OP1.03 Sequence

「錚々たるユーコン」 (Dora taru Yukon)
“Verdant Yukon”

With the prologue done, the third episode starts delving into the core story of Total Eclipse. It’s a step down from the brutal nature of the first and second episodes, but in the end, it’s what Muv-Luv does best—which is provide a large amount of contrast to heighten the emotional impact. Though, I will admit that since I have yet to read the source material yet for Total Eclipse, I’m not quite sure whether or not there’ll be any more BETA appearances for the rest of the season. One would hope so, but the impression I had originally was that this series would be more of a focus on a project critical to the Alternative timeline and human vs. human sparring/testing, rather than fights with the BETA. Regardless, for now, it seems like the focus is on Project Prominence, the joint US-Japan attempt to create a next generation TSF. And at the center of everything? The American pilot, Yuuya Bridges (Ono, Daisuke).

The main protagonist of the series for the most part, Bridges finally makes an appearance, along with the rest of the supporting cast (more on them later). Exceptionally skilled to the point where he’s considered an ace, as well as being the original test pilot of the Raptor, Bridges comes in as a kind of guy who is probably a level higher than almost all of his Eishi counterparts. Combine that with the fact he doesn’t want to be there at all and well, it explains his demeanor, which is a mixture of arrogance, calmness, and impatience. I’m not quite sure what to think of him as a lead at the moment, but I have to say that Bridges seems like he could easily be one of those awesome “GARRRRR” protagonists that just steal the show from time to time. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that one.

But that’s enough about Bridges for now, as there’s quite a few other characters introduced this episode.

First off, we get the pilot from Nepal, Tarisa Manandal (Nogawa Sakura). The epitome of the feisty, high-energy archetype, she’s definitely the life of the party for the most part, and she gives a nice dynamic to the interactions of the rest of the team. Her skills don’t seem to be as good as Bridges or the Cryska (Nabatame Hitomi)/Inia (Noto Mamiko) duo, but it definitely seems like she could at least hold her own in a fight.

Next, we have two other members: the Italian pilot Valerio Jiakosa (Hamada Kenji) and the Swedish pilot Stella Bremer (Ohara Sayaka). They don’t get as much airtime as Tarisa, but we’re still able to get a pretty nice window into their personalities. And suffice to say, while they’re both pretty light-hearted outwardly, they definitely have a more serious side hidden beneath everything. I reckon we’ll see more of the latter side before all’s said and done, but until then, I’ll be enjoying the bantering between the two. There’s just something about the guy who acts like a playboy and the gal who teases back but doesn’t reciprocate. Or maybe that’s just me being “M”…

Anyway, moving on! Last but not least, we have the Cryska/Inia duo… who are probably the most intriguing of the new characters introduced. And well, this is mostly because they definitely have telepathic/ESP powers, which was demonstrated by both of them syncing together during the mock combat test, as well as Inia’s “reading” of Yui when she was seeking directions. As a player of the original games, I know the origins of their powers and everything, but I know that other viewers probably don’t have much of a clue except for what I mentioned above. As such, I’m hoping they’ll eventually elaborate on this aspect, as well as how they ended up at the Yukon Pacific base. Notably, from the way they act toward each other and during combat, there’s definitely also a pretty serious story behind their past, which I’m also intrigued about—albeit, I probably know parts of it having played the VN’s.

And with that, that pretty much covers all the major new characters this time around. There’s still the Captain and the mechanic Vincent, but they don’t really play that big a role this time around… especially compared to Yui, who packed a bang this episode despite her limited appearances. Really, that comment and the whole walking past Bridges moment was just an awesome scene, and one I re-winded a few times just to see again. I mean, seeing Bridges get owned like that after his “show” in the mock combat drills… priceless. I do wonder at this point whether or not Yui’s a better pilot, but that is one thing I’m sure will be shown soon enough.

All in all, what can I say? It was a pretty nice episode to say the least. I’m sure there’s some disappointment in the lack of BETA this episode, as well as the fact that we don’t know if we’ll see them again this series, but the introductions to the fairly large cast were pretty well done. I can’t say any of the character’s personalities have really blown me away at the moment, but there are some solid foundations set this episode. Oh yes, did I mention how awesome it was to see those lines of TSF’s, as well as the TSF’s fighting in all their CGI goodness? Glad to see that despite the rumored low budget this series is getting, that they’re still putting in a lot of effort into the TSF scenes. And well, with that, guess that’s about it for this episode.

