「紅涙乙女」 (Kourui Otome)
“Blood Tears Maiden”

Wow, what a great episode! Tasogare Otome x Amnesia is turning out to be way better than expected. The premise made me assume that we’d see minor mysteries in an episodic format like the first few mellow episodes, but this is so much better. While I do think that this show would’ve been better if it wouldn’t have wasted some episodes on lighter irrelevant things, I still find this anime very entertaining and I like it very much. This show has been questionable, especially if you’re watching this as a horror or romance fan. But as for me, I didn’t set any expectations based on genres, so I’ve found this show to be one of the most interesting ones for this season.

This episode could’ve been an ending for the anime if it weren’t for the little scene after the new version of the current ending, performed by Yuuko’s seiyuu – Hara Yumi. Those of you who’ve read my Senki Zesshou Symphogear posts know that I’m not very fond of seiyuus’ singing, but this ending was quite good, however, the original is still the best, please don’t kill me!

Yuuko having her memories returned was the main goal of this series, so this in a sense works as a conclusion. I actually thought this show would end when she’d get her memories back. I didn’t even think of what could happen afterwards. I’m wondering if this might lead to Yuuko disappearing (and a bittersweet ending), I mean, she has nothing left to do, unless Teiichi becomes her new goal, which to me seems like a very possible thing to happen. But then what? A human and a ghost – how will this work out? I haven’t questioned this in my earlier posts but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been on my mind. It seems that this show won’t have a solid ending; I fear that we might never know how this relationship will move on for the sake of the romance, but that’s actually fine with me; it’ll leave some room for discussions and various theories which could be interesting to read.

I won’t write too much about it – after all, this is not the final episode. The finale airs next week, and on top of that, there is an OVA coming too, and as far as I know, that OVA is the thirteenth episode, not sure if it’s a sequel or prequel though, but I’ll cover it when it’s out, so look forward to that!

So, this week, it’s all about families. Yukariko is back, looking quite different from what we saw last week, and it seems that she can see Yuuko too, although, it’s the shadow she can see. A lot of you thought Asa might be Teiichi’s grandmother – good guess, it turns out you were right! To be honest, I didn’t think about it at all until some of you wrote it in your comments. I’m so happy Yuuko could get over her pain after merging with her shadow. I thought she might hold some grudge towards Asa, or Asagi – her real name, but it turns out she was happy because this led to her meeting Teiichi. I thought Yuuko was so sweet when she said this, she is so nice, and yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Teiichi sure is a lucky boy!

Once again, we’ll have to thank Kirie for this outcome. As usual, she was the one to knock some sense into Teiichi who once again avoided his problems because he thought everything was hopeless. I don’t understand why Teiichi was so ignorant until Kirie confronted him. This has happened before, well, not this, but a similar situation. I understand that this is good for Kirie because it brings justice to her character, but with the way things have gone through the show, I feel like she should be less important now in this matter. I’m not saying she is unnecessary, I just think Teiichi should open his eyes on his own. But I guess I forgive Teiichi because he was the reason why Yuuko finally accepted her memories. To think that it was so simple, yet so difficult…

The concept of being unable to accept something about oneself isn’t something new in anime, especially when shadows are concerned, but I still love it – it’s easy to relate to and probably something most of us have experienced at some point during our lives. I think the scene where Yuuko and her shadow merged was very beautiful, artistic, and visually pleasing – this whole episode felt like a piece of abstract and slight surreal art. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia might not have the best animation (although, it’s really good already), but the artwork itself is so much better than what most of the currently airing shows have.

So, now that everything has been solved, the only thing that remains is Yuuko’s future – if there is one. I don’t know how this will end, I don’t read the manga, and I heard that this might be an original anime ending so reading the manga would probably not help anyway. I want to see a kiss between Yuuko and Teiichi… But, no matter what happens in the finale next week – I’m ready for it!

Full-length shots: 8, 13, 19, 20, 31, 33, ED2 – 2

Note: Special thanks to Enc-chan for the ending sequence! You’re the best!


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「カランドリエ」 (Calendrier) by Hara Yumi
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  1. Gotta praise the staff for this episode. Executed very well even if it’s different from the manga. And as mentioned, the concept of accepting one’s self is nothing new but it’s done well. Even Yukariko is painted in a different light here(manga readers should know why).
    So the question is how will this end. A bittersweet one judging from Yuuko’s hand being transparent and unable to pick up that bell. I’m definitely looking forward to how this goes.

