「限りなく積まれた例のあれ」 (Kagirinaku Tsumareta Rei no Are)
“Practically Piled to the Ceiling”

Just like last week’s episode, Hyouka does it once again and is heading in what looks to be a completely new direction — character development. And unless I was too dense to notice the mystery, since it seems like there wasn’t one, I was extremely happy to see Mayaka may finally get more screen time. Not only is she my favorite character in the series but I personally have been wanting to see just what kind of person is hiding behind that tough exterior of hers; since all we normally see is her scowling, disagreeing, and just plain hating on Houtaro.

But before I go on about how I think an episode focused on Mayaka would be great, I never expected that an episode focused on the characters and not the mystery would end up being so entertaining! Of course, that only holds true if things like Satoshi running into a doorframe with a model of Saturn on his head or Chitanda losing to her airheaded nature made you chuckle. Or if a little sadistic humor turns you on, watching Houtaro try to “happily” handle a customer was probably as good as it’ll get. But thus far, I’ve really enjoyed all the little jabs at humor that Hyouka attempts to pull. If it already wasn’t apparent that this show isn’t a comedy, you’re probably looking in the wrong place if you’re trying to find some laughs. But if you take this show for what it is, then I honestly believe that these little bits of humor really make the difference between an episode feeling boring versus exciting. Especially when you think about how many mystery shows fail to stay interesting once the first few mysteries pass. And if this episode was any indication on Kyoto Animation’s ability to create witty scenes, I’m happy to say that it worked perfectly for me.

That said, there wasn’t much substance throughout this week’s episode. Not only was there no mystery to be found, but with the group separated and stuck trying to get rid of a few hundred copies of their anthology, I can’t help but feel that there really may be nothing to solve in this current arc. Which in reality isn’t too bad since what it hopefully means is that Mayaka may get a chance to really shine and show us just what she’s made of. Since if you believe that the last arc focused on Houtaro’s character than maybe, just maybe, this one will go ahead and build up Mayaka’s. Because after what we saw today, there’s definitely a different person hiding behind brash girl who’s in the Classics Club! And if the preview is anything to go off of, it looks like she’s going on the offensive!


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「君にまつわるミステリー」 (Kimi ni Matsuneru Misuterii) by 千反田える(佐藤聡美)、伊原摩耶花(茅野愛衣)(Chitanda Eru (Satou Satomi) & Ibara Mayaka (Kayano Ai))
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  1. No mystery? I’m not certain if there is a mystery here but I suspect it might have been too subtle for many to notice. There seem to be hints and oddities all over the episode. As if preparing for something in the next episode or even later. Not sure if anything or everything is ultimately significant in this episode, but I suspect we should know better in the next episode ;).

  2. Chitanda getting distracted is so cute. Especially when she was watching that performance in the stage, bouncing up and down. And them cosplays…
    I don’t mind the lack of mystery as long as it’s this entertaining.

    Needs a gif of Chitanda bouncing on her seat and Houtarou waving his arms out the window.

  3. Yeah, I picked up several minor things that could well be clues to a new big mystery too. I suspect this episode is buildup for that.

    By and the by, do you intend to cover the Episode 11.5 episode now (a terrible but vaguely watchable webcast is around) or when its actually on DVD?

      1. Yeah, I mentioned it because it does link 11 and 12 quite nicely, and explains how Houtaro got out of his funk depression after the ‘problems’ with Irisu.

        As you say though, 240p is new 720p in that release, lol. Its obviously made to sell Blu-rays with the promise of Chi-chan in a bikini. 😀

  4. I just loved Chitanda getting distracted by EVERY stand/show/attraction she passed by…
    Oreki taking the path of minimal resistance was predictable but his attempts at being salesman were golden.
    But Mayaka steals the show with her apparently clumsy attempt at cosplay and strained relations with her Manga Club. I AM CURIOUS to see more about her… (yay, incredibly lame pun…)

  5. the pen Oreki’s sister gave him bothered me when she threw it at him and he complained she didn’t say much. so when he gave it away I felt like it was strange she’d given him something broke in the first place. it just feels like she’s going to explode at him over it later lol. he was right to chuck it if he was going to throw it away though. probably nothing to it in the end. this might be a teaser episode to get me jumping at every little thing after such a structured start to the series.

