This is so unfair…


It’s the fourth day of the tournament which means it’s time for a new battle part – Naval Battle. One participant per team is allowed. In the middle of the arena, there is a sphere of water. All players will enter it and the last person remaining will be the victor. When there are two participants remaining, a special rule will be added – the 5 minute rule: The one who leaves first within these five minutes will receive the least amount of points for this entire event (i.e. that participant will lose).

The guest of day 4 is Labian, the chairman of the Selazade Theater Group, and the participants in the game are the following:
Lamia Scale: Chelia Blendy
Blue Pegasus: Jenny Realight
Mermaid Heel: Risley Law
FAIRY TAIL B: Juvia Lockser
Sabertooth: Minerva
FAIRY TAIL A: Lucy Heartfilia
Quatro Puppy: Rocker

Everyone is enjoying this round because of all the girls in their swim suits (with one exception).

Lucy is the first one to act; she summons Aquarius who suits this arena very much. Juvia sends a water cyclone towards Aquarius which evens out the attack. While everyone’s attention is elsewhere, Jenny takes her chance and knocks out Rocker from the sphere – Quatro Puppy is out.

Chelia on the other hand swims after Risley who escapes by using her gravity changing ability to become slim.

Aquarius realizes that this battle isn’t going to end well so she dismisses herself for a date (probably with Scorpio). Juvia takes her chance and goes for Lucy. She would’ve knocked her out if Virgo and Aries wouldn’t be there to save Lucy.

The battle continues, Jenny and Risley seem to be going for each other. Chelia seems to be going after Lucy. In the midst of it all, Juvia unleashes her love for Gray which is strong enough to knock Jenny, Risley, and Chelia out of the sphere – Blue Pegasus, Mermaid Heel, and Lamia Scale are out. Minerva shields herself from Juvia’s attack while Lucy holds on to her spirits’ hands.

Juvia looks at Gray to see his reaction to her love for him, only to find out that he is disgusted. The shock is enough to make her fall out by herself – FAIRY TAIL B is out.

With only Lucy and Minerva remaining, the five minute rule is on. Sabertooth’s members are saying that Minerva has already won this battle.

Minerva says that she could throw out Lucy easily with her magic but that wouldn’t be very satisfying, so she attacks Lucy with her magic – something that is capable of burning Lucy under water. It also appears that Minerva managed to steal Lucy’s keys at some point.

Lucy being unable to fight without her keys has no choice but to hold on while being attacked by Minerva. The timer ticks down, and with only one minute remaining, Minerva decides to throw Lucy out, however, she hesitates when Lucy tells her that she can’t lose here when everyone else tried so hard.

Lucy’s speech upsets Minerva who in return sends a powerful attack towards Lucy. She reminds Lucy that Sabertooth is the strongest guild in the world and sends Lucy flying but pulls her back only to torture her more. Sabertooth is laughing at this which obviously upsets FAIRY TAIL. The referee stops the match and declares Minerva as winner.

Lucy is badly injured and hasn’t been moving for a while. Sabertooth is laughing while the medics are rushing to the scene.

When this chapter ended, I literally yelled “NOOOOOOOOOO” loud enough to piss my brother off (he threw a book in my face for scaring him). I didn’t yell because it was over, which usually is the reason why I yell at chapters. No, this time I was so angry!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the chapter itself, but the ending… It’s so upsetting! I didn’t expect Lucy to win, but seriously – last place? Why? Why does she always lose? It’s so unfair to her! Lucy tried harder than anyone in this battle only to end up being tortured and losing. I knew Minerva would win, that is probably something most of us expected, but why did Lucy have to end up like that? I feel so sorry for her. She lost twice, and both battles were unfair.

I don’t understand why the referee didn’t disqualify Minerva – she was almost killing Lucy. And I also wonder why Lucy didn’t bring her whip with her. She could’ve used it to snatch her keys back. And why didn’t some of her spirits summon themselves to help her like they’ve done before? FAIRY TAIL is unfair to Lucy, she isn’t weak, it’s simply bad luck.

I assume Natsu will avenge her in his fight against Sting. This incident will, after all, fuel his anger over Lucy’s loss. But, ugh, I can’t really concentrate on that now because I’m so angry. I hope Lucy recovers soon but based on her injuries, I doubt she will. And I wonder if she got her keys back from Minerva… It’s known that Natsu usually ends up being the one to avenge his guild members and I hope he teaches Sabertooth a lesson during his battle. But still, that wouldn’t make Lucy look any stronger or bring her character any justice at all. When will we see her win a fair fight?

