「Destruction; 崩壊」 (Houkai)

I read a lot of comments and rage about this arc being “the worst arc” in the Accel World light novel, however I actually don’t have too many complaints about this one. Aside from the terribly annoying antagonist who seems to be way too over-powered and the lack of Kuroyukihime, I’m still thoroughly enjoying the arc. This episode was a huge turning point though and that’s because they brought back Ash Roller and Chrome Disaster. The end also featured a new character (in the OP) and she happens to be Ash Roller’s guardian (Sky Raker)! Who would have thought right? That explains the joyride between Ash Roller and Silver Crow in the OP as well.

The episode starts off from last week’s cliffhanger – the battle between Dusk Taker and Silver Crow. I won’t lie; this was pretty painful to watch. Although I knew very well that Haruyuki was going to lose, I still felt sorry for him when his wings were stolen. Noumi had this overly confident and cocky smirk that I wanted to smack off his face. What bothered me the most was how defenseless Haruyuki and Chiyuri were at the end. Noumi actually had the guts to (literally) step all over Haruyuki and then use underhanded methods to get what he wants. I’m not usually one to say that two wrongs make a right, but in this case, I would love to see revenge taken out on this guy. Take away his points and Brain Burst program? I would hope so. Maybe even suspension from school.

Aside from the terribly annoying Noumi, there’s a fair bit of tears spilled in this episode. The confrontation between Haruyuki and Takumu actually cleared up the whole “are-Takumu-and-Chiyuri-in-a-relationship” ordeal and where the love triangle stands. So it’s clear now… Takumu loves Chiyuri, Haruyuki loves Kuroyukihime (who loves him back) but the question remains, who does Chiyuri love? I feel that it’s rather obvious who she will eventually end up with… but I would love to see the development of how it gets there and whether she will ever publicly announce it. The whole appearance of Chrome Disaster also comes up and although it makes me hate Haruyuki a little more, I also think it’s a good opportunity for him to prove that he’s not such a coward and can fight internal conflicts. Chrome Disaster probably won’t be brought up again for a while so I wonder if it’ll ever be “permanently” destroyed.

I never thought that I’d be glad to see Ash Roller again… I never even imagined that he would be a re-occurring character. His sense of humor and personality is a breath of fresh air. Haruyuki is rather a bore and his depressing/self-pity speeches make scenes seem terribly long and dragged out. I really despise how all his issues seem to stem from his lost ability to fly. I understand that it him “special”, but he lasted in Accel World before realizing he had wings (and defeated Ash Roller previously too). He has to realize that there are other ways around an issue and his extremely pessimistic behavior makes him more unbearable to watch. I’m glad that Ash Roller took the initiative to prove him otherwise. Sky Raker (Endo Aya) definitely catches my attention and as much as I would love to hear her history, I’d much rather see how she helps Haruyuki regain his wings.

Phew*… there was so much going on in this episode, I’ll stop here and let you guys carry on in the comments.

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  1. I agree so much. If Ash didn’t come and introduce Haruyuki to his gentle-sounding parent I would’ve been raging. It’s pretty painful to watch bad going to worse, and it’s closer to realistic than overdramatic too.

    Btw, when you mention Chrome Disaster, which scene did you refer to?

    1. Wow we are wayyyy past the “asshole” level with this episode.
      I really hope they won’t give us the “let’s make a real bad guy appear and when everybody start to hate him we’ll throw some flashbacks to show that he’s just a nice guy with a hard life” crap (like in Tari Tari with that bich / teacher)

      1. Yeah some guys were talking about a big cliff.
        I feel some strong NTR vibes here… Watch out Accel World! this could be dangerous for you…

        This isn’t the kind a show where I want to be disgusted…

  2. Nothing really more to add. Chiyu and especially Haru really need to figure out how to win against these types of characters because they’ve been doing really bad against them. I really hope they do better with him than they did with Araya.

    1. from Ash Roller’s hints. She has nearly to flying skill. But now bounded to the chair. Perhaps Gliding with the Wind

      Her Tower is surrounded with Wind…(now as Protection, but in the Past her Ally to Fly?)

