OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「Burst The Gravity」 by ALTIMA
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「Arrestation; 策略」 (Sakuryaku)

Finally! A new OP and ED! And if that’s not enough, we get more awesome shower scenes – this time with Chiyuri and Haruyuki actually in the midst of it.

First things first though, the new opening and ending themes! Did they live up to my expectations? To be honest, not really. The reason being is because I probably grew too attached to the old ones; especially the ending which I thought fit in with every cliffhanger. The new songs fall a little short for me, although it might take me a while to fall in love with them too. The new opening and ending scenes on the other hand are so beautiful! I love all the shots featuring Kuroyukihime (and the feathers) and the whole ending is devoted to her! I’m not sure what the Black Lotus vs. Kuroyukihime theme is about… I’d like to hope she’s not actually schizophrenic. Anyone also mind telling me what’s up with the joyride between Ash Roller and Silver Crow?

And now we can discuss the lovely shower scene.
There was one earlier on featuring Kuroyukihime, and later on, an unforgettable Yuniko. Obviously we can’t neglect Chiyuri’s. It never seizes to amaze me how Haruyuki always finds himself in the most uncomfortable situations. Not to mention that they would never happen in real life. I mean… really?! My first instincts to hide someone in the shower are not to push him against a wall with my chest. I guess if the door is semi-opaque, you can likely see shadows… but I still stand by what I said. These situations give boys false hope that they will actually be thrown into a shower with their best friends. I guess for the sake of television, everything is possible though so I will not say it is impossible.

Now I will begin my rant on Noumi! Who is the most disrespectful little brat I’ve seen in a long time! What is his problem? Where does all this hate for Haruyuki and Chiyuri come from? Not to mention that he knows all their identities and secrets… This kid needs a good smacking (like Joffrey from Game of Thrones). I still don’t know what his intentions are and it pisses me off that he thinks he holds a lot of power over them, bullying others and even harassing Chiyuri like that made me shiver in my seat. His avatar also looks like a monster of some sort with the tentacles as arms. I wonder what kind of childhood he had then…

I thought this episode also made a good case for Chiyuri and Takumu’s relationship. A lot of people argue that Chiyuri shows more affection towards Haruyuki than Takumu and I agree… I think the show heavily implies that Chiyuri might like Haruyuki more than friends. However, this episode proved that Chiyuri also cares a lot about what her boyfriend thinks and she doesn’t want any misunderstands between her and Takumu. I know a lot of people will probably disagree and don’t see how Chiyuri and Takumu are still together (I find it hard to believe too), but I think their relationship is built on a lot of trust and they’ve already made it past that awkward hump. The fact that they’re still together must say a lot about their relationship so I hope people will give them some credit.

Full-length images: I know you all love them, so here are more shower scenes for y’all


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「ユナイト」 (Unite) by 三澤紗千香 (Sachika Misawa)
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      1. OH COME ON.
        We now know all the future characters and their avatar, we know that Nomi is a player (no surprise here but I was excepting a little something), we know that Ghost Rider guy is coming back (and I can guess his identity)…

        Of course There are always spoilers with new OP (except for some, like in the early Bleach, when they made an OP full of non-existent battles) and it’s not as bad as Fairy Tail’s OP but still, now we Will know who is a player and what his avatar look like.

      2. So, the only things that have been “spoiled” is that there will be new characters that also have avatars (because otherwise, why would we care) and that characters who haven’t shown up in awhile will return (because otherwise, why would we care).

        WOW, WITH SO MANY KEY DETAILS GIVEN RIGHT OFF THE BAT. We obviously know everything that’s going to happen just by watching the opening, so why even bother watching the show, right?!

        Seriously though, you guys have to quit confusing “spoilers” with “teasers”. Teasers are meant to give hints as to the plot’s advancement without giving the whole thing away, like trailers, which is basically what an opening and ending are supposed to be for the section of the show it’s used for. You can’t fit 12 episodes of plot into 90 seconds, no matter how hard you try.

    1. well, spoiler or not… all the OP did was to introduce new characters… and I assure you, all of them will play a part in the arc… but they tells you nothing about the plot… (although you can guess who is with what faction lol…)

  1. About Ash Roller
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I think I found the ED far funnier than it actually is… UMBRELLA SMASH!

