「Determination; 決意」 (Ketsui)

We’re nearing the end of Accel World and I can’t believe how quickly this 2-cour show flew by. Have I already been blogging for 6 months? Oh damn…

The fight involving Rust Jigsaw (Hino Satoshi) was short-lived and although there wasn’t much of a resolution with him, his loss was the reason that Haruyuki came to his huge epiphany. I was a little disappointed by the lack of detail revolving Rust Jigsaw, but it seemed like he served his purpose. Blood Leopard was used in the same manner too. I felt that they were characters brought in to introduce a link or deliver a message and then they would just disappear. I’m not too fond of that idea since it has happened multiple times now (Crikin, Megumi, Sky Raker etc.). It would bring a lot more dimension to each of these characters if they were brought back and had further stories to tell. I’m assuming that won’t be until season 2, if there ever is one.

The most heartbreaking scenes in this series always go to Chiyuri. This is probably the second most emotional moment I’ve seen since episode 3 (when Haruyuki was checking to see if she was Cyan Pile). Actually, episode 14 comes close to being emotionally traumatizing as well. I think the show does a great job manipulating my feelings for Chiyuri when it comes to Haruyuki. Mainly because the audience knows how close they are and yet how they can’t really be “together” even though they care so deeply for each other. I felt bad for Haruyuki as well when Chiyuri mentioned that he could “have” her in real life anytime, but that is just accusing of Haruyuki of being a pig (no pun intended!). There are very few moments which my respect for Haruyuki rises, but by walking away from Chiyuri (half-naked) and still holding up his promise to save her, I give him a lot of credit. Chiyuri overstepped many boundaries by stripping and it rubbed me the wrong way.

Now for the answers that we were all waiting for… how does Noumi get away with it? Well here’s a quick and fast answer for all those that were waiting for this huge epic organization to come out and expose their secrets. Noumi has long since been implanted with a chip that allows him to connect to networks without listing his name. Simple as that. Now what does Haruyuki choose to do about it? Well, since this IS an anime about Brain Burst and Accel World, obviously it has to be a duel to the end wagering all your points. I’m not sure how that’s going to go down, but I guess that will bring us to the end of this season. I hope it ends up with Noumi being suspended and getting this chip dislodged from his cerebrum (ew, that’s a nasty thought).

Also, I have no idea how they’re going to bring Kuroyukihime back into the midst of the battle. It was mentioned by Takumu that even their master couldn’t defeat the Noumi/Chiyuri duo, so how is she going to come back and what’s going to happen when she does? I’m curious since they dropped that beach shot at the end. However, I still don’t think it’ll be a detrimental change to the plot line going forward.

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  1. Honestly, I am surprised that I got so into the show since its release. The show keeps evolving to be something more. On another note, I think it’s just going to be Taku, Haru and Chiyu who are going to deal with Noumi. When Kuroyukihime I think everything will be cleared; this is a challenge for these 3 to see if they can overcome such obstacles. This arc is mainly to prove the independence of the three without their Level 9 master there to help. Then again, that’s just my opinion and hope.

  2. The Rust Jigsaw fight left a lot to be desired considering it was supposed to be a cliffhanger… ._.

    But Chiyu’s frilly lingerie made everything better, although I cannot get it in my head why so many babes fall for a tubby like Haru…

    Loved the mention of NerveGear and as I’ve read the Accel x SAO join up story, hehe 😉

    Wonder if they’ll animate that o_o I hope they doo… IT WOULD BE INTERESTING… SO INTERESTING…

  3. I don’t know what happens in the light novels, but what I think Chiyu needs to do is take some time to like herself single. CLEARLY her relationship with Takumu is not working and he doesn’t deserve this kind of thing happening behind his back ALL THE DAMN TIME.

    1. When all this started I didn´t like Takumu at all, I saw his complex with Haruyuki as childlish but after this I think I understand the pain he felt when he saw the girl he loves caring so much for another guy, to top it up his very best friend.

      Chiyuri you don´t deserve a boyfriend as good and kind as Takumu nor a friend as loyal as Haruyuki, not after what she pulled this time. She should´ve though how Haru must have felt at the moment, at tentation that could stab his friend in the back, that girl is going to destroy their friendship at this peace.

      1. A-fucking-men. At first I thought it was kind of cute that she was still pining for Haru despite being with Taku (though I still have no idea why since he’s a tiny blob of whiny fat, but that’s beside the point). I thought that there would be a scene LIKE this but ultimately she would come to her senses and eventually look at Taku in a better light.