    2. The wind surrounding the tower is actually the property of the stage, not Sky Raker’s ability… (otherwise she is sure overpowered). As to her ability, it will be revealed most likely next week 🙂

      Her wheelchair though… is another story, it is unlikely to be covered fully this season, so I will wait and see if I can say more about it xD

  3. Well, i gave my Piece of Mind on the Last Episode comment section, and wont repeat here. I dont want to annoying you

    Back to Topic. Are Sky Laker “trapped” on this Sky Tower? or is this a Secret Hideout, for not lose her Points or challenger?

    1. one thing I should say that makes me rage personally about this arc and AW as a whole is the prevalent use of cliffhanger… don’t get me wrong, they are super effective. But these darn cliffhanger is driving me crazy (both in LN and in anime)… If Sunrise pull off the same cliffhanger as the author did in the LN, I may seriously break some monitor…

      that and what people have been saying for a while here…

      1. Noumi would’t dare, or he will forever be placed on “the most hateful villian list” xD
        Jokes aside, you have to watch that for yourself… Because it is a rather big spoiler…

  4. Cherrie-sama calm down, this is a normal depression, lost his ability, fail to Kuroyuki and Chiyu not know what to do. But Ash Roller comes to the rescue, and finally we meet to Sky Raker, I thought it would take one more episode, but how good we move forward to the point. yeaa XD

  5. Never thought that I would say this, but it’s good to see Ash Roller. Never like the dude, yet I’m still glad to see him.

    But that still doesn’t change the fact that I’m still frustrated over what Noumi did to Haruyuki. Sure, Damian Wayne is an annoying, murderous, psychotic brat, then there’s Jar Jar Bink who is just a pure annoyance, and Shinji Matou is the BIGGEST douche you’ve ever known, but Noumi takes it up to a whole new level. Now I’m more than impatient to see Haruyuki getting his revenge on Noumi.

  6. Raged real hard on this one:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    For me this is a painful arc as it has so many unanswered questions that our supposedly pro gamer protagonist never asks. Instead we get to enjoy him wailing in self-pity. If your voice of reason speaks anything like Ash Rider you have fallen quite low.

    1. 1. Still the bluff worked pretty well on Haru and Chiyu.
      2. Haru’s ego was was full of confidence with his Flight ability and that allowed to be tricked even inside AW.
      3. He is blackmailing him to get points as some kind of tribute from newly adquired underdog.
      4. Just like he tricked Haru to get into girls bath room, he just did hacked Haru’s collar without noticing.
      5. Past episodes says Kuroyuki told him to spend all of his points on flight time and speed.
      6. And Noumit thought using it was wasted points on Haru.
      7. He is a king, but I don’t recall her leaving a number or a mail. It would be quite weird seeing Red Queen working with a Black King’s legion minion. Kuro has a price on her head.

      Believe me when I say Ash Roller is a bro, Show Spoiler ▼

      @Swordhack4: And the rage isn’t over yet, just wait the next 2 or 3 episodes. This time isn’t Haru but a very different character.

      1. Ash Roller’s story will be revealed in vol.9 of the LN (conclusion vol of the next 5 vol epic arc). Using vol.9 illustration and this week’s episode, the little surprise is confirmed (although I am still holding my doubt there).
        Either sunrise is teasing us who knows the deal with Ash roller, or there might seriously be a season 2, which will be AWESOME!

      2. Ok here is the big one. How the heck can anyone get into the shower room unnoticed if the whole brain burst program is based on compiling surveillance camera data as a 3D representation of our world. This would mean that cameras are everywhere. And hitting someone lands you smack dab in jail. As established in ep1. Whats up with just walking into the shower, or having a fight in the woods? Wouldn’t they monitor that too? Guess I’m nitpicking as I don’t wish to suspend my disbelief for a whiner hero and a tosser antagonist. In that aspect, please DO give me more Ash Rider. He is crazy, goofy and cool at the same time. And I certainly don’t see him break down in a puddle of self pity because of one or two loses.

