「黄昏乙女」 (Tasogare Otome)
“Dusk Maiden”

This was probably one of the most beautiful endings I’ve ever seen. Besides the story development, it was visually pleasing. If the ending would’ve been bad (which it wasn’t), I’d still love this episode because it was so artistic. Good job, SILVER LINK!

So, this love story has come to an end. I’m so surprised that my assumptions were actually correct. I was so sure I’d be wrong, so I guess I can say that this conclusion was a bit predictable? But at the same time it wasn’t. I remember I did say that Yuuko’s new goal would be Teiichi, and that might hold her back from resting in peace, which actually happened, but initially I was betting on a bittersweet ending – something most of us probably thought we’d get until the epilogue.

Based on what I’ve seen from Oonuma Shin before, I wouldn’t be surprised if the episode had ended with Yuuko leaving after that amazing kiss scene. I’m so glad this didn’t have a tragic end, but at the same time, I’m wondering if this is a good conclusion. I liked it because I love the couple of Teiichi and Yuuko, but how will their relationship move on from this stage? It is a very open ending – one in favor of the Teiichi and Yuuko shippers, but not very satisfying if you’re looking for a solid ending with no loose ends.

As a Teiichi and Yuuko shipper, I loved this ending. It was satisfying for me, and to be honest, while I am curious about the future for these two adorable characters, I might not want to find out what happens ever after because I don’t want them to be separated. I found the main parts of this episode quite sad because I realized I didn’t want Yuuko to leave, not just because I love her so much, but because I wanted Teiichi to be rewarded for all he has done. Of course, he’d probably be happy with her resting in peace, but I wouldn’t, so the epilogue to me was perfect, and really sweet.

Besides the main couple, Momoe and Kirie got some screen time too. I don’t have much to say about Momoe as she was just being her usual dorky self throughout the episode, but she did an amazing job cleaning up the club room. Kirie on the other hand was less important but I’m glad she was included. She didn’t win Teiichi’s heart, but at least she isn’t broken hearted.

Kirie and Momoe may have been pushed to the side through the second half of this anime, but I still find them interesting. I know there has been some bashing going on when it comes to Momoe’s character but I can’t bring myself to dislike her. She is one of the keys to this conclusion – she is necessary, and to be honest, without her, this show would be quite plain. While some of her actions might’ve been a bit annoying, I still love her and find her quite funny. Kirie too has been a key, probably the most important one. I wish she’d gotten some more attention especially from Teiichi; I do feel a bit sorry for her because she did so much and yet gained so little. At least, she is still in the club and things will be the same again.

So to sum it all up, I loved this ending, it was a piece of art which brought justice to all the characters. It was a satisfying ending, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

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End Card

Final impressions:

When I decided to help out with the spring 2012 preview, I stumbled across Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (because it was one of the shows I wrote a preview for). The cast was quite unknown to me so I didn’t have any special expectations regarding the voice acting, but what really caught my attention was the show’s premise. I thought the concept was interesting; I like ghost stories, and I think I’ve never seen a paranormal romance involving ghosts before (in anime). I looked at some of the promotional videos and found the art absolutely gorgeous so I thought I had to watch this, and even better – I wanted to cover it!

Twelve episodes later, I can proudly say – I do not regret my choice. This anime may have been a troll at some points, especially if you’re watching this because of its genres, but overall, the main story of this show has been beautiful and captivating. I think this show would be better without some certain things, such as the swimsuit episode – it is completely out of place now that I’m looking back at it, but that shouldn’t be a reason to drop the anime if you ask me.

From beginning to end, this anime has never ceased to amaze me with its amazing characters. The plot has been a rollercoaster ride because of all the skips and jumps but the characters have always been refreshing and fun to watch. Teiichi hasn’t gotten much attention in my posts because I love Yuuko too much, but he is a very good character and had the best development out of all four. His journey from being an average boy to this point has been interesting all the way. I sometimes wish he’d been older because I doubt a twelve year old boy can be so mature – he isn’t even a teenager yet! But he is a good protagonist, and I really like him.

The other protagonist, our heroine Yuuko, oh wow, I don’t even know what to say about her. She is my favorite character of the season. I love her so much, especially her personality. I feel like I’ve written a lot about her in all my posts overall, but there is no limit to my love for her. She is simply an amazing character who is easy to love. She has something for everyone to love: looks, personality, and of course – an interesting voice. I’d never heard Hara Yumi before but I think she is a really talented seiyuu. Yuuko’s voice was really refreshing!

