「Domination; 支配」 (Shihai)

Oh Accel World. In all honesty, I’m not sure if I’m happy with the current development or disappointed. Let’s discuss this episode by breaking it down a little…

First of all… Noumi is probably the one villain that pisses me off to no boundaries. I swear – I complain and bitch and whine about his taunting and continuous behavior (not to mention his overpowered abilities) in almost every episode. He continues to make me wish that his head will be mutilated and eaten by pigs. That is quite… a grotesque image (much like his face). Anyway! The quick fight between Takumu and Noumi led to no more of a resolution than I anticipated for. However, the more exciting fight came between Noumi and Chrome Disaster (Haruyuki). He reminded me of a red version of Berserker from Fate/Zero (a character completely driven by rage without any rational thinking). That didn’t seem to last long though because the timer ran out and Haruyuki was thrown back into reality.

Which brings me to my next point… what is up with Chiyuri’s attitude? From one day to the next, it seems like she did a complete 180 and changed sides. I understand that she wants to “save” her friends or prevent further harm from them, but I’m a little annoyed that her acting is almost too convincing. Her reason for saving Noumi better be a damn good excuse. There aren’t too many more ways that Noumi can threaten her (from my understanding) so he must know something about her that Takumu and Haruyuki don’t. Doubtful, but still possible. On the topic of Chiyuri, I still have yet to realize the reason for her abilities within Accel World. If they stem from your desires and dreams – what else could Chiyuri hope for?

I have a dozen and more comments about Haruyuki’s pig scene as well. It was horrifying; it was crazy and is it wrong that I found it a little hilarious? When he appeared as a giant-flaming-ears-flared-nostrils-pig, the first time I thought was – is this a joke? Then when the dream continued, I thought… wow, this is kind of morbid (I’m talking about her missing wings). Conclusion is, I’m not really sure why Chrome Disaster changes Haruyuki’s avatar into a massive fat flaming pig – but I guess it really maximizes his darkest thoughts or nightmares. I thought it was an interesting scene to show that Chrome Disaster is indeed coming back and it makes me wonder whether it will actually help Haruyuki get rid of Noumi.

Overall, I think the whole episode was a mixed bag of feelings and thoughts. I feel like they’re combining too many elements of the story into this arc (and that’s what makes it feel so long). I’m not going to bash on it too hard (yet?) since the ending might still pull it off very well. If that’s the case though, a second season might not be likely. Thankfully help is on the way… in the form of a cute pigtailed girl named Yuniko.

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  1. Heh the Chrome Disaster scene was cool. Also we’re FINALLY getting to see the maid character. For some reason she was in the first op too, but never showed up except for one short cameo scene.

    1. well, her involvement with the story only really started at this point… so for being faithful, Sunrise has to delay her entrance, right? Plus, we all need some healing characters to offset Noumi, right? xD

  2. I don’t care if I’m getting thumbs down or up for saying this, but I want Nomi out of the picture (dead preferably). That smug he pulls at the end just make me feel strangling him.

    I guess my bro’s Jar Jar plushie will have to do for now.

    1. Well, just let them known that the brightest sunshine comes after the ugliest storm.

      At that last few minutes of the ep, Haru really earn my respect for standing/tough up. I still remember what happen to me when I get bullied in school, oh if only I had 1/2 as much courage/maturity (?) as Haru……
      Anyway, his action/behavior really makes me all tingle inside…..tee hee. ^_^

      I will refine talk about Nomi, Oh god, let’s not talk about Nomi, yes, he has his story, but I really do not want to use my mental energy on someone I do not like. I got lazy…XD

    2. I really don’t know why people hate the show so much just because they hate a villain… If you get this far with the show, why not just hang in there and see how it unfold? and does it help if I say there will be some healing characters next week that will offset Noumi-rage? xD

      1. I know right? I think people just like a “happy ending” more than the main chara goes down and down and down……
        I don’t want to spoil anything, but Chiyu has a big part in this. There is a reason why she does this…….

