「はい、毎年流行ってます」 (Hai, Maitoshi Hayattemasu)
“Yes, It’s All the Rage Every Year”

Okay, I gotta admit, five episodes in and I’m starting to really want some plot. I think these silly fun episodes are still great, but they need to be balanced out by some plot otherwise they lose something. It’s like they’re good to flesh out the characters and provide a little reprieve from all the serious business, but they don’t work as well if there’s never serious business! There, I got that off my chest. Now, onto the episode.

I’ve got to admit, I thought this episode was going to be a lot better than it was. Why? Because the episode started off with a cadre of vampire ninja meido, and there’s very little better than that – especially when Yukinori is one of them. Unfortunately, they were largely absent from this episode, other than some cryptic talk between Sarasvati and Sera. Damn cockblocking waterfall!!

Most of the episode was spent on Yuu being sick. You ever noticed how sick girls are always cute in anime? Not as much in real life. There’s a lot more sweat, mucus, and complaining you have to deal with, so not as much fun. Same thing for sick boys, by the way. We all pretty much suck when we’re sick. Anyway, sick Yuu did give Studio Deen an excuse to litter the episode with images of mousou Yuus, and that’s not a bad thing.

As for the plot (such that there was one), it was rather weak. The “tangerines are poisonous” suffers from the same problem we had back in episode 3 with the voodoo dance. It just came from nowhere, but wasn’t outrageous enough to make me laugh. It did, however, give us the second time that Ayumu has danced, and reveal Anderson-kun as an epic level troll. Now those things I enjoyed heartily, especially this move. Ayumu, I…I still want to dance like you. I know that says terrible things about me, but c’mon. If you can dance like that, you’re going to get all the ladies. Sure, they’ll be hitting you, but hey, there’s a price to pay for popularity.

Other than that, the best part was seeing Yuu go deredere for Ayumu a bit. I wish more had come from her asking to sleep in his bed, but that would have been really out of place for her (and for episode 5 of a show, for that matter), so I guess it’s no surprise. In short, some good parts, but more miss than hit. Also, needed more maids. Every show everywhere always needs more maids. always. Science FACT.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Sick Yuu is cute, dancing Ayumu is amazing, & that wall will be forever unclean. Also, not enough meidos. Viva la meido Yukinori! #korezon

Random thoughts:

  • They keep putting the cold cloths over her helmet. That’s not going to work, guys.
  • That’s not you you do it, Haruna.
  • Not enough mousou Yuu neck-snapping. Wait, that’s not right…

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  1. Girls tend to be cute in anime that is true. But Yuu takes it to a whole new level. When she went to Ayumu asking to sleep in his bed with that pleading look in her eyes, I almost had to defibrillate myself.

  2. “Feast your eyes on my big magnum!

    Also, think that cockblocking waterfall will disappear in the BD version? 🙁 Apart from that, I’m quite happy with this episode. Sure, nothing much happened plot-wise apart from Sara and Sera’s ominous words, but this was hiiiiilarious XD

  3. Ayumu you lucky bastard!

    Anyway it’s that time again to make Stilts go to a coma for nosebleeding too much.

    Large 3: Stilts oniichan~! Yamete… ah!

    Large 9: Yah! Onii-chan no ecchi…

    Large 13: I guess if it’s you, it’s ok, Stilts-oniichan !<3

    The Moondoggie
    1. That was frickin hilarious. Yodel- strip down to your pants- dance- get on all fours and blow. LMAO.

      Best part is when Haruna beat the snot out of Ayumu and kicked him against the wall where he left a bloody mark.

      Hahahahaha! Great ep.

  4. So this is what Kore wa Zombie desu ka would be like without Sera. I love Sera but I also love this episode’s set-up, even if it’s a bit of a cliched romantic comedy with regard to the at-home character interaction. I’d like to see more extended dere sequences with Sera around too somehow.

    1. This episode also kinda proves that Sera would make an exceptional wife (if we discount the constant verbal abuse, but certain people think of it as a bonus instead :P). She’s dedicated, dutiful, cooks and cleans~ and she is insanely beautiful XD.

  5. Yeah, as much as I like these nonsensical episodes, I’m craving some plot. The whole Miss Fairy thing needs to move forward, as well as the return of psycho masou shoujo Kyoko. Or are the two related and they’re going to pull both plot elements out at once? It’s high time for a Megalo attack!
    On a side note, why is Tomonori with Sera and Saras? I thought her faction was different than those two?
    On another note, I guess you can’t permanently kill Imaginary Yuu(s). And this time Real Yuu joins them!

    1. As i always say, if you wont progress the main conflict, at least progress their relationships.
      The girls love Eu, secretly like Ayumu but beat at every single change they get- the exactly how they were in the end of season one.
      I love the series so far but really only enjoyed the dance this ep, but I really need to see some moving forward.

    2. At the end of last season the two sides put aside their differences to save the world.

      You’ll probably see them at each others throats by the end of this season.