  2. Plot holes: the episode. I’ll unleash some Frodo questions:

    1. Why didn’t Haru or Chiyu record their conversation with Noumi?
    2. Why there’s no high school security camera filming the entrances to the locker rooms? Noumi should have been caught when he entered the girls’ locker room to set up his trap. Unless he’s not working alone, this was too convenient for him.

    Any LN reader that knows what’s up? This whole blackmail scenario felt too forced.

    1. we don’t know that your first idea hasn’t happened without our knowing it, but the second one you could explain by his seemingly top grade hacker ability, he hacked Haru’s vision! I’m sure a school cam could be altered accordingly. I spose they could hack their way out of it too lol. hacking dues ex virus. it all seems plausible to me but i’m always last to figure out hyouka too, 😛

    2. Agree 100%. Anyway the best response with an asshole like this is say ‘sure go ahead!’. Their threats of revealing all are empty as they will be exposed at the same time. There is some justification I guess as to why Haru would not as he is used to being bullied but Chiyuri?? She would rather let some leach grope her??

      Overall this episode was particularly lame. The villain was just a one dimensional asshole. This has moved from my watch to ‘might pick it up later’ spot now.

    3. To answer your questions, I’ve read a bit of the LN as well as read some summaries.

      As to the recording, yes they have the tech on their Neuro Linkers that’s why handheld cameras are obsolete, and rarely seen outside of antique/second hand shops, as pointed out by Haru when Noumi mentioned how he sneaked one into the shower room. But because of privacy concerns there are restrictions to the use of Neuro Linker recording. One instance of this is when Haru was surprised at his picture that KYH took and he ask how and when she took it, imprying she can bypass such restrictions with her h4ck1n9 sk1llz.

      Iirc from the LN there were cameras but again for privacy concerns, they are the shower rooms after all, they don’t reach down to their entrances or something.

    4. Conversation also involves talk of AW, which would create complications if it were ever exposed to outsiders, regardless of whether outsiders believe them or not, the risk is more with exposing themselves to other hostile Burst Linkers.

      Kinny Riddle
  3. Man, I wanted Taku to come out and smoke Noumi in the face.

    I wish that with all this fancy technology they would be able to prove their innocence by, oh, idk, say record the entire conversation when Noumi is unveiling his plan by that tree? lol

  4. I think Chiyuri handle the shower situation very mature.
    As for Noumi, I hope Kuroyukihime will squash him like a bug later on, or he should at least get PUNCHED!! He really piss me off. xP

  5. Now I know why everyone said this new arc would be rage inducing. I actually found myself gritting my teeth and yelling out “STAY AWAY FROM CHIYU YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” to my computer screen. (Sorry screen). I loved this episode. The first time a heart felt outburst actually escaped from my mouth over an anime. Dat Shower Scene <3 .

    Epic Opening is epic. "Tera Faster Stage!?" (Oh Yeah Yeah !!) "Now you tell me where you wanna go!" (Accel World!!). And I miss the old ED song but the new ED is funny xD

  6. Haruyuki = Accel World’s Yuki Rito (To Love-Ru)?

    also, about Chiyu/Taku/Haru’s relationships… i never once saw how there was a problem. friendships and couple relationships are very different things and you can’t really just lump both together into one blob of feelings. both bring forth different interactions and thoughts, and are entirely different sets of relations. you can be better friends with someone than with your spouse.

  7. I’ve got nothing but complaints.

    They’re trying too hard to make Noumi look like the most evil guy on earth. They might as well have thunderclouds and fire breathing dragons following this guy around. If you give this guy a monocle and a sweet handlebar stache, you have the quintessential James Bond villain. Characters like Noumi tend to be completely one dimensional and are just there to create conflict. He needs motive, not “Look at me, I’m so evil” hijinks. Accel World has problems with emphasizing only one character trait and atmosphere building.

    Also, the physical full burst just popped out of nowhere and stinks of plot device. A cognitive ability with seemingly little drawbacks that powerful just popped into existence. Instead of duking it out, which I do understand, Haru should have just called his bluff. But since that would void the plot, the viewers have to slog through it.

    And I also laughed during the Noumi Chiyu hostage scene. If you think about it, its, well, the same as every blackmail NTR porno every created with the cable and Chiyu’s neck replacing… you know.

