「夏海のダブルス」 (Natsumi no Daburusu)
“Natsumi’s Doubles”

Somehow, I’m starting to really feel the slice-of-life aspects of this show. It’s about this time in the season where I start itching for plot from those shows that are still warming up, which is why I was getting a bit cross with Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? before it started getting serious this week (or, as serious as it ever gets). With Natsuiro, the first two episodes were heavier on the plot than most slice-of-life shows (at least to me), so I guess it never really sunk in that this show truly belonged to the genre. No more! Other than the axe of Saki’s imminent departure still hanging over their heads, we’re still on the wish-of-the-week formula. With that in mind, the only question is how well each week’s wish-story goes.

This week? Overall, pretty good. While the wish to double Natsumi once again reminded me of the Nickelodeon shows I used to watch as a kid, it was still fun to watch. Like flight, this is one of those wishes I think we’ve all had from time to time, and that’s the stuff I most like to see in this show. Good fiction is valuable because it acts as a magnifying glass held up to reality, allowing us to better understand ourselves through the stories we experience. What better way than exploring the wishes we’ve all had?

There’s another reason this show keeps making me think of Nickelodeon…every episode has a message, some kind of lesson to learn, and the strength of the episode depends not only on how well it’s done, but also on how good the message is. That’s probably why I feel that the first two episodes were the best ones of any up until now, whereas the the three preceding this one weren’t as strong. Compared to friends reconciling and deciding to enjoy what time they have left together, how could an otouto‘s friend problems, Yuka‘s love problems, or Rin‘s LSD / fail whale problems compare? This one brings it back to a message which resonated with me, that we should not just work harder, but work smarter as well, which is why I really enjoyed it. Honesty is great, but tennis is a battle, so I’d rather bet on deceptive Saki over honest Natsumi any day…until the end of the episode, of course.

Speaking of otoutos, I actually think Daiki was my favorite character this episode. As a little brother myself, I really enjoyed Daiki responsibly doing the dishes while Natsumi was badmouthing him. That + him having to deal with a silly older sibling…man, I feel for you, Daiki. Stay strong! You’ll be bigger than her one day, and then you can…well, be too old and responsible to get proper retribution for all her nonsense. Such is the life of the younger sibling, Orz.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Natsumi learns a valuable lesson about working smarter rather than harder…& on walking around w/ your clone. Wait, what? #NatsuiroKiseki

Random thoughts:

  • Though I think this episode was stronger than recent offerings from a storytelling perspective, it was far weaker in the critical growth area of yuri. The best we got was some potential selfcest. Need…my…fix!!!
  • This is the only panty shot you’re getting this episode. Enjoy?
  • A wombat, Rin? At first, I thought she wanted Yuka to turn into a small, furry animal. Assumedly so that she could cuddle with squirrel-Yuka (or whatever). Wait wait…neko-Yuka. *gets lost imagining*
  • At the risk of being thought of as some kind of pervert who only looks at a woman’s hair, dat sidetail.

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  1. The direct yuri growth was on the weaker side but I have my hopes that the doujin writers out there can pick up the slack.

    Whats better than NatsumixSaki? NatsumixNatsumixSaki… and maybe throw another Saki in there for good measure…

    1. So we have gone from surprise skydiving, to magnetic attraction, to switching bodies, to seeing flying whales, and now to having a clone.

      I noticed something from this panty shot: Where is Natsumi’s bra?

      After watching this episode, I kind of prefer NatsumixNatsumi over NatsumixSaki.

      John Hayabusa
  2. On a more serious note…

    How exactly does Natsumi2 bursting into light before disappearing into thin air not attract any attention? Right after she shouts out and all eyes should have been right on her?

    They could have at least made the disappearance take a bit longer, start with her glowing, noticing something is happening and she runs away behind a bush/building before there’s a flash of light…

  3. It’s like the Rasen Shuriken training in Naruto. What Natsumi #2(or is it #1?) learned about tennis and life was passed on to the other Natsumi.
    Okay episode I guess. Bathing and sleeping with yourself is…interesting. Natsumi seems to be the only one always shown bathing. Not that it’s a bad thing…Needs some Saki or Yuka too.

    When is Saki leaving again?

    1. No kidding. That stone is definitely weird. It keeps changing rules on how it works: remember we were told it needed 4 people to work. But the next episode they only needed 2?

      The Moondoggie
    2. Remember, we’ve never really been “told,” per say, how the rock works. We only have our own and the girl’s guesses. It could be that would actually work for anyone, and just only they have tried it out.

      Or the rock could just change how it works as the plot demands. That’s a possibility too!

  4. @Moondoggie Maybe only the first time that four people are required.

    It’s like [4 people] are needed as the keys to activated the stone for the first time. After that the stone remembered four of them as its master. As long as wisher(s) are one of the four keys, the stone will grant them wishes.

  5. I was thinking the same thing as frag85, that the rock was a closet yuri fan and would even grant wishes where one could yuricest oneself. lol

    Yeah, Daiki is cute this episode.

    All that’s left is for Yuka to settle into her role as heir to her family ryokan and we’ll be having Hanasaku Iroha Mk II all over again.

    Kinny Riddle
  6. Nothing can top Saki in yukata… Except Saki in ZR, of course. So next week is gonna be even better.

    Still my favourite weekly guilty pleasure. But I, like Stilts, wonder where the storyline is going after these three character-centered episodes (Yuke, Rin, Natsumi).

  7. Yuri? Is that all you guys care about? Screw that! These past few episodes have been great so far with better comedic elements even though the first two provided a deeper message.

  8. The simple fact that all the characters have normal outfits that they regularly change and aren’t ridiculously improbable to wear out in public is really refreshing. They sure like to have fun with Yuka’s hairstyles as well!

  9. Even though this series is largely episodal, I’m really enjoying
    the comedy and mild drama
    . Too, nobody sees too surprised any more
    when the amazing happens – the girls just kind of accept what the
    rock did.


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