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With the Pandemonium and MPF events being over, FAIRY TAIL A is now in the fourth place on the chart with their 22 points (sharing that spot with Mermaid Heel) while FAIRY TAIL B is right below with their 20 points.

It’s still day 3, and there are some battles going on in the Grand Magic Games. We see Millianna from Mermaid Heel defeating Semas from Quatro Puppy in the first match. Erza notices that Millianna has gotten stronger, and Natsu reminds us that he had a hard time fighting her (in the Tower of Heaven arc).

The pacing is quick, we’re moving on to the second match where we find Rufus from Sabertooth fighting Eve Tearm from Blue Pegasus. Lahar who is observing the game tells the commentator that Eve used to be a Rune Knight and a member of the custody enforcement unit, just like Lahar himself is right now. Eve was an outstanding talent and now, after entering a guild, his magic is even stronger.

Rufus, who at the beginning of the match told Eve that he’d memorize Eve’s magic, uses his “Memory Make”, an ancient spell which can give form to memories. Rufus uses his “Moyuru Daichi no Gou – Karma of the Burning Fields” on Eve, sending him flying across the arena and probably burning him in the process – something that leads to his victory. This stirs some feelings in Gray who wants to defeat Rufus.

Hibiki tells Ichiya that they’ve fallen in the rankings but Ichiya reminds him that they still have a secret weapon – a bunny, or someone wearing a bunny costume. It appears that the members of Blue Pegasus themselves don’t know who is hiding in this outfit.

Leaving that, we find ourselves at the third and main match of this chapter (this is the chapter’s title), Laxus Dreyar from FAIRY TAIL B is up against Alexei from Ravel Tail. Everyone in his team is cheering for him but it seems that Juvia is feeling some sort of unpleasant premonition. It looks like the magic council is prepared, Lahar has brought along some people from his unit. He is told that he must stop the match if any impropriety is seen (because it’s Raven Tail).

It seems that FAIRY TAIL is prepared for something suspicious to happen. Warren contacts some of his guild members through his telepathy magic, one of them being Bisca who is prepared with her magic sniper, he also contacts Team Raijinshuu and Lisanna who are spying on Raven Tail’s members. So, FAIRY TAIL is prepared in case Ravel Tail does something. This is something that makes Mavis very happy as she says that FAIRY TAIL has become the ultimate form of guild that she’d hoped for.

The match starts, Laxus asks Alexei who he is but doesn’t really get the chance to finish the question as he gets elbowed by his opponent. Alexei lands some hits on Laxus who can’t even lift a finger. Everyone in FAIRY TAIL is surprised.

Suddenly we see Laxus standing, still confronting Alexei, while his “clone” is getting beaten on the ground. It turns out that some kind of illusion magic has been used. The Laxus getting beaten by Alexei is just an illusion for the audience. The real Laxus and Alexei can’t be heard or seen right now.

Alexei tells Laxus that Raven Tail isn’t aiming for victory, this battle is just a “smoke screen”, and depending on their discussion, he might even let Laxus win the battle. Laxus ignores the offer and says that this isn’t related to illusions. He will fight the real Alexei and put an end to it now, but that seems impossible as we see that the other members of Raven Tail are in the arena, hidden by the illusion, and Laxus would probably not be able to take them all on.

Alexei reminds Laxus that he should know this, and removes his mask – and reveals himself as Laxus father, something that doesn’t surprise Laxus at all. And it looks like Ravel Tail is out after one thing – the location of “Lumen Historie”, something Alexei assumes that his son knows of, but it turns out, he doesn’t. Laxus tells Alexei that the master’s enemies are his enemies too and prepares for a fight (against all members of Raven Tail).

Last week, someone assumed that Laxus and Alexei might be related because of their names, and wow, I must say, well noticed! I totally didn’t expect this twist but it sure made things more interesting!

As soon as Alexei revealed himself to be Laxus’ father, I knew Laxus wouldn’t step down. Alexei hasn’t been the father Laxus needed – Makarov has, and also, this series doesn’t really focus on family bonds. It’s all about your comrades and the people you’ve grown up with. The bond of the heart is stronger than the bond of blood – this is why I love FAIRY TAIL!

As for the battle itself, well, I was a bit surprised when I saw Laxus getting beaten like that but I somehow had a feeling that this isn’t right, he shouldn’t be this weak. But it looks like he is going to face a whole team now, I wonder how this will work out. I think Laxus might stand a chance. I don’t expect him to win, but I think he might be able to do something to break the illusion, which might lead to this battle being canceled.

The title of next week’s chapter is “Real Family” so I assume we’ll be continuing on this current battle, still no sign of “Eclipse” or anything related to the stellar magi. While the pacing in this arc is insanely fast and good, it’s very slow at revealing things, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just frustrating for me as a reader to know that something bad is waiting for Lucy and I can’t know what it is. I’ve been curious ever since we found out about this, and it’s been nearly a month, if not more, since then…

Oh well, I guess we’ll find out at some point now that the entire Raven Tail team is involved in a fight, although, I doubt next week will be any fighting. I have a feeling that we’ll get a lot of story development and perhaps some dialogues and flashbacks, probably about Makarov and Alexei. I’m also a bit curious about this “Lumen Historie”, and as far as I know, that means “History of light”, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Having that said, I’m looking forward to next week! My FAIRY TAIL anime post will be up later during the day!

