The bond between hearts is stronger than the bond of blood.


Moving on from where we were last week, the conversation between Laxus and his father reveals that Raven Tail is an anti-FAIRY TAIL guild, specialized in magic that FAIRY TAIL members are weak against. They built this up during the seven years our main cast was missing on Tenrou Island.

Laxus tells Alexei that Makarov knew about this all along. Gajeel had been helping him by acting as a double spy. The reason why Makarov had ignored his son’s plans was the fact that Alexei hadn’t done anything wrong yet. Laxus adds that Makarov probably trusted Alexei somewhere in some corner of his heart because they’re family.

This revelation fuels the rage in Alexei who launches an attack towards Laxus. He says that he has lived in the shadows for this day, all in order to acquire the “Lumen Historie”. He didn’t take a chance to attack during these seven years because the people who were in the guild at that time probably lacked information about it.

Bursting out in anger, Alexei tells Laxus how he has desperately been looking for his goal. He asks Laxus to tell him as a son. He also orders Obra to erase Laxus’ magic – which makes it easy for Laxus to realize Obra was the one who attacked Wendy and Charle, and with that, he launches himself towards Obra, knocking him over, upsetting his father even more – who calls for aid from his team mates.

Laxus easily counters the attacks and knocks two of the Raven Tail members down (Flare and Nullpudding), avenging Gray and Lucy in the process. Kurohebi shows up too but he isn’t there for long as he is seen being knocked out my Laxus – all in one page. Alexei is now the only one left. He reminds Laxus that they’re family, but Laxus ignores that and tells his father that FAIRY TAIL is his family – and he will crush his family’s enemies.

Having that said, he punches Alexei and sends him flying. This dissolves the illusions Alexei had created. The audience is shocked and try to comprehend the situation, and somehow figure out what happened. Laxus ends up as the winner, and earns a lot of respect as he managed to take out an entire guild on his own. Everyone is happy for him except Makarov, whose face only shows disappointment caused by his own son. Mavis seems to be upset too.

The defeated Alexei calls for Laxus, and tells him that “Lumen Historie” is the darkness of FAIRY TAIL. He reminds Laxus that he’ll have to learn about the truth of FAIRY TAIL some day. A shocked Laxus stares at his father’s guild being taken away into custody. Obra’s black little creature tells FAIRY TAIL that they’ll meet again and escapes.

The panel discussions after this game determined that Raven Tail is disqualified and will not be allowed to enter for three years. Having that said, the game continues to the fourth match, the final match of the day – Wendy Marvel from FAIRY TAIL A up against Chelia Blendy from Lamia Scale.

Lyon says that Chelia’s strength is something the FAIRY TAIL members don’t know of – he thinks Gray might be surprised. Toby on the other hand is ignoring the battle and thanking Laxus instead – for avenging his socks.

The combatants enter the arena, both fall face down. It seems that both Chelia and Wendy have similar traits – especially the clumsiness. The commentator announces that this is going to be a very cute battle and he’ll root for both of them.

Meldy and Ultear notice something weird with Chelia’s magic. This seems to be related to Zeref. The chapter ends with Jellal running towards the arena, telling his friends to wait and remain idle.

Wow! This chapter completely blew my mind! I expected Laxus to land a few punches, but this was way better. This is why I love FAIRY TAIL, and I believe this concept of being strong when ones comrades are in danger is what makes this series so outstanding. Yes, it is an overused concept and very repetitive, but I still love it. I find this easy to relate to, because I know, most people do their best when they’re motivated. I’ll never grown tired of the “nakama” concept!

As for the fight itself, while it was impressive and interesting, it was also a bit disappointing that Raven Tail went down so fast. I loved the battle, it was intense, but I expected Raven Tail to be a little bit better than that. Alexei (I’m not sure whether I should call him that or Ivan), who said that his guild was specialized in anti-FAIRY TAIL magic raised my expectations for this chapter so much. He who reminded Laxus all the time that he was his father – shouldn’t he as a father, know his son’s power better than anyone? I know Laxus has gone through some training but still, his father had seven years to reach this point while Laxus had three months (after the Tenrou Island incident)…

But this isn’t the last time we’ll see Ravel Tail. The way things went in this chapter indicates that something much bigger is waiting for us. This “Lumen Historie” is still unclear, and we have “Eclipse” hanging in the air, and now, Zeref’s magic is in the game too! The latter will probably be shown in the next chapter as we’ll see Chelia and Wendy fight each other – I expect a great battle with a lot of adorable moments in it. Chelia seems sweet but I’m rooting for Wendy! I can’t say much about Eclipse as we know very little about it.