      2. If it makes you feel any better, Haruyuki’s Silver Crow can almost beat Aincrad Kirito if Kirito had limited special attack gauges and no prior experience in fighting Accel World avatars. Though if it was Alfheim Kirito, Haru would have been completely dominated.

        Suppa Tenko
      3. I don’t know about that… seems to me that Kirito is having the upper hand at the very end… but then again, we don’t know what level SC is at when he fought Kirito… if he could use incarnate abilities against ALO kirito and all…

        also it is funny you mention ALO kirito… since Graphite Edge, the earth element, is almost exactly the counterpart of ALO kirito in AW xD (in both fighting styles, personality, and skills)

  3. Basically: Bitch is jealous that her best friend and boyfriend is interacting with another girl then her. So team up with asshole to level up and create more attention for her. In the process, betrayed best friend and boyfriend. If I have a pistol, I will shoot bitch right between her eyes, betraying bitch deserves to die immediately. Call me cruel but I totally hate people that betray anyone. Chiyu=betraying bitch

  4. I’m feeling the Seiji rage has subsided, haru and taku are back together again so it spells d o n e for him. either that or chrome disaster eats him. i wouldn’t feel sorry for him cause he’ll bite it doing things his way but his screen time is tickin down fast! we’ll see just how damn interesting they make it.

  5. As the main plot returns, Accel World dishes out another entertaining episode.

    I’ll admit, I was quite surprised when Chrome Disaster finally started taking hold of Haruyuki. I expected that plot point would come up much later in the story, though I’m glad it’s being addressed as we’re nearing closer to the end. Haruyuki’s dream gives a lot of insight into how the Disaster Armor corrupts the wearer, warping their thoughts and minds until there’s nothing left but pure rage. Noumi certainly isn’t helping matters, and I imagine that if things continue like this the armor might begin to take full control.

    Like Haruyuki and Takumu, I don’t buy Chiyu’s betrayal. There’s definitely more going on here than at first glance and to me it looks like Chiyu is just forcing herself to be more antagonistic than she really is. I’m sure she has an ulterior motive, Most likely benefiting Nega Nebulous, for helping Noumi.

    As for her powers, Lime Bell’s a healer which most likely stems from Chiyu’s desire to fix the friendship between Haruyuki, Taku, and herself.

    Taku really got the best lines in this episode, from his lampshading of how Haruyuki seems very popular with older women, to his near uncanny impersonation of Ash Roller. While he usually gets the short end of the stick on this show, it’s good to see he can be quite entertaining when he wants to be.

    Kuryoukhime and Haruyuki’s meeting online was nice, as they both try to cope without the other around. The two are just so cute when they’re together. They both miss each other, and while Haruyuki continues to give Kuryoukhime a reason to truly live in the real world, Kuryoukhime gives Haruyuki the motivation to finally stand tall and face down whatever Noumi throws at him. All the rage aside, I don’t think it can be argued that Haruyuki is a much stronger person as a result of this arc. And with luck, he still has a present from Kuryoukhime to look forward to…

    I’ll give props to the guy who beat up Haruyuki. He may have been in the wrong with what he did, but he did it for his girlfriend and he said Haruyuki could do the very same to him if it turned out he was innocent. That’s what keeps him from being an outright jerk and its rare to find a guy like that in any media.

    It’s good that Haruyuki remembered that he has more than one king in his harem… and boy will it be nice to see Niko again. Seeing her again might put a more positive spin on this arc for all those raging. Not to mention we’re finally going to meet the Maid, which I’m quite looking forward to. A new addition to the harem perhaps? Either way, I think things are picking up for the end of what may be the first season of Accel World.

    1. I thought the guy who beat up Haru (for his gf) at the end was… a bit random? It connected the story together, but I didn’t understand the purpose of the scene, like who the hell is this guy? o_O

      Haru’s harem is getting a little out of hand with all the female characters >_> I’m just glad that he’s only devoted to one girl though =P That way he doesn’t seem too much like a pimp.