Moete kitazou!


  1. Based on the title for next week and on how many of Fairy Tail is on the look out for Raven Tail shenanigans we will probably see Alexei try and turn Laxus when he proves to be a match for the whole team, he has always been one of those benchmark characters, but the fight will be cut short by one or more allies. I am more curious to see how Raven Tail is connected to Zeref and what he has been up to in his awakened form for 7 years.

    1. Fairy Tail’s underground -> lumen etoile (luminouse star)
      Ivan’s interest -> lumen histoire (luminous history)
      Kingdom’s interest -> eclipse

      all of them seems to be related since they all talk about light and can be connected to the current anime arc

    2. It was a shame stereoman didn’t talk about this. It would have been interesting to get his opinion on Alexei wanting the Lumen Historie and/or at least elaborate on what it is. Seems like a rushed post stereoman.

      1. My apologies it’s hard to remember the genders of the RC writers. I can’t ask much really, without you there wouldn’t be anyone to cover Fairy Tail. So thanks for that. ^.^

  2. Loved this chapter and that twist. I was in the camp of Laxus having a half-brother or something but this is much much better.

    I did notice that we never got a reaction shot from Erza re: Laxus getting beaten. I can’t help wondering if she knows the truth about what is going on thanks to her artificial eye being immune to illusion magic.

    Sigh, next week seems so far away now…

  3. I feel kinda trolled after realizing that the whole beat down that was seemingly impossible was just an illusion. Oh Mashima you and your little heart attack moments lol…

  4. Wow! Though there are no intense fights this chapter, this is one of the best chapters for this arc, right? I once thought that Alexei might be Ivan when he was introduced but then there’s a panel showing showing Ivan so I immediately abandoned that idea.

    If Erza cannot see this illusion thru her left(?) eye then it may mean three things:
    1. Ivan’s illusion is very strong
    2. Mashima forgot that Erza can see thru illusions
    3. Mashima thought Erza can see thru it but let it slide

    Hopefully, it’s no. 1

  5. This chapter was a real let down besides the whole “Laxus, I am your father” scene. I guess this chapter is just a build up for later ones. Hopefully Laxus’ battle won’t be cut off when everyone figures out what’s going on. I wanna see father and son duke it out

  6. I was shocked that Laxus was beaten that easily but they pulled the ‘illusion’ trick on us. I wish Laxus would beat the pulp out of Flare. I’ve despised her since what she did for poor Lucy.

    I wish the tag team battle would be the tag team of Natsu and Lucy.

  7. mMeh im disappointed at this development. Hopefully Raven Tails gete exposed soon and gets kicked out of the competition. They are getting on my nerves with this underhanded crap.

  8. I think Laxus should be able to break the illusion somehow. Didn’t he break Mystogan’s illusion way back in the Laxus vs FT arc?

    And what about Erza’s eye? I’m looking forward to seeing the explanation for why she hasn’t noticed it yet.

  9. I had a feeling that Ivan was in disguise as the masked guy, glad that turned out to be correct.

    If the illusion gets cancelled and people find out about the cheating, Raven Tail will probably get kicked out of the tournament. Wonder what will be done for the fighting on day 4 if there’s only 7 teams; 1 team not get to fight? Or would they eliminate another team?

    By the way, for people who got confused (I know I stated this up above, but I’m putting it down here too):
    What’s under the guild is: ルーメン イストワール (Ruumen Istowaaru)。 エトワール (Etowaaru) is Etoile. When Makarov showed it to Gildarts, someone made a mistake.

    The inside cover for Volume 32 has some planning notes about the tournament, and Lumen Histoire was mentioned next to a sketch of Zeref, so I had thought that meant Zeref was in need of it. Seems now that was a mistake.

  10. I figured Laxus could put up a fight with the leader of Raven Tail, at the very least, but now that he’s against their entire guild I don’t know what’s going to happen. Hopefully they won’t just drain his magic and start kicking him, even if that feels like the sort of thing that would happen.

  11. Considering Raven Tail doesn’t care about the tourney, I don’t think they mind if they got kicked out. Again, remember, they don’t care about the tourney, they just want the Luman Historie.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if the illusion does break, but Raven Tail leaves and still working towards its end goal. It managed to figure out the pieces it needed from the looks of things.

  12. Asspull out of nowhere!? You got me good, Hiro Mashima. (Or its just me)

    So much for the epic fight lol. Laxus on the whole Raven Tail….. I srsly hope he not dat weak…. Or at least go down lk a boss. And I need more Elfman x Ever!!

  13. laxus can easily kick all the 4 Raven Tail top member asses but with there leader… i think makarov or the first guild master might discover the illusion trick or erza glass eye or maybe natsu Enhanced Smell/hearing can hear “laxus – raven tail conversation” or smell their appearance

  14. Well seeing how Raven Tail tends to work during the GMT, it’s likely that Ivan’s got something up his sleeve to try and turn the tables on him Laxus-even if it is a cowardly cheap shot.

    And I’m guessing the ones who know of Lumen Histoire are the masters of the guild. Which would mean Gildarts, Makarov, and Mavis are the ones Raven Tail needs to confront in order to find out.

    And I have a feeling I know who might be in the bunny suit, but I’ll have to wait until he is revealed to have my assumptions confirmed.


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