「雨にオネガイ」 (Ame ni Onegai)
“A Wish on the Rain”

I can’t help but think that the way this episode was told was sub-optimal, but the feelings it delivered were really nice. That’s why when I finished this episode and leaned back, I was quite satisfied, and it was only when I started thinking about what I was going to write that I was reminded of the flaws. That just goes to show you that yes, thinking too much probably is unhealthy sometimes. Whoops.

First of all, the narrative stuff. The way this episode’s story was told felt a little abrupt and scattered over all. From the very beginning they just barreled straight into the plot, forgoing the pre-OP scenes in favor of showing us Natsumi angry at Yuka inside of a minute of actual screen time. Maybe it’s just because I didn’t remember them having agreed to enter the singing competition (did that happen? Someone check for me, I’m not near my hard drives), but I feel like that could have used some build up.

After that, we were treated to the girls wandering around the town in pairs, going about little side tasks that had little bearing on the whole Natsumi and Yuka squabbling thing. Now, I realize this is slice-of-life, but there was just enough plot-like substance here to make me want them to focus on it, so when we instead took a detour to Yuka’s house so she could pick her clothes up (and run for her life freedom), it seemed rather pointless. I’m fine with slice-of-life faffing about, but I guess maybe it needs to be full slice-of-life (i.e. no plot at all) or have a tighter connection to the plot. Maybe?

Those criticisms aside, the feelings this episode evoked were really, really nice. I enjoy this series most when it acts like a friendship anime (with some occasional yuri baiting, just to keep us guessing), so when Saki and Natsumi started talking about the water balloon fights the four of them used to have when they were kids, I found it to be very heartwarming. Yuka is a frivilous and silly girl, and definitely the one of the four who has the most growing up to do, but she’s still a good person and a good friend. The same is true for Natsumi, even though she always seems to be quarreling with her friends, and of course the other two as well. Hearing all of them talk about their past together, and all wanting to mess with the laws of nature to create a memory together was sweet. We all should be lucky to have such good friends (especially the reliable ones like Saki and Rin, heh). Warm fuzzies all around!

There was also the music. Though I’m no Moomba, and I rarely pay attention to soundtracks (at least consciously), I definitely notice the insert songs, and I enjoyed how the ED was replaced with the four girl’s contest performance. It was a nice upbeat, energetic song that seemed to celebrate the girl’s friendship. That, combined with the fireworks, the four ribbons they were wearing, and the teru teru bouzu really served to punctuate how inseparable these four are.

Next episode, it looks like we’re getting something that may or may not involve swimsuits, and some kind of trip / beach situation. And this kid. We’ve either got a seriously pettanko tomboy on the way, or another boy. What did I say about boys in my yuri anime, Sunrise? No no, wait, this is a friendship anime. Keep it together, Stilts. They might find out…

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The storytelling could use some work, but the sentiment was good, & Sphere still sings well. Oh&also, #ZettaiRyouiki!! :3 #NatsuiroKiseki

Random thoughts:

  • Natsumi’s right Saki, you look way more “sexy” than “cute” in that outfit. That’s what you get when you equip the ultimate Zettai Ryouiki and do that pose, praise be to our goddess Rin-sama (the Fate one) for the bounty she has given us, amen.
  • I liked it when Rin and Yuka thought Rin’s mama knew about the rock. Not gunna lie, for a second there I thought she did too, and we were going to see some serious drama start-up. I kind of wish it had, but ah well.
  • Sometimes the sci-fi part of my brain just won’t shut up, even when I’m watching a fantasy show. When the girls were talking about stopping the rain, I kept thinking unhelpful things like “Do you know what a change like that would do to area weather patterns? How about plants, animals, or the local water supply? Well I don’t either! Unintended consequences can be deadly, ladies!!” I know, I know…I should really just relax.

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「南風ロマンチック」 (Minami Kaze Romantic) by Sphere



  1. Am I the only one who wishes that Yuka would grow up sooner rather than later? I can relate to how frustrated Natsumi must have felt with Yuka’s lackadaisical attitude towards training for their performance. She was the one who was so enthusiastically urging them to enter the singing competition, and yet she takes a devil-may-care attitude towards practicing.

    Overall though, a nice episode that continues to flesh out the beautiful friendship of our lovable quartet. Especially that flashback of that water balloon fight. I hope Yuka can change for the better after hearing Rin’s reasoning on why Natsumi and Saki never ran away during those fights. And watching Natsumi and Saki reminiscing about the good old days made me feel a little depressed at imagining the moment when Saki will inevitably move away. All the episodes up till now seem to be steadily moving towards that conclusion, even with a magic wish granting rock in their hands. Just like how Natsumi was quite adamant they not use the rock to wish for their victory (although she seemed to waver when they rushed to the shrine), I don’t think they will use the rock to alter that fact.

  2. I can’t help but think that the way this episode was told was sub-optimal

    I believe your 1st instincts were correct. It wasn’t as strong as it could have been,
    I can’t put my finger on the lacking, though. But, there was still some good points.

    IMHO, Yuka has the personality of a (girl) geek with all of its endearing qualities.
    While she appears unfocused and immature, really it’s the way she solves problems
    that are on her path –

    judge me by my results, not my methods.

    Yuka drives the heart of the friendships; she provides the color. In some ways,
    I feel I can empathize with Yuka at some point(s) in my life.

    Bottom line is that without Yuka’s unique chemistry, there’s a good chance that the
    girls would not have competed in and won the singing contest.

    So, looks like Anime swimsuits next week (Moretsu Pirates, too) – do these guys
    coordinate these things, or what!

  3. As soon as the Sphere-colored ribbons were introduced, I figured that each seiyuu would get their respective color. Although the order on stage is mixed up, probably since that would place Yuka and Rin on each end, instead of next to each other.

    I want full length version of that song!

    At first I was wondering if they’d put all the insert songs together on the next Sphere album (coming in two months) with nothing but Natsuiro-related songs, but that seems doubtful since it would mean skipping other anime OPs like High Powered and Hazy. A long wait for individual singles in other words…

  4. Oh wow. Saki in her bra, Oh wow. (Breaths heavily like any other perverted male out there)

    Natsumi is right, she is sexy.


    Anyway, why do I get the feeling Rin’s mom actually knows more about the magic rock than she’s letting on? If the girls didn’t do anything about the rain, who did?

    Then again, she is the head priestess of the shrine after all, of course she knows all the shrine’s secrets.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Saki is giving me also not-so-commendable feelings for a 14-year old.
      I wouldn’t worry either about her not making any new friends when she moves away. Well, male friends anyway… The girls probably all gonna hate her.

      But the storytelling nagged me a bit too. If the performance is so important to them (as Saki states), then why all the last minute preparations?

      On a personal note: the scenes in the inn reminded me immediately of Hanasaku Iroha, and I recognised those rain-dolls from Usagi Drop. So maybe I’m watching too much anime these days.

  5. the whole rain disappearing scene confused me, they even had the miracle glow on Yuka and Rin. Even after we were shown the teru bouzo i was left wondering if they went and wished after they did that. I didn’t hurt the overall feeling of the episode though. I still enjoyed it. Like Stilts said, thinking too much….


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