「強い…思い…」 (Tsuyoi… Omoi…)
“Strong… Feelings…”

The long awaited explanation for Rea’s distant and alcoholic mother… And it turns out that she isn’t even Rea’s mother at all! Aria is Danichirou’s second wife (Rea’s stepmother) and she definitely lives up to the typical image of one. I pitied Aria more and more as the episode aired and it really showed how desperate she was for her husband’s attention. She was clearly drowning in alcohol as a result. It makes me wonder though… was she simply sex-deprived or did she actually love him?

I don’t think the episode thoroughly explained why Aria was so attracted to desperate for Danichirou. Initially I thought it was because she wanted to marry into a wealthy family, but later on I realized it was probably because he represented the one person she couldn’t attract (in that way). This started as a challenge for her; trying to get his attention and being extremely devoted even after his wife passed away. Although I figured that her intentions weren’t entirely pure, I still felt bad for all her efforts that went unnoticed.

It wasn’t until Aria saw how much Danichirou loved his daughter that the realization hit her. Does he see his first wife in his daughter? That’s the impression I got… and although I still feel that it’s twisted and terribly inappropriate, it’s almost like a mental disorder that I can’t blame him for. He lost his wife at a young age and he tries to grasp on to the only thing she left behind. Which also reminds me, if she was 15 and he was at least 20, his wife must’ve given birth at a very young age? Idon’teven…. And I would also like to point out that the gloves also make their appearance again! This has to be some form of symbolism to represent his heart and the people he loves (being his first wife and Rea).

It’s definitely sad that the Sanka family has so many psychological and relationship issues. I’m surprised that Rea has managed to survive this long without developing her own problems. From her sex-deprived stepmother to her obsessive father, it’s actually very unrealistic to see Rea so relatively “normal” compared to the rest of her family. When the scene showed Danichirou’s decision to stand in front of his family and marry his wife regardless of her heritage, I thought this was a good foreshadowing of Chihiro and Rea’s relationship. Does this mean Chihiro will be doing something along the same lines to take Rea away? Judging from the preview, it looks more to be a fencing match though.

After last week’s disappointing episode, I thought Sankarea really kicked it up a notch with its storytelling methods this week. Aside from the interesting family background, the way that Aria told the story through portraits was quite unique and brought the story back to the present. The scene that revealed to Aria how much Danichirou loved his daughter, was very impactful – the animation of her eye made it very clear what she was feeling. This episode definitely made up for last week’s lack of story development… We even catch a glimpse of Rea and we’ll see her rescue attempt in 2 weeks.

Full-length images: Someone asked for them, so here you go!

Note: The next Sankarea episode (ep 11) will air on June 21st 2012.




  1. I really hate how Dan’ichirou is using a Sabre but is fencing Foil. Drives me absolutely up the wall.

    Anyway, really good episode, and while Aria is certainly not a “good” person, I do feel sorry for her. She’s sad and pathetic, but she really deserves to have someone love her.

  2. There must be something seriously wrong with these two men (or perverts rather) Chihiro and Dan’ichiro as they ignore the two gorgeous women (Ranko and Aria) and prefer zombies and daughters…

      1. It actually is true. Chihiro did admit to himself, in his mind, that Rea was hot even before she became a zombie a few episodes ago, so it’s not like he doesn’t notice other (live) girls at all. They’re just not what he’s looking for…as weird as it may be…same with Dan’ichirou; having a bunch of gorgeous maids like Aria around 24/7, but not really caring emotionally because none of them clicked to him.

    1. I would like to point out Ranko is Chihiro’s cousin. And to be fair, there was moments in the manga where it delved into it.

      As for the two guys fatal attractions…its really hard to pin one on Chihiro’s type (what sane anime male lead character had this?! Its a breakthrough!) and daughters…I won’t even, no.