Overall, this show has been entertaining and visually pleasing. As a horror, it could’ve done better. The Akahito episode was a good horror episode but it was very random and felt a bit sudden. The mysteries of this show have been very rushed. I think it would’ve been better if there’d be less fanservice in the anime; that would’ve given the mysteries more room.

As for the romance, it was great. I’m a fan of romance so it has been very rewarding in that aspect. There is a solid build up and a nice conclusion, but concerning the paranormal aspect of this couple – there is no sure solution for this couple. In a way, I think that’s good because I don’t have to find out about something tragic in case this couple’s fate is a sad one. So if you’re looking for a decent romance anime – watch this!

To sum it up, this is a solid romance show, but the mystery aspect could’ve been better. Overall, this anime is very good; there is something for everyone to like, especially when it comes to the characters. I’m very happy I was able to cover this because I enjoyed this show a lot. It’s not my favorite for the season, but it was definitely good!

Having that said, I’m looking forward to the upcoming OVA, but for now, I bid this amazing show goodbye!



  1. My short two cents: Yuuko single-handedly changed this series from being average to awesome. Major props to her VA for doing such an awesome job!

    The first half of TOxA might be completely random in terms of plot direction and development but it didn’t really deter me from enjoying it, thanks to Yuuko’s antics.

    The second half is actually what made blew me away though, while the premise of it isn’t exactly the most original, just watching the execution from episodes 7-12 goes to show that the mystery aspect of it isn’t that lackluster either.

    The ending itself is a safe standard move so I’m fine with that, nothing really too special although it is still an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

    Oh well, I’m going to miss Yuuko that is for sure, do keep a watch out for her VA like what Stereoman said!

  2. The ending will have the audience torn indeed but for me I liked it very much.
    Granted, I was expecting a bittersweet ending with Teiichi just remembering Yuuko in the end but the way this happened, I still would like it so much. It’s not really an ending to think about but to really feel. And it hits all the right places with how this went. Just… beautiful.
    Overall, it may have gone a bit differently from the manga due to just animating certain chapters and arcs but from how it went it worked out quite well. It’s not an adaptation in the likes of Sankarea’s but it was still really good.
    One of my favorite shows this Spring and I’m really gonna miss it.

    Yuuko is <3

    1. Almost? I completely broke down! That goodbye hit home with my own personal experience, but yes tears of happiness came. The only anime to make me cry and the best endings I’ve seen in a long time!

  3. Found it hillarious that Kirie was shown in one ridiculous pose after another throughout the episode.

    Loved the series. It and Fate/Zero was the only shows I watched this season and I dont regret it.

  4. This and fate are my favorite shows of the season for sure. Fate still holds first but I during the spring preview I really didn’t think any show would come close like this one did. Simply amazing job from yuuko’s voice actor. I can’t wait to see what other roles she does.

    I knew they would go for the happy ending because even though they have changed a lot of things and made this more of an anime original series, the manga is still going and the biggest events in both are mostly the same. It will be fun reading the manga and putting Hara Yumi’s voice to every “Teiichi!”

    1. oh and wait, the characters are “12?” huh? this is suppose to be a high school and the females “proportions” sure as hell don’t look like 12 year olds.

      As for the coupling, honestly I see it working out just fine. I don’t see it as having to be a tragic romance. Teiichi and kirei’s grandmother are on good if not great terms. He should have no trouble getting a job at the school even as he gets older. And once he passes on of whatever ends up killing him. old age, whatever. Yuuko will no longer have any attachment to the world and they can both move on together.

  5. satisfying ending. my heart was filled in joy at that ending scene, it will be different if yuuko actually disappears and only remains in teichi’s memories.
    overall, i love this show, yuuko and kirie and a unique story, hands down.

  6. I can’t believe that the anime has ended.Simply amazing.
    This was certainly a very , very intersting story-and for once , its a good thing that the ending was so…incomplete.Usually an ending where some questions are still not answered is annoying-here , its the best possible way .
    I still cannot believe Teiichi is 12!!! He seems so much older.