    1. I agree Ayumu went too far….
      *sniff* Ayumu *sniff* why… WHY???

      We’ll nevar forget you Dyson-kun. You are the best anime fan we have seen all these years. *sniff*

      Bullsh1t! I ain’t a fan of this! Damn you Ayumu…. *manly tears*

      The Moondoggie
  6. Plenty of humour but minimal plot. Ayumu’s yodeling dance was quite entertaining and overall it was a good episode but I hope next episode there is a bit more action and some plot development.

  7. Agreed that we need more plot in this series, but looking at this episode was a stand alone from the past 2 seasons combined, I have to say this is probably one of the best episodes I have seen. Ayumu doing a strip dance while yodelling – you will never see that again in anime for a very long time…

    Also, Eu herself has not been getting much focus this season, so it is nice to have an episode focusing on her and her relationship with Ayumu.

    I wouldn’t really say that the whole “tangerine are poisonous” part was out of the blue, as when I saw Eu eating that many earlier in the episode, I did wonder if there was some significance of the tangerines.

    However, as funny as this episode was, it is nothing compared to the new OVA which just came out…

  8. I found this episode to be more of a hit than a miss, personally, particularly compared to the last episode.
    That’s because I prefer Eu to all the other girls though (considering it’s Eu >>>>> Saravasti > Haruna > Yukinori > Seraphim, in my case)
    What’s with Eu getting short-changed this season when the other girls, notably Yukinori, have been getting attention in spades? So far, I’ve been largely disappointed with this season for her lack of screentime, but this made up for it a little (especially that deredere scene!)

    However, I have to applaud them for more of Ayumu’s dance moves. I would date him in a heartbeat. And Miss Fairy is always incredibly enjoyable to watch.

  9. This episode was funny, but in my opinion it was also one of the weakest eps so far. It felt a little bit more conventional and kind of cliché, without any of the zany antics that are this show’s strength (like last ep’s antics) and without any plot whatsoever (they put Kyouko in the stinger last ep, dammit, so where is she?). Let’s hope next ep will bring more to the table.

    Yuu was cute as a button this ep though.

  10. The show did great by making Ayumu a complete lolicon yet lovable character…. I wish there is more development in the plot though, kind of getting random…

  11. @Stilts: Will you also blog the two OVA’s? Episode 13 of season 1 and episode 00 of this season?

    Regarding the lack of real plot, I’m starting to fear that they’ll do the same mistake as season 1 which felt very rushed at the end.

    1. I probably won’t be doing episode 13 of season 1. I saw that episode a while ago, and for some reason I don’t like the idea of rewatching an episode to blog it. I feel like my original thoughts and impressions are lost, so I wouldn’t be able to speak to it in the same fresh way, you know?

      Episode 00 is another matter though, ohoho~! Look forward to it!

  12. One would have to wonder if the destruction of the Dyson “Fan”, added with the announcement of a villain, is a prelude that there will be a bit less “fan” service in the upcoming episodes. lol

  13. I really hope this anime doesn’t pull a Seikon No Qwaser II and just boom plot us in the last episode with no announcement of season 3 in sight ;>.>

    Anywho I kind of want to see more cute moments with Haruna, they’ve done a good job conecting her with Eu in the sister relationship, but she doesn’t feel quite as caring towards Ayumu as she did towards the end of season 1.

    I’m also dying to see Kyoko again we see Vampire Ninja’s pop around like candy but we haven’t seen any Masou-Shoujo’s lately Haruna and Ayumu haven’t transformed, Kyoko and Dei-Sensei’s plot has froze and we haven’t seen any other of Dei-Sensei’s students even as generic background characters.

    The Dyson bit was funny, but wasn’t it fixed later with a ribbon? so its not to upsetting

  14. I´m really enjoying this crazy episodes but my my soul craves for a plot development, specially if includes a battle against the very beautiful but bat-shit insane Kyoko.

  15. *Add Series to Season Torrent Batch List*

    I’m bored with this season already and it’s only 1/4 of the way in. What a let down it was too, I was hoping that we get to see more of the Kore wa Zombie universe – learn more about the girls and their unique background. It may or may not be following the novel – but, just as we got the repeated “Week of Summer” episodes in Haruhi – not everything in the novels needs to be made an anime.

    Sadly, the OVA episode has outshined all the episode of this season combine – and it was funnier too!

  16. As a contrast to pretty much everything that Stilts thinks, this is one of the shows this season (lookin’ at you, Nyaruko) that I almost hope doesn’t get to the story. It’s a full-on insanity-based comedy with a hair of a plot, and that’s what keeps bringing me back. Oh, that and I’m a Hellscythe and Haruna fan to the max. Tomonori would be perfect if she weren’t so disproportionate.

  17. Out of everyone in this anime I really really truly hate Haruna, I like everyone even his dumb friend is funny at times, but Haruna annoy the hell outta me, she is a freaking dumb ass but keep thinking shes a genius, just when Ayumu finally get a break in sleeping with a loveable Yuu, here comes the freaking cock-block Haruna. If I was Ayumu I kick that annoying Haruna outta the house right away unless she change her attitude and know whos boss.


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