      3. I don’t think anyone tried to enter the shower room under brain burst program’s effect… Noumi set up the trap when people weren’t looking… As to brain burst program’s stage, the program will randomly relocate player upon fight is established… If the camera weren’t able to capture image, the program will “guess” the shape. (see episode 1 the colorful shadow under the desk and such).
        To be honest, I don’t know what you are complaining here xD

    2. Let me rephrase that. If you commit a crime like hitting your schoolmate you will trigger a security alert. And guys in caps show up to arrest you. So if the school cafeteria is rigged I would hope that the girls shower rooms door on the outside is rigged too. And that’s why I don’t understand how you can commit a crime like planting cameras in the locker room unnoticed. Or is a school brawl considered more serious than paedophiles in the girls locker room?

      1. this is just speculation, since LN never said anything about it… but what if Noumi uses physical burst and sneak into the shower room, place the camera and run away? He used the ability in the kendo fight and never got caught… so I am assuming he can do the same and avoid camera xD

  7. 8 words. Fuck. Noumi. From. The. Bottom. Of. My. Heart

    Respect to Ash Roller today 🙂

    Seeing Chiyu cry like that hurts my soul D:. There isn’t another antagonist that I wanna wish an extremely painful death upon right other than Noumi.

    I’m loving this arc. But goddammit the raging is just increasing from ONE character alone. ONE character is enough to bring out the damn chrome disaster in ME

    ok, sorry about all caps, but I just seriously love these two… as to ash, we see his broken english and motivational speech, so it is nice (he is great mood changer)… as to raker-sama… you will see next week how awesome she is (be mentally prepared)

    Haru/silver crow totally gives me Ouma Shu vibe this week with the MY POWER OF KING My wing moment… xD Jokes aside, the wing is actually Haru’s sole proof that he can be confident in AW, and at this point, the only reason he believes that Black Lotus ever wants him… I need to speak a little justice on Haru’s behalf since this arc is pretty much about Haru’s personal growth as a character as much as anything else 🙂

    Hmm, Cherrie, you brought an interesting point about chrome disaster there… I never even considered it at this point (guess anime made it a bit more obvious than in the LN). Nice insight 🙂 and thanks a lot! (now I am ready to invade KC post tomorrow)

    ps. I am not convinced about it, but Sunrise apparently sneaked a little present to those who knows a bit about Ash Roller into the episode… (not capped here, go check the episode)

    1. I want to know how long it will take to defeat Dusk Taker and move to another arc in history.
      Is this the last arc and finish the season with the stories of other burst linkers that appear in the opening?
      I would wish to know if there will be soon another season with the following the story.
      All I can say is I would like more episodes for this season.

      1. well… first the speculations… if that little surprise about Ash Roller is any indication, Sunrise might just pull off a season 2… (I sure hope so, since the next arc is pure awesomeness)

        now to your question about this arc… from the OP it seems like this is the last arc of the season. The next big fight should be here in 2-3 episodes, but I assure you they will not end the season with some sub-important burst linker story. They will end it on how this arc concluded… and all the character showed up in the OP have some link to this arc after all xD

    2. I’m so confused o_o so was I right about Chrome Disaster? Cybersteel said that I wasn’t…
      Anyway, I’m loving Ash and Sky right now too =) I think it’s just nice to see new and old characters brought in after all the Noumi hate.

      1. Cherrie, the LN never explicitly said anything about that… But now that you mentioned it, it is possible. It is not 100% relevant at this point, so don’t worry about chrome disaster just yet xD

  9. Chiyu simply’ll give the benefit of the doubt, but still very annoying that way of dealing with Taku and Haru does not seem to treat them as boyfriend and friend respectively. Although we have not seen much of Taku and Chiyu alone to have a solid argument, when the three are together, she treats them the same way. ¿>_<? mmm … no idea.

  10. I would love to see revenge taken out on this guy. Take away his points and Brain Burst program? I would hope so. Maybe even suspension from school.

