「謎の感覚」 (Nazo no Kankaku)
“Mysterious Sensation”

Today’s episode revolves around the key aspect of change: the ability of both parties to influence each other permanently. Although we have seen expositions of Urabe’s and Tsubaki’s characters plenty of times, up until this episode, there have been few, if any, significantly permanent personality changes. It’s true that Oka may have gained Urabe’s bond unlike anyone else, but that in itself didn’t create an actual shift in personality, but rather the uncovering of undiscovered ones. Urabe isn’t antisocial…she’s just highly unorthodox.

However, here we can see a significant shift, not just physically but also in attitude, with Urabe. Yes her ear might now be conditioned to induce tears, but what’s more important is that she allowed herself to be subject to that conditioning. She did put up a fight, but eventually subtle cues indicated to us that she partially surrendered herself to Tsubaki, or at the very least had doubts. Perhaps it was her emotions overflowing combined with her growing trust of Tsubaki, but whatever the reason, the weakness patched itself up by the end.

While this obviously marks a step forward in the relationship (with some steps back before that), the important part is their recognition of the influence they have on each other. Although hinted at slightly in previous episodes, Urabe continues to become more and more honest about Tsubaki’s role in shaping her emotions. Like many kuuderes before her, it is during a time of stress and instability that causes her to acknowledge the influence of others. Tsubaki, faced with the possibility that he wronged Urabe, acknowledges his mistake and attempts his very best to rectify the situation in his own way.

We see parallels from this part with that of real relationships. A significant part of many relationships is realizing that things…change when in a relationship. Nothing stays the same, and change must and will happen to make a relationship work. Urabe realizes at this point that she now has to open herself more now to Tsubaki, though it proves tough for her. Tsubaki on the other hand realizes that Urabe struggles with his demands for openness (whether they’re explicitly stated or not) and seeks to find a pace that works for both of them.

Such messages go ignored so much in the romantic comedy genre: it usually ends up being a self-centered attitude the characters adopt for the sake of comedy rather than story. When romantic comedies decide to take that dare and move forward with honesty…that’s great untreaded ground that makes a romantic comedy memorable. I can say now that of the many romantic comedies that I believe are memorable, they were the ones that didn’t excel in comedy but rather in the overcoming of complications honestly and realistically.

Yes, the animation and drawing quality was pretty iffy this episode, which is confusing, considering how this episode provided more exposition than any other episode yet. However, looking past that, here is a story that continues to break brave ground less treaded. Even the symbolism works well this episode (see the alt-text for the elevator cap) which adds to the mood of the episode. The tearful expression from Urabe’s face during that dramatic scene was both surprising and sad simultaneously, helping us as watchers continue to connect with her subtle emotions.

Hopefully we see happier emotions next episode, as we see a new hairstyle courtesy of Oka in the works!

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  1. I wasn’t too concerned with the animation quality since I was really captivated by this episode. Urabe finally acknowledging that she IS being changed by Tsubaki really felt genuine, although it took some psychotherapy from Oka. The tears that she sheds when Tsubaki touches her ears was a good choice (by the author) for her weird physical representative of change. Tears are often associated with sadness and pain, but we also cry when we are genuinely happy and relieved.
    The dream sequence as usual is trippy. Like!
    Oka fogging up her glasses. Cute!

  2. The first time I read this in the manga I thought that the tears were because Urabe was afraid of losing her virginity but I hadn’t thought that it was because she discovered her desire towards Tsubaki (her hand dropping the scissors and her legs squirming were a very telling sign). I think that, had Tsubaki not stopped, they would have gone the whole way as Urabe had already surrendered to her emotions.

    Another step-up in this episode, their first semi-hug and Urabe didn’t mind! At least not until Tsubaki tried to feel her up 😀

    This was a turning point in the story as from here onward Show Spoiler ▼

    Several easter eggs in this chapter too:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Also, Urabe has a couple of curious items in her room:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I don’t think the tear represented sadness. If you remember Tsubaki had a tear when he felt what it was like to touch her breast. The ear is an obvious erogene zone, so I think you can all see where I’m going with this.

    Tsubaki you made a pimp move, sir. Urabe likey very much

  4. Different views on the tears… I was confused usually most of the gropes in my life are received either with gladness or anger. Tears come at breakup time with the kanojo. So I was at total loss when Urabe started crying. My first thought was that she felt desecrated and her and her body was defiled. However then I thought that she has been naked in front of him and went commando too. So she isn’t a prude. Interesting view that tears were for joy of change. If I haven’t read this I’ll still be spinning in my haed trying to figure them out.

  5. I see I’m in line with some of the other posters on this. It’s tough for me to write a
    short comment – this series is not making light on its ability to deliver…

    Wow! Like their 1st kiss discussion in an earlier episode, I thought that they were going
    to both agree that neither was ready for that step and stop there. But I wasn’t particularly
    surprised when she put her hend on her breast – that its sensation would stop at the
    drool exchange and go no further. After all, that’s the basis for the series.

    But I was shocked that Urabe actually offered herself and, like Urabe, I was shocked
    that he took her up on her offer. I have to wonder, just a little, how much Urabe was
    expecting him to decline her offer, or hopeful that he wouldn’t.

