「ただ、そんな休日の一時を」 (Tada, Sonna Kyuujitsu no Ichiji Wo)
“Only a Temporary Holiday”

A temporary holiday? It darn well better be.

This week, I think we can pretty much summarize the entire episode in one sentence: “Akatsuki and friends go to the mall”. And when you combine a holiday titled episode, Akatsuki, and shopping for lingerie, the only thing you’ll end up with is… you guessed it! Fanservice.

Notably missing for the last few weeks, this episode really makes it up in spectacular fashion. Really, even spectacular is an understatement, because some 70% of this episode was dedicated to that aspect. I’m alright with it this time around, considering the advancements of the past few episodes… but sadly, this does leave me in the exact predicament I foresaw a few weeks back: being left with nothing really to write about. So, I’ll just go through some points in a quick bullet format:

  • Plot-wise, the two major things that were mentioned involved the random appearances ofKaitou Motoharu. Not much is being revealed about him at the moment, but he’s definitely got a plan for the coming arc… though I don’t get the feeling he’s necessarily an enemy, despite his greetings. The other plot point was the mention of a ranking exam coming up, which should be pretty darn fun to watch, especially with the three gals and Akatsuki on the same team…
  • Akatsuki shows us all his talents this week: strength/fighting ability, his ability to remove lingerie in the blink of an eye, his ability to stand sideways on walls to spy on you, and one new one: the ability to easily choose the proper lingerie for a lady as well. Oh, did I mention what a baller he is for picking out the 14800 yen bra first and for protecting/covering for Miu every chance he gets?
  • Fanservice wise: I’ll direct you to the screenshots above and the full lengths: 08, 09, 10, 15, 17, 20, 32.
  • Gotta love the sudden appearance of Haruka as well. Don’t know how I didn’t see that coming. Lol.
  • And also, nice to see the continued dynamic in terms of the interactions between Miu and Akatsuki. Considering his perverted tendencies, it’s nice to continuously see that he’s no one trick pony to the point where he’s only perverted and nothing else. And on this note, it’s also nice to see the beginnings of Akatsuki’s “harem” beginning to officially form. Nothing like watching the gradual development of interactions between the main character and the rest of the group that’ll inevitably join em’, and nothing like watching one that ain’t overly rushed as well.
  • And last but not least, let’s not forget the not so subtle, but very entertaining moment of Akatsuki and Miu watching Queen’s Blade on TV… heh. Well placed easter egg there.
  • Well, that’s about it I guess. Seems like next week’ll go into a new plot arc/ranking exam, so I’ll catch ya guys back then.




    1. I love how at least 1/2 of the episode is dedicated to the lingerie shop + the changing room and how no-one is bothered by the fact that Akatsuki is in there all the time and even getting away with his antics. His charm level is clearly over..nevermind.

      And that QB appearing on TV could be described as..

      *puts on sunglass*

      PS: Jeez bras can be expensive O_O
      PSS: Who would’ve thought that we’d get a “how to wear a bra properly” guide in anime >_>

      1. “PSS: Who would’ve thought that we’d get a “how to wear a bra properly” guide in anime >_>”
        *Points at the anime series “Chuu Bra!!”* (title is self-explanatory)

    2. relax ep

      where left off boss Akatsuki is counter with some guy til Akatsuki more quick.
      then here handshake give person said something & should meet a person later.
      Akatsuki & miu on food buy then tell get ready for shop mall.
      enter the shop mall cause miu is need new size bra outfit.
      miu is trying but break & oh yikes again boss Akatsuki wall standing again!!!
      after wonder til everyone enter yet next door is vice pres green need protect wear.
      boss Akatsuki relax i got so give miu the massage & 3 time bra size all ok.
      cause boss Akatsuki know which bra & size fit all.
      now plan to do same 3 more girls while grab at same time!!!
      til miu club attack & now pizza want boss Akatsuki in their team to help.
      shop over tv time oh hey time when boss Akatsuki vs qb’s rebel women.
      meanwhile guy that boss Akatsuki got handshake tell a mechanic about boss Akatsuki.

      next ep going fast & driven on it.