  6. The ending is excellent
    I love it

    No mysteries ? I don’t care personnally

    Characters are so interesting

    I like Mayaka but I don’t why she hate so much Houtaro
    He’s lazy ;Yes but he means no harm & he is a nice guy

  7. Just a few things I noticed which might eventually lead to a mystery:
    – Was it really an accident that 200 copies of Hyouka were ordered instead of 30?
    – Is there a reason behind a drift between Mayaka and the rest of the Manga club? (except possible personality issues?)
    – Where is the missing apple juice?
    – Why did Houtaro’s sister give him that pen?
    – Will that backstage pass for the fashion show come into play later?
    – Is Chitanda getting sidetracked going to go full circle and somehow end up helping the club somehow?

    I have a feeling that the pen and Chitanda’s actions will somehow lead to the club getting a good position to sell the Hyouka and they will eventually sell all 200 copies. Houtaro will then start to wonder why his sister gave him the pen in the first place, which will end up being the main mystery.

    1. The 200 copies of Hyouka instead of 30 is really baffling. If it were altered, then the person behind it wanted to spread the story of Sekitani Jun. It would be great if the real leader of the rebellion will be unmasked too. He might be part of the school administration, just like the librarian.

    2. Mmn, The 200 copies, and the mysterious pen are a valuable mystery to me :D.

      Although, it looks like the Pen has become a Trade Quest. Someone else is going to want that backstage pass and trade Oreki something else for it. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. If everyone who trades buys a copy, maybe by the end of the day Oreki will have sold through the whole stock :D!

      … well, one can dream.

    3. Guys, you are reading too much into the 200 copies thingy. Rest assured it’s not that sort of sinister mystery. It really is just a genuine miscommunication between the Classics Club and the publisher, where the addition or subtraction of zeros in one’s order makes a huge difference.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. 30 to 200?
        unless mayaka has a bad penmanship, or does 3 and 2 looks almost the same written in japanese?

        i also suspect oreki’s sister. but she said something about dropping by at the school if she gets bored. maybe she’ll help with the mystery.

  8. “I think an episode focused on Mayaka would be great”

    I totally second that! I have a feeling that the anime would end without a decent character development for Mayaka and Satoshi, so I would be pleased if my expectation doesnt come true

    The new ED is adorable! Mayaka looks so cute as Watson <3

  9. I love the new ending sequence/song and Kyoto Animation’s homages to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s and Agatha Christie’s stories. Just to clarify: Chitanda is Sherlock Holmes, Mayaka is Hercule Poirot. I’m guessing Houtaro or Satoshi is Moriarty. Not entirely sure who the other is supposed to portray.

  10. Poor Chitanda. She gets distracted too easily, and with Kyo-Ani putting so much attention to details when it comes to Japanese school cultural festivals (Suzumiya Haruhi, Clannad, K-ON), she’ll be occupied for a while.

    This cultural festival arc was written way back in 2005, before Hatsune Miku even existed, let alone her sisters Kagamine Rin and Megurine Luka, though Nakoruru of Samurai Showdown would have been around for a long time then. So these cosplayers are clearly Kyo-Ani having some fun, though the ultimate cosplay award still goes to Chitanda, even when she’s totally oblivious about it.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. Having read a scan of a recent issue of Newtype or Comptiq (I can’t remember which), it contains rough sketches of the new ED, which clearly marked Chitanda as Holmes (deerstalker cap), Ibara as Poirot, Satoshi as Moriaty and Houtarou as Lupin (monocle).

    Kinny Riddle
      1. Yep, that’s why you see the locker (actually shoe lockers) scenes in high school anime. They always change out of their street shoes while in the school house just as they would going into a Japanese style house.

  12. I love Mayaka and I love her little (or big..) digs at Houtaro. I really do like their interactions together and I hope Mayake gets more screen time >_< She seems like she could be a really interesting character if fleshed out properly.

  13. I’m guessing you guys have noticed, but Chitanda sure knows how to advertise, no? Getting pictures of herself, the president of the club, taken (and all dressed up, too); impressing the crowds with her Karuta skills; I won’t be surprised if a whole bunch of people popped up at their booth because they saw Chitanda running around and found her interesting (if not plain cute).

    I like how Satoshi and Mayaka are looking more and more like a pair. They look pretty darn cute together.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. It reminded me of the inadvertent advertising that Chiyo and Osaka did in Azumanga-Daioh.

      Chitanda is positively adorable, and she stands out. People will remember her.