      Space Dreamer
  3. On the other hand, I do feel bad for Aria. She worked so hard and didn’t get any love…at all. (She said he didn’t even look at her as a companion.) But Danichirou is still a creep. Even though the love he had for Rea’s mother was somewhat admirable (her being disabled and all), his protection-drive love for Rea is just…so wrong. DX It’s so appalling, no wonder Rea has to escape from that house.
    That brings up another thought. Does Rea know her real mother died?

    1. What I got from why Danichirou loved Rea’s mother so much was because her soul and outlook on life wasn’t tinted by her physical limitations. She didn’t curse the gods for having a frail body and wasn’t greedy or power hungry like the people and woman that had always surrounded him.

      It’s a shame he could fallow his wife’s example and closed himself off.

      Aria was to continue to play maid for Rea’s rather then to be Danichirou partner in life.

      I’m also glad that Danichirou nude pictures of Rea’s had not sexual drive behind it. It wasn’t until Rea’s got older that she started to question it as a developing woman. Danichirou little girl is starting to outlive her mothers time/age as well. Disturbingly Danichirou might be thrilled that Rea will not age anymore as a zombie as well. >_<

  4. Damn you Sankarea, why are you humanizing this guy.

    I guess behind the super possessiveness, the instinct to destroy/castrate anyone that gets close to his daughter and the nude photography… Danichirou isn’t such a bad dad after all…

  5. Based only on this episode, it makes it trickier to decide to hate/be really creeped out by or pity Dan’ichirou and Aria. It was easier to dislike the two of them when all we saw was the surface and their actions in plain sight, but now that we get a full explanation, like many situations, it makes it not so black and white like it used to be.

    I guess, with his first wife, Dan’ichirou also found someone, if you recall her words to him, who seemed to truly understand him (however he is). All the maids, including Aria from the looks of it, were only really there and wanting to marry him due to social standing and tradition (all the maids being from strong, wealthy upbringings, not merely middle/lower-class girls working there), and didn’t really even try to get to know him or understand him (just blindly working and obeying, thinking that was all it took to get his attention), yet that girl’s words completely resonated with him. I doubt it was really pedophilia or anything given that it wasn’t like he saw her before the tournament even began and was creepily staring at her the whole time or anything. He didn’t even pay much mind to her when she came up to him to return his glove.

    So while it doesn’t make what he’s doing to Rea (or Aria) any less weird or justifiable, I do feel that some people I’ve seen aren’t even really trying to see or understand the situation either and just WANT to see him as some sick pedophile bastard because it’s just easier that way…

    1. That’s why world generally sucks. Not many people will look beneath the surface, even me. I thought Dan’ichiro was just hell of a disturbed human being but now I see there is a reason behind it and I know that feeling all too well. That still doesn’t excuse his wrongdoing for being way too possessive. What I don’t understand is why did he decide to marry Aria after all if he was going to completely ignore her? Was it out of guilt?

      1. Only for appearances and Rea “having a mother figure”…problem is that he never LET’S her be even that much. Just wants to hog Rea all to himself.

    1. Probably for appearances sake. As mentioned by Aria, not many people outside of the family or household even know Dan’ichirou got married to a 15 year old “peasant girl” and was considered taboo.

      1. As pointed out in the episode itself, after the fact Aria realized that Dancho married her because he felt Rea needed a mother. And she would have been fine even with that except that Dancho insured that there wasn’t enough space in his relationship with Rea for even Aria to get in-between them. Truly sad all around.

  6. oh my indeed living with rea’s dad is bad for your life

    cat hair boy all belt tied being offer a drink but NO then enter aria all drunk.
    some talk & mention being not rea’s mom cue flashback past.
    cause she was a maid of many to see worthy to be wife of rea’s father.
    all focus & ready later be top maid for rea’s father.
    then one day fencing event rea’s father meet girl in wheelchair fall in love.
    get married but gone after give birth to rea.
    rea’s dad a total mess then aria fix him up & got married to him.
    wanting to get time with rea’s father but yea nothing happen.
    then butler reveal the TRUTH yea cause rea’s father obsession.
    that rea look like her mom (aka wakaba moe/yuki’s mom likeness effect from mirai nikki).
    so all yea cant’ reach him now try to get cat hair boy but falled.
    oh here babu yea try to relax on babu cue z-word & rea on the way to cat hair boy.
    cat hair boy enter room of rea obsession picture & yea here the father.

    next ep rea on the rescue & en garde cat hair boy.

