  5. ok, for those of you that wish Noumi arc to be over… you could be happy and rage at the same time… Next week is vol.10 side story about KYH’s trip in Okinawa (relevant to this arc)… So there should be very little Noumi for a week… but the bad thing is that we are left with a huge cliffhanger about the main event now that Chiyu, aka Lime Bell, did that… (yes, Noumi arc is nowhere to be over)

    now to the episode… the action was solid, if not great, I am very happy to see an episode almost entirely focuses on battle. People wanted Taku to beat up Noumi? you had that (although only for a few seconds), Cyan Pile’s pile driver acceleration attack was clever (who thought he can use that to charge at enemy?) Silver Crow didn’t shy away with his trump card either… gale thruster equip scene was awesome, execution in anime is great! Noumi didn’t disappoint either 🙂

    How Noumi, or Dust Taker, learned incarnate system ability remain a mystery, but his fire power is from his demonic commandia special (ie he stole it from other people like the tentacle and the other arm)

    and now to Chiyu, or Lime Bell… I won’t defend her, it is all rage inducing, but please, don’t call it NTR just because she helped the other side… and don’t give up on the show because you are enraged. Keep watching, there is more to it than meets the eye 🙂

    ps. Cherrie, thanks for the post as ever 🙂 now on to KC…
    pps. Darn Sunrise, you are making this cliffhanger even worse than the LN (read more effective)…

  6. OMG Kuroyukihime in bikini (wipes blood off nose)

    Sure, she may not be as well-endowed as Sky Raker, but what’s most important is that her brief appearance this week was more than enough to recharge our spirits from an otherwise depressing and rather annoying arc (mainly its repulsive one-dimension villain). It is perhaps not an exaggeration to say that KYH is the main reason many people watch AW to begin with. LOL

    And I hear that she’ll be getting her side story next week. W00t The cliff-hanger concerning Chiyu’s “double-cross” can wait.

    As for the story, surely it’s not hard to guess that Chiyu only acted under coercion. You may accuse her of being cowardly and not standing up to Noumi like Haru and Taku did, but what would you have done in her situation (wrt her age as well )? Unlike Haru, she did not have the fortune of meeting someone like Sky Raker, nor was she as resourceful as Taku, who consulted KYH as well as did some investigation of his own, not to mention she’s not yet well acquainted with KYH to know how to seek help from her) coupled with the fact that she’s new to AW, makes her rather easy to manipulate.

    Consider this as me playing Devil’s Advocate on Chiyu’s behalf.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Those my friend are some good points. I just went on a kitten killing spree after watching the episode without actually thinking about what could have happened. I guess there is hope for here yet.

  7. Go Taku and Haru combo! I was glad to see Noumi get his ass kicked today. It’s funny when Noumi mentioned Haru training on a mountain, he actually did do something similar. Although Noumi was a rage inducing shithead, Sky Raker and KYH did a pretty good job balancing it out. I especially can’t wait to see more Sky Raker. How is she going to fight in that wheel chair? XD Will she pull off a weaponized wheel-chair Ga-Rei Zero style?

  8. I can stand the character relapse of Haru’s whinyness, the convenient absence of Kuroyukihime, and the horrendous amount of plot induced stupidity. I didn’t even mind what Chiyu did and assumed she had a plan.

    What I can’t stand is having to truck more episodes of seeing Noumi’s smugness. He’s everything wrong about an antagonist. He’s not exciting at all, he has no charisma and nothing compelling to make me want to watch him. I don’t care what they do with him, I just want him gone.

    I really hope this arc was fluke of awfulness in this series.

    1. Please, someone tell me that the rest of the show isn’t all about that Noumi & Chiyu crap. That arc can’t be that long, can it?
      Anways, it’s frustrating that next week we’ll have a sidestory. Kuroyukihime is great and all, but couldn’t they have shown that AFTER the current NTR arc? Unless it has some real relevance of course. Maybe whoever she’ll face in that sidestory is in the same “clan” as Noumi.
      Oh, and considering Noumi, hope he suffers for the rest of his school life. No befriending or pitying please. 😀

      1. well… the side story is certainly relevant to this arc… since it happens chronologically, they will pull off next week… but Noumi arc will not be over, this arc has another vol. to go… and since anime don’t have time to work on the next massive arc (worth 5 volumes of LN), all we have is the conclusion of Noumi arc.

        all I can promise without spoiler is that the arc isn’t bad at all… and hint: Noumi’s word choice and OP 🙂

    1. better be hoping for a season 2 there… she will make another appearance, but her story is, for the most part, over for this arc… her main stage (I mean her story) is vol.5, which is unlikely to be animated this season 🙁

  9. HAHAHA, what is that, AA cup? No, it must be AAA cup! Even almost every posters including dudes here have bigger cleavage than this heroine girl in that picture 3!! eh, while I feel sorry for her inheriting a crappy flatboard breast gene as after that’s what she’s got, but funny is funny nonetheless! LOL! And what is she covering up for? There is nothing to hide! Geez, it’s a pure comedy!