To help you bide some time to the next episode and to make up for the fact I’m putting a little less in this post than the norm, here’s a bunch of full-lengths (the most I’ve ever done in a single post!). Also, special thanks to SaberMochi for painstakingly stitching together the epic first screenshot of the ending! Words cannot express how awesome you are for being able to compile that image in such short time! *_*

Full-length images: 06, 09, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 25, ED01, ED02.

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ED1.03 Sequence



      1. I can almost picture Tarisa Manandal die while fighting a bunch of beta is like she kill them all but then for a split second she got distracted and bang she die by a lanser shot, then Valerio Jiakosa will die while blocking a killing blow aim at Stella Bremer, then Stella Bremer will die while fending off a bunch of beta so Yuuya Bridges can escape or do whatever is needed.
        Don’t know why but I just got these pictures in my head predicting this will happen, just a guess thou. I must have too many of these kinds of anime. XD

    1. Why i have the feeling that if we lucky maybe 1 or 2 survive. Its like i am w8ting for them to die in the most painful time and way. I want a happy end for all of them but i now better.

    1. “Are you amazed at my skill? I know you are. I was epic.”
      “I know, so epic right?”
      “If you’re the quality of the so called ace Eishi’s…”
      “We’re gonna win the war right!?”
      “We’re freaking screwed cause you really, really suck.”

    2. Yuuya comes off as the arrogant jerk type who needs to be taken down a few notches, before he can really start to shine as a hero and a leader.

      And it looks like Yui is exactly the person needed to do so.

  1. because they definitely have telepathic/ESP powers

    You should be more sensitive with (what I call) “Military Secrets Spoilers” (another example would be the meaning of “Alternative”). This is information that will definitively be exposed in future episodes. It should be up to the viewers to discover and the anime to reveal.

    About the episode:
    Total Eclipse estructure was laid on the table now: A base far from the front lines where the best test pilots gathered in order to accelerate TSF R&D. That should be enough to know what to expect from Total Eclipse’s story development. It will be a character driven mecha-porn and I doubt that we are going to see a BETA for a while.
    It is possible that many viewers may not like this after the first “total war” episodes. But there’s always the chance that something bad will happen. I don’t doubt that we’ll see soldiers risking their lives once again.

      1. Russian duo? You mean this “Sisters”? Where 1 of them can hear/speak with a 2nd Voice? (No Spoiler, just hear the the speech inside the Cockpit of this Hunting Mecha before the Plane arrived. It is a 2 Person voice)

    1. Its pretty much the norm. MLA stories had plenty of harem elements with a guy being surrounded by lots of girls (Original, Schwarzesmarken, The Day After). If anything, Total Eclipse actually broke new ground by having more than one character in its main cast that has an XY chromosome.

  2. Now that the prologue is done, its time for TE to focus on the Mecha pr0n and geo-plotics. I’m glad for the former at least, and I got to see the American F-15 Eagles in a battle as well as the Russian Su-37 Terminator. The F-22 Raptor was mentioned but I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to see it in action.(Its debut in the VN was one of my favorite moments)

    As for Yuuya, he is pretty standard protagonist material. He at least has some chemistry with the cast and not that cold, stoic archetype that I hate so much.

  3. I think maybe just maybe he was the pilot who saved Yui bc the american ships were in the area during the first and second it could be possible it was him in the pilot seat. He seemed to know her name when she was introduced to the group.

    1. It’s an interesting theory. Bridges does seem to have some kind of reaction to Yui for one reason or another. But… it’s very, very unlikely.

      There are certain specific requirements for piloting the mech used that episode and Bridges as an American would theoretically not meet it… even if he is rumoured to be part-Japanese.

      Also, another thing to note is the disgust Yui has at the piloting of Bridges. If he was that awesome before when Yui first saw him, there’d be some semblance of it appearing here… along with the usual scene in moments like this where the guy/gal realizes “oh wait i’ve seen this fighting style before”. 😛

    2. I think he was reacting more to her rank and the fact that she’s Japanese. The camera panned to him after her full name, so I wasn’t sure whether it was her name that he reacted to when she was first introduced (Presumably her family’s famous among military circles outside the country too), but at the end of the episode he put a lot of emphasis on her rank. And of course, the whole “Japanese doll” business speaks for itself–he takes an insult directed specifically towards his performance and comes back with a broad racial stereotype as an attack, so yeah, not very fond of the Japanese.