  7. I cried. There, I admit it.

    I personally would have preferred a bittersweet ending. Something sad but warmish…then Yuuko came back, and the sadness went away and the warmth stayed. I think that Yuuko disappearing would have been the best possible ending, but the way they handled it is just a step lower. Meaning still very good.

    There’s a comment in this page (and at the moment with more dislikes than likes) about how this show would have been average without Yuuko. I have to agree, imagine this show without such a fantastic, lovely and childish Yuuko that we all came to love. It would be an average anime.

    This anime was great because of Yuuko. We got to know her, we fell for her, and cared about her fate. She’s the center of the story and the main reason to keep on watching (Kirei being reason #2 ;D).

    I’m gonna rate this…8 or 9 out of 10. I can’t decide T_T.

  8. it was that sweet yet bitter feeling of jealousy i felt since Steins;Gate. This has to be my favorite romance since Steins;Gate. It’s strange how the best romances often don’t spawn from a complete romance genre but instead told through a solid story of much journey together in another genre like sci-fi or fantasay or otherworldly adventures.

    i think this is absolutely brillant

  9. I haven’t watched this series yet, but I love this kind of sweet romance story.

    I’m happy Sentai licensed this series. Whenever I feel depressed and heartbroken, I’m going to binge on this series and Ano Natsu De Matteru because I’ll know no matter whether human, alien or ghost, there’s a girl out there for me.

  10. You know something is damn well written when even the “sad” ending feels just so right, moving and acceptable. The happy twist in the last minute was just icing on the cake.

  11. Oh dear, am I the only person who thinks the ending was a ridiculous cop-out? Why not just be honest like the manga and keep things on an even keel, rather than create oceans of melodrama only to evaporate them in an instant?

    1. I do agree. That scene had me on the verge of tears throughout, but then the about turn with the ending promptly destroyed what was until then a very strong scene. It’s a safe ending I guess, and one that will please a lot of people, but the scene would have resonated a lot more without the 180.

      It’s been an enjoyable series though.

      Pot Noodle
  12. This may make some of you mad. but I think the ending would have been much better if she disappeared forever it would just make it more authentic and less cliche, it would have landed a greater impact than a generic happy ending.

    1. Agreed, is she still bound to the school? I thought her disappearance signified that their little dream (ala FFX) has come to an end and to move on. I’m not saying that she “shouldn’t” have a role in Teiichi’s life but her overbearing need for attention is going to hinder “his” with regular people seeing him talking to ‘thin air’ and giving it “attention” and I’m surprised that none of the school students haven’t even pointed this out at least once besides Momoe

      On the possibility that she cannot LEAVE the school grounds (even after having her remains buried) she must know that Teiichi should have other prospects at life and going to grow up (is Teiichi going to become a teacher at the school to stay with her?)

      Yuuko already acknowledged that her life have ended (prematurely) and have made amends with herself and supposedly “moved on” and Teiichi himself was shown to be coping with his loss and on the verge to moving on with his life too, her coming back just brought up questions that shouldn’t have to answered since this is the end

      It’s a happy ending, but I feel conflicted…

      1. Yeah i can see many problems coming in Teiichi life. Also i hated how she stated that she bounded to still linger the world because of their kiss, that doesn’t make any sense its like the writers didn’t know how to explain something that in context is impossible and just threw in the love card. Am really mad I really like this final episode to this amazing series until the last minute. I Really liked how Teiichi moved on and was happy. Its liked they built up so much drama over Yuuko disappearing and once she disappeared you would be sad but happy at the same time as soon as they made her come back all that drama that was built up was built up for nothing. The writers had the chance to make this an awesome story that had a good yet impacting ending but they ruined the chance to please well who knows who were they intending to please.

      2. The drama was built up for entertainment. Whether it was of value only matters to what audience the writers were after. So it can’t really be a waste 😛

        Same for being cliche. For one there is so much media out today with all kinds of stories to tell and what we consider happy, sad, or tragic endings. Of course just my opinion but it seems irrelevant to says whether it ends on a happy, sad, or tragic note is cliche since all of them have been done so many times since and you have to pick one to end a story.

        Everything seems to have been done before in one way or another I only consider how well they achieved it, be it stereotypical or not. Just because it’s been done before doesn’t make it any less enjoyable if done well.

