Don’t lose that wig!


We find ourself back at the arena, continuing from last week – Wendy is up against Lamia Scale’s Chelia. Doranbolt is rooting for Wendy in the audience. On another side of the arena, we find Lyon telling Gray that he’ll be drooling over Chelia’s powers but Gray reminds Lyon that Wendy is no pushover.

It seems that some people weren’t aware that FAIRY TAIL possessed such a child as Wendy – Lahar says that she is a very prodigous mage.

Wendy goes first, she boosts her defensive power and attacks Chelia with her “Tenryuu no Kagitsume – Talons of the Sky Dragon”, an attack that Chelia easily avoids with her acrobatics. She hits back with her “Tenjin no Boreasu – Sky God’s Boreas” – a black wind that Wendy manages to block.

Chelia’s second attack, “Tenjin no Mai – Sky God’s Dance” hits Wendy, sending her upwards in the air. Chelia launches herself towards Wendy who is midair but Wendy knocks her back down towards the ground with a powerful attack.

The audience notices that Chelia’s magic is identic to Wendy’s. It’s a lost magic, and Lyon says that it’s the ultimate Sky Magic. As he says that, our combatants hit each other with full force, two attacks that are strong enough to blow wigs away. The one standing after that attack is Chelia – the Sky God Slayer.

While the battle is a bit aggressive, the girls are quite friendly with each other. Chelia apologizes to Wendy who says it’s okay because it’s a fight. They’re both enjoying themselves and none of them is holding back for the sake of their guilds.

Wendy is getting knocked down again, but she remembers Elfman, and gains courage again. She doesn’t enjoy combats but if it’s for her guild, she will do anything. Wendy powers herself up by eating air, but she’s not the only one who can do that – Chelia copies her actions, but she’s not quick enough because Wendy performs a new secret dragon technique that she has learned.

Wendy creates a barrier of wind called “Shattering Light” which traps Chelia, who while inside the barrier gets hit by Wendy’s “Sky Drill”. This knocks Chelia down and everyone thinks Wendy is the winner until she stands up again – completely healed (with torn clothes). Lyon says that Wendy’s magic was too feeble; it gave Chelia time to regenerate her health. The audience is discussing Chelia’s power. It turns out that she is Sherry’s cousin.

Back at the stage, Wendy is barely standing up. Doranbolt is seen worrying about her when Mystogan suddenly passes by. Mystogan wonders if Chelia is connected to Zeref – if this is true, Wendy might be in danger!

The fight is on!

I somehow knew that Chelia would have Sky Magic. She is so similar to Wendy, so I guess I assumed their magic would be related too. But I don’t understand why Lyon thinks this is something of Gray’s interest…

God slaying magic, eh? I wonder how Chelia’s powers are related to Zeref and how this will affect Wendy. She is already quite beaten up, she can barely stand. While I’ve seen Wendy heal others, I can’t recall seeing her heal herself. I am rooting for Wendy but I have a hunch she might lose this battle. Lamia Scale hasn’t performed as well as FAIRY TAIL for a while so I wouldn’t be too surprised if Chelia won this battle. But having Mystogan in the audience suspecting some sort of danger that could harm Wendy, who knows? – This battle might be interrupted!

Doranbolt appeared on a lot of pages in this chapter. It’s nice to see how much he cares for Wendy even though it’s been so long since the incident on Tenrou Island. While they did team up during the S-class arc, I didn’t expect him to have any special feelings for this guild, he was a council member on duty after all. But I’m glad he is there after all these years. I love how this series brings back old characters – every character is important!

As for the battle itself, I don’t have much to say about it because it was quite uneventful. It was repetitive at the beginning, but changed to the better near the end. A lot of focus was put into the fact that these are two very cute and adorable characters. I think that could’ve been skipped because we already knew this from last week. But other than that, the second half of the fight was really interesting.

I like that Wendy had a new ability, even though it didn’t help much. But as I said earlier in this post, I expect Wendy to lose. I doubt she has any more tricks hidden at this point. She wasn’t given enough time to practice and on top of that, she was recently attacked. So, no matter how much I love Wendy, unfortunately I don’t think she can win this one.

But I expect a good fight next week, or perhaps some more in-depth information about Chelia’s magic and how it’s connected to Zeref. Something even better would be some information about “Eclipse” which seems to be completely forgotten at this point, but it’s not something I expect to see next week. So let’s look forward to some more Wendy (and Chelia).

Moete kitazou!

Note: Next week, my post might be delayed because I’ll be visiting a friend.


    1. Let’s not forget black fire too. It’s apparent God Slayers are black (element). inb4 Black Metal. Hurr.

      And probably the relation between Chelia’s magic and Zeref is the same with Zancrow and such.

  1. psycho cute…do not want…
    But here’s something that occurred to me. Black colored element >>> god slayer type magic
    Black flames >>> Zancrow
    Natsu’s flame never hurt Zancrow…hell man the guy didn’t even get scratched until Natsu learned to eat black flames combined it with his own and then his Zancrow with them, that said I think Wendy might need to go through something similar to win this >>> eat black wind.

  2. She’s definitely strong, but her wounds disappearing is pretty fishy.
    Shame, she’s a pretty one though. And a loli with boobs :3
    Well let’s see if she really is connected to Zeref.

    1. Ditto on everything you’ve said. ^_^

      Perhaps not intentionally, but Chelia had this unsettling undercurrent of creepiness throughout the chapter…

      I feel pretty bad for Wendy though, because I was hoping she would win after getting kicked around so much this arc.

  3. While I’ve seen Wendy heal others, I can’t recall seeing her heal herself.

    She can’t heal herself. It’s mentioned back in ch. 217 and maybe one other time earlier. Regardless, I agree that she is pretty much done – although I would’ve liked to have seen her destroy Chelia. I also would like to see Lucy actually bust out a Urano Metria on someone here soon but we can’t always get what we want. 🙂

  4. Well, Mashima doesn’t usually drag the fight on in FT, and this chapter screams “setup”.
    So I don’t think you will see as much Wendy as you are hoping for next chapter.

  5. Wendy still has a chance to win, if she somehow learns to eat Chelia’s sky magic.

    Dragonslayers don’t seem to be powerful enough to slay a dragon because of their own human power, but because of their ability to absorb and obtain the dragon’s magic temporarily (+combine it with their own) and use it against them (which could mean a dragon that is not of the same element as the Dragonslayer would be rather difficult to defeat for them).

    So even if higher elemental tier(s) than Dragonslayer magic – namely the Godslayer magic as of now – exist, absorbing them could be the ultimate way to turn their power against them as seen when Natsu fought Zancrow.

    PS: I saw no indication so far that Orga is somehow related to Slayer(be it God- or Dragon-) magic, however him being included in the reactions to Cheila’s magic is kinda odd.
    Wouldn’t rule out Lighting Godslayer magic completely, maybe in a somehow gimped form seeing his unconventional use – but no idea if taught by a human or dragon, if he has Lacrima implanted or not.


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