Some of you told me that the summary was unnecessary, but there were also those who wanted the summary to stay. After some discussions with the other writers, and some people on the IRC channel, I’ve come to the conclusion – the summary stays. If you don’t want to read it, just scroll past the blue border!


Last week, we saw Yukino waiting for Lucy (with friends), and it turns out, she has an important matter to discuss. The chapters starts with Yukino offering her two golden keys to Lucy. By accepting them, Lucy will hold all the golden keys, and the collection will be complete. Having the 12 Zodiac (golden) keys will result in the gateway that changes the world being opened – an old legend according to Yukino.

Lucy declines the offer, reminding Yukino that the contract between Stellar spirits and key owners is a bond based on trust. Therefore, owners can’t be changed just like that. Having that said, Yukino leaves Lucy, reminding her that there will be a time when all 12 keys will be reunited.

Leaving that parting, we find Natsu running after Yukino, so he can apologize to her. He had by mistake assumed that she was a bad person (because of the guild she belonged to). This leaves Yukino in tears because she has never in her life experiences kindness like this. She explains to Natsu about the things she has been through – which leaves Natsu in a bad mood.

In another side of the city, we find Erza having a chat with Gray who has returned from Lamia Scale. Erza brings up Juvia in their discussion, telling a blushing Gray that he should make things clear. Gray notices that Erza is quite absent-minded during their chat (she is thinking about Millianna and Jellal) and asks if something is wrong – Erza decides to keep her problems hidden from her companion and leaves.

Somewhere else, we find Arcadios laughing and enjoying himself as he seems to have achieved his goals – having the 12 keys together so Eclipse can activate.

Leaving that, we find ourself at Sabertooth’s lodging, where an intruder has been found – an intruder who turns out to be Natsu, who is here to challenge Jiemma (guild master) to avenge Yukino. He tells Jiemma that he must quit the guild if he loses the battle.

Wow, this sure was an intense chapter. This was one of the best chapters in this arc so far! I don’t know how to start writing my impressions because it was so good!

Okay, let’s start with the keys. I’ve always wanted to see Lucy being the owner of all the golden keys, but I’m very glad she declined the offer. I would hate to see her get the keys like this. But I’m assuming she will end up having them after this arc ends.

As for Yukino – I must say, I like her. I’m expecting her to become a FAIRY TAIL member soon. I seriously hope nothing bad will happen to her or Lucy because of this “Eclipse”. She has already been through so much. I was so surprised to find her crying over a mere apology from Natsu.

And speaking of Natsu… Much like I had expected, the way Sabertooth handled Yukino was good fuel for Natsu’s rage. He is pretty much of an idiot, running off to challenge the guild master, but that’s what shounen heroes are supposed to be! The last pages of the chapter left me gritting my teeth because I wanted more! I’m pretty sure this battle will go nowhere for now because of Eclipse, but you never know when it comes to FAIRY TAIL.

Something else worth mentioning before I end this post is Erza and Gray’s conversation. I’m so happy someone finally asked Gray about Juvia, lighting up some hope for the romance lovers. As you might’ve noticed from my anime posts, I’m a big fan of Juvia x Gray. But I’d be very surprised if they’d end up being a couple. I’d love to see that, but Juvia is at her best when she is jealous (and having some wild imaginations), so for now, I think I prefer her being a creepy Gray-supporter.

I think that’s everything I wanted to include in this post. Having that said, I’m expecting a fantastic chapter next week!

Moete kitazou!


  1. inb4 Yukino gets invited to join FT.
    I’d be surprised if that doesn’t happen.

    Though why didn’t Yukino mention or give the 13th key as well?
    Maybe it’s not as important or she’s holding back on something. Hmmm…

  2. oh ho ho! Can’t say I didn’t see that coming! Natsu losing his mind and attacking Sabretooth. It’s about time, screw this tournament crap and fight Fairy Tail style. ok back to reality, although that would be a good possibility, it won’t happen, we don’t have enough character development from the other guilds to start an all-out war. Although I’m itching to see some Sting Vs Natsu/Rogue Vs Gajeel action. As for Lucy….as much of a power up as she needs, I’m glad she didn’t take the keys. She acquired the others through fights anyway, so why should this time be any different.