    How did Tsubaki get to that point? Simple answer – Urabe trusts him and his innocent
    honesty about his dream he had about holding her breast. But, being inexperienced,
    Urabe did not understand the raw energy she unleased in Tsubaki as he began to seduce her.
    And her submission shows the strong chemistry that they share. Yes, she was taken.

    Tsubaki’s stopping when he did shows self-control, self-respect and admiration for Urabe;
    it’s not clear how far Urabe would have allowed him to go. Tsubaki became upset as
    he believed that he had betrayed Urabe’s trust, and more importantly, himself. He did
    not understand fully what took place. Brain chemistry has that affect on lovers.

    Urabe’s unclear answer that she wasn’t angry is perfect. In Urabe’s bewilderment, she
    begins to understand that it’s not a game (but I don’t believe she way toying with him);
    if you start down a path like this, there are emotional and physical consequences.
    If you are not ready to embraces those responsibilities fully, don’t begin the process.
    Love or not, certain steps lead to a path whose conclusion may not be the one Urabe
    (or Tsubaki) is ready for. There are certain boy/girl realities that can’t be ignored.

    This is how a baby is conceived.

    I think she also learned something deeper about herself and their relationship – potential.
    I think in a way, the author wanted to show their audience that Urabe took this opportunity
    to explore the sexual potential between Tsubaki and herself. I think Urable learned that
    there’s is a strong sexual attraction there and and as their emotional relationship
    continues to grow, this can lead to a wonderful and fulfilling union. This pleased her,
    although she doesn’t know how to express it in words.

    IMHO, I know some believe Urabe is leading the relationship, but this clearly shows
    that Tsubaki can, and when it is the time, step up. I think what some see as Urabe controlling
    is actually Urabe’s nurturing of the growing bond she shares with Tsubaki, IMHO.

    After watching the first few episodes I was pretty sure we wouldn’t see the likes of
    Yosuga no Sora. But after the ear licking, I really don’t know what to expect.
    My wording may be lacking, but this is a series that really makes me think…

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks winter sweaters look hot. When Urabe started crying I felt this dread and wondered what would happen next. I like the symbolism with the door and yes Oka looks real cute without her glasses. I’m also proud of Tsubaki who out of principle demanded that Urabe slap him and he took it like a man.

    Looking forward to next week when Urabe’s hair changes. I wonder if it’s because of something Tsubaki said or something else. But with that hair she looks more 90’s style than ever.

  7. Good, solid episode. I’m glad that this one picked up the pace and heightened the physical sexual tension. I’m not sure how realistic its portrayal of “boy loses control of himself due to lust/yearn-to-bond/whatever you want to call it,” but I suppose there are times when one’s more-than-ready-for-mating body can really take over without a warning, with quite a lot of embarrassment and guilt afterwards. Also – good, solid slap: most slaps are overdone, but this one gave me a feeling of satisfaction, like when one finally gulps down a mouthful of water after being thirsty for so long.

    1. tsubaki is all the time getting worked up and trying to hug her when she shows his importance to her, so it doesn’t surprise me he got blitzed by hormones. the first love for me was like it, just intense!

  8. It might be a total coincidence, but my first GF was ectremely sensitive to ears kissing too…
    Tsubaki and Urabe are going into “uncharted waters” now and both don’t exactly know where they will land. It is good that they sail carefully and chceck the water depth often as many hidden reefs await on the stormy waters of adolescent love…

  9. I loved the way everything Tsubaki saw all morning was driving him nuts thinking about his dream and how he fought back against his perverted feelings knowing he was getting carried away.

    I also really like how it is suggested possibly Urabe somehow making Tsubaki have these dreams by him indirectly keying into her inner emotions, or at least I’m thinking they want you to infer a underlying connection with the way Tsubaki surprised her with the “doll on head” dream a few episodes back like if she was also thinking or dreaming something similar or the idea of them have sex was on her mind after she heard that voice saying Tsubaki was gonna be her first lover..but I digress.

    Big props for Tsubaki actually telling Urabe what was on his mind when she noticed him being so uncomfortable sitting in her room.

    So many times in anime the protagonist would have done the whole “hand behind head cheesy smile”, “nothing is wrong” move” while having a perverted daydream bit.

    Although he had reservations with himself that maybe he shouldn’t have told her, the way Urabe reciprocated by trusting Tsubaki with the feeling of her touching her breast and then acknowledging his honest feelings from his reaction to that was so damn perfect I couldn’t help but cheer for Tsubaki.

    Then he went too far..

    The way it was written and the way it played out was so epic after that buildup. The weird awkwardness , the way Tsubacki genuinely hated himself for making Urabe cry because she was also unsure how to react… done so good.

    Then after that for Tsubaki to deny himself the daily “ritural” until he stepped up like a man for the perceived/misunderstood wrong he had done and then how he told Urabe how she shouldn’t have tasted his spit after she slapped him… wow .

    Now if he could get over being embarrassed of his classmates knowing he and Urabe are dating, he’d be the most respectable anime boyfriend ever.

    Visually this episode looked to have really awesome “deep” colors and depth in Urabe’s hair that I don’t remember seeing in the past ones and maybe it was a foreshadowing of the preview, either way it looked good.

    Easily the best anime I’ve seen this season, definitively one of the best romantic comedy anime I’ve ever seen and so surprising that it actually tackles realistic issues in meaningful ways instead of just being ecchi fan service (not that I’d mind some more Urabe fan service 🙂 )

    Yeah I pretty much love this show.


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