    1. for one… Naomi is as evil in the LN if not more… so nobody should complain about that… and if you know what he had been through, you will understand why he acts the way he does… (that will be revealed later in the arc)

      second… about physical burst and physical full burst, the latter has been shown early on, so no surprise there. the former, which is a toned down version of it, shouldn’t come as a huge surprise either. to be honest, by your logic, the whole brain burst program is a plot device… I don’t see any problem with it… in fact, this is kind of like what happens in RL when people abuse their power (just not so awesome power)

      and the last part… well, I don’t know how many NTR stuff you have seen… I totally don’t see that as NTR for one (Chiyu is not willing to be held hostage)

  8. Yea, I am not the only one that thought that guy was like Joffrey.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    It might of been better to wait another week before switching openings cause:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. Now some of u see what I hate about this arc the most is the bad guy at the end did not get the punishment he rightly deserve, Show Spoiler ▼


  10. Besides the reasons you pointed out, I also don’t like the new villain because he’s lacking way too much in charisma. Even before watching this episode and seeing what he did to Chiyu, I didn’t even give a shit about him. Since it’s obvious they WILL beat him up anyway, I’m pretty much just waiting for the time when they’ll kick his ass like a chore. Unless Accel World turns out to be one of those stories where the heroes doesn’t win but I doubt that will happen. Sadly judging by the OP it seems like it’ll take some time. Maybe it won’t though. You never know. With OPs that tend to “spoil”, there’s actually a lot of instances where the things shown in the OPs doesn’t happen at all.

    1. OP seems to go up to volume 4, with some chapters from volume 10. So we most likely won’t see the person you want to see. Besides volume 4 is a good place to end season 1 (if there’s more than 1 season.

    2. I wish they could do vol. 5 as well… but that guy you are asking first showed up in vol.4 in the LN… so too bad we won’t see his awesome full power, but I will keep my finger crossed… Sunrise better pump out a season 2 with that awesome 5 volume long arc!

  11. About Ash Roller’s joyride that seems all too weird and not fit anywhere,

    Show Spoiler ▼

    And who the heck is the pink heart avatar/girl in third pic of OP? Anybody knows?

    1. Shes from vol. 10 LN a side story of sort the same as those two in the fourth pic. Don’t wanna spoil whole story but shes actually mad strong or rather her special power is mad useful. I think that the LN storyline would have been so different if the kings know about her power.

    1. Hahaha, you reminded me of a really funny reverse-NTR Accel World H-doujin.

      (SC56) [Digital Lover (Nakajima Yuka)] D.L.action 68 (Accel World)

      The plot goes kinda like this: After the night’s round, KuroHime (a possessive girlfriend) cables with the sleeping Haru to check out his recorded vision. She finds that he not only recorded their love making, but also how he cheated on her with the entire female cast. And in the last page, she finds a hidden recording with…. Takumu! XD

  12. You have to love the security cameras they have in this world.

    For everyone’s safety they seem to have them everywhere… except for all of the convenient places they don’t have a single one where all of the bullies just congregate.

  13. New opening with spoilers and my curiosity is triggered, XD.
    I have read the comments on further in the story and, in addition to being hooked on seeing when they passed, wanted to see pictures of the new characters as Sky Raker, and who is the avatar as robot-screw in the opening?

      1. I never imagined an avatar designed as elegant and refined, XD. Really, it never crossed my mind that this was the appearance of the avatar of “Sky raker”, so delicate and feminine for a fighting game.

      2. Sky Raker is my favorite character in Accel world, she is just so hot and sexy, funny too.
        Theres an on-going joke about Haru have this attraction for older women, Hime, raker, pather, and the latest the twin blade from blue side. Funny thou I guess haru is that fat chubby little brother that these female all see, their motherly love just can’t help but take care of him XD.

      3. well, sky raker is indeed an awesome avatar… so is the RL person 🙂 well, just hope sunrise will pump out a season 2 so we can see her to shine even more xD

        as to the older sister joke, Taku has to take some blame for it… he is the one that constantly reminding Haru about it… Though if Niko/scarlet rain is a combo breaker, wait till you see UI/Ardor Maiden if we have a season 2… Haru the lolicon xD

  14. Thank you Noumi! This is my favorite part of the LN – seeing Haru slapped around like the little bitchwad that he is. It was a pleasure to read what was going through Haru’s mind after what happen in the Duel – and I for one had a smile on my face, as well as a slight boner, as I read and reread that pathetic little pigs thoughts.