Oh well, this chapter may have been upsetting but it was a good chapter. Besides the unjust outcome of the battle, there were lots of joyful moments – it’s a swim suit chapter after all! Also, Juvia was adorable this week, too bad Gray doesn’t agree with me…

Having that said, I really want to see someone smack some sense into Sabertooth next week!

Moete kitazou!


    1. After reading this chapter, all I could think of was:



    2. All i can think about right now is MINERVA = HUMILIATED and MASHIMA you freaking troll stop spreading you’re weird BDSM fantasies especially to LUCY-SAMA!!! Oh Lucy-hime, damnit! y’did it had to be you? Why? *Sob*
      PS: i think mashima got annoyed when people called his manga a kid’s comic… grrr… keh! that mashima!

    1. True, but she’s the underdog. No matter what she will be 10 lvl away from everyone else. I mean look at Natsu. He rocked Sabertooth. So, I think Hiroshima-sensei is using this factor, so sympathy goes to Fair Tail, and of course Lucy herself – probably trying to get votes for the next favorite list – is going to get a lot of sympathy from me and rest of RC readers. We already know she could of use the meteor spell or black hole whachama-call it.

  1. I was surprised with how brutal Minerva was, even though I shouldn’t be considering she’s one of Sabertooth’s original five. By the end, I didn’t expect anything less from Minerva than to beat up Lucy and then knock her out right before five minutes was up, just for the sake of being cruel.

    I was pretty angry too with what’s been happening to Lucy. I was really hoping that she’d at least manage five minutes. I’m wondering if Arcadios is going to take advantage of the fact Lucy’s badly injured to try abducting her again, or if he’s going to hold off considering Fairy Tail is probably going to be on edge (even though they thought Raven Tail was behind it the first time).

  2. This chapter was so unsettling for multiple reasons. Hopefully, Minerva was so hell bent on torturing Lucy that the she didn’t actually push Lucy outside the arena until after the 30 seconds or so had expired; at least Lucy could leave her team some points.

    I get that celestial spirits are quirky but I have never been a fan of Aquarius’ complete disregard for Lucy’s safety. It’s funny sometimes but I hope to see some remorse on her part for just abandoning Lucy like that.

    Agree with what was said about this manga being unfair to Lucy. Natsu will undoubtedly take this out on Sting but I’m still hoping Minerva gets some serious payback herself.

    1. Having read some of the more serious shounen titles, I’m not as bothered that Minerva was so cruel – it happens in fights with uneven abilities.

      Instead, I think the one thing I hated the most was the fact that her spirits didn’t pop out themselves to save her. Especially since they’ve driven home time and time again how much she loves her spirits and how they love her back in return (Gemini situation from early on comes to mind). It’s like, sure, to goof off, we’ll come out whenever we want! But the moment she really needs them, she doesn’t show.

      I mean, at least Loki could’ve! Or Capricorn, who I recall having sworn to Lucy’s mom to protect her! Sure, the fight was unfair, but it could’ve been less so if her spirits weren’t just chilling in the spirit world.

      Silver Winged
      1. The spirits are so inconsistent with summoning themselves to help Lucy; I bet if Lucy needed a costume change, they would be summoning themselves like crazy. I wish we had clearer rules as to when they can come and go.

        Minerva being cruel is probably a good thing because we lost a compelling female villain when Ultear switched sides. Maybe this is step one in Mashima’s plan of filling Ultear’s crazy evil shoes.

  3. Doesn’t Lucy ever catch a damn break? Seriously, from the first round to this round, it’s like fate’s against her.

    And having Aquarius leave during the match is just retarded… though I’m sure something will happen sooner or later and Lucy will kick some ass.

  4. Oh man this is only a prelude, as most people are predicting or hoping for the most part I think this will culminate in Natsu not only defeating sting but in his anger at what happened to Lucy no thanks to Sabertooth he’ll destroy Sting, maybe it will start out even but once Natsu gets on the roll he’ll crush Sting, I can almost foresee it.

