「フー、京子ちゃん合コンだゼッ!」 (Fuu, Kyouko-chan Goukon da ze!)
“Heh, It’s Party Time, Kyoko!”

At the risk of repeating myself, korezon is at its best when it takes the ridiculous (and ridiculously funny) gags it does so well and layers them on top of just enough plot to keep the story moving forward. The first season suffered from uneven storytelling at times, but mostly it was the fault of the enemy, and the resolution he demanded. The King of the Night could only be killed in one way, by Yuu’s voice (spoilers?), so we always knew how it was going to end. In contrast, this time around we have no idea how Chris will be defeated, so when Kyouko showed up promising to tell them Chris’ weakness as long as Ayumu could entertain her (hur hur hur), I was interested. But I’ll get back to that.

First of all, the craziness of this episode all centered around Kyouko and her habit of oscillating wildly between cute and bubbly, and crazy and super-hate-murder-kill-lust…murder. Something. Her number one desire? To attend a mixer. I hope I wasn’t the only one who immediately called bullshit on that after a particular scene. It doesn’t look like meeting other guys was on her mind.

Speaking of which, I have no idea whether that scene was really necessary. I’m alright with it, though. Kyouko might be just a bit too busty though, if you ask me. She starts to look seriously unbalanced without proper, ahem, support. Hrmmm…

Erh, sorry. Where was I? Right, the mixer. The introvert in me heartily enjoyed Ayumu’s attempts to get a mixer going, despite his natural aversion to acting anything approaching “cool.” No worries Ayumu. You’ll get better at such things as you get older. Or, you know, die alone…is what I would say, but I’ve seen your harem, you bastard.

Crud, where was I again? Too many distracting things! While I initially questioned the wisdom of holding the mixer at a MacDonalds expy, Ayumu’s inspired suggestion of playing the King’s Game – thanks in part to mousou Yuu – gave us some delectable morsels to enjoy. Ayumu hugging Taeko was absolutely adorable (Stilts note: KYAAA!!), as was all the blushing from Yukinori and the other girls. And yet, probably my favorite person was once again Orito. From instantly proposing to Kyouko to lusting after Dai-sensei (she’s an older woman!), Orito continues to set the bar for going after what you want, and then failing completely and utterly to obtain it. He’s both an inspiration and a warning to us all. Or something, I don’t know.

Anyway, thanks to Dai-sensei’s appearance, Kyouko finally cracked (uhm, further), and Ayumu dragged her outside to fight it out. That’s where one of the weirdest things in a show full of weird things happened – Kyouko confessed her love to the man she once killed. By sticking a sword through his chest. And kissing his bloody shirt. And then crying while her stabbing victim consoled her. You know, I sometimes wonder what people who don’t watch anime would think about me if they read these posts. Nothing good, I assume.

And so we come full circle, back to the reason for this episode’s antics. Thanks to Ayumu’s kindness to the girl who killed him, Ayumu learned Chris’ weakness. Honestly, I don’t know what’s more unbelievable – what Chris’ weakness ended up being (a tummy tickle? o.O), or the fact that Kyouko sent it over on a fax. Seriously, it’s 2012. Shouldn’t Ayumu be reading that on his smartphone? Get with the times, people!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Her name is Kyouko, she is loco, I say oh no! Erh…I can’t believe how well that works out! Also: yandere luv 4 lyfe~ #korezon #jormungand

Random thoughts:

  • I liked how the King of the Night was brought back up as a reason for why Kyouko knew Chris’ weakness. I don’t know why the King of the Night would know that, but since he was an (almost) immortal zombie whose heart was filled with malice, the idea of him hanging out with someone who tried to stage a coup d’état on the Queen of Virie is pretty easy swallow. Either way, I like that an old plot point is brought back up, and I appreciate that there was an actual reason for Kyouko to reappear. My only real problem is in the allegation against Chris. Something doesn’t feel right there, if you ask me…
  • Sera may insult Ayumu – a lot – but when it counts, she still trusts in him. I don’t know if that’s love, but at least she realizes he’s not as bad as she acts like he is…is what I was going to say, and then I saw this. Maybe Sera is more rabu rabu for Ayumu than I thought.
  • S! She’s and S because she enjoys Ayumu’s pain!
  • Ayumu is right. You shouldn’t try to be something you’re not. Unless you’re Kyouko-chan, in which case you should try to be anything but what you really are!
  • Mask Donalds: still less frightening than the real thing. At least these guys aren’t holding chicken nuggets. That would have been disgusting.
  • Ayumu’s harem is truly without match. It was already powerful, and now he’s added a top-tier yandere to the mix! Luckily, he’s one of the few people who can survive a yandere’s special brand of love. Isn’t that right, Yukki? :3
  • So Kyouko can’t remain in anyone’s memories. That’s a pretty harsh sentence…or it would be, if not for the fact that she’s a crazy yandere serial killer. Cry as much as you like, Kyouko-chan. You’re still getting off light. At least you’re still alive.
  • The camera angles in this show cannot be beat. It’s like watching Saki again, except with big breasts instead of glistening thighs.
  • Mousou Yuu kissing Mousou Yuu? *massive life threatening nosebleed* Someone…take over…my shows. I’m not…gunna be able ta…make it back…home…after all-! *dies from critical levels of ero-moe*

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    1. Yeah, finally someone did. I think it’s clear though that she’s pretty tsundere about him. Just to make it even more obvious we see that even Yuu knows, her holding Seras hand at the end to make her relax about Ayumu being in trouble was a nice touch.