        Instead, we’ve had little to no scenes of her and Taku just BEING A COUPLE THAT HAS MUTUAL ATTRACTION, and more and more scenes of her and Haru being put into convenient situations that develop THEIR relationship, which would be fine IF SHE WASN’T ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP. Episode 5, I can blame that on Haru for taking slight advantage to gain intel on Cyan Pile (who turned out to be Taku, but that’s been taken care of). Episode 14, I can just interpret as her helping out a friend to keep him out of trouble that just happened to be a typical anime fanservice scene.

        But here…there’s just no excuse. You’re a nice girl, Chiyu, but you need to get your shit together.

      2. Oh, come on, poor girl. In reality you don’t that many girls with pure thoughts and clear intentions but more unsecure of what they want and bird filled brain, especially in their fifteens. The girl has feelings for his two childhood friends, she want all and knows she can’t but even she tries.

        I think this anime really nailed her and Noumi’s personality.

      3. kids growing up around their age will always do things they shouldn’t do in relationships. and when her and taku started going out she was how old? she probabaly cant even tell what love is at that time and liked them both) so she started going out with taku cause he asked first. this was hinted in one of the early episodes

        besides she was only making a point to piggy telling him brain burst is just a game and in real life she hasnt been stolen and how she now pretty much admits she has feelings for him ( iuno how he didn’t get what she was doing) like someone draw him a picture.. anyway yeah pretty common for girls around that age to be indecisive and doesn’t make things clear

      4. “Kids are dumb when they are kids” is not a justification for bad use of a character.

        It doesn’t make her character any more sympathetic and it’s a vehicle for fanservice that actually just makes it awkward (except that no one will get that tone because LOL NUDITY). If you think that Haru’s a dense protagonsit for not realizing her feelings, then Chiyu’s a freaking airhead if she can’t realize that if she’s still got feelings for him. And if she DID know that and she’s literally still throwing herself at him, why is she continuing to be in a relationship with her OTHER closest friend who she obviously likes less than Haru? This isn’t deep or thought-provoking drama, it’s fanservice provided by a stupid teenage girl being stupid.

        That said, I don’t think she’s the devil or anything. I just wish she would at least show a sign that she cares about Taku more than just as a silver medal. Or if, god forbid, Taku realizes all this, that he seriously rethink his options. Either way, Taku and Chiyu’s relationship has just stayed pointlessly complicated throughout the entire show and I just want that to be resolved in some way by the end.

    1. I imagine it would be with a lot of “NOOOOOOOO!!! I am invincible!!! How could this be!?! ARRRGH!!!” and a lot more cliche Evil-Overlord-wedgie-time exclamation.

      Fits a goddamn assh0le like him.

      The Moondoggie
      1. Kirito is way too overpowered… it is really almost nothing he can’t overcome… (which is 100% good…)

        but black lotus on the other hand… is not as strong… it is true that she can’t really solo against flying + long range firepower + healing all at once… (the LN stressed on this too). Also be aware that black lotus is by no means the strongest avatar in the game…

      2. I wouldn´t say Kirito is overpowered, he just has a strong determination to see things though but in the other hand Kuroyukihime is full of regrets and traumas created by his past actions and maybe something even deeper. When Kirito is up to something he goes all the way with all he got.

  4. Ugh Noumi is back, but at least we’re starting to see signs of his imminent collapse thanks to some smart thinking by Haru.

    As I was saying in the new SAO episode thread, in the space of 24 hours (Japan broadcast time) fans get a treat of Kawahara Reki girls stripping to their bra. Phwoar

    While Taku did said Chiyu wasn’t that sort of scheming person, I think in such an occasion, in her desire to protect her friends from the threat that is Noumi, she may have somehow understood the principle of “In order to fool your enemies, you must first fool your friends.” Hence her deciding to go “undercover” without Haru and Taku knowing, slowly earning Noumi’s trust and learn his weaknesses so that she may bide her time and betray him when the timing is right.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. The thing is, the anime adaption is insinuating that Chiyu sees KUROHIME as the enemy. Noumi is just a means to an end–from this episode, it’s clear that she’s just using him to get to Haru. Our piggy hero is still too oblivious to realize that.

  5. Try all you want Chiyuri, but I ady jump off the fanboy club of yours. (But I do feel bad for her too)

    Being AW cast and having to look at Noumi is suffering.

    I hope it ends up with Noumi being suspended and getting this chip dislodged from his cerebrum

    Sounds like a good idea for me.