    1. That doesn’t follow the Shonen formula. This is how that fight will go. Fight will start out even. Both pulling out roughly 30%. Then Natsu would be like “don’t underestimate me,” then get a couple of hits in with 1 burst. Sting will come out of it roughly unharmed, then start beating down Natsu for about 2 chapters. Then some stupid speech about friends/comrades/nakama, 7 years, differences between Fairy Tail and Sabertooth as a guild (a little bit of Lucy fanservice), and all that crap will cause Sting to falter then Natsu pulls out some power out of nowhere then gets the final blow on Sting. In other words, just like EVERY fight Natsu has been in…. Love Fairy Tail but it’s crazy predictable.

      1. I beg to differ, the rage to destruction formula is also present in Shounen. It was already established that while Rogue has some morales and may be swayed with speech and nakama Sting has no regard for the weak and considers the nakama speech to be utterly pointless; I still believe the most likely case will be as another fan put it; Natsu will serve Sting on a silver platter kinda like a berserker mode to the point that while getting severely injured Natsu only realizes that he’s hurt after he’s through with Sting. I think if Fairy Tail is to retake the crown of being the most powerful guild in the land they need a decisive victory, Erza and Laxus are so far the only ones who provided those decisive victories, but Erza’s was in a game and Laxus was against unfair odds, not to mention that Raven Tail wasn’t really a guild considered for its power, so now’s their chance; destroy/humiliate a member of Sabertooth (the guild currently crowned as the most powerful). OH YEAH! almost forgot aside from avenging Lucy, Natsu also needs to teach Sting a lesson about killing his foster dragon parent, which may result in the fight having a flashback chapter to show what really happened between Sting and his dragon parent, I kinda guess Sting and Rogue might share that parent though, it’s unlike for them to have killed two dragons…it would be funny if the revelation is made that Acnologia was their parent lol.

  5. This was clearly to setup pissing off Natsu so he’ll fucking serve Sting up on a sliver platter. I’m just an angry as everyone else, Lucy is the nicest person in FT and she constantly has to be saved or avenged because she can’t hold her own. Its really really irritating, I want her to kick some ass already and wipe that damn smirk off Minerva’s face!

  6. IMHO, This is just a buildup for Lucy’s Kick Ass moment later in the arc. Lucy will surely kick Minerva’s ass later, maybe she even get to use Urano Metria ….

    GO LUCY!!

  7. I stopped reading Fairy Tail a year ago, mostly because it was predictable and bland, but at the end of this chapter with hints that Lucy may actually die (desperate hope) may start reading it again. Don’t get me wrong I like Lucy but Fairy Tail has one of the same problems Bleach has… protagonists never die. In a series where people stake their life on the line a lot only bad guys die.

    1. Personally, I think FAIRY TAIL doesn’t have very “serious” fights. There is never any killing intent, well, not as much as in other shounen titles. To me, it seems that the battles in FAIRY TAIL are all about nakama and teaching enemies a lesson, trying to change people. And this is what I think makes this series so enjoyable! So I don’t expect any main character to die.

      1. i completely agree with stereoman, fairy tail overpowering their enemies is just a way of teaching the bad guys that that overrated power they have is to protect their nakama…

        man what i would give to see next weeks chapter having the moment where sting or minerva will give it their all, like gilgamesh anti planet style, and to have it completely negated by natsu or anyone in FT who just refuses to go down and still has the energy to wipe the floor clean with the enemies face, oh of course with the usual bonuses of “nakama>power” preaching, lucy w/ a smile in a kawaii outfit and excessive property damage.


  8. Aren’t loki supposed to be able to come at his own will w/o being summoned? It just seemed a bit off that he didn’t come out when lucy was taking the beating and didn’t Capricorn promise layla to protect lucy, and he can open the gate of his own will. I just don’t get this. OR forget all that, maybe that’s gemini not lucy.

  9. Well, Lucy appears in Charle’s vision, so she will have a great role in the climax for sure. Still, Minerva should receive a severe punishment for what she did.

    Also, unless Mashima has another plan, I hope the seemingly inevitable confrontation between Sting and Natsu will result in an overwhelming victory for Natsu. Sting needs a good lesson.

    Rogue on the other hand… since Natsu stormed the Sabertooth headquarters, he seems to have doubts. A future good guy ?

