「謎の流行風邪」 (Nazo no Hayarikaze)
“Mysterious Flu”

If you haven’t already noticed, I am experimenting again. For those of you who won’t put up with my antics…the post has been reformed below. The rest of you: start off by clicking on image one or two and use the left and right arrow keys to navigate. The text will appear below the pictures as you progress.

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  1. I actually really liked the way you did this, with text within the images.
    It makes it easier and more enjoyable to follow along with your written commentary. (=
    I definitely wouldn’t mind this in the future!

    And, it looks like next episode is gonna be a little more heated. C: Can’t wait!

  2. I really like this different setup of the posts! The alt-text takes what may seem to be a wall of text and splits it up into blocks that are not only easy to read but incorporates the images into the post a whole lot more than just clicking the blue text.

    On a related note, this anime is proving to be really good and this is coming from someone who enjoyed the manga and was wondering how in the world that they would be able to adapt it… I am wondering though, when and if the original story line will come into play. (I remember reading that this would be an original story line but so far it has been adapting the manga.)

    1. Agreed. Oka fanservice is seriously off the chain. And Urabe with the thigh name tag O.O I don’t know what was more delicious, all that or the shrimp tempura they were eating.

  3. Who has the bigger breasts oka or urabe?

    Seriously its really hard to tell. One minute you think oka has the biggest tits in the show then, BAM urabe comes out with what seems to be Double D’s then out of no where oka is back on with watermelons on her chest.

    Frankly i say oka since her breasts are emphasized ALOT more. Partly because the only two things that make her standout is her huge tits and hot seductive attitude. But you can’t count urabe out for long:

  4. One more question is Oka a secret lesbian. Because im getting some serious yuri vibes from her whenever shes with Urabe.

    It could be the fact that she enjoys touching urabe in intimate places or maybe its the fact that she’s always sticking her finger in Urabe’s mouth to get some of her spit but hey it could just be me whos thinking this?

    1. physical contact between friends is more common than you’d think. most of it is with merely playful intentions anyway. that and Oka is kind of crazy to begin with!!

    2. Oka is manipulative, that’s just one of the ways she can get to Urabe since there’s not much else that phases her. She uses sexual power on her bf too. She’s sort of exploring that and using it to amuse her at the same time. I have met plenty of women that use sex as a tool without being geniune in their feelings so i wouldn’t read too much into that especially from a teenager. I definitely did a double take when they swapped spit though lol. I was like “wherrrre is this show going with that!?” lol great fun.

  5. Oka = still an ubercreeper

    Love how the the females’ bodies automatically get all curvy and luscious in close-ups or mizugi shots. Can we have that in real life too?

  6. When I first encountered this series YEARS ago I thought it was so weird. The whole drool thing was gross but the story interesting then it faded away in the depths of my memories.

    Then they animate it and I just get floored by nostalgia and start loving this series all over again. I still thing the whole drool this is gross though.

  7. Have you ever been ‘marked‘ by a girl? It’s a pretty cool thing to have happen
    and it’s quite different than when a girl is marked by a guy. What’s that?

    It’s a nick-name that she begins to call you or taking something of yours and
    making it hers and displaying it privately for you; it can be anything or action
    but it’s her choice. So, when Urabe took his locker ID and put it on her leg,
    that’s what I thought of – she want to be a part of him and his life.

    Urabe wants to be cherished by him.

    Although I think this was a significant move on Urabe’s part in their relationship,
    this episode almost flew by me. I didn’t get why she wouldn’t open her jacket. He
    had already seen her in a bathing suit and her pantsu already (she even commented
    that she didn’t mind only him seeing them). So, what did I miss?

    I think that Oka really stripped for her boyfriend (though not shown in the ep 🙁 – I
    haven’t read the Manga) – remember “hands off or we break up”? Urabe said later that
    she wouldn’t do a bathing suit striptease. To me, it’s the only sane explaination
    for Urabe’s behaviour. Oka is very provocative; Urabe is still very inexperienced.

    I loved the – look is that a cat?! troll she pulled on Urabe…

    1. First I must say that I enjoy your comments a lot and reflect some of my own feelings too.

      About Urabe not wanting to show herself to Tsubaki, I think that is because of the setting: at the beach you’re expected to show up in swimwear and everyone else also is but put that in a private setting (his bedroom) and the act becomes much more intimate, almost sexual. I also think that Urabe’s inexperience has a hand into it too.

      Another aspect that amazes me is how Urabe seems to be in full control of the relationship but she can become so selfless whenever she tries to make Tsubaki happy.

      About the preview: http://img802.imageshack.us/img802/7720/ura.png

  8. Really enjoyed the post setup! Its not one that I feel should be liberally applied to the series you cover, but I think its a perfect fit for this one and was an enjoyable change-up. Keep up the great work!

  9. I read most post at work. So even thoguht is innovative using the caps to build the narrative. Is akward for me. I really easy to shrink the browser window size and read calmly without worry of someone to look behind my back and see what I’m doing vs. having to open every single shot to read. just my two cents.
    As for Oka hgnnMM if a bikini clan girl like that rides me in bed either I die or her purity was gone for good! Urabe is learning girl tricks from Oka sensei so I think they should stick together for a little while….

  10. I have to wonder about Oka/Ueno. It seems that their time together is fairly short and at least part only in flashbacks. I know that this is about Urabe/Tsubaki but Oka seems to spend more time in the present teasing Urabe. Considering his relative unimportance so far, you could write Ueno out and not much would change.

  11. I like how you do the reviews Nazo no kanojo x ^^
    emm excuse man … when you’re posting the review of episode 8 Nazo no kanojo x? I would love to see it! please!!!! *-*


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