    I was thinking more of slow and painful torture, followed by death. But I guess losing his Brain Burst would be adequately satisfying.

    1. Not really getting rid of bb is just not enough for me, especially if he loose all memory of what he had done, I say Show Spoiler ▼


  11. One problem with this whole series is Haru just doesn’t have any self-confidence even at Vol.11 of LN, he always belittle with himself, fight after fight he always think he suck and weak and all that as soon as something challenging arrive, he never really learn to think hmm this seem challenging but I think I conqueor something far worst before. Everytime something happen he always need someone to remind him what he can do. I think the biggest problem is his appearance he really need to exercise and turn himself into a normal looking person then his self-confidence will start to build up from there, the way he is now he always goner cry and yell when something difficult show up and alway need his friend to knock some sense into him every single time.

    1. I don’t mean anything bad, but I have to offer a counter argument here… Yes, Haru has serious self-esteem issue, but that is who he is, and what give birth to silver crow after all… As to him always being weak, I can’t say I agree either. In this arc, maybe he is still wimpy and crying his way through… but since you have read the next arc, you know why he chooses to end it along… he doesn’t want to drag his friends with him. He wants his friends to be safe and happy… That, to me, sounds like some serious character improvement… (from self-loathing to caring about others…) When you have people you care about, you become stronger mentally. Plus, without him doing that, we won’t have as many awesome fights 🙂

      Yes he always needs someone to push him, but he is actively going forward in later arcs, especially in vol.11 (when compared with how he wanted to uninstall brain burst this time around)…

      1. Well, it is nice to know the Future, as a Manga reader. But as a Anime Viewer, we only know the Past and Present. We dont wanna knot the Future, because this is called Spoilers here.

      2. 1. If I am not mistaken, the manga actually have a different plot than the LN and anime. So I don’t think manga is relevant here to be honest (at least I know manga has exclusive new character)
        2. I know what I said may sound like spoiler to some people, but trust me, I have not spoiled anything specific without tag… I don’t know if that made you mad, if so I apologize for it.
        3. As a so self-claimed “hardcore” AW fan, I got to defend the series, right? ( of course I am just kidding here )

    1. I felt bad for Haru at first, but as said in the blog, it just dragged on way too long that it got REALLY annoying with all the self-pity, him thinking he should just get rid of Brain Burst and everything would go back to how it was and all.

  12. The last part of this episode is tera, no GIGA AWESOMMMME!!!!! And I just realised that the dude who voice ash is none other than shinn asuka! Oh man he sounds so diff in this show! More tera awesome than ever!!!

    1. sky raker is called ICBM for a reason… And wheelchair is not her initial equipment… No duel avatar in AW is crippled xD
      The real method and potentially part of raker sama’s story will be revealed next week 🙂

  13. I have way too many complaints about this arc. Here goes:
    1) The whole premise is stupid. Why exactly are Haruyuki and Chiruyi bowing down to this Noumi? Chiyuri has a good story to back up the reason why Haruyuki entered the girl’s shower room. So what if a hidden camera was found in that room? Where is the proof that Haruyuki was the one that planted that camera? Chiyuri’s testimony would have been the perfect alibi, so what leverage does Noumi have exactly?
    2) All of Haruyuki’s development as a character vanished with his wings. Now he has just returned to the annoying crybaby from the first few episodes. Has all his experiences in the Accel World been for naught? Just because Noumi has a strong power does not make him better. Has Haruyuki forgotten that he had defeated Ash Roller previously WITHOUT WINGS? Even when Haruyuki was the underdog in that fight?
    3) Emo Haruyuki lashing out at Takumu is ridiculous. If Haruyuki really treasures Chiyuri as one of his best friends in the world, then who cares what Noumi would do? Instead of opening his big fat mount and lashing out at Takumu needlessly, he could have easily just asked for help. Forget whatever repercussions there is. Stand up and man up. In fact, Noumi already said that he is not prepared for a fight against Takumu, so it only makes sense to get him to help.
    4) Can’t stand Noumi. I really can’t. I’ll list him as the most annoying antagonist in recent memory of anime. Bring back Yellow Radio 🙁 Or at least bring out a plot which shows the Accel World in trouble rather than some spoilt kid looking for easy points. I mean, you don’t need to like the antagonist, but he/she/it should be one which is respectable, one which you look at and say “Now THAT’s an antagonist!”