  10. Ok, that game’s rules are rather screwed up: why would the last one to be expelled be the one with the least ammount of points ? Shouldn’t the first who get bumped out of the sphere be the one who get the lowest score ?

    1. To up the stakes for the game, the competition said that a five minute rule would be applied to the last two participants in the sphere. If one of them got thrown out of the sphere before five minutes was up, the contestant thrown out winds up in last place.

      In the chapter, when someone asked about it, the answer was to add more tension and make competition for exciting.

      1. Alright… let me ask this then: I’ve just read the chapter, and Minerva apparently beat up Lucy passed the 5-minute mark (because there were 30 seconds remaining and Minerva beat her down passed that, as many characters noticed that the match was over). Both remained in the sphere passed the 5-minute countdown, so shouldn’t they both get the highest ammount of points ?

        One more thing I’ve noticed: where the Hell is Loke ??? He’s the only spirit who can be summon without a key… and yet didn’t jumped in to help Lucy… wow, what an idiot.

  11. Lucy is now out of Play, for the …..gate…. So, this battle is a preparation for future Story Line. So, how is the “last” remain Spirit Summoner, they want so badly?… So it has his Purpose

  12. Juvia didn’t fall out on her own, Minerva used her magic to throw her out of the sphere while she was distracted looking at Grey (thus his face).

    Also, Lucy didn’t bring her whip because the fight was happening underwater, how will a whip do anything there?

  13. Fairy tail will have its revenge, and Lucy demonstrate how hard it really is, we just have to be patient, Mashima want to trap us in the tension and excitement of the event. Do not forget Lucy’s victories in the past, when she most needed beyond any obstacle.

  14. Ok, is the entire guild of Sabertooth except for Rogue and Yukino just the biggest group of assh*les to ever be in Fairy Tail? Lucy still showed a lot of heart in my book and hopefully they’re breaking her down to build her back up.

    I only got one word for Sabertooth: Revenge and it will be so satisfying to see Sabertooth get what is surely coming to them.

    Remember, Natsu basically decimated the majority of the guild by himself a few chapters back. I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you Sting.

    Mike F.
  15. I think she is not the real Lucy, i think she might be Lucy spirits gemini. I am just assuming like that coz i don’t want Lucy to lose again and again. And i definitely want Fairy Tail to be the number one guild again not he sabertooth.

  16. Poor lucy :C

    SO how’s the score for FT A?

    And yeah I could think gazeel, laxus, natsu destroying sabertooth’s 2 dragon slayer and 1 god(?) slayer (it’s black lighting so I guessed it’s god thunder slayer)
    mirajane or erza for minerva

  17. YOU. DON. BEAT. LUCY. UP. B*tch need a good smack.

    Tht said, why is it ALWAYS Lucy???? RAAAAAAGEEEEEEEEEE

    Well, at least we got the fanservice and Juvia is funny/moe when she goes GRAYGRAYGRAYGRAY.

  18. I agree with you stereoman, I got frustrated for the very same reason: Lucy is clearly a main cast but she is made to loose and beaten around a bit too much. I’m not expecting her to be at the same level as the others main mages of Fairy Tail (like Natsu, Erza etc..) but still, while she did get better and collected many keys (almost all for that matter)and also some pretty cool attacks, she didn’t get some epic great fights like the others and get thrown around more than I like.
    That said, it seems like this arc shall focus quite a bit on her in the future chapters, so I am expecting to see Lucy moment of glory in not too long hopefully 🙂

  19. I thought that this place would blow up after I saw the chapter…:heh: It’s good to see that Lucy-san has such loyal supporters.

    I’m actually in favor of Ultear reminding Minerva (and us) that she still has her ‘Queen Bitch of Fiore’ title. Sure, right now she’s more of ‘Queen Trollolol’ thanks to what she did to ‘Mystogun’ but hey…:D

    For me, the reason why this sits really bad in regards to Lucy is that for the longest, she’s been the butt of many jokes/battles. Her opponents haven’t really taken her seriously so when she gets beaten, we don’t really take it seriously. Kain probably came the closest to doing some major damange to her but that was rectified by Natsu and that hilarious Lucy Fire. Even with Kain crushing her head, it really didn’t feel as if she was in real danger…probably because we all knew that Natsu was there and it wasn’t going to happen.

