OP Sequence

OP: 「希望について」 (Kibou ni Tsuite) by NO NAME

「選ばれし光」 (Erabareshi Hikari)
“The Chosen Light”

What’s with all those tears in the OP? Get ready ladies and gentlemen, it seems like we’re in for some of that classic Kawamori angst.

But no folks, we’re not quite there yet. Instead, have some “Enjoyably silly” first. That’s the most frequent comment I’ve seen from people who liked the first episode of AKB0048, and it admittedly sums up my feelings about the show quite succinctly. AKB0048 is an unabashed fanservice machine wearing the skin of Macross, unmatched yet highly entertaining in its absolute absurdities and spectacles. Where else this season can you find a crazy concoction that even includes android idols, space marines and space-jelly-powered warp drives?

……Wait, what’s that? What moé cthulhu this season? Mother of cthu

Okay, erm…uh…asides from that, where else?

Yet, after the surprisingly decent premiere that caught me off-guard, episode 2 is a rather disappointing follow up to the hype of the first episode.

The Bad. Let’s start with the characters. We’re introduced to an addition four of our main cast, and all save for one didn’t jive with me at all. Now, perhaps I’m not giving them proper time to introduce themselves, but the genki nyanko Shinonome Sonata (Yagami Kumi), stoic Kanzaki Suzuko (Hata Sawako) and zetsubou-idol Yokomizo Makoto (Mita Mao) certainly didn’t give me a favorable first impression. And people always say, first impressions count the most. Their silly personalities shouldn’t come as a surprise to me considering the nature of the show, but after the first episode showed us it can handle a more subdued and down-to-earth cast, I can’t help but feel slighty disappointed that the creative team chose to populate the show with such blatant and honestly, slightly annoying stereotypes. This was what I was skeptical about from the start, but I concur that perhaps like the IDOLM@STER, time is needed to give each seemingly 2-dimensional personality a chance to shine. I didn’t fall in love with that show during its second cringe-worthy episode, that’s for sure. Plus, the characters of AKB0048 seem to share the same wonderful chemistry that the girls of IDOLM@STER had.

Secondly was that bit of drama towards the end with Cheri and Nagisa. I really do appreciate the fact that the show tries to incorporate some of the idol-trainee drama that made the AKB49 manga a pretty decent read. (And ohbytheway the manga is also a great way to familiarize yourselves with the terminology and characters.) The road to idolhood is not an easy one, and they did well in presenting the grim truth of it.

However, the way it was executed had me struggling to decide if I should be laughing or cringing. Really, potentially allowing your friend to die or get taken away by the space marines (to probably die) so that you can get a better chance of success in the auditions? Idoling. Its Serious @#$%ing Business. It’s almost parodic how seriously the scene seems to want us to take it when you consider the stakes. In short, the drama just didn’t fit into the exaggerated context of the whole situation, unlike the first episode which actually saw some smart execution of the character dramas and the portrayal of their emotions. This was also one of my concerns with the series, where much like in Aquarion EVOL, the drama aspect just doesn’t jive well with the plot and action. I mean, really, what’s with the gender-bending!? How can I take a love drama with that seriously!?

-Whew- Okay, I’ve taken my chill pill, so now for The Good. While I might find the new characters to be slightly more on the annoying side, the saving grace is that the voice actresses might just be the best out of the bunch thus far, especially the ones behind Sonata and Chieri. The only exception to this is Suzuko, who voice actress’s breathiness is so strong it almost feels like she’s constantly speaking with her tongue between her teeth, and was absolutely frustrating to listen to. So color me pleasantly surprised, because one of my original fears with the series was that we were going to get a cast which I wouldn’t be able to bear listening to.

I also enjoyed the characterization of the cynical Sono Chieri (Watanabe Mayu), on whom the spotlight shone for much of the episode, so perhaps my judegment of the other characters really should be withheld until they actually get an episode to shine. Badass ojou-sama who can swing around a rifle and take down space marines? I do believe we have a winner here. Her tension with Nagisa and their contrasting beliefs makes for some interesting interaction, and also intriguing is the fact that her father owns the corporation that supplies the weapons of our NO FUN police.

And while I’m not too keen on the drama in this episode, it doesn’t change the fact that watching idols in macross-ish transformable-hovercrafts going up against space marines in a battle set to j-pop music is just massive, grin-inducing silly fun. Satelight certainly knows how to give us a spectacle.

To Sum, alright, so maybe I’m giving AKB0048 a bit of a hard time. Hazing a bit too much. The characters aren’t as downright annoying as I feared, and given time I’d probably come to like them soon enough. (I hope) We’re only into its second episode after all, and with a continuation season planned, there’s still plenty the show has left up its sleeves.