        All IMO lol <_<

      3. I reckon she isn’t bound to the school anymore. Since the mystery behind her death isn’t what is binding her anymore, it’s Teiichi, I think she’d be bound to him instead of the school. This is borne out in the episode too at the very end where he mentions something about her haunting him now. He also said something in a past episode about her ending up haunting him at the end so it’s not like this ending came out of nowhere. I think it was the episode where they were looking for her grave but I can’t remember which ep that was to look it up. Anyway yeah my take on the situation is that she is haunting Teiichi now, not the school, so she should be able to leave it.

      4. I agree with Becket. Before she was bound by to that school because of her regrets attached to that place. She is now bound to Teiichi so she can go any place Teiichi goes to. However that would also mean that she has to stay wherever Teiichi is at the moment which works perfectly for her.

  13. The farewell scene is beautiful, really good choice of bgm. That scene hit me in all the right places. Some said that Oonuma’s Ef series was good because he had Shinbo’s help, but this anime shows that he doesn’t need much assistance in the romance department at least.

    Of course the show would have been average at best without Yuuko. There’s nothing original about the plot, world view, nor does it impart some kind of deep philosophy, so they had to focus on the characters. With such a small cast, only 12 episodes and with the mystery being about her past, Yuuko has to be a likable character for the majority of the viewers. Yuuko is the show, there’s not much point imo in watching this anime if you don’t like her.

  14. Guys, if you wanna know what having a bi-polar girlfriend is like:
    THIS moment right here pretty much sums it up, lmao.

    Putting that aside, I wasn’t going to be satisfied with the way it ended so I was really happy when Yuuko came back :D. When the opening song came up (Choir Jail) and she showed up I was so happy. The best opening of all the anime that was currently airing combined with an ending I could settle for made a bigger and better impact! Wish this series was longer, but glad I watched it ^_^.

      1. the reason why i don’t like this is that it goes to the cliche of the charater comming back at the end and as a some reason ( in this, his kiss kept her here and some other thng).
        To me, i believe that it should end for her not comming and instead for him to move along with his life. Don’t get me worng, i don’t hate Yuuko it is just that i want somthing diffrent then the every day stuff we get in alot of anime we get many time but told diffrently.
        plus do u think it should have ended withe the Suzuki Konomi Zanzou Mirai playing at the ended instead of the op (love the op thou)what do you think?

  15. I actually didn’t like the epilogue with Yuuko coming back. The “ending” itself gave the series closure, with Yuuko coming back its like everything is reset.

    Teiichi, you can’t have a real relationship with a ghost dude! Sure you can play around like you’re doing now, but thats only because you’re a kid and she’s still accessible. What are you going to do when you graduate? When you’re in your 20s, 30s, hell 40s?

    Thats why I preferred the basic Yuuko disappears ending. Mystery is solved, desires quenched and the cast can finally move on.

    1. Although I did like the ending, I know what you mean. I felt that way with Clannad ~After Story~ but I won’t really go into detail for those who haven’t seen it or debate over it.

      Other than that you make good points, but trying to put realistic practicality over this feel-good-watch series of ghosts and romance is a blunder of a mix. Maybe if it was a longer series they would go with an ending like that (if you’ve ever read the Clannad arc, Tomoyo Dear Shining Memories, that’s a damn good example), but otherwise I don’t think the majority of us (including myself) would settle for that.

  16. GREAT ENDING. Glad that Silverlink was able to bring out their niche towards the ending. From works such as the EF tales, they were really known for bringing the drama out of a good story much like the relationship between Yuko and Yu. Though disappointed at the first half of the series being a fan of the manga, the anime managed to stand on its own two feet on the latter half. The show was able to give us something that the ongoing manga has not,and that is a satisfying ending that closes it out really well. Overall this was a wonderful viewing experience. = ] Thanks for covering it.!

  17. I really enjoyed this series – it touched on some social issues and had a good
    blend of comedy and drama. I like the way this series ended, but I wonder if it
    wasn’t with the possibility of another season…? Yuuko was so well done, I’m going
    to miss her!

  18. This series certainly brought back memories of watching the Ef series. From the artwork to the tragic romance and their sweet conclusions.

    Its wierd that I didnt cry (a I had truly hoped) but the closing moments of the series, where they dated and their “final farewell” left me with a heavy heart. At least they dated and had their final moments together unlike what I had… She just vanished without a word.

    That aside, otome x amnesia is certainly one of the better series (another one being Fate Zero) that came out in spring 2012. Went into it with high expectations and not only it delivered, it surpassed it.

