Well now, things are starting to take shape! It’s still pretty confusing to try and piece everything together nicely though. That terrifying reminder of the all-male school at the start of the chapter certainly didn’t help either (but reverse trap Elise totally did)!

It’s pretty hard to see what the eventual destination for this arc will be, but for now it seems likely we’ll be getting a lot of focus on Tenri. From her actions this chapter, she clearly knows a lot more about what’s going on than we do and if Keima is now heading ten years into the past (the reasons behind that shouta Keima are revealed at last!), we’re probably going to be spending a lot of time with the two childhood friends. What exactly happened ten years ago that’s so important now? The obvious answer would relate to the cave which played such a pivotal role in the previous arc and was hinted at being more than it seemed. At the very least, Tenri should be getting some much needed development over the next few chapters!

Normally, a weiss only possesses girls. The idea behind this is so that they can later be reborn as that girl’s child. But for some reason, many things seem to be pointing to Keima having been possessed. For one, he’s the source of the miasma – something which Minerva refers to as a spell of the weiss. In fact, that the mysterious girl spoke of not wanting to be reborn again also seems to support the idea that she could be a weiss. Additionally, it’s interesting that Keima recognises her voice since, as far as we’re aware, she hadn’t spoken prior to her appearance in this chapter (if this were an anime, we would also have the chance to try and figure out who she was based on her voice). Perhaps this too ties in to the events that occurred ten years ago. If so, hopefully we’ll be learning more very soon!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – All signs seem to point to Keima’s possession despite the improbability. Looks like Tenri will take the spotlight for now! #TWGOK


  1. Tsukiyo’s getting fat!

    And that’s one advantage and/or disadvantage of manga from anime. No voice to recognize when the characters say that they recognize another person’s voice. Though that sometimes takes away the surprise in an anime so yeah.
    Let’s hope this travel to the past will explain more of this happenings.

  2. Out of NOWHERE! Kinda hope we get to see some “AWHELLNAWIAMNOTDOINGYAOI” scenes. Tht would LMAO but I guess its time 4 durama. Keima, wht hv you done this time???

    Let enjoy this train shall we?

    Also, HNGGGGGGGG Shiori loli form. But where Diana?

  3. Oooh, going back in time. This is going to get even more interesting. Can’t wait.

    If what Loo2 said ends up being right, I wonder if we’ll finally get to meet Keima’s dad, even if it’s just as a teen.


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