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OP: 「マーブル」 (Marble) by 中島愛 (Nakajima Megumi)
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「おかえり、鴨川!」 (Okaeri, Kamogawa!)
“Welcome Home, Kamogawa!”

Unsettling. That’s the best word I can use to explain this episode. Not, let me be quick to note, in a bad way – it’s not as if this episode left me feeling uncertain about the direction this series is going (it did not). No, it’s that everything about it was designed to evoke unsettling feelings in the viewer. This has always been one of Rinne no Lagrange’s greatest strengths, how it can subtly evoke feelings by weaving them into the entire fabric of an episode. Rather than shout its message, this show gathers a lot of small things together until the message is clear without ever having to go so far as to say it. It’s some beautiful storytelling.

Here, it begins with Kyouno Madoka’s (Ishihara Kaori) uncertainty about the future, and the complex look that crosses her face as the Le Garite ships pass by overhead. But that’s not the only time it’s plain on her face that the world is not as it should be. There’s also when she blanks out at the mention of Lan and Muginami’s names, when she calls out to them in their empty rooms, or when she looks at the pictures of them all together, as she is alone next to her bed. She only starts to look like herself again once Lan returns (d’aaaaww!), but…well, that doesn’t last.

As for Lan (Seto Asami), after what Dizelmine (Ono Daisuke) and his little lackey Moid (Okitsu Kazuyuki) did to her…I will kill them both with bones ripped out of each other’s chests -_- Dizelmine started looking shady as soon as he showed up last season, and Moid always was from the get-go, but damn, you don’t get much more bastardly than torturing your own little sister to past the point where her mind could start to break down. It’s because of shit like this that, once the uncertainty begins to leave Madoka’s face, it jumped right over to Lan’s.

But I’m nowhere close to calling Le Garite the bad guys, or at least not close enough to calling De Metrio the good ones. While Villaguilo (Nakamura Yuuichi) clearly doesn’t want to be as ruthless and cold as Dizelmine, he still has “dirty work” that needs to be done, work which involves stopping Madoka from piloting Vox Aura…even if that means that Muginami (Kayano Ai) has to take her friend’s life. That’s point two in the list of things Rinne no Lagrange does exceptionally well – we still have no idea who the good guys and the bad guys are, which is exactly how it should be. After all, true wars are rarely fought between good and evil. Mostly they’re just fought between two sides, with bastards aplenty among both.

Between those issues, whatever the deal is with that Flower of Lagrange fossil that Madoka’s onee-san Youko (Noto Mamiko) found, and the whole Lan-and-Muginami-are-trying-to-kill-each-other thing, there are a lot of questions raised this week. Yet the one thing that I never doubted for a second was that Vox Aura would fly again. There’s a fight going on between Madoka’s two best friends, and there’s nothing she could possibly do but step up and stop it.

I’m uncertain. I feel uncertain, but not because I doubt for even a second that season 2 of Rinne no Lagrange will be a worthy continuation of the story the first half laid out. No, that was the other thing I never doubted. What I’m uncertain about is how Madoka will be able to salve ancient prejudices and mend an entire galaxy at war, so that she and her best friends can be together and hold hands once again. Emotions, feelings, empathy, passion…Rinne no Lagrange pulls these out of you and plays them like a virtuoso on a Stradivarius. I’m just uncertain how it all will end. I hope, oh I hope that it will be a good one. A good ending, and a happy one…

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Uncertainty suffuses the episode, for the future, for the present, & for friendships torn in twain. Lan, Muginami, nooo! #Lagrange

Random thoughts:

  • I guess I ought to put on my sensei hat and provide some explanations. During the whole mind rape scene, it appears that Dizelmine wants to be able to trigger the flowering of Rin’ne whenever he wants to. However, being that he apparently couldn’t make this happen with Lan, it looks like he’s going with Plan B: Madoka. Villagulio, just as in Season 1, would rather this not happen. That’s why Lan and Muginami are at each other’s throats.
  • The third thing that Rinne no Lagrange has always done so well is weave in little moments of humour amidst all the seriousness and the action. They did that here again, with stuff like Madoka wincing in pain after banging Vox Aura or Youko’s assistant blushing at her because of his crush. It’s the little things that count, and I love seeing a story where they’re paid attention to.
  • Speaking of, I loved seeing the boys of KISS again. We have the bishie butler Kirius (Nohima Kenji) as the joushi bait, useful cook Izo (Yoshino Hiroyuki) as the hungry bait, and trap-meido Array (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu…yes, a trap voiced by a guy) as the fujoushi bait. Add in Madoka as some otoko bait and there’s really no way that place can fail!
  • I don’t blame Madoka’s friend, Kondou Michi (Mimori Suzuko) for changing her career plans to diplomacy. Astronomy sort of loses its charm when you absolutely know there’s life out there, and a bunch of them keep flying over to have parfaits.
  • Finally, I liked last season’s OP better, but I don’t think its peppy feeling would have been appropriate for this season’s tone, so I’m fine with that decision. As for the ED…well, they can’t get everything right, I suppose 😛