  15. I’m curious about what are the qualities of the black-type avatars. Black Lotus fight with swords and cut by a touch. Roller Ash (¿Ash is black right?) his/her body is weak but his bike is his power. And Dusk Taker (LN readers already know about this, and I do not hide spoilers). What do they have in common to have a black avatar? Are their personalities or their traumas?. All I can say is they are great skills and their designs are of my favorites.

    1. Ash Roller isn’t black. It’s a variant of green approaching blue (yeah i know it makes no sense). To be honest there really isn’t many black avatars so far to analyze. Only two pure black avatars are known so far and their skills are vastly different, at least from the little skirmish lotus and the other one had with each other.

    2. well… KYH in vol. 10 vs chapter (cross over chapter with SAO) Show Spoiler ▼

      apparently the property of black is intentionally undefined at this point, and as said above, only two true black avatar are confirmed in the LN so far.

  16. With Kuroyukihime away, the cute ED of her jealously whacking her alter-ego over who gets to own the piggy became the last remaining thing that draws me to put up with what seems to be a quite depressing arc, featuring a jackass that’s actually succeeding in making the audience grind their teeth.

    Kinny Riddle
  17. I think Chiyuri if she would of told Takumu about the situation I don’t think he wouldn’t stop trusting her. Haru and Taku were trying to find some evidence that the brat was a burst linker. Haru didn’t know that was the Girls shower room and for that it was a complete accident. Taku didn’t think nothing of it when Chiyuri wanted to have the burst link program and Haru recieved the shorter cable link.

    1. Glad that people got my reference to GoT 😉 Some terrible characters just never die and deserve to burn -___-‘ while all the good characters always get the short end of the stick.. so sad.

  18. I hate Chiyu even more now, stupid b****h, if you like Haru, then stop dating Taku, you will break his heart when he learn the real truth and it is gonna be stupid….

    1. Agree. I’m think it’s replica for Kuroyukihime: “Don’t touch my Taku” 🙂 But – this arc very depressed me … I’m don’t like NTR.
      If “evil guy” try blackmailed/harrasing Kuroyukihime i’m drop this arc.

    2. You shouldn’t judge Chiyu too hard. If you hate her now you will undoubtly want to skin her to death in a few episode’s time. But she has her reasons and if you know what her true ability is you’ll see why.

      P.S. Yeah her ability isn’t healing. It might just be the most ridiculously overpowered ability in the game in some ways.

      1. Dunno, i dont saw the new OP yet. But if the real body is not moving. then the real body is a Projection of the Real World Cameras, and the both are in their “VR” Avatars. .. you know the “Burst link” mode

  19. ok… what is up with all the bromance in the OP? well, Ash X Crow pair is a long running gag since they are arch rival in the AW community by now… but that Crow X Pile naked scene? I think the OP animator might be rotten… but at least we get to see all the new characters and something more, BUT my biggest complain is that someone’s boob got shrinked

    the episode itself has a pretty good pace, and Naomi is as hateful as he is in the LN 🙂 though per AW style, cliffhanger always happens at where things gets heated up 🙁 oh well, at least we get to see a good fight next episode… of course, the rage inducing feast is only starting…

    As to the ED… it is certainly fun to watch the animation… (that HP gauge is a nice touch).

    Thanks for the post Cherrie 🙂

      1. glad to help 🙂 I am doing it for fun since I read the LN and loves the series… plus, there is got to be someone to spread the love of AW to prevent ALL fans from going to the other side (yes, SAO, I am looking at you) xD

        plus, I enjoy your female perspective 🙂

      1. well… I assume you know the whole deal (Ash Roller case is complicated)… what I can say here is that Ash Roller is definitely a Male type Avatar (how can he not be? with that mid-finger, cursing, and all)… so the whole bromance piece is still true xD…

        As to the spoiler specifically… since it is vol.9 material, and sunrise better pump out season 2 first, I am not going to say too much about it right now

      2. I know about the case with Ash Roller, but it just feels weird after reading volume 9 and watching this opening, especially with the hugging scene and all. O well who cares, I just wanna see Ash Roller & the parent !

  20. I’m really wondering what these 2 idiots were trying to do when they went “Let’s find proof that he’s a burst linker!” I mean I could understand if they were ruthless enough to hack his neurolinker to get advantages or kill/wound him in an “accident” but for them confronting him just means revealing identities to someone who is obviously a burst linker (and who as far as they know shouldn’t know their identities I hope it’ll be revealed how he managed it like in Niko’s case). The whole thing just screamed we’ll make the main characters do something because the plot needs to go on to me.

