「謎のガール・ミーツ・ガール」 (Nazo no Gāru Mītsu Gāru)
“Mysterious Girl Meets Girl”

Urabe’s spit: a drug of ecstacy or a deadly weapon. Which one is it? Her choice.

At the rate of which we’re discovering the potency of Urabe’s mouth fluids, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if spit had the ability to heal wounds or mind control people. For her spit to be able to copy and transfer wounds she’s suffered is already mind-screwing, so anything beyond that…not so surprising. However, Tsubaki in part also holds this immense power towards Urabe as well, assuming that anything harmful he could do gets past the pumpki–panty scissors checkpoint.

On the other hand, this potent capability opens up lots of unpredictable potential plot paths, something I expect this show to take full advantage of. I already can imagine the drool having negative effects for once, placing strain on the couples, or even Oka’s, relationship. So far the plot has already taken many liberties inverting the standard order of a romantic comedy, with its path mimicing a “Boyfriend first, friends later” progresion (*cough*KareKano*cough), albeit at a much, much faster pace. Adding on this new aspect of spit only serves to further confuse expectations and create drama that well…non-spit anime can’t replicate.

Of course this is all speculation, and I hear that some parts of the manga might prove to be troublesome to these hopes, but according to the pictures of the preview…I won’t be worrying about that for awhile. Just give me my tanned Urabe and I’ll be content. It seems that Oka has been hinted to be a quite…explorative individual, so seeing her compete with Tsubaki this episode was a treat, and I look forward to next week’s harassment with glee :3.

On a final note: while Urabe continues to surround herself with mysterious traits, her human side also continues to grow. She flinches when her wounds are treated, she has a fighting spirit to run even when hurt, and she even gets genuinely surprised when Oka reveal her intel. It’s important that we have our Nazo no Kanojo playing the role, but to see that she could possibly just be a normal girl…is a charming down-to-earth development. As well as seeing the spit create drama, this is something I’d like to see more of as well. When you get down to it, Nazo no Kanojo X is still a high school love story of two kids trying to match each other’s pace. For Urabe to meet at least SOME of our expectations allows us to connect more with the story…something I appreciate that this show does (assuming you’re still sticking around despite the spit).




  1. Tonight on CBS News: The new trend at schools where kids exchange saliva…through their fingers? We tell you how it is most likely connected to drugs based on no proof whatsoever.

  2. I was expecting Hirohashi Ryou to use her Fujibayashi Kyou voice but this Yamada voice works I guess.
    Oka is a nice addition to the story and will certainly liven things up. What she sees in Ueno leaves me puzzled though.

    Delicious brown Urabe and Oka in sukumizugi in the preview? My body is ready.

  3. Some yuri in my MGX (+,+)?

    That whole ‘transfer wound’ thing just tips the scales further in the direction that she isn’t human. I mean, the emotion transfer is one thing, but wounds too? No “normal” girl can do this =0/. Don’t get the wrong idea though, I still love her X03!

    One thing not mentioned is how incredibly creative Ueshiba’s dream sequences are. They are much more prevalent in his earlier Discommunication and[less so,] Yume Tsukai manga series, so it’s nice to see MGX’s in motion =03.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Oh maan… I totally disliked the idea of wounds transferred through saliva…I hope they don’t make her an alien or anything. Up until now, every situation could be asumed reasonable with a sort of biochemical thing that connected those 2 more and more, while making us in every ep indeed intrigued and eager to know what’s goin on, but now…
    And yep, I’ll still “stick around despite the spit” to see what’s their plan :3

    Hououin Kyouma
  5. What a mouth-watering episode! Feel the sweetness! What an amazing way to look at things.
    So the drool goes far beyond taste, it’s a Neuro-agent as well.

    Also, relationship progression can be gauged by exchanging drool; who knew! I don’t remember this
    coming up in PE class… (I can see the underlying naughtiness the Japanese like to explore in their Anime.)

    One of the high points in this episode that I noticed was the dialogue between the girls. Oka reveals
    …when he kissed me…” – this line makes it all work. The reason Tsubaki hasn’t kissed Urabe
    is because he hasn’t kissed her yet. Get it? While it looks like Urabe is controlling the depth of
    the relationship, I believe the writers have portrayed him as taking as much as is his ability to take
    at the point he is at. This is the contrast that the relationship Oka has with her boyfriend shows, IMHO; he kissed her.

    Looking for the next statutory beach episode!!!

  6. Oka is (and probably will be) the only friend who has Urabe in the manga, to be staged, leading to many hilarious situations and hot XD at the expense of poor Urabe (Virgin in such matters XD) awesome chapter, also thought that someone else took the knife Urabe eliminate oka XD hahahaha that passed through my mind for a few seconds, I thought it was not going to cut herself, poor tsubaki, I sleep, incredible, no wonder that Ueshiba have reference to Salvador Dali in his bizarre dreams, applied to oneirism, well we

  7. While this spit fetish fantasy is going way out of hand, and the char. designs are still as unattractive as ever (even if it is paying homage to a past era), I’m still really intrigued by this Urabe girl. Because she can’t be just a normal girl, right? She has to have a past. It may be medical, fantastical, or Kanon-ish, but for her to only form solid connections with other humans by tasting their saliva doesn’t seem like a personal choice. I can’t wait for her to show her sensitive, passionate, or aggressive side. Because right now, she seems to always have to upper hand at everything without even trying. Others just naturally seem to be attracted to her mysterious aura. I want someone to take Tsubaki away, or be better than her with scissorscraft. Otherwise, it’ll turn into another stalemate Haruhi situation.

    It’s also interesting that her spit seems to have more stickiness, thickness, and opaqueness than normal spit too. Maybe the animators want to make it look like honey? I remember from a previous episode, of how much spit (whatever liquid it was) involuntarily came out of her when she was happy that Tsubaki ripped apart the photo of his previous middle school crush. And since that is obviously not normal for a healthy, teenage human, I keep wandering if she’s half alien or demon or something, like Lilith: going into young men’s dreams and making them sexually aroused in their sleep. But maybe I’m over thinking it.

  8. Is it just me or Oka’s voice seems to be younger than what it should be? What her image was for me was Chibi-nechan. So she should have sounded more mature.

    Dunno, this season has so many voice acting issues.

  9. For god’s sake, Oka is not a lesbian. Anyone who has read the manga can see that she isn’t, she’s just really playful with Urabe. Stop reading into every little thing.

    1. Not everyone reads the manga before the anime. And this ep had quite a lot of “out-of-the-norm” interactions betw. girls, so it’s only natural for us to wonder. Oka can also be bisexual. So stop acting all elite.

  10. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I think that they are trying to correct the time lapses present in the manga. I mean, we see what, 5 chapters set in the summer with several winter chapters in between but they are still somehow in their first school year. Show Spoiler ▼


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