「初仕事!白凰海賊団」 (Hatsu Shigoto! Hakuou Kaizoku-dan)
“The Hakuoh Pirates’ First Job”

My bodacious space pirates can’t be this cute. When it comes to pirating, the Yacht Club may not be very skilled at tactical planning or careful piloting, and they might not deliver the most authentic pirate experience either, but they do bring a different flavor to the profession that is just as successful. And their style might even prove to be just as lucrative, because who doesn’t like high school girls cosplaying?

Now that they’re not stressed out trying to learn how to crew the Bentenmaru, the Yacht Club certainly is a fun bunch to be around, especially with the lack of adult supervision. After watching them get ready for their mission, carry it out, and then party afterwards, we’re finally beginning to learn the names and personalities of the club members not named Lynn or Jenny. It’s a shame it’s taken this long too, because the girls are shaping up to be a likeable and memorable group. One girl whose antics I really enjoyed was Lilly Bell because she had some great moments throughout this episode – like adding capsaicin into Chaiki’s curry, throwing a pillow at her captain’s face, and belting out an operatic solo in the middle of their pirating performance. Although it’s probably not very likely she’ll play a bigger role in the series, I wish the writers might somehow give her more screen time because I’ve taken a liking to her character. Some other Yacht Club members that I couldn’t name if my life depended on it finally had their time to shine in this episode as well. Who would have thought that two of the new members, probably some of the most demure and shy looking girls, would end up to be some of the most talented ones? I did not expect Yayoi to be so knowledgeable about dual reactor systems, and Ai is looking like her first place standing in the middle school pilot tournament wasn’t merely a fluke, and instead entirely deserved.

From the Yacht Club members’ personalities, it became clear that they wouldn’t be the same kind of pirates as the original Bentenmaru crew – but it’s not that I expected them to or even wanted them to, so I’m not complaining one bit. Although the beginning of their mission was shaky due to the girls’ inexperience (and Marika unable to rely on her usual crew), it ended up being very successful. The guests enjoyed themselves even more than usual because many of the girls are friendly, charismatic, and easily approachable. However, I think what made them truly entertaining was because the Yacht Club really knows how to put the ‘show’ in show business – cosplay outfits and everything. And for that, they have Mami to thank (or blame, depending on your perspective), whose ghastly bags underneath the eyes were the result of slaving away for a club that she’s not even in!

Mami’s dedication is just another example of the devotion that Marika is able to inspire from those around her, and it was fun to see her return the favor by placing her faith in her crew and inspiring them in their mission. Her mettle as a captain (not to mention her stamina) will be once again be put to the test as it looks like the Bentenmaru will take on Lynn’s job to try and rescue Jenny from what appears to be an arranged marriage between the children of CEOs or something. I’m definitely looking forward to see how Marika fares in another dangerous situation without any adult to go to for advice, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m actually looking forward to seeing Jenny Dolittle again more than anything else…




  1. That has to be the most awkward “pirate” raid ever. Everything turned out well though. I did love the the fact that Chiaki and Marika are sharing a room. My goggles need calibration after that.

    But Lynn actually organizing a raid to rescue Jenny from an arranged marriage? We might actually have canon yuri! My body is ready.

    1. These routine luxury liner mission missions really seem to be used as “calm before the storm” mini-arcs in this show, don’t they? I think this is the second or third time thus far? Second? Very refreshing to have the Yacht club girls run the show for a change, though.

      But Lynn actually organizing a raid to rescue Jenny from an arranged marriage?

      I love how this was alluded to earlier in the show; attentive audiences could’ve seen it coming a mile away- (Not me, I realized it when I saw the preview and I went like, “Oh, that’s a nice touch!)…XP

    2. I actually went on the web and browse for a few minutes or seconds until they were finished pirating. The awkwardness is oozing and is over 9000.

      And yes time to put the ‘goggles’ in play.

    3. But Lynn actually organizing a raid to rescue Jenny from an arranged marriage? We might actually have canon yuri! My body is ready.

      Try reading the novel. From what I learned, they even kissed after the rescue! Oh I hope the anime does not remove that scene. XD

      John Hayabusa
  2. Chiaki getting pranked by Lilly Bell was gold… but who on Earth put capsasin in curry ? That spice stings like Hell, it’s what’s found in chili peppers.

    Good episode overall, I’m eager to see the next one.

  3. I got a good laugh out of them conducting their pirating while cosplaying.

    Though Marika has to be one of the most charismatic (though i’m inclined to think cute as well :X ) pirate captains. She’s able inspire such devotion from not only her original crew but the yatch club as well. She’s already on her way to becoming one of my favourite characters this year :D.

    And i’m glad they’re bringing Jenny back into the fold. She would not be in the OP otherwise XD

  4. Since Verdant already brought up having favorites among the Yacht Club, blonde-girl-in-bunny-costume already caught my attention. I just can’t figure out her name. Wikipedia already lists the Yacht Club roster but I can’t match the names as the official site only has pictures of the main cast.

    1. She is my second favorite but I really liked the dinosaur one.I only wish she had got the chance to roar.

      Is it so common in Japan for 15 year old girls (who in this case looks like she is 12)to be hit on by adult men?Because it seems to show up in almost every show were it is possible.

      1. Maybe it’s one of those “only in anime” kind of things. Now that you mention it, that scene where those guys were hitting did come of as bit wierd. Good thing Lynn was there.

  5. Loved this episode so much, It’s hard to explain, not only the episode itself was awesome, but it did everything that I wanted it to do comedy wise and plot wise. I mean, I would’ve felt sad if they didn’t take this opportunity to do some awesome antics with the Yacht Club like that. And I’m happy that Jenny wasn’t simply forgotten and put on a plane to never be seen again. I was expecting this to play a part and now it does. You’re right about the arranged marriage thing, Misa and Kayne talked about it back at the beginning of the show when they where digging info on the students.

    My favorite girl in the Yacht club after Lynn is Ursula, you know, the green hair one who always do weird things and wears weird costumes. She was wearing the shuttle(?) costume thingie some eps ago and the Bowser looking one in this ep.

  6. Anything that brings more Jenny to the show makes it better. She’s MY favorite character, and the idea that she’d be put on a bus and left out of the rest of the anime made me very sad.

  7. While I knew that it would be something very interesting, I never thought it would be this interesting (and potentially illegal). Can’t wait to see how this will work out since, if there is one thing this show has taught me, you should never expect the outcome to be the simplest one. I definitely want to see Lynn and Jenny interacting again. Yuri goggles, activate!

  8. Gotta say, I’m kinda loving the tweaks they keep making to the opening theme (visually). Specifically, the final shot of all the characters. Compared to episode 2’s, in this episode, Jenny was in the background on the yacht club side (instead of right out front) and the first years are much more visible.


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