    1. black legion has a rule that burst linker shouldn’t use that power for RL advantage… plus, the school is kind of like their second base, so any non-member linker must be confirmed so they know what to do… (invite to legion, fight, or otherwise) Plus, Naomi has the ability to hide from duel list, so they have no way to confirm that Naomi is indeed a burst linker…

      As to Naomi, with his calculating mind and his trick to hide from the list, he already knew all the identities of black legion member… so if Haru and comp doesn’t do something, they will face the danger of PK (physical knockout)…

  21. Finally, after 6 years, I have finally found someone for my ” Most Hated Character of All Time” spot. And I’m actually planning to reserve that spot solely for Damian Wayne.

    That aside, I can’t to see what’s gonna happen to that Nomi. Kick his ass, Haru!

      1. At least Makoto got the ending that did his just desserts, and If you hate Naomi now, you better have a breakable object in hand in the future when you continue watching AW. The hate meter is only 30% at most right now so you might need something to break or smash around.

  22. If Noumi is a calculating bastard, then Chiyu must be the genius of all time, especially how Show Spoiler ▼

  23. Chiyuri and Haruyuki really need to figure out how to win against these types of characters because they’ve been doing really bad against them so far. I hope that’s what this arc is for, to teach them how to stand up against them.

    I hope they do better with him than they did with Araya.

  24. *Question Buzzer*

    https://randomc.net/image/Accel%20World/Accel%20World%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2031.jpg Can someone explain me what here is happening? Is he using his Real Body “Speedup” like the Black Queen used to save Taku, from the Car crash. And at that time, she said that this “Extra” consumes heavy amount of Points.

    And this Guy is using it like normal. in the Kendo match, now here. Looks like he is a) lvl 10 with tons of Points, or an Level 9 that dont wanted to Level up. And collected them like rain drops….

    Care someone to explain to me?. Thanks

    1. Pretty sure that’s just special effects just to highlight that both of them are moving faster than normal. You can see Haru with the same light effects in the next cap. It’s a battle in Physical Burst. The whole fist fight was shown in slow motion to highlight how it went and how feints and anticipations matter in using Physical Burst, as noted by Noumi. You’re moving very fast so you need to read your opponent’s movements to be able to hit him.

    1. again, Show Spoiler ▼

      so it totally is still bromance… at this point in the anime and in LN xD

  25. Hated the first half. It was just pathetic and excruciating to watch all that lame sauce. Chili had more balls than Haru but I could care less. Ash made the episode glorious for me. His “Shiiit! Kaze-Shiiiiit!!!” line was hilarious! XD I’m sure that’s probably not what he said but that’s what I heard.

    Kiiragi needs to chew this show up and spit it out. Hate wimpy characters. Probably because I’m stuck on Yui Takamura.. Smh

  26. Because Episode 15 is not up yet, i post it here

    Episode 15 is a weak Episode. Haku is such a Emo.. As if he has only his Wings.. What his Head bud Attack as example?

    The Story line in Episode 15 is “not good”, and that said nicely

    Is this the “Side effect” to introduce the other Burst Linkers into the Accel World Anime? Then please come with a better Story.. haku was strong at start, and then he dropped more down that the entire Anime. I just say his friend punch him. At that was right…

    You are about to destroy your Fruits, Dear Studio.

    1. You guys know Star Ocean the PS3 Game? The Scene when the “Main Actor” hends over the Power Source to this Lady? I shout out “You Fool, she is trick you! Damm you!”, and she really tricked him… I felt the same here. Haku, are you only Wings? What have you done before you found them out? Your Head Bud needs Wings? Your the Only one that can use Wings in the World. This Guy only needed a Head But and you have Won.. But no, you just got shocked unable to move and began to Cry…

      Haku, grown up. Known your own Weakness to get Stronger…

  27. Nomi is a pretty bad guy, but I don’t really understand all the hate for him. I mean yes, he’s an SOB, but people are going too far saying he needs to die, get castrated, endure years of torture just because of blackmail. The punishments everyone else mentions seems a lot more cruel than what he’s actually doing. He’s an antagonist, and he’s doing a good job being one, which makes it more interesting.

  28. Just watched ep13+ today cause I extremely hated Dusk taker arc (so I was waited for it to end before watched It all episodes in one go) but I like new ED so much.It’s look a lot like Hyouka ED1.


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