And there it is: the harmonious sky that connects everything together. The action is at a lull, but KHR! continues to hit some high notes after that fantastic “passing of the torch” from last week. It was certainly something to see pretty much all of KHR!‘s cast congregating in one place, and it was definitely a sight to behold; each person is a colorful addition and maybe it was just me, but I couldn’t help a sense of nostalgia at seeing all the characters that have graced the series over the past 300+ chapters. They’ve all changed and grown in so many ways, getting closer and closer to the future selves that we were clued into during the Future Arc. Even more impressive of course, is the person at the center of it all: Sawada Tsunayoshi.

He has all the bearings of a proper leader – not just as the head of a mafia, but as someone people can follow and dedicate their loyalty to. There’s something about Tsuna that gravitates people towards him, and it’s evident in the way he treats them that he deeply appreciates their friendship and would go to the ends of the Earth for them. There’s nothing else more reassuring than that in a leader, and it’s good to see Tsuna stepping up to the position that he’s been carving out throughout the series. Whether or not his endeavors of fighting alongside everyone will actually be helpful in defeating Bermuda and the Vindice is still up in the air, but I have a feeling (and not because it’s dictated by Shounen Rule #1) that Tsuna will be successful in saving the Arcobaleno; it’s now just a matter of how to get there, and I have no doubt the journey is going to be full of the dying will that makes KHR!KHR!

P.S.: Oh Dino… Why am I not surprised you brought your entire famiglia over? At least you have some new clothes now!


  1. A gathering of different factions. One wrong move could spell total chaos in that house.
    But the effort of assembling them is something really. Let’s see how Tsuna’s persuasive powers fare with this big meeting.

  2. Now, I am curious about his plans, just what did Tsuna said to everyone?
    Also, w/ soooo many people in the house, Nana must be busy running around in the kitchens and making cookies.

  3. I really hope this is not the final arc. It had not mention anything about Uncle Kawahira, Hellrings’ history, Fon and Hibari’s relationships, and the Cervello organization.
    As for the Cervello Org. I think it will have something to do w/ Yuni’s family, her mother’s side.
    For example, in chapter, 135, after Xanxus’ defeat, he said, “Cervello, it’s gone according to your wishes, you were right, are you happy now?”
    One of the ladys said, “You say words like that, but we do not have wishes nor do we predict anything. Everything was already decided. Your role in this is over”.

    For some reason, I just can not stop think about the power Yuni/Luche has/had……and now Bermuda said in chapter 387, about the future being told by the shaman Sepira, the ancestor of Giotto and Yuni, and her (?) perdaction on the birth of Vongole/Giglio Nero family along w/ the Trini Sette………I mean, I just think all those are tightly related. It is like someone already known it will turn out like this.
    Sorry for ranting, that’s jsut my 2 cents

    As for this chapter, I am suprised Hibari did not do anything, even if he is on the roof, there are still BIG groups of people CROWDING AROUND down there……oh well, he must be very tired after his fight w/ Dino. xD
    Also, where is Iemitsu ? Is he gonna join?

  4. Tsuna continues to impress me with his new found attitude, not only declaring his determination to save reborn but also gathering all that Man power!! Shit just got real and with all that man power I don’t see Tsuna and the gang losing too easily >.>
    Oh and on a side note, WTH Hibari how the hell did he fight for so long and is still ready to help Tsuna >.<

    1. He does take a lot of naps. He must store extra energy that way. lol
      Besides, the guy is still able to beat opponents despite having broken bones or being tranqued with something that could take down an elephant so doing what he likes most for days must be a vacation for him.

      And Tsuna’s character has really evolved in this series and this is probably one of his greatest moments. Vongola X FTW!

  5. There’s something about Tsuna that gravitates people towards him

    Perhaps Tsuna still has residual flames of gravity from when his and Enma’s rings combined. Just kidding, that was a terrible pun. XD

    Anyway, not much to discuss this chapter, since everything was self-explanatory. We are just watching as Tsuna matures into the powerful boss that we only caught glimpse of in the future arc.


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