  7. Weird father… How can you leave Aria alone there, and focus on Rea, know she is cute, but you seriously broke Aria’s heart, I feel so sad for Aria…. We need some JUSTICE here!!!

    1. This^ so this. She is the most attractive character in the show. Also where was it hinted at that Aria goes to “brothels”. somehow I don’t see that happening as it would ruin the family reputation if she was ever seen in such a place. Quite probably more so than if it was revealed she wasn’t danichiros first wife.

    1. First cute zombie girls, jealous female cousin, ghost cosplaying sister, zombie grandfather, easy going temple father…

      And now a MILF?! This anime has everything!


      Space Dreamer
      1. don’t you mean WORST FATHER EVER!!!

        really all this cause rea look like wheelchair flower girl yea it’s yuki’s mom/wakaba moe effect all over this time the MESSED-UP version.

      2. I don’t mean Danichiro, I meant cat boy’s dad. The guy is okay with having a missing girl living under his roof while eating leaves, dude is real mellow.

        Danichiro on the other hand…has problems. Serious problems.

        Space Dreamer
  8. OK, while I knew much of the backstory from manga, I wasn’t aware of how much really Aria was devoted to Dan’ichiro. While she was absolutely bad stepmother, can’t feel but pity for her.
    On the other hand Dan’ichiro, regardless of his real love for Rea’s mother, still is as creepy as ever. This gallery he has made of Rea’s pictures would be enough to send him to jail in many places… and now he kidnaps a guy from the street. He might be a business bigshot, but again in many places that would not help him. Japanese seem to be obsessed that rich and powerful can get away with anything, but this might be less the case than it seems as Japanese police is quite professional and devoid of corruption.
    Finally, Aria, let me comfort you – no, not in that way! – you are not alone. Ranko is another woman that doesnt get anything from the man she loves…

    1. This might be off topic but I had to mention it. About the only time the Japanese police aren’t corrupt is when they are depicted in certain anime. They are one of the worst police forces of any modernized country. You can barely read a Japanese news paper without seeing a story that reads between the lines as “once again our police refuse to investigate or comment”.

      Not only that but even when they ARE doing their job they are so incompetent at it it is pathetic. They spend more time hunting people who ask for directions (seriously, asking for directions apparently makes you a dangerous person) than doing anything tax payers should be paying for.

      1. They have one of the highest rates of confessions. Of course, they also have the highest rate of false confessions. Despite anime and drama depictions of police work, in reality they rely way too much on “instinct”. If they think you’re guilty, they’re going to wring that confession out of you even if you’re not.

  9. This ep was way better than last week’s. I find it quite interesting we got such an indepth look at these two very mentally disturbed and complicated people, as it thoroughly explained why both act the way they do and make them deeper than just being a drunk and a pedo. And personally, I don’t find it odd that Rea’s acting ‘normal’, because it might just as well be a coping mechanism. Keep in mind that she has said that she never saw anything as unusual until she started growing up, and from that point on, her appearance at school and daily life was her acting like nothing was wrong because she didn’t know how to handle it. She did sneak out to scream her frustrations and insecurity away, after all, and got depressed enough to try killing herself. Not exactly the signs of someone unaffected by it all.

    Anyway, I’m thinking the scene of him standing up against his family was foreshadowing too, because I figure the show will end with her confronting her father. She is at least coming to take him back, anyway.

  10. Rea baby is so cute, I would like to have a daughter like her, but no treat it like her mother and inappropriate photos, love her as a daughter should love and teach her to stand up for itself,that is the pride of a good father

      1. In one of earlier eps, before Sanka became zombie… one of the maids commented that Aria was spending most of time in host clubs (which often work as brothels for females, or are bordering thin) – but my guess is she was too busy drinking herself into oblivion to seek other pleasures…

    1. You think that’s amazing? SOMEONE hasn’t seen the opening sequence for Maria Holic season one. Or Soul Eater season one. Or Angel Beats. Or even Corpse Princess for that matter. I feel like the opening sequence in Sankarea, while full of symbolism, just isn’t really anything decent in terms of art or music. Really, you should check out some of those openings. They’re MUCH better.

