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OP: 「Make My Day!」 by Piko
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「神は神でも貧乏神じゃなくて貧乳神の間違いじゃないの?」 (Kami Ha Kami Demo Binbougami Janakute Hinnyuu Kami No Machigai Janaino?)
“You May Be a God, But Aren’t You More Like the God of Flatness Than the God of Misfortune?”

From long experience with anime, I have learned not to judge a show by its premises (mostly). This one didn’t initially grab me, with its God of Misfortune following around a super lucky high school girl and trying to suck her dry of excess luck like a gold digger marrying a 90-year-old oil magnate “for love”. HOWEVER, it is in the execution that great stories are made, and this one is executing well so far.

It became clear from minute one that this is a character-driven comedy, so let’s start there. Our main human lead, Sakura Ichiko (Hanazawa Kana), could easily have been a boring, mary sue-type character, but in addition to making her “perfect” they also made her shameless, manipulative, quick to violence, and delightfully rash. I looove characters who wholeheartedly enjoy what they’re doing, even if it doesn’t always make them a good person exactly (actually, especially then, when it’s a comedy!), and from the minute Ichiko started laughing at the jealous girls, I was won over. As for Binboda Momiji (Uchiyama Yumi), she is so far acting more as a catalyst for Ichiko than a straight source of comedy herself…until someone talks about her chest, or pisses her off, or she starts cosplaying and bickering with Ichiko. Both of them have solid comedy potentially that is already being used to great effect, and the interactions between them are gold from the start. That’s what good character-driven comedies are built from, and I see it here. A good sign!

But cake ceases to entertain if you eat it every day, and such is the case for comedy as well. What of the more serious, ploty side? Well, it was actually quite good! I took a liking to Suwano (Naka Hiroshi) almost immediately, mostly because it was clear how much he earnestly cared for Ichiko like she was his own daughter, though also because he’s a bit of a pervert. Wonderful hobbies indeed! Anyway, this made it so that when Ichiko’s fortune vampirism struck him down, there were actually the stirrings of something like feelings somewhere deep in my black heart. Plus, the whole thing humanized Ichiko, revealing that she’s actually quite lonely, and that she’s kind-hearted and really loves Suwano. Then she fired him(!!), but for his own good, so he could go off, find a wife, and be happy. A nice little d’aaaww moment amidst a lot of good comedy.

Other than that we had some funny references (Medaka Box, Dragonball Z, Lupin III, others) that didn’t go too overboard, some gloriously painful puns (catastrophy, HAH!), and fanservice out the wazoo, yay! What’s not to like? Let me just say that while I won’t be blogging this series due to real life commitments I need to take care of this summer, it’s one I would gladly write about any other season, and I will definitely be watching it every week. Now that Ichiko and Momiji are apparently living together, I only see it getting better from here!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Shamelessly manipulative yet kind-hearted bitch vs violent, cosplaying God of Misfortune. Hilarious! #Binbougami

Random thoughts:

  • I really enjoyed the OP song, which is nice and upbeat and I must have played six or seven times while writing this post, but the ED wins in terms of sheer fanservice. DAT SERVICE!!
  • From Moomba, while he was encoding the OP and ED for me (thanks mooms!): “IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Someone in Japanese media commented on characters whose eyes are perpetually closed! I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS DAY FOR SO LONG!” I told him this means he needs to watch Kannagi, but I still laughed ^^
  • Double Ichiko (busty and loli versions!) urging Suwano to live was very sweet. Glad it worked.
  • Also: Suwano, you beast. You work fast! I’ll miss you, you old pervert.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「恋暴動」 (Koi Boudou) by HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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  1. Thanks for giving this show a little attention! It will easily be the funniest thing this season. I hope someone blogs it, but if not maybe this intro will at least make people aware. Its been one of best laugh out loud manga I’ve ever read.

    1. Like with Yuruyuri, pure comedies are always harder to blog because it comes down to a single question – was it funny? That’s not to say that they’re not worth blogging and giving exposure to, but there isn’t as much analysis, explanation, or impressions that can be done when you don’t have as many facets to peer into.

      Mind you, Binbougami ga! looks like a character-driven comedy, which is easier to write about those than a gag-driven comedy (like Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou), but compared to a plot-heavy show it’s still harder to do.Though mostly, we’re just not covering it because it’s summer, and a bunch of us are busy ^^

      1. Stilts thanks for taking this anime.
        Binbougami ga will be (one of)the patches for the emptiness in my heart that begin to grow since Haiyore Nyaruko san is over.

  2. Had a big smile during those 24 minutes.
    I want more animes like this one, I mean, I’m such in a great mood right now !

    (Kinda feel like an old fashioned comedy don’t you think? Very fast and silly but really great)

    1. If you haven’t, Gintama would obviously be the anime which is the closest in terms of comedy style to this show.

      I mean this show has the tsukkomi parts, where someone else comments on what someone else said, the screaming of lines, the random nose picking and just the randomness.

