「Reverberation; 残響」 (Zankyou)

Accel World never seizes to amaze me… just when you think it’s over, it’s really not. It’s only been a week or so since its finale and I already feel a loss that I have to wait for another season (if any). Perhaps it’s because I’ve been following the series for 6 months, but I feel an attachment to Haruyuki and his journey through AW (or his journey to manhood…*cough). He’s not the year’s most improved character, but the cast of AW is fun to watch and I don’t think there’s a lack of excitement in this series at all. I usually find OVAs a good way to bring revive series or love for characters and AW is no exception. Like I said, it’s only been a week but I’ve been itching for another chance to reconnect (aside from reading the novel).

I’m not sure how much of this episode was original material or straight from the novel, but it was a great episode for development nonetheless. Main plotline aside, I thought it drew the audience back to the focus of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime’s relationship. Sometimes I feel like they’re taking steps back (rather than forward) in their relationship because I never thought that Kuroyukihime was so insecure. But trust me, I know how that feels and I don’t blame her for her swaying moods. I don’t speak for all females but step it up guys! It’s understandable that you’re willing to do what we want, but it doesn’t hurt to be more manly and confident in yourselves too. It’s a comforting feeling knowing that you have someone you can depend on who will take care of you after all.

I’m getting distracted now…
So as a whole, I thought the episode was a great way to bring back the spirit of AW. It was a short and well confined episode that had the character development, the plot movement and a story from start to end. If Dushka was an original character, I could understand why she lacked the backstory of typical villains in AW. The “world” of which had no gravity was also an interesting battle field. It was fun watching Chiyuri finally behave as part of the team and seeing all their transformations was hilarious! Especially Takumu who ended up… without arms and legs. Haruyuki had the most awkward wings too… on his ears! The entire battle sequence was well animated and although the ending was cheesy – I couldn’t have imagined it to have ended any other way. Perhaps this is a foreshadowing for Burst Linkers as well; the sole winner might end up alone too.

Anyway, the OP and ED was also a reminiscent point and listening to it again reminds me of what a great tie the ED was. Hands down – I love the first OP and ED more. This episode was a great standalone feature and regardless of whether it’s a “filler” or actual material from the novels, I still think it adds to the story. It’s like the aftermath for the season finale and that’s why I didn’t mind revisiting it. I find that most OVAs don’t add value to the overall story, but AW gives a little extra for those who have seen it – especially with Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime. So if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the extra half hour for AW fans.

Full-length images: I miss doing full-length images of cute female characters and pigs.


  1. Black Lotus Accel-Assault version! I must say, combining the beauty of Kuroyukihime and the coolness of Black Lotus Brain-Burst version is awesome! Looking forward to the possibility of a Cosmos-Corrupt version.

    Mixed Milkshake
  2. this makes me wonder what it would be like if the avatars in the accelerated world were like this as well.
    also, the gattai[combination] thing could’ve been a nice tactic as well.
    course, we all know accel world is about haru’s ever expanding harem and less about the virtual world, ne?

    before i forget, it’s ceases

    amazed by your seizures
  3. Love this episode. Don’t really care wherether it’s original or adapted from the novel ‘cos it’s extremely entertaining. I totally lost it when Taku get fisted by Chiyu. 😀

    Hopefully the next season (I can dream, you know!) will be just as entertaining if not more.

  4. Oh wow, Taku getting fisted by Chiyu was just epic LOLworthy, Taku moaning in ecstasy/agony(?) just made it even funnier.

    So this Accel Assault 2038 like the beta-version of Brain Burst 2039? I much prefer this version with their semi-organic looking avatars where we could see the girls’ faces rather than the Transformer robotic-like faces on BB. Of course, that would compromise the users’ identity, which was probably why the developers decided to abandon it.

    KYH/Black Lotus AA-version just looks gorgeous, and there’ll be a KYH AA-version Figma to be released by next January.


    Kinny Riddle
    1. No, no, no. AccelAssault2038, or Trial#1 as the developer and the Originators (the first generation Burst Linkers without parents) called it, wasn’t abandoned because of the fear of identity compromise. Out of the three games made, AccelAssault2038 and CosmosCorrupt2040 were both abandoned because they both lack a certain ‘element’ which may be present in BrainBurst2039, that’s why Brain Burst still operates while the other two were shut down.

      Mixed Milkshake
  5. This episode didn’t seem to be part of the novel, but it was fun nonetheless. KYH equipped with Haru’s wings looks very delish while Chiyuri equipped with Takumi’s piledriver was just funny. XD

    The Moondoggie
  6. Mixed Milkshake… you stole everything I wanted to say… but man, it is a good OVA episode… Haru certainly reminds me of a reverse Alto Hime (though there is no love triangle here…)

    I guess Haru doesn’t know enough about accel assault at this point so technically he will still be surprised when he is formally introduced to accel assault 2038…

    too bad there is not enough Fuuko in this, but alas, we need season 2 all the more now!
    thanks for the coverage as always, cherrie! glad to read your posts 🙂

    1. I notice that too. I half expected a cap of that and also a Full Length of KYH after she transfer to her new look but it was skipped. :[

      Did anyone caught the ‘OLYMPICS’ sign on the street before Haru was taken off in the bike ride?


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