    3. Akatsuki, boss of bosses or the new threat to women, to be or not be, that is the question, lol XD. From the epic return to the lingerie department in the personality of Akatsuki, good break from the action but I hope to return to the plot in the next episode. Zephyr a great job, I hope you continue with the series

    4. Like how they never learn their mistake, look up before going to any room next time!!! He is generally a nice guy, but his methods are extreme!!! In order to make one not ashamed, make the rest there ashamed as well…. And it is normal for a guy to be in the fitting room even thought you critise and scolded them, but still let him be in the room…

    5. Zephyr, you are doing great, it is still entertaining to read your post, whether fan service episode or plot episode. So don’t feel pressured or anything 🙂

      now to the show… the plot train has moved to vol.2 of the LN with the introduction of Kaitou. Without spoilers, all I can say about Kaitou is that you will see him again. The only other thing I will add as extra this time around is about the rank exam. While the anime seems to be focusing on Miu’s tsundere side (ok, 95% dere and 5% tsun), there is a little bit of mental calculation Akatsuki went through. He wanted to take student council head on by himself so he can get more fame and rank higher (so to get closer to COCOON), but the downside of that is Miu might be separated from him. But if they work as a team, the team will most likely have the same rank (therefore in the same class in the coming semesters). Akatsuki joined the team not only to create more flags with his harem member (yes, there is that), but also to continue protecting his girls (mostly Miu at this point).

      now some random stuff:
      1. Akatsuki’s claim that he worked for prostitution guild was true and not just a random fact, it does have a connection with future events
      2. Vice pres’s involvement in the shopping incident was an anime original addition, which works surprisingly well. I guess the anime wants to make her part of the Akatsuki harem earlier than in the LN due to time constraint.

      ps. Vice Pres, you seriously should listen to the pro sales lady and get that pair… we need to see if Akatsuki’s magic works on locks or not…

      pps. more vice pres for anyone on her ship next week 🙂

      1. How ZEPHYR got these superb screenshots is one of the things I want to know.

        I know it may be a little late to say this, but please email to me how you got the entire image of the body like that.

    6. This is an outrage!!! How could they mix up an episode of Chu-Bra! in this series.
      Someone’s going to have some ‘splaining to do…

      “A bra is a giftwrap for breast”… Can it be put any more eloquently?

      No matter what he does, the girls love him.
      Of all of Akatsuki’s superpowers, my favourite thus far is his previous work for the prostitution guild.
      What a fun series.

    7. I’m all for a little playful fan service, but this show seems to be borderline sexual harassment. And I find the main dude’s actions not only NOT funny, but repulsive, and a little disturbing that people are so quick to call him an awesome dude, or exclaim “He’s the Man!” just because he is outwardly sexually abusive with girls. This frustrates me :I

    8. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. benz, Show Spoiler ▼

        Show Spoiler ▼

    9. Bah! Just when I was about to add Akatsuki to my ultimate male protagonists list, I had an epiphany. Adding this guy that that stupid list is seriously dumbing down his character – on the level where it would cause murderous discontent.

      We live in a world where male protagonist = sack o’ doggy-do. Akatsuki could crush that world with a fingernail & that still would be OVERKILL.

      Ok, anymore of this silly GAR & I’ll start tearing up~

      May this ascention into BOSS-hood mark the end of the Ritos, Yukinaris, Tarous, Koutas, Kaorus, & etc. of this sad little world.

      I just wish vol.10 would come out NOW!

    10. I think we need a sister website called random ecchiness for that show (and possibly Dakara boku H)…
      I am hoping our hero eventually runs into a shameless girl going commando and being invulnerable to his lingerie tricks – or one locked up properly in chastity belt. So far his antics are becoming predictable…
      All his skills seem to suggest he was a thief with high-level specialization on lingerie (dexterity based fighting style, wall-walking, hide in plain sight…)


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