Last week, some people wondered why I didn’t write much about Lumen Historie (and the fact that it probably was the secret underground room beneath FAIRY TAIL’s original guild building). The point is, I had forgotten about it, I’m very sorry. But I’ve read some old chapters so my memory is less dusty now. I’m wondering if Lumen Historie is some sort of history as the name indicates or if it’s some form of magic. Or maybe both combined – who knows? I doubt we’ll get to know anything about it now. This will probably remain an enigma for a while, just like Eclipse.

Having that said, I’m looking forward to Wendy’s battle. At first, I thought it would be some sort of cute fight between two clumsy girls, but it seems that there is more to this. I wonder what kind of magic Chelia uses, Lyon was talking about it for a short while – this might surprise Gray, hmm… Zeref, and a surprise for Gray, not sure how that works. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Moete kitazou!

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  1. I love how Mavis look when Chelia entered the stage .. guess Zeref power had something to do with Chelia since Mavis – Jellal, Ultear and Meredy felt his power when she’s about to battle Wendy.

  2. While I enjoyed Laxus declaring that Fairy Tail is his family – it’s nice to see him acting like a true guild member, after the one unfortunate incident in that one arc – Raven Tail did go down way too fast. That’s not surprising, mind you, but still. Hopefully they’ll get their act together before they reappear.

    Also, d’aaaaw Wendy and Chelia :3

    1. I agree it was definitely awesome to finally see Laxus stick up for Fairy Tail.. it reminds me of the whole signal the guild gave him when he was banished way back when.

      And, agreed again. I believe this is not the alast we’ll see of Raven Tail

  3. I’m pretty disappointed at how this ended up. Ivan was hyped up as a villain beforehand, so it’s pretty lame to see him go down so quickly. Laxus being able to one-hit KO every member was absurd.

    Hopefully Lumen Historie is something legitimately terrifying to make up for RT’s weak performance.

    1. This had a bit of the feeling of a D&D party being wasted by the Solo because they lost their controller in the first round.

      They were counting on Laxus’ magic being suppressed, but Laxus made sure that never happened. If your strategy depends on the enemy being weak and pitiful, it’s no wonder they lose quickly.

  4. I thought this chapter was a bit of a let down. 🙁 Laxus was made waaaay to powerful imo. was hoping for an awesome fighting sequnce ;-; but it’s fine. Laxus fought for his family

  5. It was a pretty predictable chapter like usual, but as always Hiro Mashima manages to keep the series pretty damn classy and really, really entertaining. I’ll be looking forward to the inevitable showdown between Orga and Laxus.

  6. Well I’m guessing, that Fairy Tails secret has something to do with the disappearance of the dragons. Until now Dragon Slayers tend to join Fairy Tail sooner or later (and starting to see FT as their family).
    So somewhere in the future FT and especially the Dragon Slayers will battle some Uber enemy which they think is responsible for the disappearance. Then he/she/it will ask Makarov (or if being able to see Mavis, then her) to tell them ‘the truth’ which will include some grand beneficent goal, but accidentally (or purposefully for a greater good) endangering the dragons…

  7. Even though it was certainly satisfying to see Laxus own the whole guild so easily, I am also pretty disappointed by how fast it went. It didn’t even take up a whole chapter. I was kind of expecting much more intensity and drama from it – but whatever, moving on. Raven Tail is done for – for now. This arc has too many moving parts, so they have to resolve them one at a time.

  8. I’m not sure if I’m saying something really silly but couldn’t that thing Makarov showed Guildartz, when he was asking him to be his sucessor, be the Lumen Histoire?

  9. I can’t believe that the father is that much weaker than the son. I am shocked, now I can see why Raven Tail is so inclined to use rather dirty tricks like that, to think they are that weak. I thought this was going to be another Hades, but it turns out that this just…..well just a one-sided massacre on Fairy Tail’s part.

    At this point, I am hoping that the author is going to have a good story for that Raven Tail girl, I will be very disappointed if that isn’t going to happen.