    2. I thought just the opposite to the feelings of Seraphim to Ayumo. I thought she had respect for Ayumo, despite the insults and blows.
      But this episode shot in my face the number one rule of all harem: ALL female protagonists love the male protagonist.
      I just want more moments dere-side with Seraphim

    3. Yes this was definitely the highlight in this episode for me! I know I loved to see Taeko getting really dere towards Ayumu hugging her plus Yuki and Haruna (perhaps even Eu) getting jealous, but the fact that Sera was REALLY concerned towards Ayumu this episode blew me away! Notice something? She hasnt insulted him at all in this episode (well at least not directly lol), but instead she respected his decisions, believed in him, and better yet even worried/concerned about him. The best part was her response towards Kyouko telling her that her that her orders are just a front to basically stay with Ayumu! I cant believe that I found this scene better than seeing Kyouko confess to Ayumu out of nowhere lol! I just found it way too out of place and even weird, but hey Kyouko is a yandere, so Ayumu finally added a new harem member with a new personality (its about time, most of them are tsunderes lol).

      1. I think that Seraphim has adored Ayumu since season one, probably since she first put on cat ears. But she’s calling him Ayumu now, which I don’t recall her doing previously.

  1. A cruel sentence, no one remember you, but still she deserve it… At least she realise how “great” Ayumu is… The way to defeat to Chris is really a ROFL!!! Tickle her side….

    1. Yea, I known right?! Still, tickle-tickle her side?! Seriously?! Thank Gaia, he is a zombi, or else he won’t be able to take all that harsh love of hers. Yep, she is till our 100% pure Kyoko.
      Eu, jealous?!
      I just can not stop laughing when Ayumu tried Oh SO HEARD to convince everyone to have a mix…….it was just so SHINNY XDD

    1. That is correct.

      Kyouko was granted some time out of prison in exchange for her help, but it is not like she is free now. She still has to finish serving her sentence.

  2. Has anyone read the LNs, is there actually meant to be a (slightly more) canon pairing here or is it harem all the way? The ending would suggest that it’s Taeko but that Taeko scene kind of had the opposite affect on me as it did to you Stilts. Have been a EuxAyumu shipper from the start, so to see her encouraging acts like that with other girls. My dreams.

    I love Kyouko. It’s funny, she can’t even laugh normally anymore since she’s so far gone. Either one extreme or the other. Too bad she can’t stay.

  3. What’s this? Stilts thinking a girl is too busty? Oh Mayan, it’s really 2012! That aside, we can probably blame Kyouko’s lack of proper support on Victoria. She doesn’t share her secrets with sociopaths, apparently, because they give her a run for her money.

    1. Hey, big boobs are great, but there’s nothing wrong with smaller boobs too. Don’t agree? Look at every screencap I’ve taken of Taeko and tell me otherwise. I dare you!

      1. The protagonist of the manga trinity seven says it all: “I like every part of a beautiful girl.” Any cute girl is beautiful regardless of their physical, all that matters are eyes that reflect a pure soul. While not a purely demented soul.

  4. congratulation to tae-chan , u have got what you wants — a hug from ayumu. and on the other note , psychopathic kyouko finally make her confession to ayumu althought vey odd manner and sera go dere totally priceless . it seem that they going to end this series with chris arc. i wish they will continue with lilith Liana arc.

  5. Well Stilts, you said youself back in episode 1, there is no way in Hell you´d get elected in politics after someone who is not into anime reads one of your post about kore wa zombie. You´ll have my vote though.

    1. I think Yuno still wins, but only barely. Kyouko’s yandere tendencies are just more funny than worrying, so you don’t get that “holy shit what is this thing right here right now!!” feeling. It’s still super close, though.

  6. Ayumu´s harem is awsome and incredibly dengerous, I think the only harem that culd match is the harem of Kusanagi Godou from the upcoming Campione! anime in july.

  7. Am I late for the party??
    There isn’t a more perfect mixer out there in the anime world…yet?
    I can’t believe Ayumu would put those clothes on and “sparkle” in them. And to have another person crash the party with the same outfit. Just too funny it hurts my sides.

    random viewer
  8. Kyouko just became my favorite Yangire (i think it is called yangire?) her crazy personality entertains me much more than her “cute” side tbh
    i wished there was more saras in this show though T_T

  9. THE Epic Harem:
    Yuu – silent insanely powerful moe
    Haruna – mad genius with funny attitudes
    Seraphim – she’s more liking ayumu than she admits
    Sarasvati – crazy buttstalker vampire ninja
    Yukinori – klutzy eldritch abomination ninja
    Dai-sensei – insanely powerful magiclad girl with refined coolness
    Chris – literal bottle fairy – and insanely more powerful than other insanely powerful beings around – how more epic can be your drinking buddy?
    and finally, our Yandere ex-serial killer Magiclad Girl, Kyoko!

  10. Sera being called out for really “liking” Ayumu was definitely the highlight of the episode. Maybe now in the future she’ll be more nice to him and more dere :3

  11. “Honestly, I don’t know what’s more unbelievable – what Chris’ weakness ended up being (a tummy tickle? o.O), or the fact that Kyouko sent it over on a fax.”

    Well, they are using papercups as a medium of communication in Virie. XD Also, I’d watch an entire episode of all the Eus playing the Ou-sama game! That would be devastating!

  12. “The King of the Night could only be killed in one way, by Yuu’s voice (spoilers?)”

    Well, in my case this is true since I’m only at episode 8 of the first season now. 🙁


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