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AKB48 Fun Facts

  • Flying Get, the name of AKB0048’s mothership, is the name of the 22nd major single of AKB48
  • Heavy Rotation, the power used by AKB0048 member Oshima Yuko, is the 17th major single of AKB48
  • It is possible that the portrayal of Watanabe Mayu (who plays main character Chieri) as an android is a reference to her starring as a CG cyborg in a Xenoblade commercial


For those interested in how the concept of AKB0048 came to fruition: According to a magazine interview, Starchild label’s Toshimichi Otsuki (AKB0048’s executive producer, also producer on Evangelion 1.0) first hatched up this idea, then came to Kawamori Shinji (Director, the Macross man) and asked if they could pull it off. Sometimes later they came to Yasushi Akimoto (Producer of AKB48) and presented the idea, and much to their delight Akimoto gave them the green light. ~Credit goes to V3000 for this information. Give him/her cookies! :D~

Finally, there was an OP-ED mix up last episode. The closing song was not (Yume wa Nando mo Umarekawaru) but was (Kibou ni Tsuita), which will be the show’s OP henceforth.


ED Sequence

ED: 「夢は何度も生まれ変わる」 (Yume wa Nando mo Umarekawaru) by NO NAME
Watch the ED!: Streaming ▼


  1. im enjoying the series. its not annoying or anything like that in my book. so far im enjoying . Though the CG is im not a big fan of 🙁 The OP and ED songs are nice. The artwork and character designs i like. I also noticed how they have heart shape in each of their eyes and a heart shape in their hair too. Just saiyan :p

  2. This show is just ridiculous and I love it. Its hilarious how soldiers in power armor attack just to find aspiring idols. Serious Business indeed. Then AKB0048 comes in by hacking the PA system to play their music wile kicking ass and it just becomes entertaining in its cheesiness. I do like the detail to the sci-fi technology though. I was especially impressed with the Platform/Fighters the idols used.

    Also this scene has have activated my goggles.

  3. If you’ve ever had to audition for anything entertainment related– It’s pretty fuckin’ serious business. I’m very sure that’s what they tried to portray and I thought they did it quite well.

    1. Yeah, when you extend that concept into what we have here, Chieri’s words actually make sense.

      On the other hand, she did go out of her way to save Nagisa, twice. So she’s not quite so stoic as she wants people to think.

  4. hmm been looking pics, blogs, etc got to wonder will this be spring’s answer to symphogear?

    yea sure if make yuri in it (give i’m still wanting more of ayako-mamiko yuri lesbian doing)

    who knows give wonder how many eps is this to watch?

    SPD-KLAC rangers
  5. Well, considering how often in history that cultural things like dancing and music have had to go underground like as in Nazi Germany, I’m actually finding this a bit more believable than most. I do however, take exception to calling these stormtrooper peons ‘space marines’. A bunch of totalitarian jackboot types cannot compare to superhuman monks that do little but train for warfare. However, I am really digging the mech designs and ship designs here. That they’re willing to cut through the hull of a privately owned spacecraft and risk the entire ship in this, bodes well for the violence ratio later on.

  6. Other that Makoto being annoying, I found everything else to be pretty enjoyable. I was surprised when the space marines and mechs tried to full on kill the cute heart decorated girls.

  7. I’ll keep wathcing for now since I love Mecha and that aspect is cool even the bad guys had badass suits. Pretty cheap though if a knock with a rifle butt could break through the visor.

    I’ll keep watching just in case something happens.

    1. Well, she might know the weak points. That suit was most likely manufactured by her family’s company. Or they only send their lamest goons to attack little girls…

  8. “I mean, really, what’s with the gender-bending!? How can I take a love drama with that seriously!?”

    You’re taking that seriously? Doing it wrong dude

  9. Actually, the reference to Mayuyu being a cyborg is not stemming from the Xenoblade commercial, but rather from the fact that at certain times, Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu, the voice actress who plays Chieri) is so perfect in real life (personality, looks, etc.) that she can’t possibly be human and so must be a cyborg. Her election motto was also “CG Revolution.”

    So the writer of this show took that joke a step forward and actually made her a cyborg this time ◕‿‿◕

    1. Funny you mention this, because Basquash was also headed by Kawamori as well. And even that had idols and mechas! Seems like the guy just can’t break out of his stereotype. 😀

  10. Mayuyu is often called the cyborg idol in real life because her looks and personality that’s why in the anime she’s a cyborg lol. Also I found it funny how Chieri voiced by Mayuyu meets up with the anime Mayuyu. xD

  11. Loved it ! < I was so mad !! Why did she have to turn/change like that !! Grrr!
    I really like the op cuz everyone is crying so it's like"Why are they crying? I'm watching this anime to find out ~!
    I'm probably gonna turn into a fan of AKB48 … XD
    You guys continue to watch this !!!

  12. I’m not even taking this show seriously and I’m a fan
    But like most AKB stuffs, even if their shizz don’t make sense, it’s fun to watch anyway..ie the Flying Get kungfu ver. music video lol.

    I think Sonata is adorable :3

    yuko oshi
  13. Ridiculous and over-the-top BUT….BUT…Highly Entertaining!

    I haven’t watch Idolm@ster yet because the idea of Idol show seem a silly premise to me but I found this AKB0048 highly entertaining that I might try Idolm@ster in the future also 🙂

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