「打ち上げはジュース」 (Uchiage wa Juusu)
“We’ll Have Juice at the After Party”

If these girls keep up their successes at piracy, they’re going have to start intercepting some juice shipments to keep it flowing. I know Shou said that they would be a scary bunch in ten years’ time, but I’d argue that they’re a pretty formidable band of pirates already, if not quite intimidating.

The first thing that stood out to me at how composed most of the Yacht Club girls were throughout this episode, even though they only had one mission under their collective belt. Even first-year Ai, who’s too short for the ship’s wheel, didn’t even flinch at all. Normally, without extensive training, I’d expect high school students to panic under fire since they are unaccustomed to dealing with the distinct and immediate possibility of death, but it seems that the Yacht Club has trained them to handle dangerous situations with aplomb. After all, manning a space yacht is still a dangerous undertaking no matter how you slice it – one small accident, like a little rip in their spacesuits or a collision with a wayward meteoroid and the results could be catastrophic. That said, staying calm when faced with the inherent dangers of the cosmos is one thing, remaining composed during a pitched battle is another thing all together. For that, I would say the temperament of the crew mirrored that if their captain, who was admirable in her resolve and composure as the Bentenmaru flew directly towards Hugh and Dolittle’s Maracot-class battleship, the Jabberwocky.

The second thing I noticed was how as a whole, the girls might not be as coolly efficient or “professional” as the actual Bentenmaru crew, but they still bring their own unique skills and talents to the table. Several girls’ have already distinguished themselves, like Ai at the helm and Yayoi with the reactors, but this episode showed that there are other girls who Marika can luckily count on when the going gets tough. One girl whom Marika owes a lot to in this episode was Lynn, whose TV broadcast hijacking and ghost ship deception paid off. Two girls in particular have always reminded Marika that they would be useful to have aboard, and the princesses finally showed why! I was impressed with their ingenuity, such as Gruier’s idea to find a weakness and Grunhilde suggesting that they look at things from a new perspective, but I was also taken aback how easily Gruier was willing to cast aside her morals. These princesses may be young, but I wouldn’t ever want to cross them! Another girl I’d never want to get on the bad side of is Chiaki, especially when all her stress has been pent up and she has a large firearm in her hands. It was at once both frightening and hilarious to watch her turn the rebellion leader into a blubbering mess.

The decision to go after the weaknesses of Jenny’s uncle and her fiancé was not only good one, it was also necessary since they couldn’t shoot their way out of this situation. The Bentenmaru, like many pirate ships, usually works alone, so here it was badly outgunned and outnumbered and a non-violent resolution was pretty much the only option. This meant finding out Robert Dolittle (Tsuda Eizou) and Junigh’s weaknesses, and it was nice to see that both the girls and the original crew were on the same page, even if they didn’t realize it. After seeing how devoted and trusting the crew is to Marika and how they secretly helped her, I can see why Chaiki was a little jealous, calling her “spoiled.”

What I really want to know is whose idea it was to try and find Junigh’s weakness by taking advantage of the pirates’ experience in putting on shows, because that was pretty brilliant idea. These girls aren’t skilled in espionage so sneaking around his ship or his clandestine parties to get info was out of the question. Might as well let them do what they do best: put on a show for the world to see by filming it live and then broadcasting it everywhere!

I have to say, I was pretty satisfied to the conclusion of this arc, owing to its good balance between hilarity and believability. Sure, some aspects may seem a bit absurd, like a revolutionary group that doesn’t even realize it’s being boarded by a group of high school girls, but the underlying plot itself was very believable and not at all outlandish. Money laundering is commonplace, and sadly, so are companies wielding inordinate amounts of power and using it in ways that are questionably ethical. As this chapter of Mouretsu Pirates comes to a close, I hope we haven’t seen the last of the Yacht Club girls, because although they might not be as competent as the original crew, they sure are much cuter! And that has to count for something, right?




  1. I too love this episode that concludes the third arc, “Jenny and Lynn” as I like to say … and when I watch the preview still gives me the impression that Gruier not like Marika?

    1. So we have more JennyxLynn yuri for this episode. I think I need to buy a new set of yuri goggles.
      Plus, a laser gun-toting shrine maiden? EPIC AWESOME! Chiaki totally rocked this entire episode by herself.
      And next week, looks like Gruelle is going to make her move, trying to take Marika away from Chiaki by giving her delicious sweets. Oh, I cannot wait for this!

      John Hayabusa
  2. And I also love this episode but especially for the third JennyxLynn KISS YEAH this is too funny reaction Marika too haha mignionne of rougire as! haha I love I love!!!!!

  3. So, Chiaki-chan finally burst after all the pent up stress she’s accumulated. Her going wild with that big gun at Junigh’s “secret” rebellion gathering was definitely the crowning moment of awesome of the episode. I guess looking after all the yacht club members with Marika and the lack of parfaits on the Bentenmaru finally took its toll on our straight-laced, hardworking vice-captain of the Bentenmaru (high-school girls division) crew.

    And I loved how Jenny calmly assumed the role of impromptu reporter to report on the scene of Junigh’s apprehension. I guess when a cute blonde in a wedding dress is reporting the news that’s being illegally streamed to your TV, your less likely to lunge for that remote too quickly.

    But poor Marika had to face the awkward situation, and this time all alone, of her club president and ex-club president getting all affectionate without giving a damn about the audience (i.e. Marika). Sheesh.. get a room already, ladies.

    Well, next week sees the return of the original Bentenmaru crew. Cosplaying high school girl pirates are great and all, but I (and surely Marika too) miss the old crew, so I’m relishing to see them back in action

  4. Chiaki finally releasing her stress was a pretty hilarious moment haha~ Also loved the moment when Jenny’s uncle had his smug look completely written off when Marika revealed his secret logs detailing his treason. A great conclusion to Jenny’s arc.

    Though if there is one thing, I pretty much had the same expression as Marika when Jenny and Lynn started making out again. -.-; Those 2 girls need to get a room…. XD

  5. Chiaki in a miko outfit going ape***t with a laser rifle was the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen.

    I’m a little sad that Marika gave the Silent Whisper to the Yacht Club though. I wanted to see her take it for a spin. But seriously a high-school girl club that has a military grade fighter and got to be literal pirates as a field trip? Why aren’t our school clubs this awesome?

  6. What can I say, dont get on the wrong side of a stressed girl with a big blaster…
    Chiaki FTW!
    Oh, and Marika’s reaction to Lynn and Jenny’s second “outburst of affection”… priceless!

  7. Good episode, very clever strategy from the girls as well and Chiaki is just badass here.

    Also, I laughed at Marika’s expression when Lynn and Jenny make out at the end.

  8. Did anyone else notice there was a continuity episode with Jenny’s dress? Last episode she had changed back into some yacht club sweats by the time they negotiated with Show. This episode she’s wearing the wedding dress again. I guess it’s possible she changed back into it, but I don’t see why should would. More likely it was a mix-up between the art teams working on this episode and on the previous one.

  9. What I hadn’t noticed was that the “pirates” were looting on camera. I hadn’t noticed because it was the waving girl in the dino suit….but with a still….she’s carrying watches and wallets.

  10. I like this series – it’s the most non-violent violent series I think I’ve ever seen.

    It’s so cuddly! 18 episodes and not so much as a skinned knee! What a fun watch!

  11. You think there will be another scene yuri with jenny and lynn? Personally I do not think … snif then my other question … there will be other girls and another that jenny and lynn lesbian who will?


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