      1. It’s all about opinion mate. It’s not like he said it was his favorite either, and even if it is there’s nothing wrong with that. Personally I think the opening sequence for Sankarea and the others you mentioned are all great in their own way.

      2. You sir is what’s wrong with the Internet. He didn’t proclaim the song to be “TEH BEZT THANG EVA!!!” he just liked something and he wanted to share it.

        What do you do? Try to be a snob. And I say try, because the music you referenced is no better “musically” or “artfully” and certainly not more popular than nano.Ripe’s opening for Sankarea. As with most music snobs, your behavior only betrays your very limited exposure to music in general.

  11. I’m glad that you mentioned the animation of her eyes when she *saw* how Danichirou loved Rea. You can easily tell her constantly changing and mixed emotions through those series of eyes. This ep has amazing storytelling and well-executed drama!

  12. No wonder Aria hates the maids; they not only represent the past she’ll never quite be rid of, but they could very well be her replacements. Poisonous flowers being her bouqet was quite a nice touch as well. And the eyes! Really, this episode is one of the series’ best.
    I’m also very grateful to this episode for adding some much needed pathos to Danichiro after his increasingly cartoonish demeanor. Even if he has gone to the manic end of insanity.

    Bio D
  13. This episode answered so many questions I didn’t even have, but it was good backdrop episode. It gave a whole new dimension to characters I really didn’t expect to have one, Aria being a former maid and tried to MILF her way into Chihiro’s pants (and almost did) then to Babu’s. Then we have the father that made it okay to do crazy and sort of epic things for love (still not justified with Rea’s treatment) and challenges a boy, who have no prior skills or knowledge to fencing.

    This anime better not stop at the 12 episode mark, I want to see a freakin’ sequel damn it!

    Space Dreamer
  14. Thanks for the yummy full lengths Cherrie 😉
    Chihiro’s such an oddball, I would be a little more worried if I was kidnapped by a psycho.
    Some would say he has balls of steel, but I think he’s just a stupid boy XD

    Seishun Otoko
  15. I think Aria’s behavior after the marriage proves she was actually in love with Danichiro. If she wasn’t… well, there have been plenty of “show marriages” among the upper class through history. You marry someone appropriate and then both of you have quiet affairs to keep yourselves happy. In a way, it would have been so much easier for her if he was gay.

  16. Incest!!! Constantly popping up since EVA!! This is soooo wrong. I’d hit Rea sexy stepmother.
    Man the necrophiliac and the daughter-con needs to open their eyes… (I’d admit tht Rea is sexy in life….BUT STILL)

  17. This episode had better back story incorporation into the main story. However, once again I question the directorial choices. In the manga, this Aria revelation comes much later. I can see why they added it in now, to pad the episode count. But if you think about the overall story arc, it really kills the tension. It’s been two episodes since Chihiro was abducted. You expect the confrontation with Danichiro. Yet for two episodes we get back stories. WTH? It also looks like they will stretch that confrontation into two episodes, if this is a 12 episode cour. In the manga, this arc is covered by 9 chapters. It had a much tighter pacing and kept you on the edge of your seat, so to speak.

  18. I applaud the producers of this show. I’ve read it a long ago and read it again recently and I can flat out say that they can make better character development than the manga. The manga is good too, but I can fully sympathize and relate to all the characters in the anime but not to this extent in the manga. Of course, watching and reading can be a factor, but it’s not an excuse. There are many cases wherein the animation failed to present the character developments as well as the manga did, but in this case they were able to make it better.

    Long story short, the manga is good but the anime is better. Two thumbs up to the producers, VA’s, and the animation team.

    The Story You Don't Know

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