    With Flare, not only does she lose because of some blatant cheating, but she’s humiliated and had her spirit crushed (On her birthday, mind you). With that, we all got behind Lucy because it was so obvious that she would have won that one. It wasn’t even Flare that cheated, it was someone ELSE who cheated FOR her.

    With Minerva, it wasn’t even a contest – Minerva knew it and she still did it, singling out probably the 2nd weakest of the two Fairy Tail Teams and just laying it into her. If Minerva had shoved Lucy out so that she could fight against Juvia – even if she had curbstomped Juvia, we probably wouldn’t have reacted nearly as badly as we are now since it would have been done against someone who had the obvious advantage in water and who was already an S-class equivalent in Fairy Tail. That would have truly proven herself as being ‘strong’, but she singled out Lucy because she knew she was weaker, made it so that she couldn’t fight back at all, and just laid it into her like a coward. It wasn’t a fight, it was just a pure torture session.

    I don’t know why Mashima did it this way and I’m kinda upset that he’s pretty much allowing this to be done to Lucy but…I’ll just have to see where he’s going with it. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  20. Amazing… Sabertooth is an even match for Raven Tail… AT BEING DICKS!!! And Raven Tail was a DARK GUILD, for crying out loud. Hell, Grimoire Heart at least had Azuma (honorable), Meredy (manipulated and not sadistically cruel), Ultear (misguided but understandable). Hell, BLUENOTE was an asshole but at least he didn’t seem to be enjoying hurting people as much as Minerva. So far Rouge is the only ST member who’s head I don’t want on a stick. Natsu, kick Stings ass. That fake Dragonslayer needs a beating. Gray, Rahael (gay with mask) is yours. Laxus, turn BlackLightning boy inside out. And as for Minerva, I think Mirajane should show her a real demon. MAN, I haven’t been this pissed off at a manga chapter in a while.

  21. Don’t forget that the last time that Loki was around, he was struggling to stay alive. He would need time to recoup. The problem is that Lucy would’ve been thinking he still needs time. Not that its been 7 years, so that he’s probably recovered. Hence, she’s going to call the ones that she knows she should be able to.

    Lucy’s one of those fighters that needs something to fight for to do really great. In this fight, she really didn’t. Also, she probably didn’t think that Minerva’s going to go all out to the point that she would die.

    I think this totally will set up whatever tragedy is coming for Lucy.

  22. Lucy reminds me of Pokemon because of the way she summons with her keys: “capricorn i choose you” and also remind me of the horrible saint seiya omega.
    Also what happens if her keys are stolen or destroyed.
    Shouldn’t she be able to summon all of her spirits at will?
    Also would it be illegal to make them attack from the outside of the water ball?
    and what about forcing a draw game by making the water ball disappear since lluvia should be able to control water at will since she is rain.

  23. Stereoman I dont think Lucy got in last place. The rule was when the last 2 fighters remain, theres a 5 minute rule where if you leave the water within that 5 minute you get last place. But as you can see Lucy was clearly ready to take any attack in order to NOT get thrown out of the water. There was like 30+ seconds left on the clock and she was still in the water before Minerva got serious, and in the end she was still in the water.

    So the way I interpreted it, Lucy still got second place, beat up as she may be.

      1. ..and Yes. The Writer should have a bit mercy. Lucy has to much “unluck” lately. Is she the Queen of Misfortune? The Queen that will save the “World”? oww come on. You will use the ex-Spirit Summoner now, to fill the “Lucy” gap. And at the end, Lucy will save the Day.. It is so predictable why let you Lucy suffer that much?

        Thats not Spoiler, thats my “1+1=2”

      2. There’s no question that Minerva won the round. The question is if Lucy came in second or if she came in last for the competition.

        I think YanDaMan is saying that it’s uncertain if Minerva decided to be real egotistical and nasty person by beating up Lucy and then holding her out of the sphere right before five minutes was up, or if Minerva got carried away and Lucy stayed in for more than five minutes before Minerva decided she was bored.

        If it’s the latter case, Lucy still gets second in the round because she managed to stay in for more than five minutes. If it’s the former (which I think is the case just because I want to vilify Minerva as much as possible), then Lucy is dead last in the round.

  24. Meh, it’s just the standard Shonen junk where fighting women can’t ever catch a break in the long run and the male hero always has to end up avenging them and saving the day. Snort.


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