    After all that ranting, I’m glad to see Ash Roller back. He seems to be someone with a kind heart with a fake rough exterior. Can’t wait for him to kick some sense into Haruyuki if he ever gets the chance.

    1. 1. Because Haru has the biggest possibility to place the hidden camera… They had to get a suspect, and Haru is a natural one regardless of Chiyu
      2. Remember, wing is everything to Haru. KYH said specifically that he is the first one with flying ability. And Haru took that as his pride and the reason why he is allowed to be by KYH’s side… So when it is taken away, he is back to that bullied, powerless Haru and not awesome silver crow. His self-esteem depends on his wings… Given his characteristics before, it is natural he went all emo.
      3. Haru doesn’t want to get Taku involved, and he doesn’t want to hurt Chiyu. So he chose to tell Taku nothing… If Haru tells Taku everything, he would have to blame him about the photo virus as well. Also since Haru went back to his emo self, his bad habit of turning people away is back (see episode 1 Chiyu sandwich for example). So what he did here is justified ( although it is slightly annoying )
      4. As to Noumi’s case. He is a hateful villian. And I agree he is annoying, but he is successful (for being hateful). If you think careful enough, you can already guess why he acts the way he did. More about him will be revealed later. Plus he is necessary to bring on next arc. If you are looking for some big trouble in AW, then read next arc in LN or hope sunrise gets us season 2… It will be exactly what you want 🙂

      1. Just to counter:
        1) Even if he ends up being a suspect, it does not mean he is guilty. Chiyu’s alibi would be sufficient. The camera would have to be linked back to Haru some other way, which there is none. I didn’t point this out earlier but I will do so now:
        i – When Haru was caught on camera, he had no gym bag with him. However the camera was found in a gym bag. The camera footage is not sufficient to say that he was the one who planted the camera, and hence Chiyu’s alibi would work.
        ii – How exactly was Haru caught on camera to begin with? If it was a security camera, then surely they would have picked up someone walking into the shower room to drop off the camera. If it wasn’t the security camera, it means that the footage must have been shot on the hidden camera, which then means that the camera was already in place before Haru walked into the shower room.

        2) This one is a little funny. His initial pride was his speed, and he got his wings because of it. His wings appeared from his determination to protect KYH. In other words, he has been in this situation before, but through determination of wanting to protect someone close to him, he still made it out okay. But I guess he got too dependent on those wings that he had forgotten where he was initially.

        3) My question would be – how exactly is this going to hurt Chiyu? Chiyu is already being hurt. Getting Taku involved does not make things any worse. All he needs to say is that he was following Noumi, and Noumi tricked him into going into the shower room. He does not have to say that he ran into Chiyu while he was in there. He wouldn’t have to blame Taku for not noticing the file size either. He himself didn’t realize the photo size before opening it. Heck, Haru didn’t even have to follow Noumi in the first place. His curiosity is the cause of this problem, and Chiyu should not have to be hurt because of it.

        4) Agreed that he is a hateful nemesis, but not one which is worthy of being as big a threat as they have treated him. Maybe if he had appeared earlier in the series, then yes it would be fine. My issue is that they just dealt with Yellow Radio and Chrome Disaster, antagonists which could potentially change the dynamics of Accel World forever. Suddenly dropping it down to a level where one bratty kid comes up with some plan that is flawed and yet the main characters seem so powerless is frustrating. Now, if he was one of the kings, this would be fine. But he was only a level 5!