  4. OK. This was way better than the last two eps… GUESS WHOSE BACKLOG IS NOT GETTING ANY SHORTER. Q__Q

    I have to say though, it’s kind of jarring to have the focus shift away from Yui so fast – although I can see why this wouldn’t really have made an ideal premiere, either… In any case, Muv-Luv just got a whole lot better :3

    1. It may have something to do with the fact the director apparently suddenly changed for this episode… though 1 ep’s a small sample size. Either that or it’s cause the first 2 eps were anime original. 😀 And hiyo Mochi. ^^

  5. A great episode, I liked the action and the main cast, I hope that this will only have to improve each episode. On the other hand, I also like to see a version with the original cast of the original series of Muv-Luv, would be interesting. But I guess it would look like many previous series, so we have this current version of the anime, I guess?. Above all, this series is great.

    1. Hmm. I’d think it’s a possibility that if a lot of people show interest in this show, they’d be more like to consider making an anime of the original series. But… considering the nature of the material involved, it’d be quite tricky sadly. :X Although on the other hand, they’d be more than guaranteed to have the huge fan base jump on it… One can wonder.

  6. This was a good episode. People told me that I would like the character of Yuuya and I can say that I really do. I really got nothing bad to say about this episode, aside from the fact that anyone can die so I’m on the watch for death flags for Chobi, Macaroni, Venus, and even Yuuya. I’m starting to like this series.

    Mike F.
  7. Man I hope BETA returns eventually, Be kinda waste of inuniverse if it’s like gunparade march where there is like 3 awesome eps with the aliens and the rest (9) of it is teenage drama back at the base. Atleast MUV-LUV has enjoyable characters and mecha testing porn and overall better chemistry so far. So if it was just experimenting it won’t be too bad. Really digging the show though.

  8. Oh well, don’t all TSF pilots have egos size of their mecha ? 😛
    I liked the cast, but I wonder what is the real target of the program, I am definitely with Yuuya that there is something more to it than perfecting Type 94…
    While we’re at it, can anyone identify “who flew what TSF type”?
    Mecha action was all cool this episode, I was pleasantly surprised after less-than-stellar showing team redshirts gave in their first/last battle with BETA.
    I am also wondering why the Russian duo girls were not there for the Yuuya’s first exercise flight?
    Yui getting all high and mighty on Yuuya was fun after he did so well in the exercise was quite unexpected, but this ties again to the program purpose (“fate of the Empire” was mentioned)

    1. mmm lets see..

      The russian duos piloted the Su-37 Terminator. Nepal-tan piloted F-15 Active Eagle.
      Yuuya and the rest of the team in the mock battle piloted F-15 Strike Eagle.

      Generation wise:
      Show Spoiler ▼

  9. Now I have an appreciation for Nepalese girls. Ensign “Chobi” Manandal: short-tempered, dark luscious skin, proportional bust size (that gainaxes!), and a tsundere as well. That locker room scene where she was changing into her uniform = YUM.

    Finally, Total Eclipse has a proper OP and ED.

    “Down, down, down, down, break it down…down, down, down, down, break it down…~”

    ^ that part of the OP made me imagine that the TSF pilots were break-dancing inside their mecha. Sounds too hiphop. XD

    Are we going to get a Takamura Yui x Yuuya Bridges pairing in the future?

  10. Well, this an awesome episode. Especially that TSF fight. And since that was just an excercise, there’s bound to be even more awesome fight later on.

    I don’t like the opening song. Its redeeming factor is the video which is cool and match the song, but the song itself is just meh (for me). The rest of the music however was great. It really spice up the fight scene and the end scene.

  11. well at least this ep nobody get slaughter or worse.

    yea introduce ep to more characters give at least likely some of most or few last longer than first 2 eps.

    besides too early to tell til get more rocks falls part eps.

  12. I hope this show doesn’t end up being a troll show, where everyone is just laid back, testing machines, having a few encounters here and there, nobody dying with the series having no clear plot and no emotional impact on the newly introduced characters, since episode 1 clearly established the premise that this is going to be a KICK ASS show!

  13. I skipped Episode 2, and Episode 3 looked “better”.

    Well, i thing i dont understand. Why they fear the Enemy, when they have this “Allys” 🙂

    They train Mog battles, but the Enemy dont have ” Mechas” and i bet they dont do Guerrilla Tactics Citywars. So, they are fighting just for Honor inside Battle Platoon?. This not real Combat Training…

    Like Frezzing (as Example). They let them fighting themselves until they rip Limbs apart, just to get the “Rangs”? The real Enemy dont fight in this Style…

    Well, perhaps to build up Willpower. But Battle Experience is 0…

    And, the first 2 Episode was focus on this “Japanese Doll”. Put her into Main Roll. Now we know that some other is the Main Actor. Then why not “telling” his background how he became as he is today? Oh, he has no Boobies factor?… Yes, that must be it.. Boobies is better for selling 🙂

    1. I liked how you skipped second episode and then went “oh noes I don’t understand about this, why did blablablablabla”. Watch the ******* shows if you want to understand it, and use proper english since I never think that I’ve found word “Rangs” anywhere in English dictionary.