      1. Suwano is a stone-cold badass. He must have had a ton of good fortune to live with Ichiko for so long…and when he got a little back, he scored a hot waifu. Suwano ftw!

  3. When I watched this show, I am like ( ” w ” ). Because this is too funny. And plus Kana’s voiced Ichiko make me feel more relieve. Really look forward to this show and can’t wait for the next episode. Her voice is really similar to Taketatsu Ayana.

  4. That kinda sucks that this show won’t be blogged by anyone on RC, sounds like something to make sure I keep up with. I’d nominate myself, but you guys have enough people writing for the site currently.

    Thanks for at least letting me in on this one. New show for the new season to watch.

  5. So far so good. I like how it is not overly relying on fanservice for entertainment value. Despite limited screen-time, I actually quite liked Suwano. He’s got some bad-ass child-raising habits, sending off Ichiko to fight a bear as a kid.

    1. Yeah, the fanservice is good because it’s shameless, but doesn’t really intrude into the story. It’s not like they’re leaning on it, more like they’re just throwing it in because they’re shameless and don’t care what anyone thinks, haha. I approve!

  6. One of the shows I was excited to see after reading the manga, and I’m definitely impressed how close to the source material it was. Don’t forget Stilts that little Rurouni Kenshin parody in the book Momiji was reading
    – For some weird reason Sakura and Momiji remind me of L and Light if those two were in a comedy manga.
    – Suwano is quite a guy to teach a young Sakura how to wrestle bears.
    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. eh, I’ve seen natural male voices that sounded female, I’m pretty sure this guy uses voice altering software (remember the OP’s for nichijou? All voiced by one guy).

      2. To me, it doesn’t sound altered at all, whereas for Hyadain’s songs it did. (they have this artificial sound to the voice if you know it’s altered)

        Even on Piko’s MAL page it says he has the range of both a male and female.

    1. And she owns it! She knows exactly what she is about. I also go the impression from her this is how she copes with the good fortune she has as well because in the back of her mind she knows it’s skewed.

  7. I’ve only read about three chapters of the manga so far, but what I’ve seen is enough to appreciate this show for the sheer range of emotions it evokes. You will cry from laughter in one scene, and then genuinely cry over a well-done drama moment five minutes later. It’s been a while since I last watched a show that could do this to me (I think it was Ouran), and that alone makes this show one of the best shows of the year for me.





    Ken Sanders
    1. Yes, it’s not 😛 Had some trouble with steam / lighting changes, nothing I could do without far more work than I was willing to put in. Like, I would have had to redraw half of the image, lol

  9. 1st episode and so much emotions,I really liked it and by the ED sequence my yuri goggles are on,love the couple when they fight and their relation will develop in a bitter sweet way.

    1. I didn’t really get any yuri vibes from them. Seriously – and this is coming from the guy who blogged Saki and Natsuiro – just because two female characters climb on top of each other during a fight and live together doesn’t mean there’s yuri involved!

      …that did not come out right.

  10. I always feel it’s a bit of a tricky move when a blogger picks up the first episode of a show only to state that they won’t cover the rest of it. I watched the first episode of Daily Life Of High School Boys until I found myself missing the rest, because I was going by Random Curiosity’s posts! It’s a small peeve I have.

    1. While I can understand that, we feel it’s better to give them a little exposure early on so that you all can better decide if you want to watch, even if we’re not going to be writing about every episode. That’s why I try to always specifically mention that I’m not going to cover it, though. That way there’s no surprise as long as you read the whole post, haha

  11. I watched it.

    It could be my unfamiliarity with Japanese beliefs (I think the idea of fortune existing in everything comes from Shinto religion), but the God of Fortune looks really random to me. Why red overalls with a plaid shirt and pigtails? Whatever. She’s hilariously lazy and ADD anyway. Ichiko isn’t striking me as very appealing, even though there’s a heart underneath those massive chesticles.

  12. ichika san seriously reminds me of tessa in appearance from FMP, now im getting weird thoughts about that… hmm,? well as for the show, or the first ep to be precise, ive seen funnier.

  13. this is a show i only gave a chance to because it WASN’T a harem anime or anything similar, and i’m glad i did.

    one thing i really like about this show is that gags that normally happen for no reason for pure comedy actually happens for a reason now! i.e. when Ichika slips on a bar of soap and launches the needle into Momiji’s head, is now not “something that just kind of happened” but something that happened because she’s literally that lucky. same for when Ichika falls into the manhole, because she actually did become unlucky enough for that to happen.

  14. Binboda Momiji, my friend Kamijou Touma would like to have a word with you.

    Kamijou Touma: “If you think lots of misfortune is good for me, then I’ll destroy that illusion of yours!” *cue Imagine Breaker* XD

    Seriously, that OP is an earworm.


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