        What has been impressing me regarding this series is how they have gradually increased the threat with each arc. This one threat however is so flimsy. It just doesn’t feel like there is even a threat at all. Heck, why not get Red Scarlet involved for the heck of it? Noumi never said anything about not being allowed to get anyone involved outside of Taku and KYH?o

      2. 1. Noumi’s plan was not making Haru guilty. All he needs is to make him a good suspect. If all evidence points to Haru, then even if he is not thrown into jail, he would face serious doubt and even some treatment… I will answer part ii first. Noumi’s could use physical burst to avoid being seen and place the camera beforehand (just an example). As to the first one, again, Haru wasn’t supposed to be there… Chiyu’s testimony against hidden camera is weak, plus someone could accuse them as a team of criminals since Chiyu is Haru’s friend.
        2. The above lead to the next point. If Haru really rely on Chiyu’s testimony, then Chiyu has to explain why she was meeting him in the shower room. This can hurt Chiyu socially. Adding Taku into this is even worse. For one, these two’s meeting in such sensitive location will hurt his feeling for Chiyu. Also Taku is known for self-hating, by telling him everything will make him hate himself even more (evident from Taku’s battle against KYH)
        3. It is true that KYH says silver crow is the fastest avatar, but there is no confirmation. Instead, the wing came from Haru’s desire to be high away from those who bully him, those who doesn’t love him. It also acts as a proof that Haru is special enough to be at KYH’s side (at least Haru believes that way). So without it, he is powerless. Also at this point, Haru still have his bad habbit of giving up too easily…
        4. I am sorry, but for this one you will just have to wait for the story to unveil there. Noumi serves multiple purposes. I can’t spoil too much on this one, but I got to say, This arc is necessary for the story to advance (OP gives hints already)
        5. Who said past character won’t return? Ah Roller is back… So go figure (again points at the OP)

      3. Last time I’ll put forward my point. This is getting too long.

        1. This is the thing. What evidence points to Haru? The camera footage? Chiyu’s alibi would have debunked it. She already said that she could have mentioned she needed help, in which case why question that? I don’t see how this is weak at all. There is no reason to doubt Chiyu’s alibi, and there is no other evidence. Also, using the program helps the user reacts faster, not teleport. The camera would have still picked up Noumi walking through that door, or at least seeing the door opening and closing.

        2. Why exactly does Haru need to include the bit that Chiyu was naked? Just say that they met in the shower room. No other information on top of that is needed.

        3. Again, my issue with this is that he’s been through so much hardship in Accel World, and even been in situations where his wings were pretty much useless and he had to rely on outwitting his opponents. Thus far I am under the impression that this has nothing to do with being next o KYH or not. He just believes he is now the weakling he was back in episode 1, in which case all character buildup has been for naught.

        4. Dude, you have to stop telling people “wait for the next arc” or “see what is coming up next”. We are giving our opinions based on what we have seen thus far, and thus far Noumi has not been an impressive antagonist, and definitely not to the caliber of Chrome Disaster and Yellow Radio.

        5. I never said anything relating to this. Was just mentioning that Red Scarlet could also help in this case, I never said anything about her not returning…

    2. Re.1: Their reputation. Even if they are able to get themselves out of this mess, in Japan even getting themselves into it amounts to social suicide. Especially with Seiji threatening to release the part of the recording where Chiyuri is naked into the net. In Europe or US, most people wouldn’t really care, but in Japan that’s pretty much “serious business” and thus a mere mention of as a threat is enough to shut some mouths.

      Re.2: Haruyuki’s confidence was pretty much nil – he believed that he can only be useful because of his wings. Of course the one person to whom he wants to prove himself knows about that, and she doesn’t need him to prove himself, but he doesn’t really know about her motives for it there. And yes, he forgot that he defeated Ash Roller without using his wings, because he had battled her time after time again and he always had his wings then (now remember that it’s a guy who thinks that those wings are the only noteworthy part of his duel avatar). The point of this arc is to make it visible to him that those wings are merely an extension of himself, and they wouldn’t be worth anything if he didn’t have his own worth; it’s not that he is dependant on those wings, but rather that he loathes himself so much that he elevated those wings into a symbol of his value, and thus became incapable of noticing that it’s not him that works because of wings, but wings that work because of him.