      1. I guess it was there to show how Noumi’s machinations had resulted in Haruyuki receiving the same type of abuse he’d received against Araya, but that this time instead of whining about it he’s manning up and refusing to give Noumi the satisfaction of winning.

        If I didn’t like every member of said harem, I’d probably agree with you. And to be fair, I’ve seen much, much, bigger harems than Haruyuki’s

      2. Cherrie, if you think Haru harem is out of hands now, just wait till season 2… But too bad Haru won’t set his eyes on anyone but that one girl 🙁

        That dude who punched Haru have some marginal effect to the story aside from what is being said above… but it is kind of trivial anyway xD

      1. Exactly, Show Spoiler ▼

  6. I understand all the hate for Noumi, which I think is great since it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a detestable villain without that grandiose style uber vilain feel. Noumi is a punk, he’s scum, and he has no redeeming qualities other than what he is supposed to represent in the story.

    What I love about this episode though, was how Haruyuki manned up and withstood all that horrible stuff. Seeing him treated so unjustly and still hold on to his convictions was great and a bit heart breaking too.

  7. “Thankfully help is on the way… in the form of a cute pigtailed girl named Yuniko.”

    Called it. I’m just bummed that we will be stuck with this piece of shit Nomi until the end. Or maybe chrome disaster. But we definitely won’t have another arc. 🙁

    As for Chiyuri… she might still remember Nomis accusations and blackmail. Smacking him around in Accel World won’t make that go away.

  8. I dislike of Noumi as a villain not because he’s sack of crap but rather because he’s completely predictable and boring. He’s evil to the extent that it’s completely comical. He’s a boring sack of extreme tropes designed to illicit an emotional response out of the audience (as is arguably, most characters written), but it’s so extreme that it’s either completely hilarious or ho-hum. Characterization has been up and by far the the weakest part of Accel World and here it really shows.

    Also, what was with Haru’s dream sequence? The tone was so off-key that I ended up giggling all the way through. If you’re going for dark and gritty, actually make it dark and gritty and not… this.

    1. I guess we are too used to see villains with reasons to be or ethic villains in anime. Sometimes there is people like Noumi. Their reason to harm others is taking advantage of it no matter what, and even if you just think carefully about how ridiculous is that or try to see a logical reason apart from egoism, there is no way to deal with it apart of running from them.

      I knew a person like that and still makes me shiver thinking about all the problems a friend had because that person. Of course those kind of people wouldn’t act so aggressive as Noumi does all the time (thought they do sometimes) but of course this is because it’s an anime and he is the bad guy. But bad people capable of everything to the point they look like soap opera villains do exist.

      1. For me at least, it’s not that he’s an unrealistic character but rather that he’s just that interesting or well written at all. It isn’t the exaggeration; it’s the enormous amount of predictability in him. Could he exist in real life? Sure, but so could most characters if you searched hard enough. He’s so one dimensional and unmotivated that he lacks entertainment value. He’s boring.

        The best example of a great, yet hard-to-relate-to character is Christopher Nolan’s the Joker (Sorry for diverging from anime, lol). He himself states that he lacks interest in monetary gain and only wants to see the world burn so that he can have his fun. He’s audacious, ridiculous, and extreme – but Nolan and Heath Ledger bring him to life completely in this ludicrous, wonderful way which also takes advantage of the Dark Knight’s themes. He’s riveting and attractive to the audience. He’s extremely played up and exaggerated but he’s so damn interesting, entrancing, entertaining, and most importantly, so completely unpredictable that you have to see more of this guy.

        But what do we have here with Noumi? He doesn’t have the draw or inherent magnetism that a villain should have. Instead we have a bunch of silly throw-ins to make him the most ugly, despised character around, which only makes him inanely silly and boring. He’s just a set of bad tropes, a living prop. Where’s that force in his character? Where are his dimensions? He’s predictable. And that in itself makes him uninteresting.