  6. Nomi aside, this is another great episode. Nice to see that Haru have something to go up against Nomi. It’s really nice to see that effing smug being wipe from his face.

    As much as I enjoyed this episode, I can’t help but feel that it would get much, MUCH worst in the next episode. It seems that preview hinted that we might be seeing Haru vs(?) Chiyu. Hopefully not.

    PS: Nerve Gear in my Accel World? Now I really, REALLY want a SAO/AW crossover.

  7. I think if Black Lotus come back straight away, Chiyu and Nomi will stand no chance at all. The moment the battle start, Lime Bell would probably be dead already…

    And what is Chiyu doing? Still want to slap her, have to slap her, need to slap her. Sometimes people have to learn it through the hard way. SLAP HER!!!

    And Haru too, stop sugarcoating everything, man up and do whatever you want, I recommend watching Breaking Bad, teach you how to man up!!!

    Nomi is brilliant as usual, not his ideas and stuffs but him being a wonderful antagonist for everyone to hate and want to kill him…

  8. Thankfully all that how is he hiding from the network worrying seems to have amounted to something considering that the whole time I was just going “And what are you going to do if you can duel him?” Just beating someone isn’t really that big a deal and he can’t do even that in a 1v1 right now. The whole time it was obvious he needed some RL way of fighting him and blackmail works alright.

    Also about the deal, Noumi said that you have the chip and I have the video but didn’t he already show the video to the teachers/internet? At least considering all that stuff about people blaming him I’d assumed so. And the deal was basically for a fight to death, has he already given up on his wings? I felt like it’d be a way better use of the situation if he’d said give my wings back instead of an all out duel in the current situation where Noumi is just way OP with all his abilities.

    1. Noumi can’t show the video to the authority because Haru already knows the real identity of Dusk Taker… if Noumi shows the video, Haru will be expelled from school, but at the same time Haru could expose Dusk Taker’s RL identity to real world PK groups so Noumi’s life as a Brain Burst user is effectively over…

  9. Well, that latter half was odd to say the least. So Noumi now wants to take over the school (really?) and wants to take out Haru, who he was farming for points earlier. I guess the latter makes some sort of sense, but the former was well… let’s not get into that. I thought it was pretty damn convenient too that there just happens to be a spot at the Unlimited Field where you can bet all of your Burst Points. That was pretty out of the blue, but I’ll roll with it for now I guess.

    I don’t have much complaints aside from those, although the guys at Sunrise really need to rethink Noumi’s facial expressions. I can’t be the only one who has trouble taking those seriously.

  10. Although character like Rust Jigsaw and Blood Leopard (even Ash Roller and Sky Raker for that matter) don’t seem to be playing big roles in the story, it doesn’t mean that they are just here to serve one purpose alone… it is just that the time to tell their stories haven’t come (Sunrise is faithful with the LN for the most part here), so if we get a season 2, we will see some more story for the characters that only seems to serve trivial purposes…

    I think the LN tried really hard to make readers “hate” Chiyu, or at least make them confused about her… the anime sort makes it a little easier for us, but still, I felt it was successful at changing the image of her… xD

    and the battle will be on starting next week! awesome… how they are going to bring KYH back? all the hints are already in the previous episodes… but for now let’s just say the fight should be rather epic 🙂

      1. I hope so too!!
        AW has a really big story… in fact part of the story even took 11 volumes to unfold… and not to mention the next arc (vol.5-9) will be a total blast if animated xD
        but I agree, it is all about the sales… (sign)

  11. It’s hard to think about Chiyu, she is a nuisance. Not bothers me that she likes Haru, it bothers me to remain Taku “girlfriend”. It is very sad to see Taku loves Chiyu, but she barely pays him attention. And if not worse, he clearly knows his relationship with her is void and as she is with Haru. It is something quite sad to Taku, and unfair to him this “suspended” in that way. He could easily make clear the thing and end it, but keeps his hopes.
    This is what makes it hard for me to like Chiyu, but seeing it from the realistic point of view, that’s what makes a girl her age without the maturity to lead a relationship like dating, it’s just my point of view, sorry if I disagree with someone, it’s just my view.

    But that does not let this be a great episode in terms of action and story progression.