      Re.3: I reckon you haven’t noticed it (which is surprising, considering that it’s a cause of many happenings in the series), but Haruyuki can’t “stand up and man up” – he’s someone who had been bullied and though that his friends were standing with him because they were pitying him, and he doesn’t see anything valuable in himself. In his perspective, if he were to ask Takumu for help, he would be admitting that he is worthless, and thus came his frustration over his own actions and inability to resolve the problem, which caused him to lash out on Takumu.

      Re.4: I agree that he is annoying, but unfortunately, his presence is required for Haruyuki’s character development. Or at least, losing access to his wings is required for him to “evolve” further, since right now he thinks that his only value lies in his wings and not in himself.

      Re.5: I reckon when you ask why the “Red Scarlet” doesn’t just help them, you mean “Scarlet Rain”. And the answer for that is pretty simple – they are close to being allies, but they still aren’t, and she has no business with Dusk Taker. Besides, the only ones of their group capable of contacting her are Haruyuki (and his own confidence problems stop him from doing that) and Kuroyuki-hime (and she’s not here).

  14. People have to understand that Accel World is something that makes Haru feel special. He’s chubby (no offense to fat people), he’s bullied at school, and his parents are basically non-existent so his self-esteem is complete shit. The only place he can change and be of use is in games which he drowns himself in. Expecting Haru to get back up with a “let’s go” mindset after getting bitch-slapped is complete bs.

  15. For me, Noumi’s just doing what he’s good at: i.e. being a massive prick, so his mannerisms and actions were pretty predictable. Once you get the gist of that, he becomes less annoying.

    OTOH, while I understand Haru losing his wings is a massive setback akin to a warrior losing a limb in battle(tis’ but a flesh wound), I find him reverting to his original shell before his encounter with KYH (how I missed her) as a result to be too incredulously unbelievable, as though all his character development in the last 13 episodes never happened.

    So it was perhaps a big sigh of relief that Ash came in to breath some fresh air into the story, and his master Sky Laker probably has one of the cutest Duel Avatars in the story, who else has DAs that wear clothes like she does?

    Kinny Riddle
  16. @Offtopic

    Oh the “I read the Manga, so your telling dump things and so i give you red Thumb down” Posters are back. Welcome enjoy your stay. I dont need this Facebook things for my Ego here. Hope you like it 🙂

  17. @Manga readers

    Please dont Spoiling to much of the Anime Story like “In his next Arc you see” and so.

    Like i said We here know only the Past and Present. If we want to know the Future, we all reading the Manga as well.

    So please keep your Manga knowledge of this Anime in check. Dont spoil the Beans. Thank you

    1. If you make me red to hide this. Sure. You must know i am here since OMNI Time. And i dont need this Facebook stuff.

      Please things of the Anime Viewers curiosity. Thank you

    2. How should I start on this? As I said in earlier comment, the true source material is LN xD
      I again wants to apologize if you feel spoiled. I know it feels bad to be spoiled, and i will make sure to use spoiler tag if anything specific is mentioned. But in all fairness, I don’t think people are doing too bad here.
      1. Nobody explicitly said what happened next without tag (at least not to my knowledge). Ok, some people mentioned a few names that they shouldn’t, I admit that, but they reveals no major plot… Take my comment up there for instance, I don’t think you can guess the plot of next arc at all.
      2. To my best knowledge, majority of AW LN aren’t translated in English, so for those who ask the question, we LN reader will try to satisfy without spoil too much. So if you want comment completely spoiler free, might ad well help translate the LN do people who want to know what happens next a chance?
      3. As to the rating feature, ask Divine about it. Majority of people seems to be ok with it. I guess you are a veteran viewer here, but that doesn’t make you any superior than the rest of us here… Comment posting is supposed to be fun you know xD So lossen up and enjoy the discussion, the speculation, the trolling, and te unintentional spoiler 🙂