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ED Sequence

ED: 「ジャージ部魂!」 (Jersey-Bu Tamashi!) by 石原夏織, 瀬戸麻沙美, 茅野愛衣 (Ishihara Kaori, Seto Asami, Kayano Ai)
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  1. So glad this show is back! I’ve missed it, and this episode was a wonderful start to the second season. It really hurts to see the current state of the girls’ relationship (the scene where Madoka went into Muginami and Lan’s old rooms and called for them made me want to cry), but I’m excited to see where we’ll go from here!

    I actually like the ED – while it’s not as good as the first one, it grew on me after I listened to it a few times. It clashes a lot with the show’s current mood, though.

    1. Yeah, that’s one of my bigger problems with it. Maybe on it’s own I’d listen to it, but I haaaate it when an OP or ED clashes with the mood of the episode. That’s one of the things I praised about Kyoukaisen recently, for switching up the ED based on whether the episode ended on a high note or a low one.

      Still, a small problem with an otherwise good episode. Lookin’ forward to more!

    2. that ending is madoka though. that’s how she is, how she would think it should be. the three of them marching along together as friends. overall the series is like that in my eyes. the intense stuff isn’t what madoka focuses on she just reacts to it lol.

  2. Yay! Finally returns!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Youko is investigating which side is the “true” story behind what really happened 20,000 years ago with the Voces given one side (the ones who stayed on Earth) calls them saviors/guardians and the other side (the ones who left for space) calls them demons.

    The finding of the fossil at least is definitive proof that the event in general did happen. Now we just have to move on from there. Will probably end up revealed bit by bit as we get more of what’s going on behind Dizelmine and Villaguilo.

  3. Is there anything more awesome in a reunion than a midair GLOMP (with sparkles!). Much like Midori, my goggles have awakened after a long sleep(when Mouretsu Pirates stopped airing).

    Here’s the way I see it: Muginami thinks Madoka is in danger with Le Garite and went against Billabubo’s orders to get to Madoka. Lan thinks that Muginami is under De Metrio’s payroll to kill Madoka which was probably influenced by Dizelmine. If anything I’m willing to believe that Dizelmine is manipulating Lan’s affection for Madoka since Lan is quite gullible.

    Here’s hoping that Madoka, will knock some sense into her waifu and mistress. Preferably with a robo beating because that’s the way she does things.

      1. Obviously, the waifu is Lan. Have you seen the DVD specials yet? One of the shorts have Madoka’s class gossiping about Kamogawa superstitions. One of them gossiped about how the Kamogawa Goddess statue grants eternal love. Where were Madoka’s and Lan’s final moments in season 1? EXACTLY!

  4. I agree about the opening, I liked last season’s better. But, I kind of like the ed, I think it’s cute. Well, maybe I just like the animation paired with the music. Either way, I’m excited about this season~!

    Maneki Neko
    1. I’m also quite dissapointed about the OP/ED, but they’re slowly growing on me, especially the OP. Also i found really lazy all the reused animation from the 1st season ones on both of them. Aside from that i loved the actual episode, can’t wait for the next one! (and that’s what matters in the end :P)

  5. Welcome Back to Earth Muginami and Lan! So your friends are fighting over you again Madoka, I’m sure the Yuri fans are going to love this.

    I don’t believe for a second Muginami would kill Madoka which is probably why she went it alone to Earth to avoid an all out skirmish. Seeing Lan willing subject herself to these test for her King/brother really creeps me out. Hell no I’d let anyone else go through it so I’m rooting for Muginami to smack some sense into Lan.

      1. I may be a big yuri fan but I better start some watching some new het anime, harem anime that is. I really miss Zero no Tsukaima. I will start watching Oda Nobuna. Too much yuri is bad for me.

        John Hayabusa
      2. I love how much I find people who would agree that yuri = greatest gift to men.