    1. well, the anime didn’t make it clear, but in the LN, it is suggested that the relationship between the three of them “reset” after the incident in first arc… the LN describes their relationship as an equilateral triangle till Taku started to going out with Chiyu, then after the incidence, their relationship has been back to a triangle again… but this time we can see that Chiyu does have more affection toward Haru…

    2. Just concentrate on the positive:
      – Blood leopard is a great character, your avatar is sexier than it looked in illustrations of the novel. I hope we see more of her in the second season.
      – I already want the return Kuroyuki, the series is not as entertaining without it, and that makes clear that she belongs Haru, lol XD. Really it misses the frankness of Kuroyuki.

    3. It is less clear in the anime, but Taku and Chiyu are no longer in a relationship due to the incident with him creating a backdoor in her Neurolinker. She broke up with, but wanted to still remain friends, hence why Taku is “waiting” for her final decision, though its quite apparent who she has romantic feelings for.

    1. the intended reason is that she want to prove that she is not under the manipulation of Noumi… That she is doing something embarrassing on her own so that she is not completely controlled by Noumi…

      but in effect, it is fan service and appeal to those viewers who hates what she did but could always be bribed by nice boobs…

      1. ^ I was thinking the same thing as Rayzakk. She was basically claiming that just because Noumi had her in one dimension didn’t mean that he controlled “all of her”. It’s a twisted way of thinking but oh well… fanservice nonetheless…

  12. I wonder if SAO and AW are on the same time line just a lot of years of difference as SOA been the begging of the VR technology and AW already is on a new type of VR maybe…………..ha!!!!!!!!!!! suits you right Noumi https://randomc.net/image/Accel%20World/Accel%20World%20-%2022%20-%20Large%2034.jpg
    Having your secret been found out there is no where to run!!!!!! it is sad it just 24 ep D: I hope they make a second second season the LN has already publish 12 volumens so there should not be a problem regarding lack of content……….I hope they do a second season 😀

  13. With a few revelations, Accel World sets the stage for the final fight of its presumed first season.

    The fight between Silver Crow, Blood, Leopard, and Rust Jigsaw was nice, even if it served more as a plot device than anything else. At the very least, Pard got to show herself off after all that buildup to her appearance. I’m surprised she’s a close-combat avatar when the Red Legion specialize in long range, but I guess her speed makes up for it since with it she can be a major threat to both types. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Pard’s joined Haruyuki’s harem yet, but at the very least she now has respect for him after the fight and that’s always a good start.

    My belief that Chiyu has ulterior motives for helping Noumi aside, her “ravish me Haru” scene left me both with respect for Haruyuki and empathy for Chiyu. This has to be the directest Chiyu has been with telling Haruyuki about her feelings for him, which had gotten muddled over time thanks to Taku, and Haruyuki’s own distancing from his friends. Maybe if she’d been more upfront about it from the beginning and rejected Taku, things might have been different. But Haruyuki still refuses to take advantage of her, and in the end says he believes in her. It’s not what she wanted of course, but saying that to someone after said person has visibly pretty much betrayed you shows that you really do care very much about that person.

    Ah Noumi… I would probably be raging as much as everybody else by now if not for Haruyuki finally breaking him by figuring out his entire game. That face was just priceless. Props to Haruyuki for taking seemingly random moments and linking them together to find the truth. Silver Crow isn’t the strongest Avatar by far, but Haruyuki’s experience playing video games, along with his keen intuition, make him both a threat in the Accelerated World and the real world as Noumi learned firsthand. I have to also concede that Noumi’s plan was pretty ingenious as well, using a retro version of the Neuro-Linker to ensure no one could ever find him on the Matching List. In a future with a new generation of technology, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone, let alone a teenager, making use of the older generation.

    And hey, nice reference to Sword Art Online! Even when the two shows are done by different animation studios, the links between them are still readily apparent.

    Now all that’s left is the fight with Dust Taker, though I can’t help but think there’s still more going on, especially with who exactly Noumi is working for. If I had to take a guess, Noumi might receive back up from the organization during the fight as their true goals and intentions for using Brain Burst are finally revealed. Though whatever may occur, I’m very excited for the end of Accel World.

    1. How’s she’s like Misaka? Misaka is a strong, reckless onee-sama who bash through, no-holds-barred. She doesn’t need Touma to solve most of her problems. In contrast, Chiyuri is a gentle girl.

      The Moondoggie
  14. Ok, now the childhood friend is offering herself naked to the meatball. Ok for the suspension of disbelief, but how is it possible that all the girls are hanging too the most ugly protagonist EVER (oh, and he’s a crybaby too). I’m missing the usual, friendly, average male protagonist… this is ridiculous.


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