      I know I am I no position to say this, and I will anger some people by saying the above, but as a guy that truly love the series and Cherrie’s post, I feel compelled to say something. So thank you for hearig me out, and enjoy AW xD

    3. @ Germanguy:
      I’m sorry that you feel that there are too many spoilers in the comments. I try and moderate the comments (for my own posts) as much as possible and if I read anything I feel should be in tags, I’ll change it accordingly. Fortunately though (like jrj mentioned), I don’t feel that many readers spoil anything intentionally. A lot of the explanations are speculations or reasoning that may not even be explained in the series so I feel that these comments are appropriate without the tags. Stuff like the stage revolving around Sky Raker’s tower and her wheelchair… I don’t think this spoils anything about upcoming events.
      About the thumbs up/down voting – I’ve read more than a few complaints about this system and all I can say is (after talking to Div about it many times)… we’re keeping it. There have been a lot of discussions already about removing/changing it (and I know readers like Kinny Riddle also don’t like it), but for the most part, it does do what it’s intended to (and that’s help moderate comments). I don’t think it’s similar to FB at all since I see the thumbs up/down more as a “agree” or “disagree” button rather than a “like” or “dislike” (there’s no dislike button on FB anyway). If you wish to discuss it further, you can always email Div directly (or myself) =) I feel like this reply is getting to be tl;dr lol.

      @ jrj:
      I don’t think you post any major spoilers (without tags) so thank you for that. I agree with your response and thanks for always clearing up questions and misunderstandings.

      1. It’s okay. Even if lately we got many Spoiler tags postings.

        I just try to uphold the “curiosity” that keep us doing our Hobby. Watching Anime, and curious to see the next Episode how the Story unfolds.

        The Same goes to Mangas. But Mangas are way ahead of the Anime Storyline, that if not take care, they can destroy the “curiosity” of the Anime only viewers. that wahnt to be surprised/entertainment. What good is that if you know the future beforehand? Right, you know what will happen. And the “surprise” effect is gone

        So, again

        Please dear manga readers, respect the Anime only Viewers “curiosity” that is known for you.

        Curiosity is our Engine that keep us Watching/Reading so far. I am not right?

    1. Oh, I want that punk Noumi to get his ass kicked by:

      1. Taku (this gentleman got priority in this issue for showing that damn Noumi what a ‘real swordsmanship’ is)
      2. Haru (no objection, right?)
      3. Chiyuri (let that punk have a taste of getting beaten by a girl)
      4. Princess Snow Black (take all his points, please, Hime-sama)

      After all these, damn punk Noumi should be rightfully sitting (or crawling) at the ‘lowest of the low’ that he always mentioned when he talked to Haru. That means: serve him right.
      Damn, I forgot to watch ‘Dusk Maiden of Amnesia’ because I am watching Accel World and only posted my comment on ‘Dusk Maiden’ today. >_<
      Well, Accel world is pretty interesting. So, can't be helped.^_^bbbb

    1. Yep, all his Progress so far. Gone down the Strain, when he got his Wings Stolen.

      But i think the writes used this “excuse” to introduce the other Burst linkers as we saw in the new OP.

  18. When I saw Sky Raker appear, I was on the edge of my seat with a smile. When I heard her voice though, I just was filled with glee! Good choice imho to have Endo-san voice SR ^^
    As for Noumi, I hope the anime will do justice in depicting the ass-whooping he deserved.
    Sorry but again….Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @ Sky Raker.

  19. This Noumi guy… I hate him. It’s the kind of hate that I never felt in animes.
    But I got calm and laughed when Ash Roller appeared…
    I hope this arc helps Haruyuki overcome his problems. All his problems, including KYH xD
    I think I will analyze some aspects of this episode: (Spoiler ahead)
    Show Spoiler ▼


  20. Haruyuki is suck a wuss.As I’ve stated before that I hated dusk taker.But from first half or this episode,I don’t like Haruyuki’s train of thought at all.

    Why do we fall, sir? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up. Haruyuki fall again and again,arc after arc but still act like damsel in distress.


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