        Now to have my goggles fi… You know what? I don’t need them.

        Sad that we have to see the two friends fight, again. I’m dying to see madoka slap them back to their senses in the glorious bro manner she had since season 1.

        The Moondoggie
  6. Wah! Death to Dizelmine for what he’s doing to Lan. It’s not like she’d refuse since it’s for her nation and that’s her precious older brother n all.It’s clear that all that mind-f***ing is already affecting her. Poor Lan. T.T

    And IMO, all this talk of Madoka’s future makes it seem like she won’t be having much of one later on. I really hope that’s not the case.

    1. I don’t think so. I think it’s just the kind of situation where Madoka’s future isn’t meant to be spent on Earth being a waitress or a motivational speaker. Her future is with Lan and Muginami, fighting in giant robots to save the world, and possibly traveling among the stars! \o/

    2. Have to agree with Stilts there. I think it’s more that you have a girl that has been dragged into interstellar events and can’t even begin to imagine how her life is going to play out compared to that huge stage. There’s also the fact that for the last year she has failed to pilot again her vox and probably feels like a failure.

      I really loved how they managed to portray her change in character without making her emo. Even when she was running around there was just that little less intensity compared to her previously. And of course .. her glomping Lan after her ‘Woof’ … awesomeeeeeee!!

    3. I agree. Let the good people just kill all the bad people. There are no stupid ideas about saving the world and other such nonsense.
      If Lan on side people who tortured her for any ideas – no I’m not going to watch it …
      Why girls do not unite and kill all the bastards?
      They have the same weapons in their hands?
      Or I do not understand correctly the meaning of the review


  7. Guaaaah the op/ed make me sad. … But, is it just me? or does anyone else feel like these are an op ed for a series airing episodes 25%-50% not 50% to 100% >__>;? Ah Dunno, I just kinda got Eureka7 vibes for a bit :/.

    *sigh* to me, it feels like in the year they’ve been apart, the sisters have become pawns of their brothers. Now they’re back together, but they’re still very much not the people we knew a year ago. … Lan wants to protect Madoka? Muginami wants to kill Madoka? *sigh* Nothing is right. Set it all right Madoka. Only you can.

      1. Muginami Vox cape is awesome, but for some reason I see her more excited about being able to accessories her Vox at first then how funtional it is. I can image Villaguilo presenting it as a gift to her. lol

    1. WOO!! Yeah, I kind of suspected that might happen. Should have mentioned it in my post so I could get a proper “I knew it!” later on. I guess now I’ll just have to point to these comments later on

  8. Muginami’s Vox was imitating Exia R1’s cape + sword package back in those scenes, although it wasn’t damaged.

    The real question is, who is the waifu and who is the mistress? I mean, I know, I just want to see what you guys will say… 😉

    I am sure a majority of the fanboys have/had/are having this idea:

    “Madoka, Lan, and Muginami are my waifu(s)”

  9. OK, so the war between De Metrio and Le Garite not only is going on, but it seems it has gone up in the intensity…
    Moid at least expressed some concern for Lan’s safety… Dizelmine, I hope for some karmic payback for you later in the story…
    Madoka it seems is destined to stop fights between Lan and Muginami.
    Meanwhile our comedic relief ex-enemies have made a comfy living as a host/meido team running a beachside restaurant! good for them…

    1. Don’t be fooled, Moid doesn’t care about Lan as a person. All he wants to do is make sure that their tool isn’t damaged beyond use. I could be very wrong about that if Moid does a heel face turn (trope!) later on, but I reeeeeeeally don’t think so. He’s sort of a bastard 😛

  10. -Best thing I saw in this episode: Lan’s outfit changing when going inside Orca. So that’s how they do it!

    …Damn, for all the hype it was given, I don’t think Rinne no Lagrange lived up to my expectation. This series was a lot of fun – for the first two episodes or so. I wanted to give it a go, maybe it would get better as it moved on; but it didn’t, sadly.

    The one thing I will not touch is the soundtrack, because I’d be lying if I said RnL’s music isn’t cool. The track “o” alone is awesome enough to justify the album. As for the rest of RnL…Argh, I don’t feel it. I think the drama is paced horribly, and there is no magic as to how they tell the story. It feels predictable. To my taste, small things should hit fast. The fact that they spend 15 minutes in stuff that could have been easily developed in 2, is mediocre.

    Madoka was a refreshing main character during the first episodes, but after a while, her hard-headed nature becomes downright painful. Every other character seems to be more mature than her; she must be explained things (at least) twice in everything they tell her.