      2. I understand what are you saying and you are right how The Joker is a good example of a good crazy villain who doesn’t care about anything just to do what he wants, but I don’t think Noumi’s position is the same as The Joker.

        Now let’s see how is Noumi’s situation, he is just an average high schooler bully who takes advantage of everyone stealing and blackmailing because he has the tools for doing that and wants more and more. Even knowing that, he is only a highschooler, it’s quite difficult to a 15 year old boy to be a complete character like The Joker is. He lacks experience, developement, age and probably more even malevolence or intelligence. It’s a 15 year old fag. Making a 15 year old someone as bad as The Joker would be interesting to see but I don’t think it would be so much realistic.

        And like you said, The Joker only wanted burn the world down, Noumi wants interests for his misdeeds: good grades, slaves, free points, and crush everyone who gets his attention, is not the same case. I don’t think a 15 year old boy would want the world burn with all the meaning it has because he even can’t get the grasp of what the “world” is.

    2. Totally agreed. I hate how he’s predictable and at the same time, he seems to have no motive behind his actions and his attacks. Simply because they’re Burst Linkers and he wants to horde points? That’s so… weak. Most villians (mainly memorable ones to me) always seem to have a good backstory… Noumi just hates for no reason.

      Anyway, I laughed at the pig scene. It was funny, I won’t even lie =P

      1. He doesn’t want to just hoard points, it’s more a matter of using those points so he gets good grades at everything. It’s the same reason why Taku become so obsessed with getting points at the beginning, so he could be better at Kendo. Noumi’s just making a monopoly out of it, in the way where he gets the most points.

        It shows how much Brain Burst can warp peoples values and change them to the point where the most important thing is to be above everyone and obtain more points without a care for what happens to the other person. They become detached from forming actual bonds or friendships in favor of fighting in the accelerated world for more power. Taku was like that until Haruyuki beat him, Niko was like that until her interactions with Haruyuki and Kuryoukhime, and Noumi is just an example of it being much more blatant. Nega Nebulous is probably the only group, aside from the Okinawan Burst Linkers, who frown on using Brain Burst for anything other than the game. Power corrupts has never held more truth than now.

        And I have to wonder just how much backstory the cast of Accel World can have when pretty much all of them are just normal teenagers.

      2. @Frontier,
        hmm… there are definitely a lot of back stories with the black legion group… Fuuko’s (aka Sky Raker’s) is revealed in a side story, KYH’s is still ongoing with vol.12, and not to mention the other unseen characters (elements)… heck, even Haru’s own back story wasn’t completely done yet… since Brain Burst read one’s inferior complex and wish to build one’s avatar, all burst linker has some sort of pain in the past (thus all these stories). Even Noumi has a back story… I know that probably doesn’t matter, but it is so easy to forget to ask that why Noumi has such a crazy special attack (stealing others’ abilities or powers)?

  9. After the euphoria of watching two consecutive episodes of KYH and her cute Okinawan minions in action, we get thrown back into the agony of seeing Noumi doing his ugly smirk as Haru and friends continue to get tormented due to KYH’s absence.

    Let’s look on the bright side, folks: the more Noumi does his fugly smirks towards Haru and co., the more satisfying it will be when he finally does gets his ass handed to him at last. I was told by novel readers we will not be disappointed, so I’ll trust them on that. 🙂

    And besides, Niko gets to return next week. She, Sky Raker and Ash Roller are probably the only redeeming features of this arc.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I really hope you’re right. I want a BERSERK style conclusion with a lot of pain and despair on Noumi’s side and NO petty mercy from Haru & friends. Noumi should suffer terribly for what he did these past episodes. I don’t want him to simply lose all his points and forget what he did due to the uninstall of Brain Burst. He should still remember what he actually lost and regret every day.