    With this, I’m thoroughly convinced on the studio’s ability to produce shows and shall look foward to their future productions

  19. Although from the perspective of the plot, I am not a fan of Yuuko returning. But since I didn’t watch TOxA for plot, I’m delighted to have Yuuko come back as a character. The epilogue scene was done quite well, and I really liked how Yuuko re-introduces herself back to Teiichi. Teiichi x Yuuko was a nice couple, but still not one of my favourites.

    I’ve been holding back because of the anime, but now I’ll definitely go check out the manga.

  20. Am I the only one who thinks that the characters don’t necessarily need to move on for the ending to be considered a good one? Yes, I do agree that it is definitely one way to go, but that’s not the only way. Sometimes, it’s nice to see the characters get what they want and to end on a happy note.

  21. To say the least, this was a freaking amazing ending. I mean, only a handful of anime have ever made me bawl or close to bawling, but Amnesia managed to do it. Sadly though, a lotta people dropped it early on, but eh, their loss!

    1. Your bawling was for nothing since the anime just trolled everyone who watched this episode, by making her comeback and threw in a bullshit excuse so it would make sense.

  22. A predictable amount of dislikes to people not fond of the epilogue or say how this show was not outstanding… and I’m of the same opinion, but the sometimes masterfuly nice-timed animation, the now unveiled congruence of the order of the story, awesome Hara Yumi’s VA and of course that now-rounded lovely personality of Yuuko makes up for everything!!!! (Even that viewers-indulgent end) However, I somehow think I would’ve preferred that, a lot more heart-stirring and forever heart-aching memory, of knowing that the ghost and the boy, will forever be never meant to be, and the only story left was that of love.

    Well, it didn’t go that way, so let’s feast on the happy ending… 😀

    Hououin Kyouma
  23. I dun like the ending, if she leave, then she should leave, why make her come back? Make it like angel beats or something, the ending is so predictable, great show overall but the ending is just bad…

  24. Teiichi and Yuuko’s moments together shows that one should cherish the moments with loved ones. This couple’s happy ending is so beautiful to behold – love that transcends beyond life itself. I love it.

    random viewer
  25. Omg…I cried too much during that kiss scene. I mean…oh man.
    I was initially VERY HAPPY with the ending, but after sitting on it…I kind of agree that it felt like a reset button. Much like the recently finished Show Spoiler ▼

    Overall, it was decent at the start, but the later half of the show really sold it for me. No regrets watching C:

  26. Ah Silver Link, you never cease to heartily amuse. From your comical side as we’ve seen in Negima?! and BakaTest, to your serious side that I attribute to your work with Shaft. Y’all make some darned good anime >D.

  27. Having Yuuko come back is just delaying the inevitable- unless she somehow manages to haunt Teiichi until his death, in which they get up to all sort of hijinks such as these two: http://mangafox.me/manga/itoshi_no_kana/

    Wasn’t aware Hara Yumi was voicing Yuuko until well into the season- didn’t realise that she could sound so… adorable.

    She hasn’t many roles, but I’m hoping she does more. I was already a fan of her singing, and now I’m becoming quite keen on her VA’ing.

  28. Well after one hour of crying. Got some strenght back to write.

    Two episode ago I asked for a happy ending. I felt it in my bones that once Yuuko reunite she will vanish leaving Tenchii alone. When Patrick said good bye to Demi in Ghost I cried. When Yuuko said good bye to Techii it destroyed me. It was a super well executed scene and I will cherish it for a long time if not for the rest of my life.
    Then they throw this “happpy ending”, “kiss reset” I have to say that closure is bitter sweet and not happy end for me. Yuuko is still confined to the school, they still have to deal with separation when he goes home. I’ll prefer that after the “break up” Tenchii fell in despair and be run over by a truck and then they join in the spirit world. That has more closure. But we got what we got.
    I loved this series from start to finish and is in my must buy list. Who knows maybe we get a second season with additional ghost and mysteries to solve.

  29. Hmm, I kinda wanted a pic of that illustration at the end of this episode. I think it was the original manga art too.
    Would have been nice if it was added here since every episode post had the illustrations but oh well.

