「謎の「ぎゅっ」)」 (Nazo no “Gyu”)
“Mysterious Tug”

It’s touching to see how far Urabe and Tsubaki have come as characters. We’ve gone from no hugs, no holding hands, and even no dates for the longest time…to where we are now. From the surface, it doesn’t look like they’ve made much progress in terms of a typical relationship. The progress of events has jumped around the natural order, from hand holding to groping to hugging, but considering the amount of time that has elapsed (at least approaching a year), it’s sparsely spread. Go beyond that though, you’ll see spit pervading every single day of their relationship. Go beyond THAT, and it’s clear to see that they are growing closer together at a slow and stable pace, which is absolutely fine.

Going back to the author’s thesis of this work–that kids are too excited and impatient to rush through the buildup of a relationship–shows this series’ unique charm. The development between Tsubaki and Urabe didn’t occur over the course of 2 episodes with 10 episodes of comedic shenanigans, it occurred evenly throughout the series. However, the development between the characters is definitely uneven–Urabe has changed significantly whilst Tsubaki…not at all.

Tsubaki has always been a good guy at heart. He’s plagued with the terrible hormones of a teenager, but considering how he controlled himself this episode with that epic sacrificial dodge, he’s got the makings of a respectable man in him. Ever since episode one he’s always been the zookeeper trying to keep the impulsive lion in check and that hasn’t changed a bit. He may keep learning more about his mysterious girlfriend, but his own actions go unchanged for the most part, making revelations that only serve to enhance his current behavior. He may learn that Urabe gets sad when he’s with other girls, but even without that information he’d still try his best to keep from giving too much attention to other potential competitors.

Urabe on the other hand hasn’t always been the most accepting of Tsubaki’s advances, nor the most emotional. Little by little has Urabe been opening up herself to Tsubaki (and a significant amount to Oka). Back during episode 2, it wouldn’t have been possible for Tsubaki to even lay a hand on Urabe for too long: she’d have dodged, cut, and lectured. However, ever so slowly, Urabe has allowed Tsubaki more room into her personal space–though that space has yet to reveal anything about her history. It took a significant amount of time to reach this milestone, but seeing the journey towards it was definitely worth the watch. It’s a pleasure to see Urabe reconsider her ideas and ultimately discover more about herself than about Tsubaki, all while growing her relationship.

Combined together, the progression these two have had over the past year makes for a great foundation for whatever they decide to do next. The conscious decision to go “Yukkuri shiteitte ne!” perfectly goes in-line with the thesis. The two are simply enjoying their time together, taking each problem one at a time as they come, without a clear goal in sight. As a result, the two enjoy and savor each momentous milestone, no matter how small or big, leaving no event unappreciated.

And that my friends, is why I think that first hug means…and feels so much.

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  1. Awww Urabe is so kawaiiii this episode. We are certainly beginning to see a different side to her. It’s too bad the next episode it the finale. On a side note, I love the ED

  2. Oka kinda balances things out, in her quirky way (last ep – do you know you’re
    both naked in the school?)

    The jist I got from this episode is that Tsubaki is becoming a part of Urabe’s life so much
    so that her ability to function at certain things (scissors) is affected by her physical
    response to Tsubaki. That and seeing her nude has really stuck in Tsubaki brain.

    But the band-aid was the best. A boy responds more physically than a girl, and Tsubaki’s
    insistence that Urabe’s bandage was better was not lip-service; that’s how we think.
    Tsubaki is showing Urabe that he cherishes her – something not really taught to kids today
    as being part of a romantic relationship (note, cherish != love).

    Excellent series – the way it’s headed, though, I don’t see them planning a second season.
    I’ll be sad when this series is over.

  3. aww…she hugged him into her chest and then he returned the favour. that’s love for ya. a full on hug one day maybe lol. I love the way they do this. the characters are great. it’s nice to see a couple so hot for each other they’re mutually greedy lol. also nice to see a female hot and bothered as much as the male and honest to herself about it.

