「海賊会議」 (Kaisai! Kaizoku Kaijin)
“The Pirate’s Council”

As the series heads to the finish line with a strong wind at its back, I can’t help but hope that the end of the course will be pushed back for another season or two. As a light novel adaptation, Mouretsu Pirates definitely feels like it has only barely scratched the surface of a rich and complex world that extends far beyond the tiny sliver of the galaxy we’ve been presented thus far.

The many wonderful and interesting new elements that are being added to the Mouretsu Pirates universe in these last few episodes make me want to keep exploring the world that the show is building. However, it does get tricky when you try to discern whether these new elements actually come from the light novels or if they’re anime original material. For much of the series, one of the aspects that really appealed to me was how realistic most of the science and technology depicted was, and how it seemed almost everything was grounded in actual theory that could be readily explained at any given moment. This all changed with the introduction of the Grand Cross and its unconventional gravity drive though. While these new and unexpected elements do bring a lot of entertainment and humor to the show, some of them also seem a little out of character – such as the giant cooks/bodyguards who towered even over Schnitzer. My first thought was that they were holograms, but once their footsteps started shaking the entire room, I knew they were real. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the new flavor these new elements have brought to the show, but I suspect that they all might not be ones that are found in the light novels.

Regardless whether many of the new elements are original to the anime or not, this final arc has been a blast to watch, and for me, this was probably the most hilarious episode to date as well – which was a little unexpected considering the gravity of the situation. The conflict that has begun to play out is an especially interesting one considering it addresses one of the common complaints heard about this series. People have derided this show for the pirates being depicted as more concerned with putting on shows for ships than plundering them, which incidentally is the same criticism now levied by Quartz, who as a legendary pirate sanctioned by the Galactic Empire, appears to be cut from the same cloth as the traditional pirates we usually think of. While there are definitely some merits to their argument, shows featuring traditional space pirates are also already a dime a dozen – making the fun loving ones found in Mouretsu Pirates a welcome change of pace from the standard fare.

Probably one of the greatest benefits from no longer having to follow the usual pirate stereotypes is that it affords the show much greater flexibility when it comes to humor. For example, the eccentric assortment of pirates (who count a ninja and a vampire among them!) that have banded together with Marika are basically facing extinction at the hands of the pirate hunters. Normally, this would be a very solemn and serious issue, yet this show never takes itself too seriously. I for one loved that the room darkened and then as if on cue, spotlights followed each character as they spoke – these pirates love a good show and spectacle at every chance they can get it seems. The fact that these serious looking pirate captains all bonded over food and the amazing-sounding ‘galactic spiced honey on shaved ice’ dessert falls squarely within the style of this show and really served to underscore how free-spirited and fun loving this motley crew of hooligans are, and how well Marika not only fits in with them, but is suited to lead them.

It would be very remiss of me if I didn’t mention one particular scene which stands out above the rest – one which would likely not have been present if Mouretsu Pirates were a run-of-the-mill space pirate show. I can only really speak for myself here, but I am fairly confident that mine was not the only heart that melted at the sight of such overwhelming dere. Chiaki’s wink alone could probably launch a thousand pirate ships. I also loved how the two sides challenged one another with songs whose lyrics were basically consisted of light-hearted trash talking.

In any case, with how well this final arc has progressed, I don’t mind if many of the elements or much of the story is new and original to the anime. They’ve kept the most important elements intact – namely Marika’s personality and the spirit of piracy she and her fellow captains believe in. With such a charismatic and capable leader at the helm and their penchant for showmanship, the pirates’ final battle is looking like it will be a performance for the ages.




    1. It seems that Luca, Coorie, Christie, and Ririka are the hot and sexy girls of this anime.

      Once again, Chiaki gets owned by her father. Her tsun-tsunness is so cute as ever, especially with that wink! I hope we get to hear the full version of her and Marika‘s pirate duet.

      So next episode will be the end of this wonderful anime, huh? I want to see more of it. I enjoy the gorgeous CGs, the characters, and the plot. Here is hoping that second season will come.