      1. \o/ Thanks!
        And yeah it’s the manga art drawn by the mangaka himself most probably. There’s a certain way the characters are drawn in the manga so I won’t mistake it. Plus every episode preview has different illustrations by different artists so I guess we should have expected that the last one will and should be drawn by the mangaka.
        Thanks again and pic saved.

  30. The Akahito arc came straight from the manga (with some tweaks). Given how much material was cut out from the story, one can see why it felt rushed. However, that arc was meant to introduce the Akahito legend and build up to Asa-chan’s story as the real Akahito.

    I need to add though, Silver Link totally outdid themselves with this series. For someone who has seen way too many manga to anime failures, this ending was not only well executed (with a touch of Silver Link’s signature animation), but satisfying. Yes, it was cliche, but I rather see a cliche, well-executed ending than an “original,” poorly executed ending.

    I think Silver Link hit all the good elements of adapting to anime: You plan for how long the series is, cut out what may not be important to the story, use your artistic license with the material and either wrap up with an ending that makes sense or plan for more seasons. I remember the old days of anime (yeah, I’m getting old), where endings were so aggravatingly horrible that I would be depressed for days. Mahoromatic or original Evangelion anyone? Those were the dark days of Gainax. Or how about more recently, KoreZon’s 2nd season ending (pure disappointment, but due to high expectations from first two eps). Anyway, kudos to Silver Link! I look forward to more animes from them.

    1. KoreZon’s 2nd season didn’t end yet, they’re saving the last 2-3 episodes that concludes this arc as dvd/blu-ray ovas. Yeah it’s a dick move, but I’m still happy about it. At least there will be a conclusion.

      1. That’s good to hear about KoreZon. Despite the rather disappointing adaptation, I still love the characters and story behind KoreZon. I guess fandom’s a scary thing, I’ll still go back for more despite feeling disappointed.

    2. Yeah I agree w/ you there
      This kind of ending is too common but hey the ending of tasogare made me sing choir jail…..
      I guessed it means that I’m really excited to see yuuko again

      I don’t know what’s up w/ the hate for some people.. the ending is not perfect… but it’s not really a bad ending

  31. Well I’m alright if they give us a bittersweet ending. But a happy ending is nice too. BTW, I wonder if Yuuko can leave the school now since the reason she can’t leave the school is because she has a regret in the school and haunted it right. But now the thing that she regret and haunted is Teichi so then that mean she can’t leave Teichi huh.

  32. Best part for me was the start of this episode. I thought it got worse, and especially disliked the rooftop scene. Just too long, too angsty.

    Just move on, and go see Momoe. She !., isn’t dead – 2., can leave the school grounds – and 3., thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread.

    I guess I’m getting impatient in my old age.

    I liked the series overall, but my favorite portions are when they played up the comedy.

    The whole “accept your other self” thing just didn’t grab me, I thought it was too obvious where it would lead. It did what I expected, then it trolled out the Deus ex machina. Urk.

  33. She should have disappeared. It would have been more realistic, she finally would have been able to move on, and the series would have actually made sense as to why Teiichi was monologuing from the future about his past.

    I feel emotionally cheated, and I doubt I’d be able to watch the those last farewell sequences again since I know all will be well. Major cop out. She/he should have been forced to move on, just like the rest of us when someone dies. Gah! What a waste. Could have went down as one one of the best endings to an anime series, but instead they settled for a safe one.

    That said, before I knew what was actually going to happen, I thought this was amazing. The farewells scenes was beautifully executed, and totally pulled at my heart strings. Even when the truth was revealed at the very end, *cue Choir Jail* I was pretty excited that I could finally stop bawling my eyes out.

  34. Its amazing how much synergy this has with Sankarea. A ghost trying to live a cheerful life with her loved one and a zombie trying to live a cheerful life as a normal girl with her loved one. Both trying to find ways to extend their time after both being dead.

  35. I’m so glad you RC fans like it… Jesus, I had a tear or two at the ending. I won’t say it was a bawl-fest like the ending to ‘Ano Natsu’ but wow, they really did tug on the heartstrings. I’m not expecting much, but if this show got a 2nd season… I’d watch it for sure. I just want to see more of Yuuko sitting in his lap during classes… HUGGING HIM NO LESS… GOD how HNNNNGGGG ;_;

  36. Though it would be nice if Yuuka didn’t return, I still love the ending since I always like happy ending.. A very good finale for a good series. I hope there would be some OVA release in the near future.. Tasogare!.. Two Thumbs Up!!!.. ^.^

    Faint Smile
  37. Stereoman, thank you for covering this sweet series! Thanks to your enthusiasm I didn’t drop this show even though I was quite annoyed by Momoe in the first episodes. This series ended up being one of my favourites of spring season.