  14. Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono wa (Episode 11.5) also came out this week that takes place between this and the last story arc. For a “fanservice” episode it was actually just wonderful to watch our main cast together after the fall out of the school movie and how Mayaka arrived unannounced and got Houtaro to work for the day. lol

    I feel like this episode set up a lot of players to a new mystery.

  15. Animation for this episode is so great with high-detail in everything & nearly every scene.Once again Kyo-Ani prove to be number one in this area (2=P.A)

    But Looked at Chitanda in this episode make me so wonder why airhead like her still don’t have a boyfriend already since If It’s in real life airhead,innocent like this wound have boyfriend since seven grade or so.

    1. lol at your assumption: airhead=have a boyfriend

      she’s an airhead in her own way. i think that she has her own world. She’s doesn’t have time for things that does not interest her. she is focused in her studies and solving the mystery of the disappearance of her uncle so she doesnt pay attention to other things.

      for example, when she asked the general president for allowing the classics club to be given another stall, noticed how the guy kept on detaining her. she immediately tried to leave and dismissed the guy. but the guy kept her from leaving several times by giving her statements (all translates to NO)keeping her hopes up.

      1. I agree with you that airhead does not equal automatic relationship.

        I think, however, that the reason the Student Council President kept calling her back was because he wanted to assume that position himself. He can’t break rules for her, people would call him on it. But looking at that hopeful, adorable face, he would be hard pressed to just outright say “no”, so he tried to offer a solution that she might find as helpful.

  16. The new ED is easily the best thing ever!

    As much as I actually enjoyed the mysteries presented in Hyouka, I can’t help but find this episode, which didn’t even have a mystery, to be my favourite so far. But what can I say? Chitanda won me over with her cuteness, and KyoAni proves again that they are the masters at school festival episodes!

  17. No mystery? I dunno, that scene where Oreki’s leaning out the window watching the singers seemed like something. I don’t know if anyone noticed but after the person inquires about their missing juice someone else comments about a piece of paper that you can see taped to the inside of the lid of the cooler. That looked to me like it could lead to a mystery.

  18. maby im thinking too much but the last scene with that punk of fashion club giving him that number for staff implied something. I think Oreki might actually use that number and that fashion show in a manner to help sell all the Hyoka editions like some sort of mass advertising . that pen gonna play a significant role and Oreki might end up thanking his sister for the pen ! Watching this series I learned that every scene has a deeper meaning and that backstage pass gonna play its role ^^

  19. And in the end, Chitanda might’ve sell all the copies and be popular at the same time. Just look at her adorable face running all over the campus! Who wouldn’t notice that?

    1. She was Frol, from an anime/manga titled They Were Eleven. It’s very oldschool, and I highly recommend it. It’s a mystery/ghost story in a sense. A group of ten cadets from a space academy are put on a derelict space ship to spend sixty days there. There is a panic button. If they push the panic button for rescue, they are disqualified as candidates. But when they get to the ship, they discover that there are, in fact, not ten, but eleven of them. And then things start going wrong…

  20. I laughed so hard at poor Chitanda. All those distractions!
    Yes, I definitely think this arc is more about character development, especially for our girls. I’m really enjoying it so far.

  21. I got that ED playing on loop. It was just so cute. I really like it!

    In any case, Chitanda getting side tracked was very amusing to watch.

    I like seeing her face go from
    😀 to D:

  22. -Finally watched it-

    oh reminds me so much of mine college CoCu Day….. except mine was kinda boring lol. (Well after playing Weiqi 4 2H+ its natural ryte?)

    Those vocaloids sure looks nasty…. Chitanda cosplay HNNNGGG

  23. Definitely enjoyed this episode; the tone was so drastically different from the movie arc. Watching Houtaro struggle to be friendly to a customer ws at once cute and funny (As an aside, I always love his one-liner-esque inner thoughts, and how he does something unexpected with that hilarious deadpan/air of energy conservation still).

    Seeing Chitanda return to her airheaded roots while trying to do right by the club was also fun to watch. To me, it felt like watching a particularly “special” mouse run through a mazel; as an oberserver, I kept thinking, “You can do it, dearheart! Don’t give up!”

    Final thoughts:
    * I was surprised by how much I liked the dance routine for the opening ceremonies.
    * It’s pretty impressive how much work everyone put in to the festival.
    * Mayaka obviously wanting to spend time w/ the Classics Club and Satoshi aside, I’m curious what will unfold between her and the Manga Society.

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