    And did I mention, Yuuko is E-V-O-L. I just love her character so much <3

  2. This one is surely one of the best anime this season and yeah I love the artwork too…and the best thing is… it has a lesson
    this episode reminds me of monogatari(bakemono, nise) especially kirie n teichii’s scene

    A must recommend for those who loves romance, mystery

    Can’t believe that next episode is the last one

  3. Asa was a nick name in the end. It a really fun thing about how japan treats names that confusing can ocure and is used as a plot device in a lot of series. But it should have guessed that Asa was a nick name and I get my own first name shorted by my close friend and and it sound different. lol

    Having Hara Yumi sing the ending was great to but makes what is to come all the more sad.

    For Teiichi it was rather hard to see a solution as everything he was trying was failing and he didn’t want to hurt Yuuko emotionally again kind of didn’t let him think of that option as well until the send.

    There was something awesome but the passing of this episode that wast rushed but really did a splendid job showing their struggle.

  4. I know that anime happy ends have been done to death and that a bittersweet ending would certainly make it more dramatic… But this is one case that I really, REALLY, wish that they would have a happy end….

  5. “While I do think that this show would’ve been better if it wouldn’t have wasted some episodes on lighter irrelevant things”

    – the above is very common complain regarding many (if not most) type B anime. But those “irrelevant” episodes (parodies, beach episodes, infinite 8, etc) is one of those things that make anime special and different from “straight-to-the-business, max-return-on-each-second-of screen time” western mentality cartoons.

    Not that I have anything against western cartoons.

    1. Wow! I had never seen it that way…and yes…, those “irrelevant” things add colour and warmth to the characters, which is what can make us end up so attached to them in our lives.

      Hououin Kyouma
  6. HalfDemonInuyasha
  7. Now, we got 2 other revelations here.
    First, Kirie-san is the principal’s granddaughter, and Okonogi-san is a Candy enterprise Ojou-sama!!
    In other things, I’ve seen Kirie-san as a Onna no Ko for the first time: https://randomc.net/image/Tasogare%20Otome%20x%20Amnesia/Tasogare%20Otome%20x%20Amnesia%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2008.jpg

    And although I have my complaints about the story-telling, and Teiichi-kun’s character, I’m guessing the conclusion is gonna be great and heart-breaking…Fortunately I’ll still have Yuuko-san for me in the manga! :3

    Hououin Kyouma
  8. Excellent use of imagery in this one.

    The shadows of Kirie and Teichi made a cross when they were talking early in the episode. Almost made the platform look like a casket. And lighting too- through the stained glass gave the colors of dusk- purple, red and orange.

    Perhaps the reason that Teichi could see the kind Yuuko was because Asa really adored Yuuko. (Her (Asa) feelings were transferred to Teichi).

    Really really liked this episode.

    Banana Furikake
  9. For the ED theme: note that the video fades to white, instead of black like the normal theme. I’ll spoil tag this but it’s only a guess:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I’m really impressed with this show: from episode 7 it’s been nothing but improvements. I’m tempted to raise my score for this show to a 7 despite the first six episodes and Momoe being absolutely annoying and her tendencies to ruin really nice scenes.

  10. Honestly, and I am just taking a shot in the dark here. But I think this show will have an “open ended” ending. where you never get real conclusion. The reason why is the manga is STILL being written. The manga is ongoing. So while they could pull an “original hellsing” and create their own ending, why would you do that? If they leave it open not only can they make more money off of OVAs later but they can even leave it open for a second season should there be enough of the comic to continue going on.

    1. I believe the currently-planned OVA is a prequel. Of course the temptation is always there to leave things open-ended so they can make more money later, but really it would be nice to have a proper ending sometimes, even if it isn’t the one we really wanted. Even a sad ending would be better than the endless resets that plague the typical modern franchise.

  11. great episode.

    I’m really curious how the ending will turn out. Saw the disappearing part coming, but really interested to see how they’ll handle it. Because they are showing it in the episode before the finale, I don’t think it’ll be a sad ending, as it wouldn’t be enough of a surprise, but we’ll see.

  12. Really nice episode. The overall atmosphere starting episode 7 reminds me of the Ef series Onuma did before. Other than knowing how to make good OPs, Onuma sure knows how to make a love story look good.


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