「接吻」 (Seppun)

I can’t help but feel sorry for Andy. Not only was his girl taken away, turned into a man, and brainwashed, he can’t even enjoy sitting on a couch. He’s like a highly corrosive liquid that just seems to melt everything he touches.

Shrade is such a masochist. He’s totally set on trying to kill himself via gattai in order to complete his musical composition. Some might argue that it’s nice to have a purpose that you’re willing to go through such lengths to fulfill. The preview suggests he’ll survive (again) but you never know.

Zessica is such a tragic character. Before she could attempt to set her own 12,000 year legend, she was rudely interrupted by Mykage’s plans. I don’t know why she insists on Amata. Someone pointed out in the comments that Zessica’s mark looked like a pineapple. After learning what pineapples represented earlier in the season, I was a little worried that Zessica might not make it through the end. The scene where she got “crushed” to death seems very unreal though. It doesn’t feel like a genuine death. Also, I don’t think she has fulfilled her obligation to Mykage (unless dying was it). Her sneak attack kiss was perfectly calculated since she knew Amata can’t help but fly when he’s thinking of perverted things.

The biggest bombshell of the whole episode was the revelation that Amata and Kagura are one and the same. I’m guessing that they’re going for a split personality thing where Kagura split off from his weaker self. It’s, quite frankly, not what I thought was going to happen though I did believe in the possibility of them being two parts of a reincarnation. It’s turns out to be more than that since they’re the same person. It will be really interesting to see how they explain the split. Speaking of splits, the whole “Amagura” dream made me chuckle. It was like watching Two Face from the old Batman movies.

The episode felt very slow overall. The writers seem intent on dragging this out all the way to the end.

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  1. Great review. First episode 20 was solid and this episode while slow a bit slow at first definitely picked up towards the end. The show finally feels like it truly progressing and feels consistent in terms of quality, hopefully they’ll be able to keep it up. Then again, this is a Shoji Kawamori show so I’m expecting the unexpected.

    1. You know, I think I should be surprised that /a/ is this resourceful, but at this point….

      But whatever. As long as Zessica wins. Andy deserves a good ending too, though.

    2. I like the explanation of the reincarnations of Apollonius, with explained that Amata was divided in two, all becomes clear.
      But I’m more or less agree with the theories on Zessica.
      I agree with the powers, her feelings for Amata and her stubbornness as Silvia was willing that her brother was the “wings of the sun.”
      I disagree with that Zessica is Sirius, because it would go against the scheme of reincarnation Kawamori, Sirius was Celiane, but had no feelings or personality, was someone else. It is not possible if we follow the scheme, which Zessica is Sirius and look much like Silvia, just because they were the very soul of Celiane. Zessica has to be a part of Silvia for all the similarities, or a big coincidence.
      This is just my opinion about what has so far seen in the anime and the schemes that you showed.

  2. That kiss scene was so touching I kept repeating it over and over again (lol my poor replay button XD)

    I am a huge Andy x Mix fan and liked every single pairing Aqua Evol threw at me (even Shrade x Kaien) but I didn’t have nay strong opinion on any pairing that involved the main cast for some reason. But after this episode I really hope to see the series end with ZessicaxAmata, or at least Zessica will find some sort of happiness. Maybe go back to her cheerful self.

    Really liked the episode and hope to see the answer to the reincarnation theory soon.

  3. Zessica is still moping about a guy that never has shown any interest on her. For how long is she doing that again? About 10+ episodes??? Damn girl, just move on already, it is just sad and pathetic.

  4. Amata the “protagonist” finally takes center stage and moves the plot. In addition to that we have actual development between Zessica and Amata (she’s obviously not dead). The Problem? We’re 21 EPISODES IN! This entire love triangle has been one of the blandest, most dragging and most boring aspect of the series. Even more painful that its supposed to be a central plot point of the entire Aquarion series. And while the kissing scene with Zessica was good, I’ve reaches the point where I don’t care about it anymore.

    What happened to Kawamori? Compelling love triangles are his forte but this is a travesty.

    1. I’m just so happy that for all her sufferings Zessica may finally has a chance.

      Seriously, she was the strangest love rival ever, since all she manages to do is to highlight how shallow Mikono’s feelings for Amata were, while seemingly being cursed to mope forever.

      For once she looked happy. I’m glad.

      Bait and switch, baby !!

      Eeven if it’s a little late. But considering the main drama has been put into the backburner for a while it has to be expected.

      1. Totally. She definitely deserves happiness. For the 10 episodes we had to go through seeing her like that, she deserves a happy end. But the whole Kawamori factor has me worried. Even though he isn’t writing the series he’s still the director and he can be a bit of a troll at times.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Aquarion%20EVOL/Aquarion%20EVOL%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2035.jpg
    So does this mean the planets are one in the same like Amagura or am I missing the point of that picture?
    I thought there would be more rage about Zessica’s untimely “death” in this post. Or was there a death flag that I didn’t see coming either. Instead of her turning into a man, she’s killed off? I hope not, not in this square-love relationship. Or is is three now? (Don’t mind my questions…I’m just talking to myself.) =P

    random viewer
  6. Can anybody explain the Kagura/Amata thing? Amagura has their eyes, but how did he split?