  10. My reactions to every significant moments/scenes in this episode;

    Taku takes on Noumi (Go kick his ass, Taku!)
    Finds out that Noumi knows Incarnate system (Oh, come on!!)
    Noumi turns the table on Taku ( NO!!)
    Haru steps in (Careful, Haru !)
    Haru use his new acquired skills on Noumi (HA!)
    Haru evens the odd with Gale Thruster (HELL YEAH!!)
    Haru and Taku double-teamed Noumi (*Freddy Mercury victory pose*)
    Haru going to deliver the final blow (Yes yes yes yes.)
    Chiyu appears (What?)

    1. Oh, well i should no type at Late Hours and sleepy.

      I mean Inoue from Bleach…
      but then this is not 100% Accurate either.. She denies Reality… Mmm but then let me try this

      You Should not rate a Book from its Cover…

      More and i spoil to much. But i hope to grew some “Curiosity”

  11. Another great job Cherrie-sama, I hope to see (read) you again very soon, go without worry, I will wait with joy for your return.
    Too bad there will be no publication of “kokoro connect”, but I will wait patiently

  12. I think this part is the event that totally drive haru away from Chiyu and make him forever be with hime. Yea yea I read the LN so I know why she did what she did, but just imagine putting yourself in haru’s place at this moment and the sense of betrayal he must have felt during this moment, even thou later on everything becomes clear and all but wouldn’t this event still leaves some sort of emotional scar and a sense of betrayal. I just don’t understand why she didn’t tell Taku thou, we know haru is stupid and can’t keep a secret but I am sure if she talk to taku, then at least they wouldn’t felt so betrayal.

  13. Another great episode of Accel World! Though one that’s ending proved quite rage worthy for some.

    I’ll admit that I’m probably not raging as much as others because I’ve spoiled myself a bit as to what happens next and so I know why Chiyu healed Dust Taker. As such, I don’t feel I have any right to tell someone “just wait and see” if they don’t wish to be spoiled and are just anime-only viewers. But I would say that things in anime are hardly ever what they seem, and that it’s more productive to watch and see how things will turn out by the end of the series than just raging now.

    But as for the episode itself, it was good to see Dust Taker finally get the tar kicked out of him with some awesome teamwork by Haru and Taku. All in all, it was a pretty good fight, and I found it therapeutic to see Noumi’s eye get pierced by Cyan Pile. And it was nice to see Silver Crow get his confidence back and turn the tables on Noumi through the Incarnate system.

    Kuryoukhime in a bikini… she may be 15 and not have the biggest bust size of the cast, but boy does she look good in a swimsuit. I have to say I’ve missed having Kuryoukhime around, from her strong personality to her cute interactions with Haruyuki. I’m excited to see that she’s getting an episode all to herself, since it’s about time she returns to the spotlight.

    And just my personal opinion, but I think it’s good that Haruyki didn’t tell Kuryoukhime about Noumi. Because I have to believe that if she knew about what Noumi had done to him, she would kill Noumi in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. And we can’t have that now can we ;).

    1. quote” And just my personal opinion, but I think it’s good that Haruyki didn’t tell Kuryoukhime about Noumi. Because I have to believe that if she knew about what Noumi had done to him, she would kill Noumi in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. And we can’t have that now can we ;).”

      Why, for scums like Nomi he deserve no less, I do wish that will happen in the end Show Spoiler ▼


      1. Benz, I don’t know, Noumi is certainly hateful… but (big spoilers ahead) Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

      3. Show Spoiler ▼

  14. OK, I’m new to this and haven’t seen it anywhere, but can a player (Chiyu) just join a Battle Royal without anyone noticing it? Maybe they were too busy, or is the fact that she’s a Healer mean that she’s not really in the ‘battle’, and so can join in any time?

    1. I didn’t like how they didn’t explain that much either >_> I thought her appearance was kind of random and how can no one see her name flash up next to Dusk Taker’s?