    I think Muginami was the only girl good enough to tell her things plain and simple: Madoka is egocentric; she appears to be friendly and gentle, and while that is true to a certain extent, she is too selfish to realize what is going on around her. Does Madoka reply to this in a civil manner? No, she shuts herself down in her mech and ends what-was-building-up-as-a-cool battle (and boy they’re few in this mech series). She never again brings up the topic, btw.

    In short, her classic shounen attitude can really drag the whole show down. The fact that she is given most of the airtime in every episode makes it worse. After ten weeks, I at least had enough of that brat @_@ . It’s too bad we focus on her yuriyuri relationships instead of the actual plot – which could be interesting, if it was given more time to develop.

    So yeah, Madoka’s dull slice of life is the thorn in my roses. I wouldn’t mind if it was a brief comic relief scene, but (again) the fact that they spend 15 minutes in stuff that could have been easily developed in 2, is aggravating.

    But that’s just my opinion. I apologize for the length of this post :/

    1. Clearly I disagree, but you’re entitled to your opinion. The one thing you shouldn’t worry about the length of your post. Writing waaaay too much has never seemed to hurt me too much ^_^

  11. The clashing between Lan and Muginami was just as disappointing as it was predictable.

    I also found the new theme songs extremely disappoint.

    Don’t get me wrong though, this show has a fixed place on my watch list until they decide to stop making more episodes.

    You might wonder why I bother watching this show when I have a new season of YuruYuri. Well, no, you probably don’t. There’s always room for more yuri(even if it is only implied). =D

  12. Finally, I liked last season’s OP better, but I don’t think its peppy feeling would have been appropriate for this season’s tone

    Am I the only one who caught a faint undertone of darkness and despair in Try Unite? I think it was a big part of why I still can’t help but feel that the series might just go Puella Magi Madoka Magica on us. There’s just a feeling of sadness lurking in the music that I can’t shake off…

    Not that I WANT things to go that way, mind you. I want Madoka to rescue her lovers friends from their misunderstandings, expose the evils on both sides, bring an end to the war, and live happily ever after with Lan and Muginami. And still have Midori to fly around in, because obviously her “career plans” involve being a mecha pilot along with the other two. Happy ending is the way to go, if they can pull it off. I’m just afraid that the series’ creators have something darker planned…

    Just as a random reminder, the place where Youko is out finding Rinne flowers, Madagascar, is where Vox Ignis was found. There’s a map in episode four of last season showing Lympha was found near Bermuda, and Ignis was found near Madagascar. And we already know Aura was found near Kamogawa. Presumably Youko is looking for more accurate information from the three sites, probably related to finding out the details of the legends about the voces.

  13. Maru is back! Though this is quite nice I can’t help but feel disappointed with what they did with the new OP and ED, they both feel bland and uninspired compared to the first ones.

  14. So, there I was watching RnL, and all of a sudden it turned into Eva…

    Seriously, though, it’s great to have RnL back again. I do share the concerns about the OP/ED, but I’m hoping at least the OP will grow on me over time.

  15. My weekly dose of ✭MARU✭ is finally back and I don’t think I could have asked for a better premiere for a series as special as this one. We know Stilts nii nii’s a Horizon nut but I hope you’ll give LagRin the attention it deserves too :3
    You guys are being too harsh on the ED, Ishihara Kaori raps like a pro and she can do no wrong in my eyes 😉

    Seishun Otoko
      1. Just go swimming on the beach at Kamogawa and pretend to drown. You might even get mouth to mouth from her :))) Just be careful that she doesn’t perform CPR proper as it is almost guaranteed to break a rib or two.

  16. There’s something about the writing and story telling in this series
    that, as you begin to watch the episode, you’re slowly pulled into
    depths you didn’t expect when you began to watch. Just sayin’.

    Stilts – glad you’re covering this.

    1. You managed to say what I was trying to say…in one sentence. I could probably learn a thing or two from you, Orz.

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to a fun season of maru~ with you all ^^

  17. SHIN MUGINAMI !! Now is the time to burn your life, to burn your anger!!!
    Damn, why Muginami not only is the best character, she also has the best mecha?? First a double saber, and now a MOTHERFUCKING CAPE!! Like Madoka in the jikai, I believe Muginami and Lan started fighting for the cape. It’s way too cool.
    Anyway I’m uncertain too, it sure was a nice, fast, and engaging way to start this second half. I’m looking forward to the rest.

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