  10. Oh RT not done yet, I guess with soo many story atm it could be short and confusing and haveing RT take the back seat for now and come back in the next or future arc xD I would prefer that, possibly the point of them appearing now is to make sure that once this arc is finish we still have in the back of our mind about the Lumen Histoire 😀

  11. I could be wrong, but me think Mashima decided it would be too complicated to have Raven Tail caught up in all this Eclipse stuff. As with everyone else, I believe Raven Tail may be back later to elaborate on Lumen Histoire.

    Am I correct in thinking that Mashima has a tendency to ruin perfectly good side-stories as him wiping out Raven Tail qucikly was just as bad, if not, worse than the way he handled Capricorn’s story.

  12. Raven Tail… hope to be a bluff all of their beat, that Lumen Historie has a lot of potential to be an Arc, and Ivan must be there to make sense on that …
    Wendy’s Fight … hope to see her new technique or at least some improvement of her training

  13. While everyone else is focusing on the anticlimactic showdown between father and son, and the potentially catastrophic confrontation between two lolitas, allow me to focus on another subject matter:

    What if Obra’s imp is actually Obra’s true form, and his huge body is some kind of giant puppet?

    1. That’s just a given though. It’s a trope that’s been around since Kill Vern in Dragon Quest, maybe even before that. The small, vaguely sinister tag-along creature is always the real threat. haha

  14. Seriously, I hate to say this but I feel that Fairy Tail is getting more and more ridiculous. There’s too many power inconsistencies such that it makes the whole series pretty unbelievable. At the start, I still find those ‘power-ups due to nakama’ acceptable, and to be honest, they were pretty cool. However, as time goes by, the author just keeps using the same concept WITHOUT introducing new powers for the main characters. Heck, what has Natsu learnt so far other than eating etherions and receiving Laxus’ thunder powers?!

    This chapter is by far the most inconsistent one I’ve ever seen. How is it possible that a strong guild like Raven Tail is defeated by Laxus, ALL with a SINGLE punch or hit?! Previous fights in Fairy Tail usually involves a few punches here and there, but just ONE?!

    This is getting way out of hand, even for a shounen manga.

    1. Basically it flip flops between good (build up) and riculous (conclusion), promising (setting) and disappointing (wrap up). It’s mostly hot blooded justice never failz.

  15. I was thinking… what if Raven Tail wanted to lose the fight? Ivan shot those shikigami at Laxus, so isn’t it possible one of them is still on him somewhere, allowing Ivan to eavesdrop on him? If that’s the case, then once Makarov does tell Laxus about Lumen Historie Ivan will know about it.

    Obra is suspicious too. He stopped Lucy’s magic quickly and from a distance, but how do we know he was even trying to seal Laxus’s magic? Either this is part of Raven Tail’s plan, or Obra sabotaged them on purpose and is the real mastermind.

    I have faith that Mashima will evolve this beyond a meaningless curbstomp.

    1. This is what I am thinking as well. Raven Tail not only went down to easy, but also didn’t resist arrest at all. Ivan barley used any magic and Orba (Imp) is still on the loose. I feel they deliberate lost once they decided that Laxus had no useful information.

      I’m curious to see if they will show up later. Next week will involve Zeref so it should be interesting.

  16. Well if anything we are somewhat sure that Obra isn’t the guy but the little black pet as the body went limp the moment the creature left it. As you said Raven Tail is far from done but somehow somewhere down the road I’m guessing they’ll either end up working together with Fairy Tail to stop the impending doom or end up getting wiped out during the bloody battle is coming because of it.

  17. Countering magic/skill only works if you have the same amount of strength as well. Ivan had the right idea but he neglected to increase his mages overall magic ability as well. You can master any number of martial skills but if your opponent is just simply ‘too strong’ for you to handle, you’re gonna lose. Simply put, Raven Tail lost because they lack endurance and stamina to keep up with an active battle.

    Raven Tail wasn’t cut out for front-line battles like Fairy Tail is. They are a shadow guild that operates behind everyone’s back. Yes, I know that they are technically an ‘official guild’ but they’ll always be a ‘dark guild’ to me.

  18. Call him Ivan, Alexei was just an alias. Anyway something is up with Obra. Acording to a translaion I read Obra was a puppet (A litral one) meaning the Imp was the real Obra.


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