    I agree with the aspects I understand you critizise (lack of mystery, no solid conclusion, side characters underdeveloped) and also with Yuuko’s awesomeness more than making up for it. Besides Yuuko it was the visuals which kept me watching. Maybe this show’s creators didn’t have a KyoAni budget but they compensated that with inventive visuals, impressive use of colours and lovely textures. Oh btw, I also liked the fanservice 😉

  38. Well as much as the ending is a 180 degree turn that disappoints those who expect a bittersweet ending, I can’t help but feel for Teichii, which is why I liked the ending.

    From a viewer’s point of view perhaps many would like that Yuuko never returned, but I put myself in Teichii’s position – that lingering desire for the one you loved who disappeared but you can’t seem to forget. If Yuuko never came back I know I’d have that lingering sadness within me for all my life. Since she did, i felt what Teichii felt – that joy that I no longer have to live with that sadness.

    Teichii x Yuuko forever!

    Beautiful anime indeed! 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10.

  39. Just finished the series a few mins after typing this and really I can’t say anything different from what was already said. Loved that goodbye scene. It almost felt painful watching them communicate through the notebook while Yuuko was fading away. Also I can’t wait for that beautiful Requiem song. It got me the minute I heard it from the PV. As for the ending, I also like a happy one though maybe in terms of impact and execution it would be more effective if Yuuko didn’t come back since she made Teiichi promise to try to forget her, which he was painfully trying his best to do . Yuuko is also my favorite of the season, especially also because she’s got the same seiyuu as my favorite Takane from iDOLM@STER.
    https://randomc.net/image/Tasogare%20Otome%20x%20Amnesia/Tasogare%20Otome%20x%20Amnesia%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2050.jpg Kirie’s pose reminds me more of Kujou Jotaro from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

  40. Ah…I’m late again! >_<bbbbbb

    This anime is good. no doubt it got licensed in North America almost right from the beginning of the broadcast. For this episode, I particularly like the 'parting' scene and the 'reunion' scene. Why? Here are why:

    1. 'Parting': again, 'From the beginning, you know the end'. We all know that Teiichi and Yuuko will have to face this eventually. And to think after all they have been through THIS IS THE RESULT is really heart-breaking. Trust me, I shed a drop of tear for this scene out of sympathy. Even so, when I watched this episode for the first time I didn't get any feeling like 'so typical' or 'ah…finally'. The atmosphere is so great that I simply immersed in it. I especially like the final part, when Yuuko has to write rather than speak. God, that part is heart-wrenching, not even the kiss scene is as powerful as it.

    2. 'Reunion': Now, THIS IS THE 'END' RESULT. While I agree to those who don't like this final twist on the point that it destroyed the sad atmosphere but, hey! It is 'Dusk Maiden of Amnesia', a story that has been making parodies out of conventional horror stories, right? So, Why not make a twist on the conventional sad ending?

    Besides, on the top of all: 'From the beginning, you know the end'. Teichii has told us right from the first episodes that he will be attached by Yuuko in the future, remember? Now, THAT'S A GOOD EXAMPLE OF REMEMBERING WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN IN YOUR STORY.^_^ (unlike MASS EFFECT 3, has anybody forgotten about it?)

    Finally, I totally agree on Stereoman's commment on this anime. From characters to stories, it got full marks.

    Thanks for telling me there is going to be an OVA! I will look forward to it. ^_^

  41. I think it was a good thing that I stopped watching it at episode 7 and waited for it to finish, before watching it in marathon. I don’t know how I would have made it through a week waiting for the next episode. With all the tension and roller coaster of emotions, waiting for a week would be to much for someone like me. Overall, great show. I haven’t read the manga but I’m very very satisfied with the anime

    The Story You Don't Know
  42. Wow, the end of a year already.
    And, WOW!!!!!! Someone is still commenting on ‘Dusk Maiden’ back in September. Great!
    Even GREATER IS:


    Can’t wait for ep. 13!

    Good God, when will the place I am living at will license ‘Dusk Maiden’?


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