Natsuiro Kiseki – 11

「当たって砕けろ!東京シンデレラツアー」 (Atatte Kudakero! Toukyou Shinderera Tsua)
“Give it a Shot! Tokyo Cinderella Tour”

The audition. This episode represented the girls’ last, best chance to do something so they could all stay together forever. Or was it? Let me tell you, a lot happened this episode, and it was one of the best ones of the entire show.

Natsuiro Kiseki – 10

「たいふうゆうれい、今日のオモイデ」 (Taifu Yuurei, Kyou no Omoide)
“A Typhoon, Ghosts, and Today’s Memory”

The Big Rock sometimes seems to act like a classic “monkey’s paw,” where wishes are fulfilled in ways the wishers didn’t intend. Well, except for the fact that here they usually lead to a fun little adventure, instead of soul-shattering horrors the likes of which man was never meant to experience. So I guess it’s nothing like it at all.

Natsuiro Kiseki – 07

「雨にオネガイ」 (Ame ni Onegai)
“A Wish on the Rain”

I can’t help but think that the way this episode was told was sub-optimal, but the feelings it delivered were really nice. That’s why when I finished this episode and leaned back, I was quite satisfied, and it was only when I started thinking about what I was going to write that I was reminded of the flaws. That just goes to show you that yes, thinking too much probably is unhealthy sometimes. Whoops.