      John Hayabusa
  1. Idol Chiaki was epic and it was great seeing her cower in the bed covers. Even Marika said Chiaki looked cute. I’d love to see how Marika deals with the Grand Cross. She certainly doesn’t lack confidence.

    So one of the Pirate Ships is called LOVE MACHINE!? Really? I’d hate to see how they introduce themselves.

    1. I really hate it when people say Hng.
      From time to time, I visist the Tasogare Amnesia post, and I see a lot of these.

      However, in this case, I can’t say the same.
      Chiaki was just adorable

  2. Verdant! Only by clicking on the text are we treated to your animated gif! You great person!!!!

    This series was a fun watch, temperament-wise it reminded me of Nichijō. I’m going to miss this,
    but I agree with you that’s there a lot of unexplored material that could be used to continue the series.

  3. Ok, first thing right off the bat Verdant, no full-length image of Luca in her swimsuit ? What gives man ?

    This episode was awesome, but man, I LOLed hard at Chiaki getting owned/burned by her father for the second time. I want a third ownage for the last episode.

    I’m surprised on how they resolve a few things quickly, but some just came out as awkwark:
    – Luca was just on vacation… and yet nobody on the Bentenmaru noticed that she was here when she was supposed to be there ??? I’m a bit confused.
    – Kane has a twin brother, and again, nobody on the Bentenmaru knew about that except for Misa, and she took her time to reveal that.

    So both Quartz and Ironbeard want pirates to be free and not for hire, huh ? Fair enough. However, if Ironbeard wants to capture Quartz, why is he almost plotting with her when exiting the main hall ? Same goes with Ririka. She probably heard the whole thing, and yet she doesn’t “stop” Quartz from fighting her daughter in a ship battle.

    I hope this wraps upo nicely, because there’s a few things left unanswered.

    Thanks for the review Verdant.

    1. I also missed the full length swimsuit shot.

      Luca took some vacation time after the quarantine. Quartz had her replaced with a double and sent people to kill her but Ririka under Ironbeard’s orders saves her.Ironbeard then has Luca extend her vacation with Ririka as her bodyguard(that is were Ririka in a swimsuit came in).Luca lies to Misa and Marika about what happened when she shows back up.

      Misa seems to have a good idea of whom Kane is working for that is why she did not make a big deal about it at the start.

      Ironbeard is there to bring Quartz back at the Empress’s order for her own safety.And the way he acts shows that she outranks him.Ririka has confidence in Marika to take care of herself.

  4. I loved the 2 girls singing the pirate song and Chiaki’s wink. I played that scene over and over. The other thing I loved was Coorie’s introducing herself to all the other EW specialists and taking control.

    As others have stated its all but obvious that her father is still alive (Ironbeard). Would be nice if she found out in the next (final) episode. Maybe this series will get another season if the DVD sales are there…

  5. Chiaki!!!! That wink! and she dares to look serious at the helm hahaha. Luca tanned and on vacation. I was expecting somethings diferent somehow. But the whole series is like that build up some tension and it gets solved with a solution from left field. The funny thing is that instead of getting me angry, I’m so used to it and makes me dere to the whole show. Is like a wonderland of cuteness trying to be pirates. It won’t surprise me if the whole Grand Cross “problem” will end in a dance off fight. 🙂
    Finally I want to buy a model of the Bentemaru.

  6. Even though things are going to end for Mouretsu, I still can predict how it will end. Will it be with a battle(including electronic warfare of course) or the commonly friendly and comedic talk we see in slice of life or twist in plot.
    This is one anime I really can’t predict. >.<

  7. Let me post here, as long the new Episode is not live here.

    I really hope for a “2nd Season” of this Anime. The Small Talk of Chiaki’s Dad and her, on his Bridge, let me hope for a continue Anime.

    But time will tell

    1. Well, the “Story Key Holder” are back. Marika are now free of her Exames. Chiaki is about to begin her Own Voyage under Marika’s command. “Farie Trade” is back in Bussniss. Even the Princess are back (btw, nice Pirate Outfit)

      btw, Marika’s Spacepiratesuite => *drooooolllliiiinnnngggggg* 🙂


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