「狙われたルーシィ」 (Nerawareta Ruushii)
“Targeted Lucy”

The three recognizable characters at the end of last week’s episode turned out to be completely new to this series – because they’re the Earth Land versions (as many already had figured out). We have Coco (Murakawa Rie), a girl who uses the forbidden athletic magic, and unlike the Edolas version, she loathes cats – poor Lily! We also have Sugarboy (Shimoyama Yoshimitsu), a man with a mysterious green slimy magic who appears to love rockabilly. The third new character who unlike her Edolas version, appears to be a female is Mary Hughes (Izawa Shiori), a woman who possesses a weird hand that allows her to take control of other people’s bodies.

Nothing really happened during this episode because of a dragged out battle, which to me seemed a bit peculiar. While I do understand that Sugarboy’s magic probably drained everyone, I can’t see why they (FAIRY TAIL members) didn’t use better magic. But on the other hand, I’m assuming everyone involved with Tenrou Island is “weak” now.

So what was this battle about? – Finding Lucy, what now appears to be the name of every female in the guild. It’s nice to see how much Michelle likes Lucy, as she without hesitating tried to sacrifice herself for Lucy. I love Michelle very much and I’m sad that she is a filler character. I certainly hope she will be included in future episodes because she is adorable!

It’s not clear yet why Lucy is being targeted, but I assume it’s related to the clock arm (I don’t think they want her, just the clock arm, because they pushed her off a cliff at the end). I really want to know what it does now. This filler arc has been going very slowly with little progress and a lot of side missions. I can’t ignore the fact that next season might be filler too, which is fine with me if they can maintain the quality of the story. But the manga is progressing very quickly so I’m not sure…

Leaving that, we have another Earth Land version of an Edolas character to introduce – Byro (Matsuyama Takashi), who appears to be the leader of this group, and he has an octopus! I can’t say much about him as his screen time was less than three minutes long, but based on the preview, it looks like he will be fighting the returning Gildarts (I’ve been waiting for his return)!

And speaking of the preview, I’m not sure if the ending was supposed to be a cliffhanger or not, but the preview totally ruined it, although I knew nothing would happen to Lucy and Michelle.

Having that said, let’s look forward to an action filled episode next week! Moete kitazou!

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Note 1: Some characters lack seiyuu information and will be updated later. Thanks to immblueversion for sharing some seiyuu information!

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    1. Good job me, asking a question Stereoman already answered just a few scrolls up. It’s just that this arc doesn’t really feel like a filler, I’d have bought it if someone told me it’s in the manga. I guess that’s a sign of a good filler.

    1. yet it still lack it’s mains & regulars characters to be older version unless asking for future time travel arc.

      yet more GRR still yet bring back rave master besides if pull a full crossover with rave master yea cue “edge with a chainsaw going bitter” yea bring back rave master anime.

      the incred-KLAC-ible hulk
  1. Hiro writes expert stories with well-planned twists most of the time and good character designs…… but there are other times where we get characters like Sugarboy, and I feel like he’s trolling us again. Honestly.

  2. I’m a bit disappointed at how the fight here went. Everyone got creamed so easily. But then again, that Command Magic by Hughes(which is hot btw) seems like a forbidden magic. Controlling people and their magic seems like a pretty hax power. Same with Sugar’s slime. Coco’s magic, not so much.
    I do like it when they all pretended to be Lucy.
    Gildarts next episode? While I’m excited to see him, seeing him fight is a bit conflicting mainly because in fillers power levels get nerfed a bit. But Byro may present a challenge so I dunno.
    Still confused about the relevance of that clock arm but it’ll get there I guess.

    1. Well, this review brought up the possibility that most of the Tenrou Team are not as strong as the other members now than they were before since they’ve been out of honing their skills for years. In fact, the others seemed to put up a bit more of a fight here.

      1. Like Mira as an S class wizard wouldn’t be able to put up even the littlest of fights? Just “oh no me and my siblings are all useless” elfman puts up a better fight and doesn’t even use full body takeover. Oh how I hate fillers. Like Natsu said in the next episode preview, once he gets serious he can mop the floor with these guys. Unfortunately they use lame excuses like Laxus punching him once drained all his power.

        Fairy tails main cast are crazy strong. The fact they were on an island for 7 years does little to change that. There is a reason the rest of the guild sucked even having seven years to train. And it isn’t like the main cast have gotten rusty over the 7 year gap. They were in stasis, time stopped for them. So for them just last week they Grimoire heart the toughest fight of their lives. I think I am just going to let a bunch of these fillers build up and then watch them as they come to a climax. The end of most fillers once they no longer need to prevent the main characters from winning usually isn’t so bad.

  3. I love Happy’s marriage proposal joke/honesty. What did Romeo actually give to Natsu…a stink bomb fire? Yay with more Kinana screentime. Elfman sure is a man to be pretending to be Lucy. Virgo’s timing couldn’t be more perfect. I thought PantherLily was not going to transform and join in the battle. I’ll give the guild the benefit of the doubt that their lost due to the seven year gap.

    random viewer
    1. I think that was pretty much the only enjoyable moment in this episode.

      These fillers are killing me… They are not like the usual Fairy Tail fillers and our guild who was once opposing acnologia is getting their asses kicked so pathetically by a few thugs. The 7-year gap or the hit from Laxus (seriously, after all that time) or whatever is simply unacceptable. And what’s with those guys’ ridiculous magic, for God’s sake?!

      This arc is continuing to ruin my Fairy Tail. I would rather they just gave a break until they have enough material to adapt.

      1. Funny, I thought Fairy Tail belonged to Hiro Mashima, and he doesn’t seem to think his Fairy Tail is being ruined. In fact, he’s supposedly the one who designed these characters and gave the anime studio the go-ahead, gave them some story guidelines to make sure they don’t contradict anything in the manga, and even referenced a formerly anime-exclusive plot detail that, for all we know, is at least semi-related to what’s going on now. Sure, the end result will almost definitely have no more of an impact on the manga than it does now because, hey, filler is filler. But because it’s filler, why waste your energy?

      2. I wouldn’t know what he thinks. I’m merely stating what I think. What I have been watching these two episodes simply hurts. Filler or not; I think there is a way to do this without putting our renowned characters into a pathetic situation like these. I guess I’m one of those who think you should do it right or shouldn’t do it at all.

        And sorry if I sounded too negative and aggressive. That should be due to my love towards Fairy Tail. I’m sure there are people who liked this arc as well. It’s just that I’m not one of those.

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