  15. Ok at the middle of the episode I was chanting “YES YES YES KICK HIS ASS!!!!”. But at the end I started raging “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK WTF WAS THIS???!!!!” I was SOO damn angry I was mean to my family for the rest of the day o.O I’m sorry my loving family :3

    Otherwise this was an amazing episode. I haven’t raged this much since 3rd grade, and I forgot the reason too o.O

  16. Just a Question. If Chiyu “heals” Naomi, does he get his “Points” back too? I just wonder. Or is he now an “Level 1 Newbie”? But then, he still has his annoying Skill and Ego…

  17. This arc has spanned at least 4 episodes so far. From the looks of things, next week will be mainly focusing on Kyh in Okinawa (YAY), meaning this arc is going to stretch even longer…

    Bored already with the constant facepalms…bring on the next arc and more Kyh D:

  18. With that much hate going on here, I’ll just put up with this train of thought:

    Did Chiyu told Kuroyukihime about the incident from her point of view?
    Cause They did chat once already (before Kuroyukihime went for the school trip). Who’s to say that they’re not in constant communication?

  19. Anyone else besides me think that Kuroyukihime may be (SAO) Kirito’s and Asuna’s daughter, since Accel World is set like 20 years in the future of SAO?
    It’s said that her nickname is close to her real name, so I think her real name could be ‘Yuuki Hime’.(Yuuki is Asuna’s family name)

    1. officially speaking, there is no relationship between the two series as the author claimed…
      also if she is indeed the daughter, she would have a different name (spoiler about SAO for those of you who don’t know about SAO)

      but having said that, there are several cross over reference between the series. Vs. Chapter is one, also some attack names and important item names are shared among the two works.

    2. I do not think so 😉 I think if Asuna and Kirito would have been her parents (about forty years old – not old people – I did this), they would definitely would have helped her daughter in her virtual battles.
      Anonymously. “Mom” kicked all “bad guy” ass 🙂

    3. From her avatar alone, we can guess that she played ALO. Whether or not she is blood related to any characters or joined their group/guild is entirely at the writer’s discretion.

      You might also consider the possibility that she is Yui, although that would be… far weirder. Either way, I think there’s a deliberate effort going on to not show who any of the parents are for any of the main characters.

      1. how does black lotus’s avatar makes you think she played ALO? no game character in SAO (pre-alicization) has anything remotely robot looking… so I don’t see how it is possible…

        as to Yui comment, KYH clearly had parents issue (back in hospital scene…), so unless Kirito/Asuna suddenly became “forceful” parents, I don’t see how in the slightest that KYH is their daugher…

      2. JRJ I think he’s referring to her butterfly wings avatar. But anyways, the author has commented that SAO and AW are separate universes and the crossover chapters doesn’t retracts from the previous statements. Just because there’s a Marvel vs DC crossover or a Dragon Ball Z/One Piece crossover doesn’t mean the titles share the same universe.

        As for Yui being KYH, WTF? Putting the separate universes fact aside. 1) She’s originally an AI, pure data. So how can she turn or be inserted into a flesh and blood body in AW. 2) Although AW has quantum brain technology, Fuuko/Sky Raker who has to use cybernetic legs is proof enough that still aren’t sufficiently advanced in biotechnology to make a clone or flesh and blood body for an AI to inhabit. And if she hijacked someones body that would open another big can of worms.

  20. It’s funny how most people are raging at the ending. It was definitely suprising, but I didn’t really feel the need to hate Chiyu because of that. There’s obviously gotta be some reason for it. People need to learn how to be patient and think “maybe theres a good reason”, rather than rage about it and assume Chiyu betrayed them or is a bad character.

    As for the fight, it was pretty awesome. Loved seeing Crow use his incarnate abilities and finally take on Noumi.

  21. NTR feel…

    Yup, but this is a very good twist. If anything, NTR does and can effectively draw more hype. I expect the author was thinking like this.

    Then again, I could be wrong: Baka-Tsuki had been slow these days for Accel World and fast for everything else.

    The Moondoggie
    1. well, a LN reader who bought the book as they came out told me that the gap between vol.3 and vol.4 had a 4 months gap… so the twist and the cliffhanger here sure are mimicking that of the LN… (and it is effective)

      as to Baka-tsuki… don’t know why they couldn’t translate AW faster… wish they could get on the new arc… maybe they are doing the 4 months gap too?

      1. @Cherrie
        No, the releases of volumes of an LN are 3-4 months. So imagine the rage of the readers when they were left with this cliffhanger for volume 3 and had to wait 4 months for the next volume.
        And I think there was a time gap between volume 1 and 2. Inside the story I mean, since Haru jumped from level 1 to 4 there. The Aqua Current arc was in between them just to show SC being level 2.

        As for B-T, yeah it’s pretty slow. There are only 2 active translators and both are kind of slow. The one doing volume 10 is a bit faster than the one doing the main volumes.
        I heard one translator from SAO is gonna help in AW but so far I haven’t seen any peep from him. So yeah.

  22. I think I will have to agree with .Mero about Show Spoiler ▼

    so there is no need to rage. Just imagine Noumi’s suprise next episode: Show Spoiler ▼

  23. Also Show Spoiler ▼


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