  10. Here’s the really really odd thing, when Haruyuki was all flaring blood red and all, no reaction from anyone?!

    It’s not as if Haruyki had been throwing off red-colored attacks or auras so far, that should have been a surprise for anyone.

    1. well, it is under chrome disaster’s influence, so most people aren’t that surprised by it… (anime did make it pretty obvious about that…)

      but then here is something I need to clarify, if I remember correctly, the aura in the LN is actually black (trade mark chrome disaster aura), but probably because of the stage they are in (inferno stage), black doesn’t go well with background coloring, so anime had to do red aura instead…

      1. No dude, we clearly are expecting it.

        I’m talking about the characters. Didn’t Chiyu notice something odd? Dude’s grunting and roaring like an animal, and that reddish energy is bursting about? Wouldn’t Noumi even react a bit?

      2. well, to us viewers, chrome disaster is a given since we saw the hint back at the end the vol.2 arc… but to people in AW, nobody knows about it… (that is why they are all so surprised that chrome disaster came back)… Chiyu’s outcry was reacting to Taku being sliced… and Noumi probably thought the aura is just another incarnate attack from Haru

  11. well, sunrise got this far, and it didn’t shy away from chrome disaster, so second season should be in order (my big hope at this point for AW…). This arc is longer than usual, maybe because of the two side story episodes? but all I can say is that the end will pay off… Can’t wait to see the return of our red king and training and Pard Sama!!

    the one problem I have with this episode (maybe many will disagree) is that the anime made it too obvious that Chiyu is plotting something big by switching side (to help Haru and Taku), and that she didn’t just do it for Noumi… I guess the anime is trying to portray her in a slightly better light?

    Chrome disaster’s reappearance is nice… too bad the timer cut the fight short… (Unlimited stage, man) and that giant pig monster is, hmm, stylish I guess xD

    and lastly, Haru finally maned up at the end, standing against physical assault and loneliness. Regardless how much people hate Haru, I believe this is the start of Haru being a more manly character xD

      1. well, even if Haru manages to deplete Noumi’s HP, it is only 1 win… Noumi would still be around, and nothing is resolved… This serves more like a teaser to vol.5 and on for the massive story…

        but I have to say that Haru + Taku definitely had the upper hand against Noumi till Chiyu showed up…

  12. On the topic of Chiyuri, I still have yet to realize the reason for her abilities within Accel World. If they stem from your desires and dreams – what else could Chiyuri hope for?

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Sinan Çevik
    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  13. I think the development is good but that’s really not what I was looking for when I started watching A.W

    C’mon, why can’t they just smash his face into a wall IRL ? I mean everytime a bad guy do that to the MC he just walk away when he’s done; “quit Accel World and my life or I will destroy your leg/face/hand…”.

    Given the situation Haru is right now this wouldn’t surprise me; that’s what I would do at least.

    Damn Nomi…

  14. I have high doubts that the end of this arc – that is way too long – will be worth it for me, considering how much I despise Noumi and want to see him suffer, but we’ll see. I can’t believe that there are still 4 eps. to go. Please someone tell me that there are only 1-2 more eps. and the last two eps. are beach eps. or something. 🙁

    1. all I can tell you is that there is NO MORE beach episodes… and that there are plenty of actions to go around xD
      and if we are lucky, we will get some teaser for season 2… (I hope)

  15. One thing that piss me off too is why didn’t haru name nomi when he got punch, or name him out when everything is over when this arc is over, nomi sure deserve the ass beating once this incident becomes clear.

  16. Spoiler about Chiyuri’s true ability:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Seems like it could end the season there; if nothing else.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        Mixed Milkshake
  17. As to Chiyuri’s ability

    I think her hopes and dreams are returning to the time when Haruyuki, Takumu and her were the best three friends, Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Hopefully the worst of this arc really is over now. I would agree that it is dragging out way too long and I’m assuming it will last till the end of the series. Oh well. I like how Chrome Disaster showed up and I hope it’ll feature a lot in the conclusion while royally messing up Nomi somehow.


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