    Also, Mykage’s trying to usurp the position of master cockblocker from Kagura o/

  7. Did anyone else think that Amagura sounded really really lame? Felt like they were referring to some hollywood couple.

    I’m not worried about Zesicca but I teared up anyway ;_;

      1. It could be worse ^_^;; Imagine them naming themselves something totally random…

        “Amata….we are Bob!”

        or my personal favorite…

        “Amata….we are Venom!”

        On the other hand, these are the same writers that renamed Mix into Mixy, with the horrible genome pun…

  8. It was a really good episode. Even Amata seems to become a bit interesting.
    I really really hope they are not going to fuse Amata and Kagura, it would be very very lame.

    And Zessica !!! I’m more and more rooting for her on the romantic front. I hope she at least get a chance with Amata in 12000 years. I’m pretty confident this episode at least sink AmataxMikono. Alleluya ! There is no way Mikono could pull something topping this kiss.

    Sazanka getting her wishes.

    And last but not least, Shrade could have a solution to save Altair !!! If I didn’t misunderstand.

  9. Andy’s love for holes will eventually get Mixy back to Mix, I am sure…
    Zessica, on the other hand, seems to be the least favorite of the directors… 🙁 why can’t they just give the girl some justice? ok, we all know Amata is obsessed with plain and not fun Mikono, but at least let the poor green hair speak her version of the next 12,000 years legend… I raged so hard watching that part and the dramatic kiss scene… we need a Zessica ending (am I hoping for too much?)

    1. No. You’re not.

      The authors sadism toward Zessica could be a tool used for the watchers to root for underdog gunuine Zessica over first girl Mikono.

      It’s working well.

    2. @jrj
      Zess is since over 10 episodes just depressed and not fun at all. I mean, what did she do besides not being funny and being depressed for the majority of the show? Just saying.

      Anyway, this show sucks. The storytelling is just dumb trolling.

  10. After all the mass guessing, the truth is revealed… Amata and Kagura are both Apollo, only split. Most likely, Amata was the original reincarnation of Apollo which was whole at first until Mykage interfered and ripped out the pieces of him that were Apollo and made Kagura. The fact that he’s purely the Apollo part of the reincarnation would explain why Kagura is so much like him. And while the dream probably was a result of Amata’s unresolved feelings, I also think it was a hint towards Amata’s true nature since only when he and Kagura were fused did Mikono call him “Apollo”.

    I know a lot of people have disliked the love triangle in favor of other relationships on the show, but I’ve personally enjoyed it. Zessica’s kiss was a very nice scene, and I really doubt they’d just kill her off like that. Both this and her confession a few episodes back were crowning moments of hearwarming. While on the other hand I’ve enjoyed some of the cute scenes Amata and Mikono have had together. Who’ll win the triangle? Will there be some crazy Aquarion thing that ensures there doesn’t have to be a winner? Who knows… though I do hope that Miknono gets some romantic scenes with Amata before the end.

    Touma’s Cherubim! Does that meany Mykage’s…

  11. with 5eps left got wonder how save it all from

    1.cure for rule 63 virus to save women also bring back big bangs
    2.will ONORE mykage has final bomb (yea zess is bomb)
    3.who get happy end

    etc yea not like last thing to expect bag face to the rescue?

  12. Nah.

    The bait and switch is really sweet and well done, if you disregard some displeasant dragging while they were focusing on other characters.

    I was expecting something like that since episode 5.

  13. Five more episodes, right? This second cour keeps on dragging on (probably it started on the latter episodes of the first cour).

    The question now is, aside from how the split happen, why is Kagura in Altair when in fact Alicia left him/them on Vega? o.O

    Writers please give justice on Zessica’s character!
    Please let Andy have his gattai with Mix or even with Mixy!
    Shrade no one hinders you to say your true feelings, come on man

  14. I felt the pacing of the episode was good overall. Lots of things happened. Andy in depression. The Amagura dream (which was a real visual treat). Fudo telling Mikono the story of the legend (I haven’t seen Genesis of Aquarion so it certainly helped me understand the plot). And of course the kiss scene (that was greatly orchestrated), Zessica’s “death” and the revelation at the end.

  15. IF Zessica is dead I’m going to be somadbro, mainly due to the fact that Shrade keeps on surviving. Sadly I know she’s going to get burnt, even if she manages to live, as the Kagura X Mikono and Amata X Zessica ending is too hopeful and happy.

    Anyone else thinking Andy should create a hole for Mixy?


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