  4. Gotta love Oka’s seizing the moment and taking photos… And her clumsy attempts at replicating “scissors attack”. But her greatest hit is blatantly putting Urabe’s skirt up to see the place where the scissors come from!
    But Urabe tops it herself with her reluctant admitting that she might be harsh on Tsubaki but it is her that is true pervert inside…
    I’d love to see series continued into the idol arc, and possibly the movie arc too!

  5. Oka needs her own series !!! I have so much fun whenever she’s on screen. Urabe was wonderful also with that “Tsubaki echii ne” line when she got to her apartment. Then we get the wet pillow and the half confession that she is as hot for him to. The band aid scene was scary I thought the other girl (Uwa something) was going to lose a finger when Urabe looked at her. Second season NOW!!!!!!

    As a side note the ED sequence shows Tsubaki sister drool too. But with only one episode left I think it will be a teaser only. 🙁

  6. I had thought that this would be the last episode but we’re getting another one. I must disagree with you this time Zanibas, “Mysterious Memories”+”Mysterious Sister” is a good conclusion for the season although if it had ended with this episode it would have been fine too. It will leave the series open for a (hopefully) second season and it also works if this is the last we see of Urabe.

    Oh and Suwano… Show Spoiler ▼

    Her inclusion so far into the series gives me hope of seeing a second season as she is a recurrent in the manga.

    The last phrase in the preview gave me the goosebumps: “I’d like to be your first and last girlfriend”. Who wouldn’t get flustered from hearing that?

      1. It’s a 13 episode series. That’s why I’m saying that seeing Suwano gives me hope that this isn’t the last we see of Urabe. Why would they introduce one of the most recurrent characters in the manga in the penultimate episode?

  7. Yayness a great episode.

    Until I saw Acchi Kocchi episode 11 this week I had no idea what This was. Come to think of it it’s been a while since we saw a Tsubaki dream.

    Seeing Urabe mess up was quite a surprise but at the same time endearing. I think one of Urabe’s appeals as a character is that she isn’t perfect and that we can see her flaws unlike most anime which bring up character flaws for the sake of plot and then put them back in the closet after an episode or two.

  8. beautiful chapter, I really would not mind that this is the end, but I really like everyone, I hope a second season, this episode was very emotional, of the many romance manga I read, the characters are incredible, this is one of the best, I think the word “love” is so used, abused and overrated now that dating is a simple sock is changed when one is bored with his girlfriend, does not develop it openly, nor cares to discover the best things about the couple this anime rescues and amplifies all this really is the most ah I liked the season, I finished reading the manga and I only hope that this continues until the end.

    yo quienmas
  9. Would have been so nice if they’d given this show two cours, really have to cross your fingers that it gets picked up for a second season some day.

    Even beyond the Idol arc there’s so many little things that could have made good filler episodes. There’s Urabe’s garter belt, the naked apron, Tsubaki’s “substitute” when Urabe got sick, Urabe and Oka’s trip to the beach, the cat ears…

  10. I lol’ed so hard in the opening. Seeing the normally stoic Urabe go through so many emotions is such a treat.
    Coming this far, it really amazing to see how much significance a simple hug holds for Tsubaki and Urabe.

    It appears great minds think alike.

    YAY alt-texts!!!

  11. TUG? TUG? What? Who translated that?

    Bunny girl Urabe! OMG!

    Oka is complete hentai. She puts the guys to shame with her sneaky photographic skills. I’m half expecting her to start groping Urabe at some point.

  12. The entire dream of his…yeah Freud would love to get those two kids talking about their dreams. Urabe definitely handled things much better than most girlfriends in anime do, one of the main reasons (besides her general cool nature) why I like her more than most. But there’s a problem with the creator’s message. These two can resolve things so well in part because they have a strange, supernatural way of communicating. Most couples obviously don’t have that and can’t always be sure if someone means what they say, or they might say something that simply gets the wrong interpretation.

    1. Maybe is a little cheat , but in our world (and this actually happen in this episode) the best form to grow in a relationship is have a good communication (talk about themselves and be honest, mainly) with the partner.


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