    1. I’m guessing the bad guy is gonna kidnap BOTH Lucy and Yukino soon. I want to see Yukino become a Fairy Tail member too. When I started reading this week’s chapter I thought for sure that was gonna happen. It didn’t but I believe it will still happen sooner or later.

  3. Does this has nothing to do with Kagura from Mermaid Heel, didn’t she wager her life in her match? Maybe Yukino was given a mission from Kagura to advance her own plans. Maybe I over think all this, but I can’t quite think Mermaid Heel does not have any idea of what is happening behind the scene.

    1. That’s a good point. Since Kagura’s main goal is hunting down Jellal it wouldn’t be surprising if she sniffed out some connection with Mystogan or at least believes Erza is her best bet on learning anything. With her life in Kagura’s hands Yukino may be being used for infiltration. Ahh…that’s what I love about FT, there’s always so many paths the story can take that you never know which ones the current arc will address and which are being stashed for later.

  4. What an awesome chapter…by far my favorite in a long while! I started off with a grin on my face from the first panel with Natsu’s expression with Yukino approaching Lucy.

    While Yukino possibly going over to FT and the keys coming together were fairly predictable with the whole background business involving Eclipse going on, I like how the meeting was done and that Lucy rejected just being handed the remaining keys.

    Erza and Gray’s little meeting was nice as well and a fitting time for her to bring up Juvia’s feelings for him as she is struggling with her’s for Jellal.

    Topped off with Natsu being Natsu and raiding Sabertooth on his own after hearing what happened to Yukino…can’t wait for next week!

  5. Ah…Natsu doing what I most enjoy him doing in this manga. It’s been awhile since he’s let loose. Hopefully we’re in for a spectacle in the coming chapters, or at least a display of Natsu’s growth.

    (As an aside though, it seems to be difficult for Shounen manga these days to illustrate power-ups without too much text explanation…I guess authors are feeling that monkey tails and longer hair is starting to be overused ;D)

  6. Awesome chapter! Yukino is definitely getting a lot of hints that she’ll soon be a FT member.

    I wonder what will happen in Sabretooth though, I honestly dont see Natsu winning against the #1 guild’s guildmaster just like that. Sting and co. will probably intervene or something, or Natsu gets dragged out by Erza or other FT members and the fight gets interupted.

    Whatever happens I hope to see Natsu dish out some pain to Jiemma at least.

    1. In my opinion, the guild master may be offended if Sting or anyone else intervenes in a fight between men, but then again we don’t too much about what the guild master is really like.

  7. I’m actually torn about Lucy’s decision: on one hand, I understand her respect for the celectial spirits, doesn’t treat them as objects and goes by the mantra of bond between spirits and pacts, thus declining Yukino’s offer, but on the other hand, she’s gonna need all of the power she can get to help her team and both Libra and Pisces would have greatly helped her.

    I don’t know, maybe she should just have taken the keys now and offers them back to Yukino after the competition or something like that. If there’s something she mustn’t hold back for, it’s a power boost. I’m incited to compare Lucy’s decision for refusing the keys to a situation where she would refuse to get Ultear’s Second Origin. However, I do like her sense of honor, but sometimes you need more than that to go forward.

    Natsu’s actions… don’t surprise me. He may be brash and impulsive, but he has one Hell of a heart. This is what I like about Natsu.

    1. I think its fair to assume that Yukino will probably be targeted by that psycho captain dude whos trying to create Eclipse. And Lucy will probably end up helping her and thats when she gets the keys to do the job. Or some similar scenario.

    1. Yeah, here is a nice comparison though the question is if it might have something to do with the upcoming movie instead.

  8. I really liked the end with Natsu storming in there and all Sabertooth members looking at him dumbfounded after their previous cockery. I hope he’ll show his growth this time.
    And about Yukino, she’ll probably join FT if she doesn’t die before the arc ends. The openig of the gate seems linked to a bad omen.


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