      1. Ok,

        The Progress so far (1-3) reminds me of “Starship Troopers”. Why?

        Let me explain

        They went out to Destroy the “Bugs”. They “train” their Marines with Mog battles on a Practice battlefield. Competition of Squads. And finally they go into battle… And fail. Because they dot know the Enemy at all. They just “fight” their Mog Battles. They train to fight Human “Squads”. But Bugs dot act like Humans.

        SO here, they do Mog Battles in a Practice Ground. Sure to collect Combat Data to progress their Mechas. But, it is not better to Train a different kind of Fight? Like use the knowing of BETAS fight, and try to make a Practice Battle? No, we see here “Prototypes” Pilots “fighting” each other to collect Battle Data. So, in Basic they let them gain Battle Experience on the Battlefield if they survive… hard School. As if they have so many Mechas to spare…

        So, what is this meaning of these “Squad fighting each other to gain Combat Data of the Mechas and Team play” if there is no BETAs wisdom that come into play?

      2. As for the reason why they do mock battles
        there is a explanation mentioned in the VN

        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. Thanks for explaining

        I see, to understand some Animes ,thats based on Games, i need to play these Games. Where have gone the Animes that was easy to understand without playing the Games? *sad face*

    2. I seems to me that you also skipped EP3.

      not real Combat Training

      They are not training to fight BETA.
      They are TEST PILOTS.
      Test pilots are NOT set to the front lines.
      Test pilots’ duty is to help the research and development of new TSF in a controlled environment away from danger.
      As for the new main character, there are 22-21 episodes left to lean more about his past.

      1. No, i dont skipped EP3

        Well, as you said. They are Test Pilots far from the front Lines. But the episode put us in the middle of the Battlefield. Why now this drastic change? And from “Woman” to “Top Gun”?
        No Betas? Are we now watching x Episodes how they “Level up” Their Mechas, where elsewhere without Screentime the Battle for Earth continues?

        Lets hope, they bring the Betas back. This Anime is about Mankind fighting the Betas or not? Or is it “Test Pilots” and their Flying Machines 🙂

        It#s like Strike Witches without Norie (the Enemys).

      2. This Anime is about Mankind fighting the Betas or not? Or is it “Test Pilots” and their Flying Machines

        Mankind against BETA is the context.

        Total Eclipse will be about TSF Research & Development + Things that will be revealed later + Test Pilot Rivalry. Maybe they’ll show another fight against BETA, but that won’t be the focus of this anime.

        If you can’t wait for your BETA slaughter, play the visual novels or wait for their anime adaptations.

  14. [quote]As a player of the original games, I know the origins of their powers and everything, but I know that other viewers probably don’t have much of a clue except for what I mentioned above[/quote]

    *raise his Hand* I dont know anything beside the Episode 1 and 3 now of this “Game”. So have mercy if my Question are dump in your eyes. I just have the Anime reference

    (btw, is there any US Language translation of this “games”?)

    1. uh, overworked? i feel like, he used the Budget for the entire Anime into the first two Episodes. But not succeed. I am confused about the Lead role.. You know, Girls Background 1-2 and in 3 she is just a side actor… ?O.O?

  15. An average episode at best. Guess that is normal for giving way for plot development. =/
    It doesn’t help when I having bad first impression of the main protagonist, Yuuya Bridges. He seems to be anti-social and have no respect for everyone around him.

    After finishing the VN, i took my time to watch from the start again:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Yeah you can. First two eps are anime-original prologue to give you some basic info about the Muv-Luv universe. It won’t go into the epic details, but it should be enough for you to get into it. 😛

  16. this is the Muv Luv universe where no one is safe from death, though I haven’t read Total Eclipse. I just wish they make another game in the series a true sequel.

    M to the Star
  17. I guess this episode was okay. Unfortunately, the low budget really showed in quite a lot of QUALITY scenes.
    Oh, and I didn’t really get what Yui wants from Yuuya. He in fact did really well in that mock battle and gets along with the other team members. Looks like Yui is the outsider.


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